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incorrect118buddie · 2 days ago
Buck: Do you want to play 20 Questions?
Eddie: Sure!
Eddie: Whats your favorite color?
Buck: Triangle. Do you like men?
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evangeline-118 · 2 days ago
this was dumb but figured i should make another version with my new hyperfixation show lol
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bvckleysibs · a day ago
lights will guide you home (i will try to fix you)
chapter one - when you lose something you cannot replace | 11.3k
“i’m saying,” she begins, standing slowly. “that you’ve had a hell of a time these last few years. i’m saying that everyone needs someone to lean on every now and then. i’m saying that talking to someone impartial, someone with no emotional investment couldn’t really hurt.” she tilts his chin up with her finger, smiling kindly at him. “you’re a soldier, eddie, and a good one at that. and i think you’ve become very good at fighting battles on your own. but what i’m saying is that even the strongest, most noble of warriors have to call in reinforcements sometimes. battles can sometimes be won alone, you’re right, but i’m saying this one doesn’t have to be.”
(otherwise fondly known as the grief fic (affectionate))
read on ao3
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buddiebeginz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
9-1-1 Characters of Color Week Day 4: Fav Minor Character ♢ Christopher Diaz
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I want to love you (but I don’t know how)
Tumblr media
my first fic for the year is finally here, ahhh!! this is completely the fault of @swiftiediaz (i asked april to give me a simple gift idea, and she had to go and tell me about these stupid touch bracelets and now here we are…11k words later 🙈 april i love you and hope you enjoy all the angst and fluff 💙💖 also thanks bestie for creating this beautiful cover <33)
rated e for eventual smut | read on ao3
“Say we want to, I don’t know…maybe you…or I, will want to let the other know that I’m safe at work, like if there’s a bad call or something.”
Eddie nodded for him to go on, Buck already reaching to tap the correct buttons.
“How about two taps means: ‘I’m safe’.”
Buck tapped his bracelet twice, the two of them watching in awe as Eddie’s lit up, vibrating where it lay over his wrist. He watched as Eddie visibly shivered; he couldn’t be sure if it was due to the magic of the bracelets, or Eddie’s fear of technology—maybe a little of both. 
Buck cleared his throat, ducking his head a little as he continued.
“And maybe, we could use—4 taps to say: ‘I’m hurt, but ok’.”
Eddie looked up to him then, raising a brow.
“How many taps do we need for, ‘my best friend is a dumbass and did something stupid again, and I’m not there to have his back’?” 
Buck deadpanned.
“Well, that would be nineteen, to be exact.”
Buck buys him and Eddie touch bracelets, not wanting either of them to feel disconnected after Eddie leaves. They help, but the real thing is always better.
Chapter 1:
Eddie does not panic, ok? 
Has he been through some shit this year? Sure. But he’s handling it; everything’s fine.
At least, that’s what he’d thought until his son flung the gingerbread house to the floor, fearing his dad would be dead by next Christmas.
Yea, ok. Maybe he didn’t have things as in control as he thought.
This year had presumably been one disaster after the other, starting with the shooting, everything in his life coming to a head when he realized just how wrong Ana had been for him. Oh, and let’s not forget that Buck was back with Taylor…again; yea, Eddie was not getting into that. 
Leaving the 118 hadn’t been a decision that he’d made lightly; in fact, it might’ve been one of the most difficult decisions he’d made in his life, right up there with missing out on Christopher’s younger years.
It was something he had to do, for Chris; his son always came first, no matter what. 
No matter how much it broke his own heart, or that of his best friends. 
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randemoniumfandemonium · 2 days ago
Buck, in a high voice holding a doll: Hey, Ken! I was thinking of going back to school and starting my career!
Christopher, in a deep voice holding another doll: Nonsense, Barbie. You’re staying home and having my kids
Eddie: uh what're you guys doing??
Christopher: we're playing systemic oppression! :D
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firehousewithaview · 2 days ago
So imagine, if you will: the Buckley-Diaz boys have to go somewhere cold and Eddie is in misery.
Buck grew up in Pennsylvania, so he's like "it's like. 35 out here? With no wind? Perfectly balmy." Wearing only a hoodie and jeans
And Eddie, who is a mess of like 3 hoodies, a hat, and a scarf, is glaring at him while trying to simultaneously steal any heat he can. "I'm from south Texas." He grumbles.
Meanwhile he keeps trying to hug Chris under the guise of keeping his son warm, but Christopher has a children's tolerance and keeps darting off to see things. When he gets tired, Eddie offers a piggy back ride, sighing happily when the weight of his son becomes his own little heater.
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thisisntcanon · a day ago
It's Different
“Where were you?” Chris asks from the comfort of his bed where Buck had tucked him in.
“I told you,” His dad chuckles evasively, “dinner with a friend.”
“From the army?” he guesses.
“Then who?”
It doesn’t work; he doesn’t find out the truth. But Chris is worried. Not about himself, but about his dad and his Buck. He doesn’t want anyone to come between them. He suggests Eddie tell him a story about the friend, but that also doesn’t work.
“Get some sleep, alright?”
“Alright, Dad.”
“Alright. Good night.”
As he moves to flick the light switch, Chris pipes up again.
“Hey, Dad?”
“Yeah, bud?”
“Why’d you need to go somewhere else for your dinner? We have dinner with Bucky here.”
“He’s… a different sort of friend,” Eddie answers, intending to turn off the light again.
“How so?”
Eddie smiles, leaning on the door frame. “This other friend and I, we get each other. We understand each other. We have inside jokes, and we can laugh at the same things. And sometimes we smile at each other when we think the other isn’t looking.”
“But you and Bucky do the same thing.”
Eddie blushes. “It’s different, bud. Get some sleep.”
Chris lays back down, and Eddie turns off the light. Before he can walk out the door, though, he hears Chris’s sleepy voice.
“He loves you, too, you know.”
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allovesthings · 20 hours ago
I love the moment when Eddie explain that he has a son. The hesitation because he is both a bit afraid of theirs reaction and a bit anxious to let the team into his private life.
I also love how emphasised Buck's reaction is here which is a bit of foreshadowing long term and short term. He is the one who bring Eddie back to Chris by the end of the arc and he is the one who introduce them to Carla.
If we are talking long term, we need to acknowledge that they probably didn't know what Chris,Buck and Eddie's relationship would be but it's pretty clear they were building up to something anyway and I'm here for it.
I love it.
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whosoldherout · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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stevenrogered · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
there WERE Buddie + Christopher scenes at Christmas...you just had to look really hard
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incorrect118buddie · 14 hours ago
Eddie: Where are you going?
Buck: To get MYSELF a gift cause somebody didn't get me one!
Eddie: I told you I did! Its coming here on Friday!
Bobby , knowing full well that Eddie got Buck an engagement ring: *eating popcorn*
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evangeline-118 · a day ago
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daydreaming - a.w
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swiftiebuck · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
What is going on? It seems like you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to get Christmas right. Where is this coming from, Chris?
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tarlosbuddie · 22 days ago
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The Firefam & their kids dressed alike
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eddiesbuckaroo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
03x02 vs 05x06
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randemoniumfandemonium · 2 days ago
Christopher on the phone with buck: he's in the kitchen again
Eddie: "beat three eggs" in what? Hand to hand combat?
Buck: GET. HIM. OUT.
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like-the-rest-of-la · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Or: A mistletoe and some well-intentioned parent-trapping lead to a long overdue first kiss on Christmas.
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cinematicnomad · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
9-1-1 ▸ 3.12 fools || 5.06 brawl in cell block 911
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astronautdiaz · 2 months ago
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Gif one: Eddie crawls into bed with Christopher and wraps his arm around him. Christopher starts to wake up.
Gif two: Christopher opens his eyes and asks, "Dad?". Eddie opens his eyes and replies, "Yeah?"
Gif three: Christopher asks, "Are you okay?" Eddie shuffles in bed a bit before replying, "Yeah, just..."
Gif four: Eddie says, "I'm really glad you're my kid." Christopher turns to him and says, "You're weird, dad."
Gif five: They both start laughing. Eddie holds Christopher's face and pushes his forehead to Christopher's temple.
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