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#christmas time
queen-asteria04 · 2 months ago
hello:)) could i request head cannons for spending Christmas @ potter manor with the marauders? with James as a love interest pls<3 whether they're already dating or just heavily crushing on each other is up to you, your writing is beautiful! thank you!
Christmas at the Potters :: Marauders Edition
Trigger warnings: tooth rotting fluff?
a/n: Hey babes! I hope you enjoyed this!
Christmas was always the best at the Potters
a/n: Hey babes! I hope you enjoyed this!
-Christmas was always the best at the Potters
-You got to sleep in, everyday was met with the sweet laughter of Remus and Euphemia . (seeing as they always woke up first)
-Everyday was filled to the minute, though it was never planned.
-You and Remus were the ones to show Sirius and James the old classic muggle holiday films.
-James would always pull you extra close saying how freezing cold he was, and even though you knew from your year of dating and years of friendship that James was never cold, and in fact always hot; you let him pull you closer.
- Euphemia adores you with all her heart, she thought of you as a daughter. Even before you and James began dating. But when you did begin dating, she was almost happier than James.
-You and the marauders spend some afternoons baking some of your favorite desserts, though it usually ends up in Remus secretly throwing flour at Sirius and blaming it on James, both ensuing in a flour fight leaving you and Remus finished up.
-Though it wasn’t often, some nights you and the boys would slip into James room at night and spend the night.
-Sometimes James would try to whisper to you everything he loved about you… everything. Which caused Remus and Sirius to make throw up noises and beg you to stop.
-You tried to put snow down James back one time, but you were too slow and he ended up throwing you over his shoulder and tossing you into a giant pile of snow he made specially for this moment.
-No matter how cold it is outside, inside the house is like a furnace. And there was always hot chocolate, coffee, and tea at the ready!
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g0thschlampe · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Christmas Eve I love these trousers so much so had to share!
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attentionplease · a month ago
Fanfic Advent calendar - 2021
Pinky was busy... with Smuterdays... and fics... and WIPs... and brought up suddenly many new ideas... The most interesting was this one:
An Advent calendar full of fanfics
Tumblr media
pic from here - edit by me
What is it?
I thought about doing a oneshot advent calendar... and no... not every day a smutty one shot...( even when this would be interesting... but May is my month for this) and most important: NOT ALONE, because what is Christmas time alone?
No, you spend it with the people you love and you really like to have around.
problem: Some of us living in Europe, some in America, some in I don't know in which of this 196 countries you live.... but it would be much efford to meet each other ( that doesn't mean it's impossible and we should try this some day)
But att least we can write together.
In Germany there is a thing called "Wichtelkalender". This idea is something similar. Just that everybody gets a gift on every day in december.
In short words:
- from 1st to 23rd december you get a little writing - There are several prompts / quotes - maybe the one or another writer who wants to join ? *puppyeyes* - everyone who wants to write a one shot, imagine, whatever the different types are named ( I'm too old for this shit), gets a prompt and a day for posting in december from me - every writer chooses his favorite character to write from the giving fandoms - when you want to write about christmas, ok.
- When you want to show a winter based writing, also ok.
- when you want to write a scene on the beach and have no idea about christmas, ok - the prompts are given by a generator to the writer from me - also the days
What I expect from this:
This will be an awesome advent calendar. So many different writing styles, so many characters, so many awesome people
It will be wonderful, thrilling, angsty, fluffy, smutty.... whatever you want it to be
write about who you want. you can choose between the following fandoms:
The walking dead BBC Sherlock Marvel Boondock Saints
Da Rules for writing:
!! NO rape
!! NO incest
!! NO underage
I think this should be clear but NO racism, NO transphobia, NO homophobia, or any other form of bigotry.
YES to Mindporn, Smut, citric acid, Lemon
YES to fluffy, caring, loving
YES to angst, sadness, tears
When you feel the need to kill someone in your oneshot, I won't stop you
and the best:
- There are still 14 weeks from now till the beginning of december, which means we have plenty of time to finish it
- nobody knows what comes next, except for me *whisper*and the special gift from me: I will end this calendar with a Merry Smutmas event like last year but with three smutty oneshots ( If you don’t know you should take a look at the 2020 Smutmas) Three days full of smut with a little challenge, who was the best
Now, what do you need to do?
- at first you need to want this
- write me ( ask box, pm, I don't mind)
- I give you a prompt and a day to post it in the next two weeks ( until september 14th)
- you have several weeks to prepare
- when you posted it in december, send me the link for insert it in the masterlist
wonderful people who already wants to do this
(I'm so happy and could kiss everybody of you, you all will make this so good)
@attentionplease ( myself of course lol)
@fandomsaremykryponite (@autocon23)
@viper-official (@victoriaholmeswriting)
and btw even if you don't write, you need to read this... and when you're already here, go to dat profiles and take a look at their stories... they're damn good
I'm sorry if some words sounds horrible... you know I'm not a native speaker... so correct me if it's too bad
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mellifluousoctopus · 9 months ago
Claire: How did the reindeers get their names?
Allison: Well, Santa probably named them after his memories. Like Prancer frolicking through the snow
Claire: But what about Donner?
Five *grimacing after shooting espresso like a shot*: the year was 1847, snowfall had trapped them in the Sierra Nevada-
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saphirafoxgirlspost1 · 9 months ago
(Open Rp) Romance, Winter, Christmas au, And Royalty Au in " A Prince For Christmas"
Long time ago, Saphira got Married to a "Right" Man..and Her Marriage Doesn't last..With in 5 years..Why you ask? Well She And Her So-called "Husband" Name Justin D. Jackal  Got Married At age of 18.. I mean Sure it's Legal.. but Thats Not How the Story Started it all.. You See.. It's been 5 years Since the Marriage, But Sadly..His Mother Name Selma Blair Jackal decided to ruin Her happiness and Marriage.. Saphira Doesn't Like her because His Mother, Hated Saphira because She was a Quote on Quote.. "Freak Of Nature"..During that Time after the Marriage, She and Justin heard that His Own Mother is Pregnant. She cannot Believe what She's hearing...His Own Mother Got Pregnant by now her "Ex-Boyfriend" During the Relationship Of Justins Father..Lets just Say Saphira Knew her Mother in laws Affair..She Kept the Pictures, videos,, You name it. But During that Time that her Mother- in-law Made Saphira's Husband a BIG TIME MAMA'S Boy...And Boy Saphira Doesn't Like it At all. She and Selma Had a Big Fight that very Night in 5 Years, until Justin began to Defend His Mother Over His Own Wife..Saphira Cannot Believe What he had Done Made her Feel Like She is going to Explode with Rage... As Months came in His Mother Told justin that Saphira Is Having an affair with another Man.. But Saphira knew her scams.. She record it too and even her schemes as well.. And After Selma Gave Birth to a baby Boy.. Saphira Showed Her father in law Everything..and then Saphira comes to the recovery Room and She sees that he is angry at Saphira.. but She is the one Who's going to be angry at "HIM" For it.. and then She pulls out a Lie Detector results..and Evidence Of what his mom has Done to her..
Saphira: Justin.. This is a Test Results....But.. it's Up to you,, to make a Choice.. Either your going to read it or not.. Cause if you Do.. I'm Filing a Divorce..and you will never..ever see me again.. but Here's Choice.. is Either Me.. Or your Mother...*toss the results to him* It's Your choice.. Either Love me.. or leave me..
Justin: *Looked at the Letter and then looked at Saphira.. But then.. made a fatal Mistake.. Opens the Envelope..and the results was shown that Saphira is Faithful To him..but not only that.. there's evidence and video of His own mothers Scheme and Affairs..*
Saphira: Goodbye Justin *pulls the ring and throws it at Justin..and Sign the Divorce paper*.. I talked to my greatest lawyers in japan.. You Lost Everything.. Now your going to Live with your mother... We're through...
Saphira Walks out and The Father Of Justin, yells at his wife and saying Such harsh words toward her for cheating and Lying and also Sabotaging the marriage of Saphira..But the Her Now ex Mother in law Confess and told him why would she do that..because Saphira was No good but a Monster, a "FREAK"..But then her Husband told her that He's going to Divorce her For Being a lying, cheating, and also Being Cruel to saphira....Then Saphira got home and burn His stuff, Clothes, and alot of Pictures of him angerly..After destroying her Now "Ex-husbands" Stuff.. She was crying, feeling defeated and Hurt..Her Ex father in law called her and Apoligize For His now ex wife and Son had done to her..and She said.. "Its.....not your fault...I was a Damn Fool to Marry your Son as a mamas boy..." She was crying softly..and then He said that it'll be ok and told her to move on...Time pass.. She did Move on..until She got the Invitation From her Old Childhood friend..But She realized that He's a Prince and also.. this Invitation is an Engagement Party, it was Sad though..Saphira got a Crush on her Childhood friend..She remember that She try to confess to him but..he moved out.. and then The party came as Saphira Just arrived on time.. She saw her Old Childhood friend but Sitting next to him was His Mean, Snobby and also Cruel Fiance of His..And her Name is Chloe Blair Boa, She has a very Wealthy family But hates.. Creatures Like Kitsunes..and by mean kitsunes.. She meant "Saphira".. Saphira Felt nervous as His Family and Chloes gave her the Coldest look.. her fox ears is Lowered and Her old friend Said....
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