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#chroma shitposts

hey guys! doing another art stream cause im bored and lonely lol

anyways, I’m going to be offering requests to people that come! ill be doing busts of any requested character (OC or not) so come and join! ill be drawing the requests then and there too

the slots will be listed on the stream

come and chat!!

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if anyone here is going to Shutocon this year feel free to find me and say hi!! its a smaller convention i think but u never know haha

ill be going as kageyama tobio and lance i
on friday, then saeran choi on saturday ;u;

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i kinda just remembered the magearna movie existed. it started off good but meh, it seemed to lose characterization as it went on.

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RIP Pokemon: The First Movie and The Lion King….they never deserved to be eaten by their own player….they were great VCR tapes and will be missed….

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