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#christoper diaz
I may be crying over Ryan signing this picture of Gavin as ‘To superman! Love, Eddie’.
No wonder they are so cute in their scenes ❤️
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carocane · 6 months ago
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The 118 holding their babies
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mikereads · 27 days ago
The minute Eddie realizes him and Chris want the same things it is over. Like Buddie will then just be inevitable. He knows Chris loves Buck and that he looks up to him. Obviously in a parental type way since Eddie made Buck his lg. Maybe in his mind that’s still just a safety net sort of thing. Something he hopes will never happen but is also secure if it does. That his son will be in the right hands. Maybe he doesn’t think Chris would want that transition unless that came down to it and not current time. If you know what I mean. That Chris wouldn’t want Buck in that type of role. Or if Buck would want that. Its obvious they both do. Especially from how Chris acted in the suit shop and Bucks reaction to the lg reveal. Anyway they both want the same things aka Buck. 
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liesoverthec · 7 months ago
Christopher going to Buck’s means one or both of two things:
1. It was literally the only other address besides his own he knew, which means that Eddie probably made him learn it for emergencies, which means that this was an emergency to Christopher. He could have stolen the phone and called his grandma just to talk, but he felt he needed to go to the place that his dad expressly taught him was safe.
2. Despite him having a laundry list of people that he feels have left him, people he could go to, like Carla or Abuelita, he still WANTS BUCK. Because he knows that Buck won’t leave him so it means more coming from him. Buck’s opinions and comforting mean more to him than anyone else’s besides his dad.
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plentyoffandoms · 6 months ago
I'll Be There
Evan "Buck" Buckley x f/Reader
During the tsunami episode. Changing it up some what.
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy. Gifs does not belong to me.
Warnings: maybe some swearing
9-1-1 Masterlist
I'll Be There Masterlist
Evan "Buck" Buckley Masterlist
Summary: f/Reader is Christopher's teacher & is the one who saved Christopher during that day. Buck slowly starts to fall for her.
Y/N's POV:
I was doing my usual walk on the pier and the next thing I knew there was sirens and we were all running for our lives.
Tumblr media
I was sitting on top of a bus trying to help any one who may need help.
I heard a young voice screaming for help and the name Buck and I see this little boy trying to swim. He isn't that far so I jump in the water to grab him.
"Hang on sweetie I got you." I said as I hooked my arms under him and we swim back towards the bus.
A man and a woman help pulled the boy up and then helped me up as well. I recognised the boy. I am one of his teachers.
"Christopher! Are you okay? Come here. Lean against me." I say to him as I sat behind him.
"Miss L/N?"
"Yes Christopher. Don't worry, I got you. Where is your Dad? Was he with you or.."
I wasn't able to finish the sentence as he answered my question.
"Dad is at work and I was with one of his friends."
I was going to say something else but I could see more water coming. I turned Christopher around so he was facing me.
"Hang on to me as best as you can and don't let go." I wrapped my arms as tight as I could around him and prayed that the water level wouldn't rise.
The water level didn't rise that high, but every time it did I just held onto Christopher alittle tighter. I refused to let him go. It was getting dark by the time help arrived.
When rescuers came I informed them he has cerebral palsy as he was taken from my arms. I made sure I was on that boat as Christopher was not leaving my sight until I got him with either his Dad or this Buck person.
Everyone who was in the rescue boat got taken to the new hospital that has just opened up.
"Come on kid. Up you go." I said as I lifted Christopher in my arms. A man tried to help but I tightened my grip and said I no thank you, I got it.
I walked closer to the front where there were many people and paramedics and doctors that could look over myself and Christopher.
I just walked around an ambulance and tried to fix him in my arms when I heard his name being called.
I finally was able to relax the moment Christopher was back in his father's arms.
Tumblr media
"Thank you. Thank you."
"You are welcome Eddie." He finally looked at me and realized who I was.
All I could do was nod before I felt my head start to spin. I heard my name being called and the next thing I knew everything went dark.
Seeing that Christopher was alive made me stop breathing. I thought he was gone. I rushed to the three of them to thank the mystery woman when I saw her start to sway back and forth and I knew she was going to go down.
I caught her just after she started to fall to the ground. A nurse came rushing over and took her from my arms and laid her on a stretcher.
The three of us watched as she got wheeled away.
"Is Miss L/N going to be okay?".
"She will be just fine bud. She will be well taken care of here."
I pulled Christopher into my arms and I cried. I could of lost him today and I know that thought will be with me for a very long time.
After Christopher and I got checked over by a medical professional, we were allowed to go home.
I refused to go to my home and went home with Eddie and Christopher, but in the back of my mind all I could think about was that woman who was with Christopher.
After putting Christopher to bed, Eddie and I sat down on his couch. I had no idea what I should say.
"Buck, I want you know you did everything you could today. There's nobody in this world I trust with my son more than you."
Tumblr media
"He almost died today because of me Eddie."
"Christopher says you saved him. That you did everything you could Buck."
I started to cry when Eddie said that. I needed to hear that. I was so concerned that Christopher would hate me.
Eddie pulled me into a hug and I knew that everything was going to be okay, but one thing was on my mind.
"Who is Miss L/N? The lady who saved Christopher?"
"She is one of his teachers. Her name is Y/N. He told me she jumped into the water to save him and held onto him. That the only time she let go of him was when he was put into the rescue boat and when I took him from her arms."
At that moment Eddie was crying. "She saved his life. I have no idea how I can even thank her."
"We will figure something out. I also have to thank her. "
The two of us talked for a while longer but after the day we had, we did need to sleep.
I could hardly sleep but I finally fell asleep around 3 am on Eddie's couch. I woke up to Christopher and his Dad talking over a late breakfast, early lunch.
I sat next to Christoper and he wouldn't stop talking. I mean, I am glad he is doing okay but I just woke up. I really didn't say anything as I was trying to wake up until I heard Eddie say.
"Christopher thinks we should go and see Miss L/N and bring her a thank you gift. What do you think Buck? We were going to hit the hospital gift shop."
That got my attention. "Yeah. I should get her something too. As a thank you."
Eddie just gave me a look but I just ignored him.
We finished eating and headed to my place so I could have a quick shower and change my clothes.
I text Maddie to let her know I was the way to the hospital so she wasn't shocked if she saw me there.
It took us a while to get there but that is not shocker due to the fact that many people were on their way there as well.
We got to the hospital and picked over the gifts that were in the gift shop. We got Y/N a big bouquet of flowers and a small Teddy bear.
"I hope Miss Y/N likes what we got her."
"I am sure she will love them, right Buck?" I wanted to tell Eddie to shut up but I just agreed with him.
We got to the front desk and saw that Maddie was there.
"Hey guys. I am so happy that you are okay." My sister said as she came around the desk to give me and Christopher a hug.
"What brings you here today."
"We are here to see Y/N L/N. She saved Christopher's life yesterday. I know we are not family but I need to thank her once again."
"You're not the first people who we are allowing to do this for today. She is on the 7th floor, area B, room 9. She has been asking about Christopher. I had no idea it was you she was talking about."
Christopher just smiled at my sister. We talked for a moment longer and the three of us left to go find the room.
We got to her room and I lightly knocked on the door. She was sharing the room with another woman it looked like. Y/N looked up and smiled at us and I felt like my breath got caught in my throat.
I kind of hung back as Eddie and Christopher went to talk to her first.
"Christopher! Are you doing okay? Hello Eddie and I am guessing the infamous Buck."
"I am doing good Miss L/N. Thank you for saving me yesterday." He said as the two of them hugged.
"Yes thank you Y/N for saving my son. I know you would of done it for any child, but thank you."
"I would do it again in a heartbeat. The moment I realized it was Christopher, I just held him tight. He was not going to leave my side."
"We got you flowers and a Teddy bear as thanks." Christopher said.
"Why thank you, but you did not have to do that." She smiled once again and I felt my heart speed up.
"Are you Buck? Who he was asking for?" Y/N said to me. I stepped forward until I was at the end of her bed, so she could clearly see my face and I, hers.
"Yeah, he also caught you as you blacked out Miss. L/N." Christopher said.
Eddie had this stupid smile on his face. He took his phone out of his pocket and pretended he got a text.
"Christopher and I have to step out for a moment. Bobby wants to talk to you to see how you are doing after yesterday. We will be right back." Then he picked Christopher up and they closed the door behind them.
Y/N had a confused look on her face, but I just didn't even acknowledge what just happened.
"Just like Christopher said, I am Buck. I work with Eddie. I know they both just said thank you, but thank you. I thought the worst happened. I looked for him for hours."
The pain and fear I felt yesterday was coming back. I felt like I was going to cry.
"Buck, please come sit down." The only chair was beside her bed and at first I wasn't going too, but her eyes seem to be pleading with me, so I sat down. I couldn't even look at her and I had no idea why.
She took my hand in hers and waited for me to look at her to talk.
"As we were waiting to be rescued, Christopher told me everything you did to make sure he was safe. He talked about you so much I feel like I already know you. But all I can say is, please do not beat yourself up about what happened. That child adores you and I can see you adore him. To him, you are his hero."
"You're his hero now too." Was all I could say.
This Buck guy seems sweet. I can see that what happened yesterday is going to haunt him for a very long time.
"You're his hero now too."
"Yes I suppose I would be. He has two heros that were looking out for him."
"Also Buck, thank you for catching me yesterday. I guess you are my hero too." I watched as his cheeks went red and a gorgeous smile spread across his face.
Tumblr media
"You are welcome Y/N. I guess being your hero isn't so bad." Was he flirting with me? I have no idea. I can never tell when someone is flirting with me or just being nice.
"So is Buck a nickname or is it your actually name?"
He chuckled at that. "Everyone at the firehouse goes by a nickname except for Eddie. My name is Evan Buckley. "
"I see. Do you enjoy being called Buck or Evan."
"Well depends. Everyone at the firehouse calls me Buck but you can call me either or is fine."
I was going to respond but the door opened up and it was Ana. She looked between Buck and I, and how we were holding hands.
"Am I interrupting something?"
I sighed quietly and said no.
"Buck can I have a moment with Y/N?"
He got up and gave my hand a squeeze. "Sure Ana. I guess I can go and find Eddie and Christopher and bring them back in a bit." Buck said as he closed the door behind him.
Ana sat in the chair that Buck was sitting in.
"I was interrupting. I am sorry Y/N."
"It's fine Ana. I will just talk to him later. What's up?"
"What's up? What do you mean what's up? You could of died yesterday and then Eddie called me this morning saying how you saved Christopher's life. How you risked your own life going back into the water to grab him."
"I would of done it for anyone Ana and you know that."
"Yeah I do, but it was Christopher. He is his father's world. But enough of that. What the hell did I walk in with you and Buck?"
"Ana, you did not walk in on anything. He was upset and I was just consoling him."
"Mmhmm. I wouldn't be shocked if he doesn't give you his number."
"And who says I wouldn't mind. Have you seen him? He can ask you for my number if he wants too. I have no pen or paper in here."
The two of us burst out laughing and speak of the devil. The door opened once again and this time it was Eddie, Christopher and Buck.
"We came to say goodbye before we get kicked out." Eddie said.
Christopher came to give me another hug and I whispered in his ear for him to tell Buck something. He smiled and nodded his head.
The three adults say their goodbyes and I couldn't help but giggle to myself as I watch them leave.
I stopped and talked with my sister for a moment before I left. Eddie, Ana and I also talked for a bit as we got Christopher situated in the vehicle.
We said our goodbyes and I got in the passenger seat of Eddie's car. As we pulled out of the parking lot Eddie asked his son.
"What did Miss L/N say to you?"
I turned so I was facing Christoper and he has a huge smile on his face.
"She said if Buck wants to talk more, he just has to ask Ana for her number."
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browney3dgirl6 · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
here’s my first fall/Halloween fic for the season 🎃 it’s pure fluff y’all
Tumblr media
based off this post^^^
The Cookies with The Spooky Shapes
Eddie watched as Buck carried in the last of the pumpkins, Chris insisting on the biggest one in the patch, the two of them having turned their pouty lips on Eddie; who was he to deny them?
Buck lugged the giant pumpkin in, rolling it onto the newspaper Eddie had already set up. Chris beamed with joy, clapping his hands together as he looked to the pumpkin. “This is gonna be so cool! Can you help me with mine Bucky?” Buck smiled down to Chris, ruffling the boys’ curls. He looked over to Eddie who was smiling fondly to the both of them, shaking his head to answer Bucks silent question.
The three of them got setup in front of their pumpkins, carving tools and bowls to put the seeds in all around. Buck knelt just to the side of Chris, using a marker to outline where the top needed to be cut off. “Alright buddy, first we need to cut a hole in the top, that way we can put a light in after.” Chris nodded excitedly, holding his hand out for Buck to take it in his.
Eddie forgot his own pumpkin carving in favor of watching his two boys. Buck helped guide Christopher, making sure the boy wouldn’t injure himself with the sharp knife, their hands moving round and round the pumpkin. Halloween songs filled the air around them, Buck having a playlist for nearly every occasion; the Diaz boys didn’t mind in the slightest.
Read the rest here
tags under the cut~if you wanna be added or removed just let me know ❣️
@vampirebuck @buddiextarlos @boohooweewoobuckaroo @love-buddie @honestlydarkprincess @corgiqueen14
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killiarious · a month ago
Does anyone ever think about how the only reason Chris became cool with Ana is because if/when she inevitably went away he'd still have Buck.
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firstdegreefangirl · 2 months ago
I have no idea where this came from, other than that I saw the screenshots of Chris snuggled up next to Eddie in bed, and the next thing I knew, I was in @loveyourownsmiilee‘s DMs trying to get thoughts down in between work tasks. Then I was in a word doc cleaning it up, and now we’re here. Enjoy!
Eddie flexes his ankle, drawing his toes up  and pushing them forward as far as they’ll go before they’re pressed up against the metal railing at the foot of the bedframe. It’s not much movement, but it’s enough to stave off the cramp threatening to wrap itself around his calf muscle. And that’s a hell of a lot more than he can say for the stiffness building up in his lower back.  
He doesn’t fit on a twin bed anymore. He can make it work, if he’s the sole occupant, curl his knees up to his chest and deal with it for a night. But tonight, even though he’s halfway sitting up, shoulder blades digging into the drywall behind him, he doesn’t fit. One leg is dangling off the side, toes brushing the floor. Eddie chuckles to himself about days gone by, when Chris was afraid of the Boogeyman and had to have both arms and legs tucked tightly under the covers.
Back then, Eddie could fit in the bed with him, all eight of their limbs sheathed from bad dreams and monsters under the bed. Tonight, he’s hanging off the edge of the mattress, Chris’ face squished up against his hip.
It's been long, so long, since he's spent the night in this room, and as he looks around between the shadows, he wonders if they shouldn't think about redecorating. The rocket ships and cartoon planets on the wall feel a little juvenile for the years his son has been alive. Buck would probably help if they asked. No, he definitely would, there’s no doubt in Eddie’s mind. But that doesn't matter right now. They’re not going to redo anything tonight. Because for the first time in ages, Chris – who's 11-and-a-half by now, the and-a-half only as of last Tuesday – and starting to refuse even a high five when Eddie drops him off at school - practically begged him not to leave when he popped his head in.  
Chris was meant to be asleep, but he'd been staring at the door like he was waiting for Eddie. These moments are starting to become few and far between; every day it’s like his son needs him less and less. Objectively, Eddie knows that’s a good thing, that it means he's succeeded as a parent and raised a kid who’ll grow up to be independent. But sometimes it’s hard to let go of how things used to be.  
So who is he to turn it down when Chris asks him to stay, voice thick with unshed tears?
He's old enough to watch the news now, even if he doesn’t understand all of it. Eddie figures he probably saw the 118 at the structure fire tonight, right before the house came down almost on top of them. That would explain why he's so attached right now, why he’d pushed for an extra half-hour watching TV before bed. He’d even been willing to watch MASH, and tried to promise that he wouldn’t interrupt or ask any questions, but Eddie had held firm.  
Tomorrow’s spelling test waits for no man, and Chris has a bowl of ice cream riding on his ability to spell entertain in the morning. But an hour later, Chris still hadn’t fallen asleep, so Eddie had settled down next to him, on top of the covers, still in his jeans. He’s sure he still smells like smoke even though they’d all showered at the station; it usually takes an extra scrub to get the lingering odor to fade.
Eddie could probably shift down or up if he tried, but he'd risk waking Chris up, so instead he pulls him a little closer, arm wrapped around his shoulders and tucks his own chin into his chest as his eyes droop closed.  
He'll ache in the morning, in his joints and his heart, but it'll be worth the extra cup of coffee he'll drink on the way back to the station.  
Because his son will know that Eddie is there for him, always, whenever and however he needs him.
Even if it's squeezing onto the edge of a twin bed.
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smittywing · 14 days ago
How Eddie Diaz Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Dudes
This is the story of how Eddie Diaz never knew he was into dudes because he's demi. It is the only explanation why a guy that good-looking has so little game.
The next morning is weird.
They totally cuddled.
Because fuck toxic masculinity. Or something. They had been the warm, drowsy kind of drunk and they had kicked off their jeans and sprawled across Eddie’s bed in their boxers and shirts, hugging, until they fell asleep with the lights on. At some point Eddie wakes up to Buck pulling the bedspread over them and turning off the light.
He wishes he could remember more.
At least it wasn’t tequila because that’s for people still in their twenties. Just the beer has made Eddie’s mouth fuzzy and his eyes ache. There’s a glass of water and a bottle cap with two Tylenol sitting in it, the only evidence of Buck in the room.
Eddie knocks back the caplets and half the water bottle and pulls on a pair of shorts. He scuffs out of his room and finds Chris and Buck at the kitchen table surrounded by flour, oil, salt, baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap.
“Are you making dinner or do I need to worry?” Eddie asks, running a hand through Chris’s hair. Chris grounds him. Makes him less crazy, he thinks, glancing to Buck, who looks up at him through golden lashes.
Eddie wants to kiss him.
“We’re making a volcano, Dad,” Chris announces, pushing his head back into Eddie’s hand like a puppy. “It’s for science.”
“You don’t know science,” Eddie teases, and he means Buck. Christopher definitely knows his science.
“Uh, excuse you,” Buck announces, “I was the number one volcano eruptor in Hershey Middle School’s fourth grade, 2001. I had the biggest eruption in the class.”
Eddie covers his mouth. His brain volunteers an image of Buck erupting and it’s not even close to on-topic. It’s Buck naked and flushed and jacking himself and it’s definitely not baking soda and vinegar spurting over his hand and if things were weird before, Eddie can only think of one way this ends well.
“Did your teacher help you?” Chris asks, dripping dish soap into the bottle they’re using and Eddie drags his hand down his face, “wiping” off his smile and dropping it on the floor the way his Drill Sergeant taught all the giggly new recruits in his basic training cohort.
“Yeah, Buck,” he deadpans. “Did your teacher help you?”
Buck scowls up at Eddie and in the middle of saying, “No, it was all me,” his face changes and finally, he’s caught on. “I, uh - I didn’t know the difference between teaspoons and tablespoons, but now I know, and that’s why this one is going to turn out great.”
“Buck,” Eddie says, gesturing down the hallway toward his bedroom. “Can I borrow you a sec?”
“Yeah, yeah, sure,” Buck says, tripping over his own feet as he gets up from the table and eases out of the kitchen. Eddie clamps his hand over Buck’s (thick, warm,) shoulder and steers him into the bedroom. “Okay,” he says, when Eddie closes the door behind them. “That didn’t come out the way - “
Eddie doesn’t overthink it. He uses his body to crowd Buck against the wall and he takes Buck’s flushed cheeks and stubbly jaw in both hands, and he kisses Buck, right on those beautiful, bright lips.
It’s not as weird as the first time Buck kissed him, and the things that had seemed odd before - the scrape of Buck’s morning beard, the size and heat of his mouth, of his body pressed in close - make Eddie’s heart thump wildly in his chest. This time, he realizes that Buck’s lips are soft, nearly as soft as any woman he’s kissed, but dry. No lipstick, gloss, anything else mucking up the press of their mouths.
Eddie likes it.
He likes it a lot.
He likes the stubble abrading his palms and he likes that Buck’s chest is hard and warm against his own, and he likes the way Buck’s hands flex over his hips. Buck’s mouth is hot and sure against his and it’s a fucking *trip* that Buck is bigger than him, broader, could take the lead if Eddie wanted, and he finds himself gasping against Buck’s mouth.
“Hey. Hey.” Buck’s hands skim up his sides and cup his collarbone, his neck, his jaw. He hasn’t shaved and he wonders if he’s giving Buck beardburn. Buck looks at him carefully, like he’s pulling up a Wikipedia page. “You okay?”
“Yeah,” Eddie says. “I’m good. I just.” He’s not sure what is about to come out of his mouth so he pulls Buck close again and swallows whatever he was going to say.
*I didn’t think I would like it so much* is what he thinks when Buck opens his mouth and he digs his fingers into the warm thin cotton covering Buck’s shoulders.
Christopher is neither quiet nor trying to be so Eddie hears him coming pretty much from the time he gets up from the table. Buck is the first to pull away though. “Do you want to?” he asks, and Eddie shakes his head.
“No,” he says. “It’s fine.”
Chris knocks on the door and Eddie calls, “What’s up, Chris?” while stroking the collar of Buck’s t-shirt.
“Can I have Buck back?” Chris asks plaintively through the door.
Eddie laughs silently at the way Buck’s face goes from glowing to klieg light to panic. Buck looks at him with that expression he thinks of as, Dad, can I?
“Yeah, I guess,” Eddie says, dropping his hand from Buck’s neck and opening for the door. Buck drops his hands as Chris presses his face between the door and the frame.
“Are you guys going to kiss all the time now?” he asks, a rising fourth-grade disdain evident in his voice.
“Yeah, pretty much,” Eddie says. They’re probably going to have to have A Talk later, but he doesn’t want to make a big deal about this, he wants Chris to feel like it’s something normal, even though it definitely is not, not for Eddie.
Chris sighs and says, “Buck, can you come finish this experiment with me?”
“Uh, yeah,” Buck says, rubbing his hands on his jeans and glancing between Eddie and Chris like he has no idea what the fuck is going on. “I mean - “ His eyes settle on Eddie. “If that’s good with you?”
“Yeah,” Eddie says. “I guess we can do science experiments and play some video games, too.”
Chris cheers and clomps back in the direction of the kitchen, satisfied Buck’s priorities.
“I - uh - “ Buck says running one hand over his mouth and drawing Eddie’s eyes to his kiss-flushed mouth.
"We can, uh, talk later,” Eddie says, fully aware Buck’s eyes are in his mouth, too. “You better get back before he revolts.” He rolls his shoulders. “I gotta take a shower,” he says, pushing Buck out of the bedroom and pausing at the bathroom door. “But don’t erupt without me, okay?”
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aaronsmith94 · 10 days ago
Okay but like black eye Buck was really needed for me as I write my current fic so I just wanna thank 911 for reading my mind about the issues I was having and taking care of them and giving my muse all the help it needed. If you could so kindly give me Buck and Eddie with Jee-Yun next that would be great.
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loveyourownsmiilee · 8 months ago
I’m gonna need precious angel Christopher Diaz to parent trap his two oblivious, idiotic dads because he is so done with their shit.
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mikereads · a month ago
So wait I just want to point something out. Eddie said Chris was excited about suit shopping. Then when they were there he wasn’t. Like he tried on three different suits and hated them all. So what happened. Was he happy and something changed or was he not that happy but Eddie wanted to believe he was. Eddie can usually notice but maybe there both going through a hard time right now so its harder to notice. I would like to think its because Buck is missing and because Ana is there but I think Chris even if he isn’t happy his dads dating her has accepted he is so what is it. I feel as though they will go back to this at one point but I don’t know. 
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liesoverthec · 2 months ago
All I want out of all these animal shots is a scene at the end of the blackout where Buck and Eddie tell Chris all about it and he’s SO JEALOUS they got to get so close to the animals and Buck has to promise to take him to the zoo and pay for him to feed some animals, while Eddie’s in the back making the hand slash motion against his throat cuz he’s traumatized over the camel.
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deluweil · 4 months ago
So this is a way Way overdue prompt that I got ages ago, but didn't have the time or muse-cooperation to write.
But I finally managed to write it!!
The prompt was given to me by the lovely @coffeeflavoredcookies : Chris all snuggled up to Buck as he tells him bedtime stories with Eddie standing at the door looking at them fondly.
This is fluff all the way, hope you like it ❣
The house was dimly lit when he got back, at this point Christopher would have usually already been in bed - post bedtime story.
But Buck has been staying the last few days with them after getting hurt on a call. Nothing too bad, mild concussion, some bruised ribs and a now relocated shoulder still stuck in a sling, so things aren't exactly on the normal side.
Buck had trouble understanding Eddie’s insistence that he stays with them, not wanting to be a burden (earning him an eye-roll from Eddie) and reminded him that he shouldn’t have to look after a grown-ass man while having an actual child of his own to take care of, (which resulted in Eddie calling Christopher and asking him, on speaker, what he thought of Buck staying with them for the next few days. Christopher cheered and Buck glared at Eddie, mouthing ‘traitor’ at him.)
The thing is, Buck seems to be unable to understand that whenever he’s hurt, physically or emotionally or just generally off-balance, Eddie is thrown to a loop right with him. Eddie would rather have him near and safe than wonder how he is, if he’s sleeping, eating - taking care of himself.
Back when his leg was crushed, so close to losing Shannon, Eddie was very close to saying to hell with Ali and then Maddie and just take him over to their place.
But Buck wasn't his to keep back then, and to be honest he's not his now, but Ali is long gone and Maddie is super pregnant, giving Eddie the best excuse to bundle him into his truck and take him home.
Sore and tired, Buck mostly slept, crashing on the couch, no matter how many times Eddie tried to get him to crash in the master bedroom, at least during the day.
Eddie got used to returning home from work to find Christopher sitting in the living room either doing his homework or playing or watching TV while Buck slept on the couch. Sometimes Christopher could be found nestled to Buck's side as they both nodded off watching some nature documentary.
Eddie has an album in his phone containing multiple pictures of his boys together. He will never get tired of snapping pictures of them, moments frozen in time, forever.
Eddie took his shoes off at the door and dropped his bag next to them. He showered at the station so he wouldn't waste time with Christopher in favor of washing the day off, he quickly rinsed his hands with soup, a habit left from crazed Covid days, then went in search of his boys.
The house was quiet, and the normally occupied couch was empty. Eddie made his way to Christopher’s room, already recognizing Buck’s low gravel voice, reading what sounded like “I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew”, Buck got Christopher the book a couple of weeks prior to his injury.
He told Christopher that Maddie used to read it to him when he was younger. They read it so many times, that both of them knew it by heart at one point. This is the first time he got to read it to him, if Eddie is not mistaken.
Eddie quietly made his way to the bedroom and stopped to lean on the door frame, taking in the sight in front of him. Christopher was lying in bed snuggled up against Buck’s uninjured side, he was already fast asleep, but Buck kept reading quietly leaning against the headboard.
“Then I dreamed I was sleeping on billowy billows
Of soft silk and satin marshmallow-stuffed pillows.
I dreamed I was sleeping in Solla Sollew,
On the banks of the beautiful River Wah-Hoo,
Where they never have troubles. At least very few.”
Eddie was so caught up in the cute picture presented before him, that he hadn't noticed Buck’s stopped reading and turned welcoming eyes on him, “Hey Eds.” he greeted with a soft smile.
“Hey Buck.” Eddie greeted back with a smile, slowly making his way inside, gently detangling Christopher from Buck to lay him properly on the pillow, and freeing Buck to rise and stretch carefully.
The blonde nodded gratefully at his friend, with a last look down at Christopher, he smiled and left Eddie to tuck Christopher in safely and say goodnight. Eddie’s eyes followed Buck as he left the room, making sure he’s steady on his feet and also because he couldn’t really look away.
When Buck was out and on his way to the living room Eddie turned around, pressed a kiss to Christopher’s forehead, turned on the nightlight and left the room, closing the door behind him.
Eddie noted Buck’s absence in the living room and followed the sounds to the kitchen, standing at the door, he inquired “Should you be without your sling?”
"Honestly, no." Buck admitted with a sheepish smile, "But my neck is killing me and doing everything one handed is driving me crazy." He complained, handing Eddie a beer and leaned back against the counter while drinking the Gatorade he started earlier.
“At least you’re not drinking beer.” Eddie rolled his eyes. Buck scoffed “I wanted to, Christopher said no.” he smiled at Eddie’s laugh.
“Sounds about right.” Eddie nodded. “Did Carla make dinner?”
Buck shook his head, “No, she had to leave early, I told her I got this.”
“Tell me you ordered dinner.” Eddie demanded.
“There are waffles and Eggs in the microwave for you.” Was Buck’s sole reply.
“You’re supposed to be resting.” Eddie protested with an exasperated look.
“I have been resting, Edmundo!” Buck rolled his eyes, “And I’ll go back to resting now that your kid is fed, ready for his day tomorrow and has fallen asleep in his own bed for a change.” Buck retorted and was about to move past Eddie when the latter grabbed the wrist of his good arm and turned him around, bringing him flush against Eddie’s body.
Faces a hairbreadth away from each other, Buck met Eddie’s eyes with a curious look, “You gonna teach me to dance Eds?”
“I thought you already knew how to dance, Ev.” Eddie replied with a soft smirk, voice barely beyond a murmur.
“Hmm.. So wha..” Buck didn’t finish the rest of the sentence because Eddie’s lips were on his, and the finally in his head was so loud, it took him a second to sigh contentedly and kiss back.
Eddie’s hands strayed to Buck’s waist bringing him even closer as he maneuvered them carefully out of the kitchen and into the living room, stopping when the back of his knees hit the couch, his palms framing Buck’s face with one last kiss before breaking apart, chuckling at Buck’s protesting whine.
“What was that for?” Buck asked as Eddie rearranged the pillows on the couch before situating himself with his back to one side and reached to gently pull Buck down so he could lie back on Eddie’s broad chest, framed between his stretched forward legs.
Buck went pretty easily, not even questioning Eddie’s tactile display, it’s been known to happen, it just didn’t usually start with a kiss. Buck turned his head to one side looking up to meet Eddie’s eyes, Eddie’s brown eyes were soft and fond, Buck couldn’t help but smile back at him when Eddie offered him a grin.
Before Buck could open his mouth and ask again what’s going on, Eddie wrapped a long arm across Buck’s broad chest and threaded the fingers of his other hand with Buck’s, resting them on Buck’s stomach. “I’m done overlooking the pink elephant in the room.”
“Is that a veiled reference of your dislike for that shirt?” Buck quipped, squeezing Eddie’s hand reassuringly.
“That too.” Eddie played along, he really did hate that shirt, but Buck kept insisting it defined his muscles, which it did, but literally most of his size-down shirts already did that. “But also because coming home to the sight of you and Christopher every night, was pretty much wearing me down.”
Buck’s face broke into a smile that was a complicated mix of self-consciousness and contentedness, which Eddie found adorable, “So what broke you tonight?” Buck asked, bringing Eddie out of his reverie “I mean, it was a pretty standard evening in the Diaz household.” He pointed out with a teasing smile.
“You made sure Christopher fell asleep in his own bed.” Eddie said, chin resting on the top of Buck’s head gently.
“Well, It felt like some normalcy was needed.” Buck replied, his voice soft. “Both of us injured and out of commission in the short span of five months seemed to be taking a toll.”
“And the fact that you’re the one who managed to find a way to stir him back into the right direction is what broke me, I guess.” Eddie admired quietly, “That, and the cute picture you two presented when I got into the room.” He smiled, pressing a kiss to Buck’s temple who was blushing endearingly.
The moment was broken by an exhausted yawn from Buck, “Sorry, been a long day, and you’re too comfortable.” he accused jokingly.
“Bed?” Eddie suggested.
“You sure?” Buck asked, it’s not like they haven’t shared a bed before but this was semi-new territory. “I've already bonded with the couch, I’m good sleeping out here until we figure this out.”
Eddie rolled his eyes, “Bed.” he determined with a growl.
Buck chuckled amusedly as he rose carefully to his feet along with Eddie, “Caveman.” he teased.
Eddie shook his head with a laugh, “brat.” he retorted, pecking Buck’s lips before taking his hand and leading him to the master-bedroom.
That's it :) I hope you like it!! 💖💖
ps. That book Buck is reading to Christopher is a story my dad used to read to me and my sisters when we were youngers, we all know it by heart, to this very day. 🤗💕
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Ravi almost triggering a panic attack by calling Ana Eddie's wife but also Christopher saying not yet and buck starting to notice things
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