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lareinenoir · 6 hours ago
The Knots
C.E x Black Reader
Tumblr media
Song; “ jealousy and Hennessy” By Kidd Travis
Warning: SMUT🔞. {A/N: I’d skip this chapter if you aren’t comfortable. Also lmk if you wanna be tagged in the next part.
Chris had come home everyday from set seeing his wife still laying in bed. Your bonnet covering your head and your soft snores echoing in the giant spacious room. He kissed your head everyday to wake you up. Your eyes wouldn’t open at first but you could hear him just fine.
“Hey.” He whispers
“Mm.” You would moan back as he lifted your head onto his lap.
His hands caressing your face as he fixed your bonnet that was sliding off. The buzz was still prevalent on social media, but he didn’t want to stress you about it. A lot of people wanted to hear from you and asked questions directed towards you. Chris didn’t say anything though. You weren’t active on social media, mostly because it wasn’t real. Everyone was always hiding something or posting passive aggressively. Frankly, you just didn’t care that much. Your life wasn’t that interesting. You knew Chris’ fans loved you and Chris enjoyed reading their praises to you when he’d answer some fan mail.
“Who’s PO Box is this again?” He would laugh
Today though. Chris was kind of fed up with your sad spirit. He’d come home to cuddle with you and you’d just watch movies together until you fell back asleep. You’d only leave to take a shower and he noticed you’d skip meals seeing the sink clean from any dishes. He bought your favorite, French toast and you’d nibble on it sometimes or just simply say, “no, I’m not hungry.”
“I’m just not feeling well.” You told him
He had stopped believing that. No one was sick for almost a month. He offered to take you to the hospital but you denied it.
“I’ll feel better tomorrow.”
Tomorrow came. It came again and again and still your sickness never stopped. Chris decided to just let you be. He didn’t want to pressure you but he never forgot to remind you every day that he loved you.
“I’m just so tired.” You moaned looking up at him
“I see.” He chuckled lightly. “Wanna talk about it?”
You shook your head. “About what?”
“Come on.” His Boston accent peaking as he took off his glasses and rested them on the table.
You knew what he was talking about. You ignored him and sat up, climbing on top of his lap as his hands rested on your ass squeezing it a few times. You kiss his nose and rub your thumb across his little stubble.
“How was work?”
“Good. We did a read through. The trailer is supposed to be out tomorrow so, hopefully it’s good.” He smiled, adjusting your bonnet again.
“That’s good. I’m proud of you.” You smirked kissing his cheek. Your hands climbed the back of his neck rubbing his buzzed hair.
He auditioned for the roll months ago and got a call back last week. He had been preparing for the trailer. It was a romance film. Chris was playing an eighteen year old boy in the 50s who was serving in the army while his fiancé, who he has known since elementary school wrote letters to him for twelve months about how she getting sent back to Trinidad with her family and slowly she was falling out of love. He hadn’t told her who was playing his love interest, he was told to keep that to himself.
“Do I know this female lead?” You asked raising a brow. He nods hos head and you lean down to kiss his neck. “Mmm.” You expressed tasting his skin. Your skin getting goosebumps as he ran his hands along your back, feeling no bra. “Did you kiss her today?”
“No.” He spoke. “Their are kissing scenes and one love scene.”
You sat up and raised your brow as Chris laughed. “Babe. Come on. Don’t be jealous.” Your scoffed and hopped off his lap, throwing the pillow at him. You weren’t really jealous, you knew this was part of his job. This wasn’t just your man, you shared Chris Evans with the whole world.
“Whatever. I want you to brush your teeth after you kiss her. Got it.” You narrow your brows and he raised his hand.
“I swear.”
Chris crawled off the bed and eyes you sneakily. He wanted to keep kissing you. You felt a little better after that little excitement. It was the highlight of your day. Your body quivered as he tried to snatch at your waist.
“You lie.” You shake your head backing away.
“I haven’t seen you all day.” He smirked watching you take off your little boy shorts. “Are those my boxers?” He asks.
“Yup.” You nod popping the ‘p’ and raising one of your legs. “And I’m not wearing anything underneath.” You said in a low voice as Chris licked his lips. “It’s three in the afternoon. No one told your ass to leave at two in the morning.”
“You’re right I’m sorry.” He laughed
“If you wanted to see other people you could have just said that.” You scoffed holding up your hand.
“Duty calls.” Chris laughed standing up from the bed and walking over to you. “Forgive me?” He asks clasping his hands together as if to say a prayer. “I won’t leave anymore today.”
You roll your eyes and back out of the room. “Catch me, first.” You laugh and bolted down the stairs. Your feet almost trip over Dodger who was laying at the bottom. Running for the back door you hear Chris shout your name. “Dodger, outside.” You command him in a whisper
“Y/N!” Chris shouts again making you squeal with anticipation. Dodger takes his precious time walking over to the door. Chris always had this little walk. It was a jog-no strut he always did. It became more prominent when he was feeling himself. You heard the pads of his feet slap against the floor followed by another sneaky chuckle. “Y/N.” He calls
Chris heard you ushering Dodger out the back door and took his sweet time as well. He was in no hurry to catching you. His eyes scanned the living room at the bottom of the stairs because you were no where to be found. Hide n seek was new. He found your shirt on the ground and he picked it up hearing you giggle loudly.
Tumblr media
“So she’s naked.” He bent down and picked it up. It smelled just like you as he took a Whiff of the shea butter and coconut oil. Your bonnet was on the table and he laughed loudly. “So what’s my reward if I find you, huh?” He asks sucking his teeth looking around. “Alexa! Close the curtains.” He said out loud.
It was pitch black. You could see him clearly still. His figure is outlined in the darkness. You had hidden behind the door in the den. His jacket covers you, but you were growing sweaty. He wouldn’t find you. Chris thought he was being slick and you stepped out from behind the small coat rack and grabbed the little lantern from the shelf above you. He heard you moving around and turned in your direction.
“I’ve found you.” You say turning the lantern on
Chris stood just a few feet away from you. His eyes gawking at your body. His hand over his mouth tried to hide his grin as he bit his lip. Sucking in his teeth you hold up the lantern and put it on the small coffee table. Chris admired your body.
Your feet land on top of his socks as you lift his shirt from his chest. Your hands ran across his little chest hair and he guided his own hands up and down your side as he breaths on your upper lip. Your foreheads are touched and Chris kisses your coffee-tinted lips and you laugh at his tickling stubble. His eyes gleamed as you took a hold of his waist and pushed his hardening member against you.
“Attention soldier.” You whispered making him cackle. He watched your head toss back in laughter and you said, “I missed you.”
“I miss you too, Y/N.” He replied
His hands gripped you firmly and you both wobbled over to the long couch as your sloppy kisses devoured each other’s mouths. His tongue tried to dominate yours as they danced a steamy tango. You laughed as his back hit the cushion and you pulled his pants down seeing your soldier standing tall.
The little dim light created a shadowy scene in the living room. Your hands grabbed it softly as your spit dropped from your mouth. He sat on his elbows watching you stroke his member up and down teasing him.
“You missed me, baby?” You ask hearing him moan a tiny bit. Your mouth-watering a little itching to taste him.
He inhaled sharply through his teeth as your tongue licked the tip. Your free hand played with his balls as your mouth began to down his cock. The pulsing veins as you bobbed your head up and down as your saliva began to run down your lips. Your fingernails tickle him a bit as he leans his head back moaning your name.
“Y/N…Fuck.” He exhaled
Your eyes peak up at him and you slurp down the warm skin as your hand moved up and down over and over again.
“Ah!” He groaned sucking in some air his eyes were shut, squeezing tight. Was he about to cum? “Fuck!” He dragged out the couch moving back an inch as you bared down on your knees.
You slowed down watching his hairy chest pant, rising and falling at a quicker pace. He was nervous. You laughed to yourself and slowly glided your mouth up his shaft hearing him groan in sexual frustration. Chris quivered and opens his eyes looking down at you as you have him an innocent stare. He chuckled lightly.
“Woman…” he sort of nudged you on. He was so impatient. You decided to stop playing and picked up the speed. His wiggled brows and lips made and ‘o’ as he sat up all the way, watching you suck his dick. “Baby…” he moans again, lifting his hips a little making the couch scratch against the wooden floors. “Fuck, Y/N!” He shouted as you felt him twitch against the roof of your mouth and his warm semen shot towards the back of your throat, some spilling onto his wet cock.
Removing your mouth he grabbed you by the face and watched you gulp his semen. Your tongue licking the corner of your mouth still tasting his salty fluid. Wiping your lips with the pad of his thumb, Chris chuckled and kissed you. His own taste buds tasting the leftovers. He moans against your two lips and you pulled back reaching for his pants. You were sure he had a condom in his wallet. He never left home without one.
“Did you put one in here?” You inquire grabbing his wallet. Your eyes caught a glimpse of him and you posed in front of Lady Liberty halfway twerking. A silly picture really, but it was Chris’ favorite. “I found it.” You didn’t give him a chance to answer as you pulled out the Magnum gold packet.
Ripping it open, Chris watched you slide the plastic barrier onto his tall cock. His hands Instantly grabbed at you, pulling you on top so he could tongue your mouth with lust. It was quick kisses along your neck and ears as he licked your body. His eyes were on your nipples as he began to play with them.
“Fuck.” You whispered watching his mouth pull at your hardening nipples. He stared at you through his eyebrows and traced circles with the other one.
Chris licked circles around the little bumps and he felt your chills as your arm hairs stood straight. He attached his mouth and sucked on it. Your hand ran fingers over his buzz cut back and forth as your neck bent back moaning in passion. He licked them softly as the stinging sensation came over your breasts. Your core began to throb and pulse. Your palm pushed him down onto the cushions. He grunted and watched your eyebrows narrow down in frustration. Your hands each down to take a hold of his solid flesh and poking it right at the opening and boy! Weren’t you open. He grabbed your hips as your raised them and eased your way onto Chris. You both groaned loudly and your lips curved into a smile as your palms rested on his chest.
It felt like a warm hug, but from the inside. Chris watched your eyes stare at his face. You rocked against him slowly and he tried to move you closer to him. You pushed him back onto the couch and licked your lower lip. “Let me do all the work.” You told him as you raised his hand onto your nipples.
Chris’ eye’s glistened and he didn’t hesitate to let you take control. Your rocking decreases and you begin to lift your ass. You watch his eyes roll up as he let out a breath. You laugh and settle back down. He held you up by your breasts as your speed increased. Your core continuing to throb as if to catch pace with your oir racing heartbeat. Chris grunted as you lifted your hips and slammed harder against his cock.
“Ah! Shit! Shit!” You curse with a giggle. Chris ushered you to do it again as he shared the same sensation. Your bodies had accumulated sweat and your palms slipped on and off his chest as you came up and down off his dick.
The friction was like rubbing to sticks together. There was smoke. A lot of smoke. It was hot and your g spot was being hit as you arched your body to hover over him. Chris didn’t complain your breasts touched his nose as you both moaned together breathing on each other’s faces. You would inhale and you’d exhale as he bucked his hip up. Then he would inhale as you exhaled as his hips settled back down. Your hands were on either side of his head your breasts damn near suffocated him. The sticks were still smoking as the friction grew faster and faster with each stride.
“Chris!” You moaned feeling him hit your spot again. “Right there!” You vintage biting your lower lip. “Oh god, right there! Again!” His bucking hips slapping profusely against your flesh brought excitement to your sweaty kitty. “
“You’re almost there, Y/N.” He breathed feeling his own flesh twitching inside. “Cum with me.” He ushered as your arms shook. “There you go!” He coaches and you feel his intense gaze on you. Chris loved to watch you reach your final destination. It brought him more joy.
The smoke was hot and your g spot was being pushed. He watched your brown eyes flicker as your eyes water with anticipation. Your leg spasmed and your heart thumped as you arched your neck. The fire was starting. You felt a few sparks start to fly. You grunted and moaned as you rode him. He was holding out for you and you took a sharp breath. You didn’t want it to end just yet, subconsciously you knew you were missing it on purpose. The tease was just to good. You saw it in Chris’ eyes and he was growing a bit impatient. He was squirming a little. His face dented inward trying to hold back.
“Mmmmm.” You laughed watching him
His mouth opened and he breathed out. “You little…” he moaned gripping your skin and then releasing it over and over again. His eyes would squeeze shut for a millisecond just open them and see you smilingly down at him. His frustration was just too good you felt very sinister. He knew you were doing this on purpose. “you’re sick.” Chris grunts
He connected skin with you again growing that friction. His thrusts into you hitting the button every single time. He chuckled lightly and watched your head throw itself back and forward and you cocked your brow questioning him. Was this his way of punishing you? Chris was desperate and you synced with him again. Your gliding became very soppy and the tingly sensation of your orgasm returned stronger.
“I’m about to-“ you moaned as your eyes met. His pupils got bigger as his smile matched. “Fuck, Chris! Oh-oh-Ah” You nodded watching his eyes roll back. With one last slam against him, the fire was lit.
Your legs were weak and you rode the rest of it out, feeling the condom fill with Chris’ cum. Your sticky bodies met as you flattened yourself on him, but you both quickly fell off landing on the ground. It was surely going to have stains. Chris couldn’t help but laugh as your bodies became undone, him laying next to you with his ear to your abdomen.
“Whoa.” He breathed licking your belly button. “Fuck me.”
“Yeah, I did.” You laugh as he kisses your stomach softly. “We should try sex on the balcony next.”
“So everyone can see your tits?” He scoffed as your hand surrounded his head massaging it a little. Your breaths match each other a little. “Pass.” He was talking about the building across the street. They had no curtains so you could peer into their office with no problem so he was sure without a problem they could see the balcony.
“How about you eat me out on the roof then and we take nudes.” You countered
“Adventurous are we?” He raised a brow kissing your chin
“Fine let’s make a sex tape.” You said laughing
“Whatever you want Y/N.”
You both were catching your breaths. The silence was good and Chris had buried himself in between your boobs and his leg sprawled across you. Your held him sliding your fingernails up and down his neck.
“Do you want to know my favorite body part of yours?” He asks
“Is it my ass?” You ask
“Don’t tell me it’s my eyes.” You asks rolling them.
“That too.” He watched the outline of your puff sway a tiny bit as you laughed.
“So what is it?”
“That beautiful hair.”
There was silence. He cupped your face together and his eyebrows bent. He was buttering you up. It was sweet, really it was. He placed a kiss on your forehead and you squeeze his wrists a little in comfort.
“I know I haven’t been the best wife lately.” You replied feeling yourself begin to cry. “I know you love me and you say I’m beautiful so much I think I’m the word.” You laughed and he smiled at your joke. “I guess I didn’t realize how much I would miss my job.”
He wiped your tears and brought your bodies together again. The embrace was damp, but he hushed you as you cried onto his chest. “I know, baby.”
“Chris, I don’t know what to do. I thought this was a good thing you know. A few days to collect myself and then I’d get over it, but I’m just so tired. I can’t stop thinking if this was a mistake or maybe I was overreacting. What if I go back and try and get my job back, what if I can’t. Then I remind myself of what I quit and how this same damn thing will happen again. Maybe not to me but to someone. It’s not just hair, Chris. Damnit! It’s more than hair! It’s more than fucking hair!” You cried feeling snot begin to fall. “Should I just take one for the team? Fall in line like everyone else? Or march up there and demand an apology like I should’ve done the first time. I don’t even know why the fuck I’m crying about this. This is so stupid!” You shout angrily and pushing away from him and stand up.
“Y/N, it’s ok. Just wait!” He shouted after you. Chris watched you scurry up the stairs. He stood up and slid the condom off himself and tied it off before throwing it away. He grabbed his pants and slid them on his legs and called after you again. “Y/N!”
Tags: @hookedinto-fictionalworlds
(A/N: wanna be tagged? LMK. 😅 byeee)
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starbeanz · 11 months ago
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sweaterwearingdumbdork · 4 months ago
Happy Birthday, Mr. Evans
Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader
18+ Only
Word Count: 1.3K
Warnings: lil bit of implied smut, lots of fluff, Dad!Chris, pregnant!reader, cursing (duh)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Being married to Chris Evans wasn’t always a walk in the park.
It was a lot of press, a lot of FaceTimes and phone calls, a lot of secret getaways, and a lot of time apart.
Every year since you’d been married, you and Chris had made it a point to always spend birthdays together. No matter what he was filming, where he was filming, or who his bosses were, he’d find a way back to you or vice versa.
This year, however, was heartbreakingly different.
Since the pandemic, it had been difficult for Chris to shoot anything with the luxury of being able to come home to you for a long weekend, or fly you out to see him. He’d been shooting in Los Angeles for the last few weeks and, with the strict Covid-19 precautions, there was no chance he’d be able to fly home for his birthday this year.
2:58 AM.
Okay. Two more minutes until it’s midnight in Los Angeles. You could take another two minutes without hearing his voice, right?
2:58:08 AM.
This is getting ridiculous. Why is time moving so slow? With Dodger snuggled up into your side, you impatiently shook your knee that was propped up against the coffee table.
28:58:43 AM.
You can do this, you can do this. You tried to rehearse exactly what you’d be saying when you heard his voice at exactly midnight, LA time.
Was he in the apartment celebrating with his cast mates? Was he already asleep, and he wouldn’t hear his phone ring?
Fuck, what if he didn’t hear his phone ring? Your heart sank at the thought of him possibly missing your call.
2:59:54 AM
You quickly unlocked your phone and pressed his contact name, ‘Bubba’. It seemed to ring for ages, so much so that you’d tuned it out, your anxiety rising. You always said happy birthday to each other at midnight, and you’d be damned if you’d miss it this year.
“Hey, g’morning, sunshine,” Chris’ sleepy, gravelly voice eased the tension in your mind almost immediately.
“Happy Birthday, Mr. Evans.” You couldn’t help but giggle, biting your bottom lip as you sighed in content.
The grin was audible through the phone, and his hearty chuckle made your heart soar, “Well, thank you, Mrs. Evans. I’m surprised you stayed up this late just to wish me a happy birthday.”
“I had to. I’ll be damned if someone else beats me to it.”
“Downey beat you by two seconds, angel, I’m sorry.” You heard his voice descend as he clearly pulled the phone away from his ear in order to check the time Robert messaged him. “Yeah, exactly midnight.”
“But did Downey stay up three whole extra hours to wish you a happy birthday?” You frowned, playing with the string of your sweatpants. That bastard.
“No, no he did not. But, hey, quality over time, you know. Now I’ve got you on the phone and you can describe all the dirty things you’d do to me if I were there for my birthday.” He was teasing you.
You clenched your thighs together with a bit of a sigh, the impending news burning a hole in your mind. Do you wait until he comes home? Do you tell him over the phone and risk missing the look of absolute joy on his face? A hand found itself resting on the ever so tiny bump that was nestled beneath one of Chris’ sweatshirts, and you sighed.
“Where’d you go, honey?” His voice snapped you back to reality and you cleared your throat.
“I’m here, I’m here. I’m sorry, I just.. I really miss you.” It wasn’t a lie. You did miss him, more than you could even express.
“Y’okay? I know it’s hard, baby, believe me.” The repetitive pet names made tears well up in your eyes. “Hey.. c’mon, I’ll be home before you know it.”
“I’m fine, I promise.”
You heard him sigh, before you heard a few knocks at the door.
“You expecting someone?” He chuckled, and you laughed back, with a shake of your head.
Standing up, you slowly made your way over to the front door, “Not that I’m aware of. Maybe it’s Downey coming to rub his achievement in my face.”
“Nah, Downey woulda called first.” There’s that sliver of a Bostonian accent that you loved so dearly.
“Maybe it’s a serial killer,” you joked, flicking on the porch light before you stood up on your toes to attempt to look through the peep hole. “Why did you have this peep hole installed so high up?”
“Because of situations like this.”
His voice sounded a little close… too close.
You gasped, swinging the door open, and there he was. Your husband stood on the porch in his usual airport attire, with a dumb, goofy smile on his face.
Without a word, you collided with him, nearly knocking him back with an ‘oof’, as his arms instinctively wrapped themselves around your waist.
“Hey, baby doll.” He mumbled against the crook of your neck after a few moments of silence, and you nearly burst out into tears of joy. You eventually let yourself settle back down, flat on your feet and Chris’ big, warm hands cupped your cheeks. “How’s my best girl?”
“She’s fine, oh my god.” You laughed, as he leaned down to lock his lips with yours, humming against your mouth. “What are you doing here?”
Before he could even open his mouth, Dodger, who had no doubt heard his daddy’s voice, came bounding through the main floor and jumped up on Chris with an excited whine.
“Hey, pal, hey.” Chris knelt down to accept the kisses from his partner crime. “You been a good boy to Mommy?” Bark! “Protecting her from all those asshole squirrels?” Bark! “Atta boy!”
The interaction made your stomach flutter, and you folded your arms across your torso. How you’d planned to tell him, flew completely out the window. You were going to do this whole thing, bake a cake, write a card, but no. His sweet, spontaneous ass had to surprise you, on his birthday.
“You got that look on your face.” Chris stood up, brushing some of the dog hair from his sweatpants, and shut the door behind him once your little family walked back into the house.
“What look?” You scrunched up your nose, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.
“The ‘I need to tell my husband something’ look. The same look you had when Dodge ate the couch cushion. The same look you had when you decided you didn’t want to get married at the winery, a month before the date.” He folded his arms with a cocked brow. “C’mon, tell me.” Chris’ body nudged yours as he gave you a reassuring smile. “Hemsworth isn’t posted up in my bed, is he?”
“No, nothing like that.” You shook your head, holding back the cackle that Chris loved so much.
He started to get concerned as his smile faltered, body language immediately switching into Big Daddy Chris Defense Mode.
“Relax, Captain America.” You teased and pressed a hand against his pec, smiling up at him, reassuringly. “I took a pregnancy test.”
“A what?” His face immediately lit back up, and you could tell he was trying to hold back a smile.
“I.. took.. a.. preg.. nancy.. test,” you spoke slowly, mockingly.
“You took a pregnancy test,” Chris parroted, nodding along with you.
“Chris, I’m pregnant!” You rolled your eyes, throwing your hands up in the air. “I’m pregnant, and I had this really amazing way of telling you when you got home, I was gonna bake a cake, there were going to be balloons, and Dodge was going to—.”
You were cut off by your husband swooping you up into his arms, and you wrapped your legs around his waist, as he supported the small of your back.
His face buried in your neck, and his shoulders shook. There no doubt he was crying out of excitement.
“Baby..” you murmured, carding your fingers through his hair as you felt yourself start to cry with him. “Say something..”
Another moment of silence passed, before he leaned back to look at you, blue eyes glistening with crystal clear tears of pure happiness.
“Best. Fuckin’. Birthday. Ever.”
Tumblr media
spacer creds to @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
A/N: Ummm.. so, I love him? AH. He’s so—anyways.
Happy birthday you sweet, sweet angel boy, I hope you have the most amazing birthday sex.
— Jo 🪐
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fineanddandy · a month ago
Thin Walls
Summary: Being a roommate with two dudes is never not complicated…
Relationship: Destroyer!Chris x roomie!black!reader x CJE
Warnings: drug use, graphic language, smut, unprotected sex, voyeurism, some drama, 18+
A/N: Well hell what can I say about this really lol um…I originally planned for this to be one long one shot but decided it’d be a lot more fun if I broke it into two parts. Not really too sure where this idea came from…had to give it a go…let’s see what goes down
Tumblr media
Slip, slip go your socks sliding against the floor, sleepily voyaging through the dark room to hit the kitchen. So sleepy but oh so thirsty you shuffle along, eyes closed since you know the path like the back of your hand. It’s late and both of the idiots are still out, probably getting their dick sucked or whatever you don’t care. Three years too long you’ve lived with these wanna be playboys, but you’re just grateful they didn’t bring their lays here tonight. Last thing you wanted to was to be woken up by their grunting and groaning. Light from the fridge illuminates the room as you reach for a bottle of water. Never have you imagined that you would be living with two dude roommates. Especially two distractingly hot fuck boys in the hub of Brooklyn. Damn near sitcomy, they made your life…interesting as a matter of fact and also…the biggest pains in your ass but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You’d known Chris since sophomore year, your plug back at Brooklyn College through a roommate. The moment he delivered your weed to your door you guys had hit it off and became pretty good friends. Always hookin you up, comin through to smoke you out, he’s a trouble maker at heart and all about his hustle. But you two were always good…and he’s always been so unbelievably cool. Chris was the one who came to your rescue when you and your last roommate had a huge fall out, offering a spare bedroom in his sick ass brownstone he swore he inherited. You didn’t question it, just thanked him profusely until he made you stop with one of his menacing glares followed by a goofy smirk. CJ, on the other hand, came with the place. Better known as Christopher Jamal, he’s too fine for his own good which made him incredibly irritating to you sometimes. Confidence and swagger through the roof, if you had to choose who’s the worst of the two, it’s definitely CJ. He hit you with a smooth “yo what up” the first time you met him and you damn near cackled in his face. Who the fuck was this guy? Buzz cut, smedium shirts to show off those muscles and tattoos and such a flirt. Cookie cutter. But it works for him. The flock of women he kept around him was ridiculous and he loved to flaunt it. King Fuck Boy if you will…but you couldn’t be bothered with his nonsense. CJ had his humble moments and could be a lot of fun to hang around, a true goof, but when he turned on, you made yourself sparse to keep the peace.
First one through the door is Chris, who’s most likely coming in from a night of slipping drugs into his customer’s hands and pockets. Walking into the living room he flips on the lamp inquiring,
“And what are you doing up?” His keys hit the end table but you’re in the middle of chugging water you can’t answer. “Ah.” Chris smiles at you pointing at the water bottle attached to your lips. “It’s quiet so I take it Chris isn’t home yet?” He asks with a grin as he walks into the kitchen for water as well.
“Nope.” You sigh once you’ve emptied the contents of the bottle. “And thank God. I actually slept without being interrupted with ‘oooh yessss Chris don’t stop’ bleh.” You shudder and gag as Chris laughs at you mocking the girls CJ brings home.
“Just consider it audible porn.” He shrugs as you pass him to exit the kitchen, his gaze falling down your backside as he follows closely behind. “Might help you get to sleep faster.”
You almost cackle at the hint. “I don’t watch porn with those whiny ass girls and all their melodramatic moaning so that doesn’t work for me.” You shrug a shoulder, yawning, and go sit on the couch to hang with Chris for a few before you go back to sleep.
“Oh I’m well aware of what kind of porn you watch YN…” he pokes fun plopping down on the seat beside you, his swole tatted arm lying behind you on the back of the couch as you shoot him a side eye. “You should use headphones sometime…walls are kinda thin…”
You can’t even get mad, busting out laughing and playfully backhanding his broad chest. “Oh fuck you. You just listenin too damn hard.”
Maybe he is sometimes, hoping to hear his name desperately moan from your delectable lips but he can’t help but laugh along with you. It’s so infectious.
“Soooo…” you hold your hand out to him with a long smile, “how did it go tonight? How well did you do?”
The corner of his lips arch and point as he digs out a decently sized wad of cash out of his pocket, slapping in down in your flat hand for you to count. He knows how much you love to do it even though he’s already counted it several times. Excitingly you flip the bills down on the coffee table, counting quietly to yourself, eyes grow larger as he explains,
“Got some new stuff everyone’s losing their minds over.” Hands empty. Stack of cash on the table. You whisper damn to yourself as Chris just looks on with a smug smirk. “Wanna try it out?” His brows slowly raise. You turn to look at him with a silly grin.
“Fuck yeah I do.”
A few minutes later you and Chris sit on the floor of your bedroom, him breaking down weed on your resin rolling tray while you light a few candles in the soft purple glow of your lamp. You love you guys’ personal smoke sessions, love to watch him roll one up while chuckling at your floral papers. He always mentions how cute they are, and comments on how you have to set a whole vibe before you sit to join him. His shiny zippo flicks to life the moment you both hear the front door slam close. CJ’s home…and according to the goofy airheaded giggling that fills the silence, he’s not alone. Chris just rolls his pretty eyes and lights the joint.
“Damn. Thought we were in the clear…” you groan softly listening to their steps to his room.
“Oh c’mon.” Chris holds a deep breath with a grin and passes it over to you. “You know better than that…”
Smoke fills the room and his guest just can’t stop giggling. You and Chris roll your eyes together with a tired sigh.
“Wishful thinking I suppose.” You take two quick hits tasting the herb as it permeates through your lungs. “Mmm…okay this is nice.”
Their voices are muffled but their tones are clear and all you two can do is listen. Get a pretty good picture of what’s going down in the other room. Shits just getting started. On your exhale you pass the joint back to Chris.
“You feel it already don’t you…” He asks with a small crooked smirk keeping a watchful eye on you. This strain might be a little too much, or so he thought but your smile says you’re doing alright.
“Mmmm yeah…”
CJ’s mumbling something so funny/nasty that his no face guest downright giggles then moans so provocative that you and Chris high asses can’t help but bust out laughing. It’s like hearing music from another room…if it’s a track full of moaning and groaning.
“Told you…live porno.” Chris raises a brow, cutting a mischievous glare over to you trying to ignore them but it’s impossible.
You take the joint with a sigh of a laugh. Ash falling off as you rest it on your talking lips. “Well I guess this is better than waking up to it…”
Faceless guest is melodramatic at best but CJ absorbs it with enthusiastic grunts, mumbling back at her each time she outlandishly cries out his name. The more you guys smoke, and listen on to the show, the quicker the laughter dies and tension builds. Even if she’s doin the most, you can’t deny how hot it sounds. Brain all cloudy with indica? Hybrid? Shifting anxiously over the carpet. Somehow they seem to get louder and louder. Chris can’t help but notice your heavy breaths, a hand masking a bashful grin. Is it turning you on? He can’t ignore his cock swelling in his jeans, playful eyes roaming up your knee high socks and exposed caramel thighs slightly rubbing against each other. The AC clicks on. Goosebumps prickle your soft skin Chris can’t take his smoky eyes off of. Staring, he fantasizes brushing his thick goatee across your inner thigh. Damn this shit is strong, fuckin amazing. You think you’re trippin feeling his eyes scoping you, too high to think clearly. Your center on fire, nipples stiffening as CJ picks up the pace. His bed banging against the wall. Their cries of joy really getting out of hand. You both take a deep breath and squirm.
“Christ.” You clear your throat with a chaste chuckle shattering the deadly electric tension. You can’t take it anymore. You’re getting antsy under his desired stare, but also feeling so goofy, trying not to think about what you’re thinking. It’s the thumping of the headboard. Her muted, overdramatized affirming shouts. Suddenly you’re thinking about the last time someone’s had you actin an ass and how long ago that was. You jump to your feet. Chris abruptly extinguishes the joint in your ashtray.
“YN. What’s wrong.” His tone so tender but serious doesn’t help you feel any less…wound up. Your shoulders shudder. How are they still going?! She’s practically shrilling she should have came by now. You can literally feel your folds tingle with excitement. God you wanted to touch yourself but not with Chris here…unless…you violently shake the thought away.
“Uumm…” Shaking your head some more with an awkward giggle, you cover your warm cheeks, and Chris kind of laughs along with a confused brow. “It’s just…” she shrills again, you fidget with a laugh, “fuck…that’s like…a lot…”
He stands without taking his eyes off you, his heart beating uncontrollably against swole chest. You’re right, it is, and it’s driving him to take care of you. “We’re just stoned.” Chris tries to dismiss the intense sexual tension to being fucked up but darting glances and fidgeting hands and shuffling feet soundtracked to their orgasmic cries made that a lie. Folds growing so wet you dance around like you have to pee, clenching your thighs together with random giggle fits. Feels like you’re losing your damn mind. Shit you wish they’d shut the fuck up already.
“Uh yeah we’re stoned.” You don’t know what to do with yourself, getting ready to pace but you turn to look at Chris who won’t stop looking at you like that. Needy. Fingers twitching at his sides. His enflamed chest under his cutoff shirt heaving just like yours. You cough a laugh, putting a hand out in the burning space between you two. “Oh my god Chris you gotta stop doing that.”
Christ he’s so fuckin sexy, barreling his dark gaze at your hips your cheeks grow even hotter but all you can do is laugh…fight to ignore your intruding thoughts intermingled with the noise in the other room.
“Doing what.” You huff a heavy sigh feeling him take a small step towards your flatten hand feeling his heat. A rough hand reaching to yank your waist. Your head is pounding, panties on their way to ruin. CJ’s apparently a monster; the banging slows down and porno chick is howling in angst. And that still manages to make you squirm even more Jesus Christ. Feeling his burning chest against your shaky hand startles you but before you can run, he’s got you firmly against his body. Piercing his possessed stormy eyes deep into yours. You can’t breathe under his strength, never feeling him this close to you before. Unsure what to do with your hands you just keep them on sternum, softly panting for air as you lose yourself in his handsome features.
“Let’s give them a run of their money.” He gently whispers mere inches away from your parted lips.
You blink, “huh?”
“I wanna fuck you.” Chris states it plainly, never been one to be on bullshit. His frankness practically has your walls flooded. “Right now. Don’t wanna fight it.”
You blink again, “Chris.”
Their intermission is over. This time around they’re going even harder. Chris grabs the fuck out of your ass, tugging you closer to his raging boner. Moaning to himself you feel way too fuckin good in his arms like this, anticipating his next move with wide glossy eyes. His sinister smirk that fills up your vision ignites each layer of your buttery brown skin. No thoughts, just drooling, dying to taste you. Dipping his forehead down on yours Chris flutters his lids close and asks with a breathless sigh,
“Want me to worship you?”
Lifting your shirt, his broad fingers slip in the waistband of your shorts, pushing them down some as he stretches to brush his fingertips over your soaked pussy lips.
“Uh huh.” You choke on a hard gulp, rubbing the side of your nose alongside his, anxiously licking your dry lips. Trembling the second his delicate fingers graze your slippery slit. Fuck…
Chris takes you, timidly at first, shoving his fat tongue inside your wide open mouth, over your tongue lying in wait and he moans so loudly once your lips lock securely. Taking his time to savor you. Holding you closer as he takes turns tugging your shorts and panties down and teasing your desperate hole. One arm locks around his neck to keep ahold while the other hand goes for his button and fly. Saliva collecting on corners of manipulative lips, sloppily making out with tiny moans and whines. Necks bobbing back and forth, turning side to side. Your legs shake to drops your shorts to the floor as Chris helps you pull out his beast of a dick, supporting your hand that grips it tightly. Together you mumble, “fuck,” into each other then chuckle. Finding your clit with his middle finger, he strokes it in the same pattern you stroke his cock as he backs you down on your bed. Already his fingers is drenched. Breaking away from your perfect mouth, for just a second, Chris slips his dripping wet finger between his curvy lips. Humming and purring directly into your face he tastes your wetness then shoves his tongue back into your inviting mouth. Promptly gets back to toying your clit because he can’t get enough of how wet he makes you, can’t get enough of the magnetism in your kiss. Feels too way too natural. Maybe just because you both are so stoned…but something’s here…
This is ridiculous. They’re ridiculous. She’s back shrilling and whining as your pulling Chris’s shirt over his head. You can’t help but scoff at how stupid she sounds but seeing his rippling tatted up torso distracts you momentarily. In complete awe, you run your hands all over his immaculate muscles.
“What.” His shirt is tossed across the room. She’s doing that fake whiny moan that some pornstars do that you fuckin hate. Tracing over some of his tattoos in wonder you snicker,
“She’s annoying the fuck out of me.”
Hunching back over you he points and aims his missile of a dick to where he’s ready to obliterate with a long sneaky smile. Eager to feel your warmth encapsulate him. Admiring how sexy you look beneath him soothing your soft affectionate hands all over his shoulders and back.
“Well…let’s drown her out then…” Chris sweetly croons, nudging his thick shroomed tip at your dripping entrance. Inhaling deep, you brace yourself for his girth, holding on to his toned back as he breaks through. A shaky breath hits your eardrum. “Oh my god YN…”
You keen and dig your nails into his creamy back. Never ever you heard him so soft and innocent before as channels his way through your clingy walls taking mold of his palpitating dick. The sensation burns your little pussy just right you can’t help but yelp out his name as he fills you up, slipping right against one of your plush spots.
“Oh fuck! Chris!” Instinctually you arch up into his rock hard abs. The perfect volume to drown out the other two getting close to erupting all over each other. They no longer mattered.
“Ugh yes that’s perfect beautiful. Oh fuck!” He obnoxiously groans with a devious smile to overpower CJ and his lady friend. “Fuck you look so fuckin perfect UGH YES.”
Catching the hint you laugh and moan just as loud like you two are playing a game of chicken but you can’t deny, Chris is fuckin into you so well it’s far from fake. An erotic tremor scatters all down your limbs as he pumps you faster, stroking against your spongy spot even harder.
“Hooomygod Chris.” You whine out, shuddering again your walls gush all around him and his eyes roll back into his head with a blissful chuckle. “Fuck—fuck Chris!”
“Oh YN!” His hips smack into your pussy rougher, really losing himself in your wetness. Really pummeling your sensitive folds.
You squeal damn near pushing yourself away. “Holy shit!”
“Yeah beautiful?” Chris growls lowly in your ear. “You fuckin feel me?”
Biting down your lip to suppress a brandish groan you furiously nod in the pillow. “God yes. I feel you Chris…I feel you…and you feel so fuckin good GOD!”
He hooks a muscle bound arm around your lower back to reach deeper, completely enraptured in the way your clenched pussy milks him, tugging him closer and closer to the edge with each throb of your textured walls. You sound like an angel, calling out for him to,
“Fuck me…fuck me harder,” you demand like the sweetheart you are, decorating his parted lips with luscious pecks. “Please baby…harder, harder, harder…”
And which plea, he snaps his waist with fire. Skin slapping as you bounce off him and all you do is call his name louder and louder until you guys can no longer hear them over your own noise.
Mission accomplished. In the other room CJ’s jaw dropped, so appalled by the two of you he can’t even focus on the fact that his girl is cumming for the second time all over his sheets, listening hard in utter disbelief. Is that asshole actually fucking you right now?! You definitely didn’t sound like you’re fakin shit, assuming you guys are trying to teach him a lesson but it’s more than that. Totally lost in the way you shout his name he doesn’t even notice he’s completely stopped moving and his girl is unhappy about it. He’s always wanted to hear you say his name…but it’s not him who’s got you hollerin…and that really fuckin pisses him off.
“Christopher?” He comes to, snapping his sights back down to see her upset. Hell he didn’t even notice he’s completely fallin out of her and soft. Well this embarrassing.
“Oh! Ugh…man I think—ow—my stomach…”
It’s the only cop out that comes to mind. Feeling like such a jackass he winces, grabbing his stomach and crawling off her. Technically, he was in some pain…she doesn’t know if she should buy it. In the background, you and Chris are still causing a ruckus that’s hard for her to ignore but CJ’s acting like he’s dying and trying to push her out the door. He didn’t even give her time to put her heels on.
“…are really feeling bad? You sure you don’t want me to like suck your dick or something?”
Keeping up the act with a pained look on his face, holding his side, CJ rolls his eyes at all the shouting coming from your room. “No. Don’t worry…I’ll call you.”
One final shove and she’s out the door, leaving him with you and Chris on the edge of ecstasy. Shoulders slouched, head knocked back, he groans at the sound of your pitiful voice. He didn’t even think Chris was even into you like that and there he is between your legs digging you the fuck out. What a dick!
“You’re close aren’t you…” Chris whispers against your lips that can’t stop padding at his. “You’re so close I can taste it.”
Sweaty bodies connected and conjoined, he couldn’t be any deeper in your guts than he is right now and it’s the fuckin best.
You daintily cry with a small nod, “mmm yes…yes Chris,” licking the lining of his fuzzy Cupid’s bow. Still so high. Still so unbelievably turned out.
“Wanna cum all over me beautiful?”
“Please.” You beg, burying your face into the clammy crook of his neck, preparing yourself to scream that’s how riled up he’s got you. The hilt of his cock grinds right against your swollen clit. You shut your eyes and hug his shoulders, focus on his encouraging chants as he really drives his dick through your enclosing channel that trembles all around his throbbing girth.
“C’mon beautiful…you can cum for me…bet you’re so pretty when you let go baby so let go…c’mon…”
Snap. You let loose all around him, legs locking and fluttering as he stills out so he can feel every bit of you crumbling in his arms. Crying and quietly screaming into his prickled skin. Chris can’t believe how amazing you sound and feel climaxing he almost laughs, delirious but so happy he can’t help himself pulling out to dump his load all over your bed.
“Ooooh fuuuuuck baby.” A chill rolls down his spine, feels like he can’t stop cumming. “Fuuuuck…”
You’re both depleted, hysterically laughing into one another convulsing, trying to regain your senses but way too high in the clouds. The silliest smiles on each other’s faces you guys kiss and giggle for a bit until he lifts himself off you.
“Water?” He offers with a delighted crooked smirk stepping off the bed to shove on his shirt and boxers.
You cough and clear your cotton mouth sitting up in the bed. “God please.”
Before he exits he tosses you your panties off the floor with a wink, and shuts the door behind him only to meet CJ, arms folded and scowling, in the hallway.
“Oh god.” Chris grunts with an eye roll. “Why are you standing right here of all places?”
“Did you really fuck YN?!” He hisses silently, blue eyes brewing with hostility but Chris just pushes past him to get to the kitchen.
“What does it sound like to you?” He asks with a smug grin CJ can’t see.
“Sounds like you’re a backstabber.” He snaps chasing Chris down. “You know I’ve been wanting a shot at her.”
Chris quips never slowing his steps, “you mentioned how hot she was once after she moved in and that was it. I hardly call that dibs…”
Chris huffs a frustrated sigh. “You aren’t even into her.”
Finally reaching the fridge Chris abruptly faces CJ with a confused brow. “When did I say that?”
“That’s the point you’ve never said it.” He argues pulling the door open for him. Shrugging Chris bends over to grab two waters.
“So? Didn’t know that’s something I had to disclaim. Also,” he slams the door shut out of CJ’s grip, “how can you be into her but fucking a new girl a couple times a week?”
CJ should have expected that point but he ignores it. “That’s not the point.”
“The point is you’re fuckin jealous. And it’s not even that serious.” Chris retorts with his infamous one sided smirk. “You can say…I was just helping a friend out.”
“Oh really. Fuckin helpin a friend out. How the fuck does that happen.”
“How the fuck it just happened Chris.”
Are these idiots really arguing about this? You clip a laugh with your ear pressed against your bedroom door. Men…you should go deal with this. Walking out into the living room you witness the dummies trying to silently fight about what just happened, so into it they don’t even notice you approaching.
“Oh my god relax…it’s not that big of a deal.” You interrupt scaring them out of their heated skin. Cutting your eyes at CJ, you take your water from Chris’s extended hand and stand between both of their big bodies. “We were high and you were making all that ruckus…so an opportunity to help one another out presented itself since it was all amateur porn hour up in here. As fuckin usual with you.”
Chris can’t help himself, biting back a pleased grin over your shoulder addressing a butthurt CJ, who can’t even look you in the eye he’s too busy shooting daggers at Chris silently bragging. You didn’t even have to turn to know that’s what he was doing but it’s whatever. He really had no nerve to get jealous.
“So get over it. Both of you.” You shoot Chris a look over your shoulder that straightens him out some before you walk away from them with a big eye roll.“Now it’s late. Everyone go the fuck to sleep.”
They watch you disappear into your bedroom in silence but once that door closes they’re back glaring at one another.
“Sweet dreams.” Chris winks opening his water bottle, clipping his shoulder as he walks off. “Hope you hear her call out my name in your sleep.” Since CJ wants to be a dick about it. Chuckling all the way to his room he couldn’t be more pleased with himself. But for CJ still stewing alone in the living room…this is all far from being over…
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The flirting is just tooooooo much! 😭
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rainbowkisses31 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
He knows about ‘Jamal’!! 🤣🤣🤣
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vannybarber · 8 months ago
Know Your Place
Summary: Christopher Jamal Evans puts your ass in place.
Tumblr media
Chris Jamal Evans x Reader
Warnings: SMUT, cursing, aggressive behavior (nothing serious), mentions of cheating, implied smut, degrading.
This is based off of Barbershop: The Next Cut with Terri, Rashad, and Draya, with their whole situation😂.
Tumblr media
"Just get in the damn car and meet me at the house. We're not doing this here."
"Fine!" You rush around to your car door and slam it shut once you get inside. You watch Chris go to his, also slamming it shut but not for the same reason as you. You were more so the reason.
Starting the car and driving off with him right on your tail, you turn the music up to drown out the many cars that honk at your recklessness and poor wheel skills. If only they knew, they would be acting just like you.
You had come over to the building where Chris was shooting a movie with his female costar, Melanie. You absolutely despised her because she often came onto Chris. Both infront of you and when you weren't around. Of course he shot her down every time because he knows better. He knew you weren't the one to be played with.
But today, when you didn't see him as soon as you walked inside the shoot, you scan the room for Melanie. Not seeing her either, you began to roam around through the halls. You look in a room and see his stuff on a couch inside. You walk into the room calling his name.
"Chris? Baby, where you at?" You check in the bathroom and its empty. "Boy, I got your nasty seafood salad. Where the hell are you?" You scan the room one more time before smacking your lips and heading to the door.
Chris was in the closet changing when Melanie came in trying to feel up on him. He was getting ready to finally cuss her out, but he heard you yelling for him and so he freaked, shutting the door. He specifically told her not to make a sound and she followed orders, up until the last minute.
As you hit the threshold, you hear something hit the floor. The sound seemed to have come from the closet. You pause, scared at first because it was evident that no one was in the room except you. But then you grow suspicious because Chris and that bitch were both missing. You turn around slowly and stalk towards the door.
Chris was fuming when she knocked the box over, but then started to freak when he heard you walking over to the closet door. He gave her the look with a mix of panic and 'I'm gonna fucking kill you'. He sees the door handle turn and prepares for your wrath because you damn sure were gonna give it to him.
You open the door and there was your man and Melanie. Her hands were covering her mouth, eyes wide. Your eyes relocate to Chris and his shirt was halfway on his torso. He clambers to get it fully in, stepping towards you and away from her.
"Babe, just listen and you'll understand everything. She came in while I was changing and-" he doesn't get a chance to finish, for your voice overpowered his.
"You got five seconds to explain to me what the fuck you're doing." You hand is still on the door, not planning on letting them out the closet just yet. Chris was confused, but discerned that you weren't talking to him. You were talking to Melanie. He looks back at her and she was now biting her nail, clearly anxious.
"Look, Y/N, I really don't want any problems." She is trying to be straight about it, but her voice is fastened with fear. She knew exactly what you were capable of and she still is trying to bullshit you.
"You don't want want no problems? You've been trying to sleep with my man since the first day you found out you were working with him!" You must look like boo boo the fool for her to think she was pulling this shit on you.
"And as for you Christopher," you turn towards him, jabbing your finger in his chest, "what the hell are you thinking? Are y'all just lying to me and actually messing around?" You had no problem whooping both their asses.
"Y/N no! Listen, she came inside the closet while I was changing and I was going to kick her out, but I heard you coming and I just...freaked out." He's trying to dissolve the situation, but is only making it worse.
"You instead of coming out, you decide to stay in there with her? You see how this is worse right? You're just giving her the benefit to think she could even get with you. This is entertainment for her. Don't you realize that?" Now your hand was off the door and balled into a fist because you were 2.5 seconds from losing it.
"Baby, I was going to put my foot down this time. I know its long overdue, but I didn't want any issues with the people I work with. And I should've realized how unfair that was to you. I'm sorry. But don't think I would ever cheat on you." He grabs your arm and pushes you back so he could get out the closet.
"Yeah, you damn right. All this could've been avoided. She's harassing you. You need to report her ass!" You snag your arm away from him and point back at her, who's now trying to ease out of the closet. You catch her and she runs off, you not far behind. You damn sure were not a runner, but you were going super sonic right now.
She turns down she same way you came to find them and Chris is right on your ass too. You guys get to the front of the building and you lunge for her, but no contact was made for Chris had you in a hold. You brawl against his wide chest and eventually give up when he doesn't let go.
People are watching in absolute shock and some even were laughing their asses off. It would've been even funnier if Chris had let you get one hit in. Of course that didn't happen since he scooped you up with minimal effort.
"Y/N chill! Stop, you're making a fucking scene!" He grabs on your flailing arms, yanking them back.
"I don't give a shit! Let me get her. Just one good time," you plead and scream at the same time. He literally drags you away outside with great struggle since you weren't giving in. When he got you out there, you accepted your defeat and he let you go, watching you extra closely in case you pulled a fast one.
"You should've let me get her! Why the hell you stop me?!" He runs his hands through his hair, obviously frustrated and very much embarrassed. But you could care less. She needed her ass whooped.
"It's not worth it. We need to go now!"
"I don't have to go anywhere!" You could give less of a fuck if the onlookers labeled you as 'the angry black woman'. Because infact, you are a black woman. And damn right you were angry.
"Just get in the damn car and meet me at the house. We're not doing this here!"
After reminiscing over the lovely previous moments, you pull up at your even lovelier home. You hop out the car and open the gate. Walking back to the car you peek and see Chris with his arm against the window, leaning on it and watching you. For sure he had a headache by now.
Instead of pulling up all the way into the driveway, you park at the end, leaving no room for Chris to drive in.
"Really? Pull all the way in!" You sit for a minute with your arms crossed for a bit of rebellion before complying like a child. Only because you didn't want to walk the extra way to the door of course. When you park again, Chris pulls in and gets out to shut the gate.
You were already unlocking the door and stepping in, but before you could slam it in his face, he was right behind you. You toss the keys and kick off your shoes.
"Where are you going?" You hear him call from the front of the house.
"None of your business." You were just going to the fridge to get your pineapple juice. You drink it almost every single day. And you definitely needed some right now.
"Okay we need to discuss what the fuck just happened. What the hell was that Y/N?" He's standing across the kitchen island from you staring in anger.
"Well for one, I caught you in a closet half naked with that bitch after I called your name repeatedly. Then she's playing in my face and you're trying to defend her! You really need an explanation for my actions, Chris?" You close the bottle and slam it on the counter.
"Look Y/N, I explained to you what happened. I am sorry. I knew that if I had came out that closet with her, you'd still react the same way, probably even worse. I was literally fearing for my life, no joke." He puts his hands up in surrender. You almost laugh.
"I rather you just have came out and told me straight up. Yeah, I would be mad of course. Who wouldn't? But you made it more difficult yourself." You still have an attitude and even though he apologized, you still wanted to be mad.
"Baby, I tell you you're beautiful everyday. Why? Because I want you to know that no other woman could ever be at the level you are for me. I want you to know that you're the only one I see and there isn't anyone else for me." He's now standing infront of you, his 6'0 figure imposing over your frame.
You can't and won't lie that those words had you in your feels. You swear, Geminis really are sweet talkers. You could've gave in right then. But not just yet.
"You sound like a real bitch right now." You fold your arms and look at him with testy eyes. You slightly regret saying that because what he said was genuine. But who are you without some back talk?
His eyes go caliginous. You've only seen this a one time when you've stepped out of line with him. Your big mouth could argue for days, but you never held a grudge. You kind of forced yourself to keep going as if you were still upset. Stubborn was an understatement.
You scratch your straightened hair nervously before flattening it back down. You internally hope it wasn't obvious that you lamented what you had just said.
"I already apologized to you and explained what happened. Now you can be mature and we can have a real conversation or you can be childish and act like you're still upset and we can end it right here." He steps closer to you, if that's even humanly possible. "But this is will be the first and last time you call me a bitch. Got it?"
He's breathing heavily on your face. If only you could see your face right now. It would read shock, with a bit of fear. He never checked you like this and let you get away with a lot. But this right here, was well deserved. But the way he's over you and his voice lowering with a sharp tone had you...turned on.
Something about him putting you in place made you wet and excited. All the fear had vanished almost immediately. You finally respond.
"Yes," you say quietly, nodding your head. "I'm sorry." Your eyes remained on him looking up through your lashes nibbling your lip. If only you knew what it was doing to him.
The sight of your body go automatically submissive to him after he got firm with you threw him in a complete frenzy. He was dominant most times, but you had many moments where you didn't back down to a challenge and took the lead. You not clapping back and apologizing threw him off a slight bit, but did not disappoint him. It turned him on.
"Good girl." He grabs your arm, spins you around so that your back is turned to him and bends down next to your ear.
"Go into the room, take off everything but your panties and lie on the bed. Mkay?" He moved his hands behind your arm to your lower back. You might as well save yourself the embarrassment and take off your panties too because once he sees the tropical storm, it's a wrap burrito. But you nod your head in compliance.
He gives you a smack on the butt and pushes you forward. You walk the rest of the way to the room and follow his exact orders. You remove every clothing item except the saltwater cloth covering your most needy part. You lay on the bed and wait for him.
He comes in a few moments later and eyes you down, making sure you followed his instructions. Of course you would. He stands in front of the bed and starts to remove his clothes. The entire time his eyes alternate from your body to your eyes. It made you nervous, but still excited.
"I'm very much used to your little tantrums and what not, but there's a limit. And when you pass that limit and step out of line, you need to be taught a lesson." He's in just his briefs by the end of his sentence and crawls in the bed.
You adjust yourself onto your back, shamelessly welcoming him to help himself to you. He positions in between your legs and lowers his face to yours, lips gliding against yours and pulling back when you try to kiss him. You pout and he smirks a little.
"Tell me what you want, honey" he whispers as he rubs up your leg to your thigh, grazing his fingers against your soaked panties. Just when you thought you couldn't get any wetter. Damn.
"I want you to touch me. Please." Your hands are gripping the sheets just thinking about his hands on your body. You completely forgot about messing up your hair as you throw your head back when he starts circling his fingers on your clit.
"I'm starting to think that this isn't very punishing for you, sweetheart." He picks up pace and reaches for your boob, kneading it full in his palms. "You seem to really be enjoying it. A little too much."
You weren't even listening to him, only chasing your orgasm, rolling your hips against his forceful touch. You successfully make it a few seconds to cumming before he snatches his finger away. You pick your head up right away, looking appalled.
"Why'd you stoooop?" you whine out. He looks at you innocently.
"Hmm that's just something us bitches like to do." Before you could respond, he flips you over and smacks your right cheek. "These have been on way too long." He pulls your panties off quicker than Pietro Maximoff. Tossing them to the floor, he starts his teasing.
"Damn, Y/N. All this is for me? If this doesn't tell me you loved the beginning of your lesson, I don't know what does."
He drags his fingers through your wet lips, coating them with your wetness. He brings his hands to his face to taste the mess you made for him.
"Hmm. That pineapple juice is kicking in fast."
The entire time he's talking, you're moving around coding him to stop teasing you and do something to make you feel good.
"You really are a desperate whore, huh?" You moan in the sheets in agreement. You were never into name calling, but it was something with Chris that made you love it.
He lowers down to your pussy, breathe frisking over it. You shiver and wait for him to start.
"As much as both you and I would love this, you don't deserve it. So ass up." You internally start cursing him out, calling him all things forbidden. But you comply and slightly lift your lower half.
Chris gets directly behind you and lines up with your entrance. When did he even take his briefs off? You inhale sharply at the contact and moan as he slips inside you with little to no effort. He fills you quick, starting his thrusts right away.
Your left cheek is against the mattress and both hands are gripping the sheets.
"Oh my- fuck!"
"How's it feel baby?" He asks you, going deeper at every thrust back inside you. Between the loud claps of your bodies, your pornographic moans and the sounds of your WAP, he knew the answer.
"It feels so good Chris" you manage to get out between breathes that were suddenly hard to take. You suddenly get a hard slap on your right cheek, making you squeal.
"That's not my name." You quickly correct yourself.
"Look at this" he starts thrusting faster, both of you not far from climax.
"Just an hour ago you were bitchin' about me and now you're basically grovelling at my feet. You can barely make a word. I guess I'm not such a bitch now, huh? " He locks your arms behind you and you automatically lift your ass up further, helping him slide in you even easier.
"No Daddy, I'm s-sorry." He groans and grabs a fistful of your hair and leans down to your ear. Normally you would be pissed because he touched your hair, especially since it was just done. But you could give less of a damn right now.
"Yeah I bet you are. Would a bitch be fucking you like this? Hm?" He pounded into you hard at every word. Your face in the mattress, you let out a scream that would have the neighbors dialing 911.
"No, baby- oh GOD" you yell, right at your peak. Just a couple more thrusts away and you were gone. Chris recognized that yell. He wanted to send you off right.
"Go ahead and cum for me baby. But just remember,"
He was right behind you and close himself.
"No matter how smart you get with me, at the end of the day, you're always gonna be a little slut for me." The last 4 words sent you over the edge and you cum all over him. He doesn't fall short and fills up the rest of you.
"Fuuuck" he let's out as his seed spills inside you.
His body collapses next to you and you find the energy to move your body. You turn and look at him with this dumb smile on your face. He reciprocates with the same dumb smile and pats down your hair. You slap his arm, turning your nose up at him.
"Ow. Why'd you do that for?" He rubs his now red arm.
"That's what you get for messing up my hair. You're gonna give me money to get it done again." Remembering, you hit his arm again.
"Baby, what the hell?"
"That's for also making me leave my pineapple juice out the fridge."
Tumblr media
Idek what I was doing here 😭 This is the kind of stuff I daydream about, but it never looks as good written out 🥴
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a-moment-captured · 16 days ago
Why is this man always doing this to us?! Small peeks of new tattoos! It’s not fair!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shyprincessposts · 9 months ago
I can't decide which look is my favourite the fluffy haired beard look or the long hair with fluffy beard 😍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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iheartsebstan · 10 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 yep! The only Chris that counts #christopherjamalevans #chrisevans
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maybe-a-bi-witch · a month ago
when I say Marvel men hit different I hope yall know I mean ben barnes, simu liu, andrew garfield, atj and chris evans
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caramara3 · 2 months ago
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allthingschrisjamal · a month ago
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers - Without CGI (seeing this feels so off to me 😭)
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carlybubs · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
His arms look sooooo fuckin good 😌😩❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wanna be that remote
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pizza-portal · 4 months ago
Pairing: Chris Evans x OC!Lana
Summary: Lana thinks Chris is cheating and avoids him.
Warnings: angst, sad, lack of eating, fluff
Tumblr media
If Lana knew one thing, it was to not listen to the tabloids. They were just rumors. Sometimes they were lies. 90% of the time, they were untrue.
But, she sat in her couch staring at the article. ‘Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen: The Perfect Match’. The lights were dim and it was too late at night. She just couldn’t stop staring at the screen. She didn’t want to be insecure, but Elizabeth was prettier and talented. All Lana did was sit there and look pretty. She knew Chris would never cheat on her, but deep down, what if he liked Elizabeth more than her?
As if on cue, the article disappeared and Chris’s contact name popped up. She cursed under her breath, deciding whether or not to answer his call. She pressed the answer button putting the phone to her ear. “Hello?”
“Hey baby,” he spoke smoothly. Yet, all Lana’s mind could think about was him and Elizabeth.
“Uh, hi,” she answered. She tried to sound normal, but her voice was strained and shaky.
“I didn’t wake you up, did I?” He asked.
“No, I was uh, doing some work,” she responded. Her fingers played with the hem of her shirt.
“Oh okay,” he said. “I’m thinking tomorrow we can workout and breakfast at my place?” The two tried to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. They had only been dating for four months and they didn’t want too much publicity too early.
“Um,” Lana had to think of an excuse quick. “I can’t.” She mumbled.
“Everything okay?” He asked her through the phone.
“Yeah, no, I’m fine. I actually need to go. I’ll talk to you soon, babe,” she rushed.
“Yeah, okay. Love you-” Lana ended the call before anything else. She mumbled a few curse words before getting up.
Three days. Lana had been avoiding Chris for three days. It was hard to say the least. She was constantly stressed with work and tried not talking to him as much. She hadn’t eaten much, but still forced herself to workout. She didn’t know why she was pushing away so hard. She felt bad because Chris didn’t even know, but she couldn’t help it.
She sighed deeply, sitting on the white backdrop in a bikini. The stylists were touching up her makeup and hair. The photographers started snapping photos of her. There were three fans blowing onto her, causing her black hair to blow back beautifully. She stayed focused on her work.
Well, that was until her assistant started pointing at her phone that was ringing off the hook. She looked at the photographer, seeing if she could go. “I got all I need. Thank you, Lana. It was nice working with you,” he smiled kindly. Lana immediately walked to her phone, seeing that it was Chris. She answered it, putting it up to her ear.
“Hello?” She answered, beginning her walk to the dressing room to get changed.
“Hey, can I pick you up for lunch?” Chris sounded eager and excited. She could already feel her heart quicken, turning into the room.
“Uh, I was planning on skipping. I have work to get done-”
“And you had work to get done yesterday and the day before,” he cut her off. She could tell he was frustrated and confused.
“I am so hungry. Yes, let’s meet for lunch,” The moment the words came out of her mouth, she regretted it. The last thing she wanted to do was see him, but she didn’t want to make him upset. Lana was just overall confused.
“Great. Just, uh, meet me at my place. Okay?” He wanted to make sure she would come.
“Yeah,” she spoke quietly before hanging up. She’s set her phone down, looking at herself in the mirror. “Shit.” She started getting changed out of the swimsuit and into some leggings and a sweater.
The car ride to Chris’ house seemed to short. She wish she had driven slower or taken a longer way by the time she pulled into his drive way. She let herself out of the car before slowly walking up to his door. She took a deep breath, trying to control her racing mind and racing heart. She knocked on the door. Her body shook out of both fear and hunger. Every terrible image popped into her head. What if Elizabeth opened the door? What if all the articles were true? Maybe he was just playing her.
Chris opened the door, smiling at his girlfriend. “Hi,” she spoke quietly. He embraced her, feeling happy to finally hold her again.
Lana tried to make her actions as normal as possible, but she felt off. Everything felt off. “Come on. I made your favorite,” Lana walked inside. She had been in his home plenty of times, even before they were dating. She had always felt so comfortable there. There were two plates with chicken salads set on the dining table.
The two sat down. Chris happily ate his food while Lana picked at her food, moving it around as if it were something she hated. “What have you been doing?” Chris asked her. He took a mental note of her lack of eating.
“Just work,” she mumbled. “I had a swimsuit shoot with Calvin Klein so.” She kept her eyes down, away from his. “What about you?”
“Work,” he responded. “Elizabeth and I had a bunch of interviews together and stuff.” It was at that moment that Lana made eye contact with him. All she could think about were the stupid articles. She lost any sort of appetite that was left and she felt so weak, both emotionally and physically. She cleared her throat, finally looking away.
“Cool,” her voice cracked. She didn’t want to cry, especially not in front of him.
“Is everything okay?” Chris finally asked.
“I think I should go,” she whispered. A single year slid down her cheek. She got up quickly, trying to let herself out.
“Lana, hey!” Chris followed immediately. When Lana was right in front of the door, she couldn’t find herself to leave. Was she over reacting? Maybe the trauma of James is just clouding her mind more than they should. She felt the tears involuntarily stream down her face. She collapsed her cheeks into her hands, holding back a sob. “Lana, come here.” Chris wrapped an arm around her shoulder, making her face him. He hugged her, letting her cry all the tears she needed. He didn’t know what was wrong or what he did, but he knew that he wanted to fix it.
Lana felt so weak and annoyed with herself that she didn’t just talk about it with him. She felt so dumb. “What’s wrong?” Chris whispered soothingly. Lana pulled back, wiping her tears.
“I feel so dumb for crying about this and listening to the stupid articles,” she felt more tears stream down her cheeks. Just the thought of the tabloids made her feel overwhelmed.
“What?” She could tell Chris was more than confused.
“All of the fucking headlines and tabloids say is how everyone thinks you and Elizabeth are dating and how great of a couple you guys would be-”
“Okay, okay,” he whispered, trying to sooth her. His fingertips grazed her arms, sending goosebumps across them. Lana stared down at her shoes, sniffling here and there. “Look at me.” His hand lifted her chin, forcing her ready eyes to stare into his. “You are all I want and all I ever will want. You mean the absolute world to me and if I were to fuck that up, I would never forgive myself. Elizabeth is just a close friend and if you want me to stop talking to her as much or if you want to meet her, I will make that happen, okay? I want you to feel confidant and trust me.”
“I’m sorry,” Lana whispered.
“Don’t be sorry,” he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I just wish you told me before.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Now come on, I wanna get some food in you and watch disney movies.” Lana giggled, following him to the kitchen.
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yourordinaryrose · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Just a reminder that this man still hasn’t found his baby mama and there’s still hope for one of us 😭💖
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vannybarber · 8 months ago
Prank Backfired
Summary: This idiot plays too much.
Tumblr media
Christopher Jamal Evans x Black Reader
Warnings: cursing, weaponry, mentions of cheating, threats of christopher jamal evans' life.
Tumblr media
Chris, the most mischievous man you know, decided to upgrade that status and play a prank on you. A stupid one might you add.
You walk through the door after a long day of work. Even though you loved what you did and it paid amazing money, it could drain the hell out of you. You set everything down and kick off your shoes in the hall, heading towards the couch and plopping down.
Chris comes through into the living room and identically plops down beside you. You slackly move over to kiss him.
"Hey bubba", you say, but before you could reach his lips, he quickly leans back with a hardened look on his face. Confused you lean back as well.
"Chris, what's wrong?" He takes a deep breath, which does not help your racing heartbeat whatsoever, and starts talking.
"I'm just gonna be straight with it. I've been seeing this girl, well sleeping with her, for a few weeks now."
If looks could kill, you'd be sentenced life without parole for murder in the first, second and third degree. But hearing his words had you feeling all types of emotions. Angry, hurt, confused, flabbergasted, scared even, just to name a few.
"It was eating me up inside and I just had to come out and say it. I couldn't hold it from you anymore." He was fiddling with his hands and not even looking at you. It was quite strange because if he had something important to tell you, he would always look you in the eye.
"Who is she? Do I know her?" Your leg is bouncing and you're cracking your knuckles trying to hold it together.
"It was that waitress from Durty Nelly's on Blackstone. When you went to the bathroom, she slipped me her number."
"That bleach blonde, trailer-park trash, cousin-fucking tramp with those ugly cut out shorts and uneven boobs?" Oh there was no way in hell he cheated on you with that. Something was up.
But then you remembered. You never went to that bathroom because ew. You were considering it and you got up only to make 2 steps before sitting back down. And that girl was 2 booths down from y'all. There was no way she 'slipped him her number'. This motherfucker was lying.
"Yep.." he bites both lips. "That's her. Look babe, I'm sorry. I truly am. I don't know what I was doing. You know I have a habit on hopping from one thing to another." The fucking nerve of this fool. He finally looks at you and he honestly deserves all his success because he's really pulling this prank off.
"Well, I don't really have anything to say to you right now. I'm just gonna get my shit and go. You cheat on me with the literal definition of vile and expect me to forgive you like that? I mean out of all the people in this world, Christopher."
Still playing into his prank, you get up and walk towards the bedroom. He follows suite, totally thinking he's the shit pulling one on you, but things were about to get interesting. You turn into the bedroom going straight for the closet.
"Listen Y/N, I don't want to lose you okay? I just can't seem to let go of her. She's addicting, if I'm being honest." You just shake your head and chuckle. If you didn't know this was a prank, he'd probably be in intensive care right now.
"Baby boy, that is fine. You don't gotta worry about me anymore."
You move around his duffle bag and your never ending boxes of shoes until you find the one box you're looking for. You pull out the Yatch Club Vans box and set it on the island in the closet.
"You know, I don't know how you could cheat on me. I mean, besides the fact that I'm literally the best person over, look at me. Look at this fine black queenyou got standing infront of you. This shape is unique and very much rare. It don't get no better than this, honey. That's a fact."
You open the box and stare at your Glock 19. Yes, you had a gun. No, he didn't know about it. But he was about to find out now. You pull it out and insert the magazine. In the process, you hear Chris very audibly gasp and you smirk to yourself.
"Y/N Y/MN Y/LN! What the hell are you doing with a gun?" He absentmindedly backs up out of fear, for you were a very unpredictable person that it was actually scary.
"At first it was just for safety. I learned how to use it and everything. But since my mans wants to go out and have an affair, don't you think we should end it with something for you to truly remember me by?" By the time you're done talking, the gun is loaded and ready to be used. Only you had it on safety, of course.
"Babe listen calm down. For real Y/N. Look okay I was just joking. It's-it's just a prank. I didn't cheat I swear!" He has his hands up like he's surrendering, but pushing you away. Probably because you have the gun pointing to him. Gosh, this was so fun.
"Yeah sure it is. You can't even lie right. Well, one of us isn't making it out alive and I'm sure it's the one without the gun." You evilly smile and move closer to him. You lowkey feel really bad because your puppy is legitimately scared out of his little mind.
"Baby please listen to me. I was just joking! I would never cheat on you. I mean look at you. Why would I want that walking Pacific Ocean when I have you? I would never hurt you like that. You gotta believe me. I promise, just put the gun down please."
You tried to hold on for a few more minutes, but he was near tears and it tugged at your soft heart. You lower the gun and take it back apart.
"That didn't feel so good did it? I knew it was a prank. I just wanted to get you back." You close the box and put it back in it's place. You turn to him with your hands on your hips.
"Y/N, that wasn't funny. Why would you do that?" He moves closer to you, now angry. But oh well.
"That feeling that you had in your chest, that anxiety and fear. That's what I was feeling when you told me you cheated. You know I have trust issues and that wasn't funny at all. I wanted you to feel the same way. Maybe I went too far, but it's a done deal now."
You brush past him and back into the room. When you get into it, he is right behind you and grabbing your arm.
"I'm honestly sorry okay. I was just messing around and I wasn't being considerate of your feelings. I didn't think it would affect you like this. I didn't mean to put you in that position." You smile at his apology, knowing he was truly sorry.
"I will admit, I went a little overboard, knowing full well it was a prank from the start. You're a smart man. You know what you got right here." You trail your hands down your body playfully and pose. He giggles and wraps his large biceps around you.
"I won't do this again. I promise." He leans down and connects your lips, finally giving you what you wanted since you stepped foot in the door. You pull back and look up at him.
"To redeem yourself, you can order me take out and grab that foot massager I just bought and get to work, peasant," you giggle out while he rubs your sides.
"Your wish is my command." He grovels at your feet.
"As it should." And with that you sashay away like that HBIC you were 💅🏾.
Tumblr media
This scenario came up in my head this morning and I wrote all of it tonight. How great is that? Now I shall work on my Andy Barber fic 😌
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