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chronicallylav3nd3r · 2 days ago
you are not too young
• you are not too young to be disabled
• you are not too young to be in pain
• you are not too young to need a mobility aid
• you are not too young to need assistance
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chelseaisdisabled · 2 days ago
ableds think they can just explain away all your problems to you it's so annoying. you complain about something and they immediately go "it's because you..." SHUT UP
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soft-spoonie · a day ago
no but really, so what if someone needs a mobility aid because they're fat? when it comes to mobility aids, it doesn't matter why you need them outside of understanding what your needs are. what really matters is how it would improve your life - make you happier and healthier, like you deserve to be.
this goes for any treatment and support you need because you're fat. fat people have the same right to healthcare that thin people do, and being fat never means you don't deserve wellbeing and safety. fatness is not a wrongdoing. it impacting your health doesn't mean being fat is bad - or that you're bad.
the moralization of disability and fatness is not your fault. please do what you need to be as healthy and safe as you can be. this is your life, no one else's. live it as best you can.
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too-relatable-ouch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
anxiety? bitch i can’t walk 😀
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crazycatsiren · 2 days ago
Thank the gods for drink meals when you're fatigued and hungry!
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naristhings · a day ago
Every chronically ill person should get a baymax like that would be very much helpful
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miog90 · 2 days ago
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alex2xander · 5 months ago
I dont know who needs to hear this
But I sure did:
You can and absolutely should modify the chore/self care task if it makes life easier. Sit on the floor while doing laundry. Clean dishes while in a chair. Sit in the shower.
Save your spoons. Accommodate your fatigue rather than fighting it.
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dissociativedoe · 8 months ago
sending love out tonight to everyone who is progressively losing their abilities, whether that's movement, ability to walk, eyesight, or hearing.
it's hard to come to terms with the fact that you can't do things that you used to be able to do. I'll be honest, it feels like you're losing control of your life. it can feel very isolating and hopeless. its scary and overwhelming, and it's so hard to deal with.
you are not less than just because you can do less. im proud of you for still being here, and i wish you ease with adjusting to new ways of life. please take care of yourself, i love you.
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thelupuslady · 3 months ago
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aric220 · 3 months ago
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chronicallylav3nd3r · a day ago
Tumblr media
• this user wishes that doctors took young disabled people seriously •
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bunnysystem · 3 months ago
I made a bunch of disability userboxes! I wanted them a bit more inclusive & the other one I posted has a bad source, so new ones!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also I decided to start a userbox blog! @spaghettiuserboxes
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wearingmystripes · 2 months ago
one of my toxic traits is experiencing immense pain and just not telling anyone at all
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youhavewonme · 5 months ago
I'm neurodivergent as well as disabled and "10 minute blocking" has changed my life.
I find completing tasks really challenging because I either get super overwhelmed, distracted, or my pain/fatigue levels rise too much and I get defeated.
So I recently introduced the 10 Minute Block rule. It's super simple. I simply pick one thing I need to do, set a timer usually for 10 mins (+/- 5 mins depending on fatigue/pain levels) and then go go go! And I try and do as much of that one thing as I can within the time limit. The rule is that I have to stop after 10 minutes.
If I feel spurred on after the 10 mins is up, then I'm free to start another 10 minute block (either to carry on with the same task or start a new one) and do this repeatedly for as long as I wish, but I absolutely must stop after each block and assess how my body is doing and finish blocking when my body tells me to.
If I am feeling defeated or tired or whatever after 10 mins, even if the task isn't finished, I stop. I rest, congratulate myself on doing those 10 minutes, and then find something fun/restorative to do instead without feeling guilty.
It's really improved my perception of productivity as well as taught me how to pace my body better.
I don't know if this will be helpful to any of you, but it's something that I wish I'd known about sooner and has helped me so I thought I'd share it.
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mariners-death · a month ago
Happy Pride Month to all those with chronic illness and disabilities!! Pride is not only for those who are healthy. You have just as much of a right to be here as anyone else, and you have love and support from your community.
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sleepyvoidboi · 3 months ago
"Your ideas are radical" Bro, I just want everyone to have food, water, shelter and healthcare.
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stardust-maple · 3 months ago
It hurts when people invalidate my accomplishments just because I did them with accomodations.
Just because I had less assignments in my last year of highschool because I was in pain and exhausted all day every day, doesn't mean that graduating highschool was less of an accomplishment than anyone else graduating!
Disabled people being accommodated doesn't mean they worked less than their able-bodied peers. Disabled people deserve accommodations to help them succeed despite the things that make it hard for them to learn.
Accomodations are a disabled person's right.
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disabledprincesses · a month ago
As a disabled person, I'm telling you right now:
Act disabled.
Stop telling yourself you're acting more disabled than you are.
Crawl to clean your room, use a wheelchair when you're "only" at level 3 pain, wear all the wraps and ice packs
Allow yourself to act disabled and you'll see that it helps you a whole lot when you allow yourself to use any and all tools
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sanguinebutch · 4 months ago
people should be able to talk about symptoms that society has deemed “gross” or “weird”. disabled + chronically ill people deserve to be able to share their experiences and get support without judgement from able-bodied people.
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