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Can’t find the green or orange paint….

When it’s done it’ll have a monarch caterpillar then a chrysalis then a butterfly

And hopefully recognizable milkweed leaves and flowers around the white border…….maybe…..

Or maybe I’ll just pattern the border like a caterpillar because if it’s not obvious I’m trying to teach people what they look like because everyone knows what the butterflies look like and their chrysalis is the stereotypical chrysalis but no one knows what the caterpillars look like!

Here’s some pictures I took last year:


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✨Unfold from the Chrysalis✨

‘Split your soul and welcome the transformation,

Embrace your true self, don’t fight.

Better things are coming’😌

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@hauket​ submitted: Some buggy friends! The last green thing is a cocoon i think, i found it on catalina island california, it was suspended by five points of silk, and the surface was green. I found several of them but didnt disturb them, couldnt find what it was anywhere online tho. The other friends are also from southern california :)


Some lovely finds! Looks like a subterranean dart moth and a green cutworm moth. The third pal looks like some kinda wasp but I’d need a better photo to say for sure or which one it is. I don’t recognize the green pupa, though I’m assuming it’s a butterfly from the look of it. Anyone else recognize it?

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Of course I had to create the kids of Perfect Cell and Cellete.

Meet Son Chrysalis (Chrys for short) and Daughter Rhene. Originally Rhene was going to be a toddler but I wanted her to be able to interact with her brother and parents. She has more similarities to her father, but came out albino. Just to make her different!

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ブロンディ  -  ドリーミン
Blondie  -  Dreaming

Chrysalis WWR-20631, 1979, vinyl.

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Got my kid an @ionaudio #retro #boombox for Christmas. Guess who’s jammin’ a @hueylewisandthenews #cassette on it right now?

#cassettetape #cassettetapes #IonAudio #boomboxdeluxe #AMFM #bluetooth #USB

#hueylewisandthenews #hueylewis #Fore #1986 @chrysalisrecs #chrysalis #stuckwithyou #hiptobesquare #jacobsladder #iknowwhatilike #simpleasthat #doingitallformybaby
(at Uvalde, Texas)

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Raindrops on a monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) chrysalis after a summer storm

Credit: Martin, B., K. 2020

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1984 | Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix)
12“ | 45rpm

#billyidol #chrysalis #chrysalisrecords
@billyidol @chrysalisrecs

A: Fleah For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix)
B1: Flesh For Fantasy
B2: Blue Highway

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MLP Villains - Queen Chrysalis von Sandara auf DeviantArt

MLP Villains – Queen Chrysalis von Sandara auf DeviantArt

MLP Villains – Queen Chrysalis von * sandara auf deviantART


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Page 1 of a commission foodplay comic! The next two pages will be Patreon exclusive cuz even though they’re tame and chrysalis is fine it gets a little too close to hard vore for my public blogs

Join my patreon to see all my NSFW, Fatal and other exclusive content:

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Lepidoptera Study09/01/21

The pupae of Cyana meyricki.

This is not the only pupae of its kind! Lithosiinae (Lichen Moths), in general, have pupae that look like this.

This particular species makes its little cage out of its own hair, sticking it all together with silk! Even more peculiar, is that the caterpillar’s hairs are not long enough to form a cage, so it has to stick hairs together, forming a long cage bar.

When the pupae forms, it sits in the center, presumably held up by silk or hair. The dead caterpillar skin is then somehow removed from the cage, though the specimen above just has it as cork. And then finally, when the moth emerges, it leaves the cage without damaging it.

I am DESPERATE for footage of the caterpillar forming its cage… It’s one of those things I wish to see before I die (though I’ll probably be able to see everything when I’m dead, so maybe that’s irrelevant).

If I do start a little caterpillar farm, I definitely want breed some of these boys, and film their cocoon making ♥

Source + More species info

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Tirek: (gesturing to a chained up Twilight) Behold, we have captured your precious mentor! And if you do not give in to our demands, we will-!

Gallus: Yeah, that’s great. Hey, listen, we got a call from Cozy’s school that she’s been skipping class again.

Cozy Glow: (whining) Galluuuus!

Chrysalis: Ugh, not this again. Literally, every time with you!

Ocellus: Hey, we agreed when we took joint custody that you two would take Cozy’s education seriously!

Tirek: Cozy is an up-and-coming supervillain. She needs creative freedom to really experiment with evil!

Cozy Glow: Guys, can we please not do this now? I just wanna threaten Twilight’s life and go home!

Smolder: Supervillainy is a hobby! She needs to focus on school!

Chrysalis: You are stifling the poor girl! I think your all just trying to reform her.

Gallus: Hey, we fully support Cozy’s decision to be evil, but we still have to draw the line at her being a productive member of society!

Cozy Glow: Argh! I can’t handle this right now! I’m just gonna go make out with Luster Dawn till you guys are done…

Twilight: Wait, you and Luster are what?!

Luster Dawn: Welp, cat’s outta that bag. Thanks, Cozy.

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ブロンディ  -  コール・ミー
Blondie  -  Call Me

Chrysalis WWR-20700, 1980, vinyl.

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“Ho!” said a butterfly, “here am I,
Up in the air, who used to lie
Flat on the ground, for the passers by
To treat with utter neglect!
None will suspect that I am the same
With a bright, new coat, and a different name;
The piece of nothingness whence I came,
In me they ’ll never detect.

"That horrible night of the chrysalis,
That brought me at length to a day like this,
In the form of beauty — a state of bliss,
Was little enough to give
For freedom to range from bower to bower,
To flirt with the buds and flatter the flower,
And shine in the sunbeams hour by hour,
The envy of all that live.

"This is a world of curious things,
Where those who crawl and those that have wings
Are ranked in the classes of beggars and kings;
No matter how much the worth
May be on the side of those who creep,
Where the vain, the light, and the bold will sweep
Others from notice, and proudly keep
Uppermost on the earth!

"Many a one that has loathed the sight
Of the piteous worm, will take delight
In welcoming me, as I look so bright
In my new and beautiful dress.
But some I shall pass with a scornful glance,
Some with elegant nonchalance ,
And others will woo me, till I advance
To give them a slight caress. ”

“Ha!” said the pin, “you are just the one
Through which I ’m commissioned, at once, to run
From back to breast, till, your fluttering done,
Your form may be fairly shown.
And when my point shall have reached your heart,
’T will be like a balm to the wounded part,
To think how you will be copied by art,
And your beauty will all be known!”


The Empaled Butterfuly

Hannah Flagg Gould  1789-1865


Graphic - Konstantin Kacev  (B.1967)

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left; nephrite snare (very very very far back ancestor of chrysalis) right; chrysalis

i took part of an event in @rollingskiesrp and i couldn’t have been more happy in how it turned out :] the mods and other rpers were spectacular and i’m. so honored to have been able to play nephrite snare!! like!! that’s a WOMAN and she is POWERFUL and she’s related to my little ol baby girl.. it just makes me very happy <3 my thumbs hurt from typing so much HAHSHDH

i could go on and on how i adore the character i was given but alas she is. not with us anymore 😔💔 fly high old lady, i will never forget you attacking your tiny little uncle <3

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