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#chronic pain
catmat · 2 days ago
This is actually just a depiction of me as a chronically ill person trying to get answers from a doctor:
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[Image ID: A stone-like wall sculpture of a skeleton (Death) being pushed away with his scythe by the ancient Greek god Hermes who is holding a caduceus. /ID]
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theroyaltenenblarghs · 2 days ago
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It stops me doing a lot of things.
IG - @iampoorlydrawn
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1impwh1t3boy · a day ago
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It would be stupid to say no to Hannah Davies. You both know she doesnt care about your pain and we sure as hell know she doesn’t fuck limp white boys. Hannah Davies’ fantasies will soon become your own.
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When the world starts opening back up, but I’m still sick...
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brieflycleverspoons · a day ago
Subluxation? No, doctor, my bones are simply free range!
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so1987 · a day ago
me: *is in a lower mood from stress or burnout or whatever reason*
my body: you know what would help? *exacerbates symptoms and syndromes*
me: that is NOT helping, thanks.
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tarvek-sturmvoraus · 2 days ago
i live in a cyberpunk dystopia and all i got was this lousy autoimmune disease
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dykeabled · a day ago
i’ve seen posts about how colleges are ableist for many things, from inaccessible buildings to refusing to give disabled students accommodations. but what about mandatory attendance?
sometimes it’s difficult for disabled students to go to class - be it because they’re in too much pain to walk, they have a doctor’s appointment, they’re feeling too sick to attend, etc. 
if a professor takes points off a disabled student’s grade for being unable to attend class sometimes, and they refuse to offer alternatives to make things easier for the student (such as allowing them to attend over Zoom), they’re just showing that they don’t care about that student’s well-being. if they expect disabled students to attend class when they’re feeling too sick or are in too much pain to even get to class, let alone concentrate on their work, they are making it obvious that they just don’t care about their disabled students.
of course, i understand that missing class should be avoided when possible, so you don’t get behind on your coursework. but if a professor doesn’t allow some wiggle room when it comes to attendance, and they refuse to give accommodations, they’re just being ableist, plain and simple.
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aziraphales-library · 18 hours ago
Do you have any fics where Crowley physically can’t say/do nice things? I read one and I think there’s more but can’t for the life of me find any? Thank you x
We have a couple of posts with fics where Crowley can’t say the word ‘love’ here and here. The only other fic I know of where it is painful for Crowley to do nice this is this one...
Palliative Practices by VerdantVulpus (M)
Based on the following prompt.
What if every time Crowley does a good deed, he suffers pain after because it goes against his demonic nature (and the greater the good, the more intense the pain)? Then Aziraphale finds out that Crowley has been living with that pain ever since the Arrangement.
Do our followers know of any others?
- Mod D
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neurotichunter · 17 hours ago
I love how ableist ppl always tell me stuff about my illness.
But what I love maybe even a little more are ppl that are allies and tell me that I shouldn't be talking about my disability with these ppl in the first place, because I should know by now that nothing good comes out of it.
I mean.
Have y'all heard of awareness?
How am I supposed to get word out abt something like CFS/ME, if I'm not allowed to talk about it or if I'm only talking to ppl who're already allies?
Also: Instead of telling assholes to not tell us sick ppl what to do - no, of course tell us to not talk to them.
As if it was that easy to just skip that topic.
Everybody asks me what I'm doing, what my hobbies are, etc. How am I supposed to respond? Shall I lie?
So maybe just everybody shut the everloving fuck up and let me be upset when I come across another asshole.
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ryocos · 16 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Here is my first week of working out! First picture is chest and tricep, second is shoulders, and the last 2 are back and biceps!
This first week of working out was far less painful with my chest than I had been anticipating, which was good! Though my second week is usually my most painful and the point which I usually quit.
The sheer amount of times that I tried to start and had to quit after week 2 is why I held off on announcing my recovery. It's also why I don't have before pics, since I didn't want to jinx anything!
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badjokesonme · 2 days ago
Sorry I couldn't come to your party, I've been busy ignoring my symptoms until they get so bad that I'm hospitalized immediately as soon as I show up at a doctor's office.
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thedenofravenpuff · a day ago
Update on Stuff
Been a busy and stressful year so far, have had a lot of things to deal with and consider all thanks to having a chronic illness like Fibromyalgia. 
Wall of text, incoming
Still on part time sick leave, but since it’s been over free months the state no longer cover the lost pay from work, and I’ve been changed to Sick Day Pay (is how I translate that from Danish, I dunno), which gives much less. 
I’ve had my eyes set on a fleksjob that would allow me to stay working on a halftime job with a fulltime pay just to keep me working despite health issues. But complications have come up, as so far I’m still working at too many weekly hours to be considered for that, while if I go any more down in work hours I might be seen as unfit for my job. 
So that’s that. 
Instead I’m getting tools covered by the state to help easen my burden at work, with the plan that I might be able to actually got up in hours again. But that’s in the future, when we see any results. 
Tools includes a special chair just for me to provide more options to do work sitting (my workplace usually doesn’t allow workers to sit down) and a lil electric scooter for when I do my runs through the building to look for missing things to complete orders with. To save on how many steps I make in a day, and not run dry on energy too fast. 
But still hafta arrange for going to pick these up at the JobCenter. 
On top of that I’ve been in process with a psychiatrist. For years been suspected I was Asperger and I’ve used the tools for such most of my live to better function. I was put into a process checking on that as the chronic pain specialist I saw felt there might be more. 
Last Friday I was given the adjusted diagnosis. Infantile Autism. 
But it came with praise from the psychiatrist as through our talks she could tell I didn’t need additional treatment for that, as I’ve been working on it myself most of my life even without knowing what it really was. From instinctive masking, to being open to my surroundings to have people explain if I overstep something, and to explain to them why I might act in a certain way. 
Got a new exercise plan from a physiotherapist with hope I can hopefully slowly work my body back to at least a moderate level of activity again. 
Lots of things going on, lots to stress about while figuring it all out. Still working out some things, while adjusting to others. Been bit of a rollercoaster the last couple of years, really. 
So that’s that, I know plenty of you been around long enough to remember my first complaints about pain and fatigue and up to its current development. So just wanted to keep ya’ll updated. 
Thanks for reading 
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When I finally feel well enough to go shopping...
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fickes · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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with great pain comes the great inability to form a coherent sentence
[ID: a 4-page comic in illuminated manuscript style of a person standing outside. /1: They look to the distance and say: "What is that dolorous cloud: that dreadful fright I see now on the dark horizon?" /2: They turn, upset, and say: "Alas! It is the brain fog approaching!" A purple cloud enters the panel. /3: They hold up their hands against the approaching cloud, saying: "A curse upon that fog that steals my eloquence." /4: The cloud surrounds them and they say: "cloud"..."bad" /ID]
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dissociacrip · a month ago
even "mild" chronic pain can suck. really bad. your body just aches constantly and even though it's minor, it can eat away at you. please take your pain seriously no matter how bad you think it is. no one deserves to endure it if it's not something that can be treated or mitigated.
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a-spoonful-of-pain · 2 months ago
Lockdown gave abled people the opportunity to experience some of the things disabled people have been experiencing their whole lives. This resulted in a lot of contradictory statements...
Disabled people were often scolded for spending so much time on social media / on our phones, yet when lockdown came, everyone realised the value of technology to keep in touch,
Disabled people were told they were lucky that they could spend so much time in bed, yet when lockdown came, mental health illness cases rose because people had to do just that.
Disabled people were laughed at for suggesting socialisation virtually with friends and family, yet when lockdown came, group calls and virtual family quiz nights held relationships together.
Disabled people were rejected when asking for the flexibility and accomodations to work from home, yet when lockdown came, these accomodations were easily made.
Disabled people asked for virtual doctors appointments and were told it wasn't possible, yet when lockdown came, it was the only option.
Disabled people were crammed into crowded places causing accessibility issues, yet when lockdown came, social distancing improved access.
Disabled people requested more online shopping and deliveries for essentials, yet when lockdown came, this was seen as a necessity.
Disabled people who wore masks before Covid were mocked, yet when lockdown came, wearing a mask was enforced.
Disabled people were met with jealousy when they stated they were unemployed, yet when lockdown came, many realised the true struggle of not having anything to occupy their time.
The hypocrisy of the abled people who would mock, deny and minimise the disabled experience who were then forced to live in a similar way needs attention. I hope that there is more compassion now. I hope that knowing the changes and accomodations disabled needed are possible results in more accomodations being made. I hope that companies choose to continue to support those with disabilities, even if that was never their intention. I hope that something good could come out of this devastation.
Comment below any more Covid contradictions you can think of!
ID: green background with cream text reads "covid contradictions" brown text reads "disabled people often asked for requirements that were rejected, yet during the pandemic, these became essential." Below is an image of a white woman wearing a yellow coat and brown mask.
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snorlax-and-co · 11 months ago
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