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boxofbonesfic · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Title: Needy
Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky’s at work, and you need him. Bad. 
Warnings: Smut, very brief mention of body insecurity, sexting, tooth rotting fluff, MINORS DNI!!
A/N: based on some awesome chubby!Bucky asks i’ve had sitting in my inbox for a while (sorry nonnies, life happened haha). but i hope you’ll all enjoy the latest addition to my Chubby Bucky collection! divider by @rainbowkisses31​!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky, are you off work soon? 
 The text makes him smile.
 Soon, killer. What’s the matter? You lonely? He teases, his fingers tapping against the screen. He looks up at Steve, checking that his best friend and business partner’s attention is still on Scott, who is currently pitching an engineering upgrade to their software. 
 You’re always working late… Need you, Buck.
 He doesn’t time to respond before the picture loads, and Bucky’s eyes go wide as his throat tightens. Bucky gives another fearful glance around the room—Scott’s still yammering about a programming update, and Steve’s eyes are trained on the whiteboard. Painfully slowly, Bucky drags his eyes back down to the phone nestled in his lap.
 She’s gonna kill me. He swallows a groan as he licks his lips. You’re sitting on the bed, wearing one of his fucking shirts, your pillow soft thighs spread wide open. He can see how wet you are from just the picture, slick glistening along your petal soft folds—God are you fucking soft. You’re holding yourself open with two delicate fingers, and he licks his lips at the sight of your tight entrance, biting back a groan. He knows how tight you are, how good it feels when he sinks in nice and slow—
 “—llo? Bucky?” Steve’s voice makes him snap his head up, his cheeks uncomfortably  warm. Everyone is staring at him, and he quickly stashes his phone. “What do you think?” 
 He hesitates, his eyes flicking nervously between Steve and Scott while he makes a panicked guess. “You’re… going to have to change all of the programming to accommodate that. Is the team ready to take on that workload too?” For a moment, no one says anything, and the only thing throbbing harder than Bucky’s cock is his heartbeat. 
 “I mean, um, no,” Scott answers sheepishly, and Bucky barely manages to hold in his sigh of relief. “But it wouldn’t be too hard to accommodate, considering—” Scott starts rambling again as Bucky’s phone goes off twice more in rapid succession. 
 I’m not going to look, he thinks resolutely to himself. I’m the boss. I have to set a good example. His fingers are curled into a fist on his leg in an effort not to unlock his phone, even as high-res replays of that positively sinful picture replay on an endless refrain in his frontal cortex. 
 He glances desperately up at Scott’s presentation, hoping that he’ll be onto something interesting—he isn’t. Even Steve’s eyelids are beginning to droop, though Lang doesn’t seem to notice. Bucky’s phone vibrates insistently in his pocket again, and the remains of his resolve die right then as he peeks at his dim screen under the lip of the table. 
 Just a look. I won’t respond.  The messenger app you use has five bright notifications, and Bucky’s tongue wets his dry lips as he opens it. The words in his brain turn into dial-up-internet static, and he swallows thickly. 
 Don’t you miss me? 
 And immediately beneath it, you’d sent another picture. Your face was half cropped out of it, your mouth open wide. Bucky closes his eyes in silent prayer, his cock pressing hard against the seam of his jeans. Your tongue was out too, a thin strand of your own spit dripping down onto your bare breasts. You were cupping them, your thumbs rolling across the rigid flesh of your nipples as you took the picture. 
 There’s more, too, more pictures and texts he hasn’t seen yet. He’s already scrolling down before his conscience can tell him not too, nostrils flaring as every new picture/text combo makes it harder and harder for him to care that he’s sitting in the conference room, supposedly listening to a very important presentation. 
 Want you to come home and fill me up, Buck.
 Above a picture of you sitting on your heels on the bed, your back to the mirror, with the tail of his dress-shirt pulled up over the curve of your ass. You’re grinning cheekily at the mirror, the tip of your tongue poking between your teeth. Bucky scrubs a hand down his face, and shifts subtly, trying to give his throbbing cock just a little more space in his pants. 
 And when his phone rings, he nearly drops it, the shrill sound drawing every eye in the room to him. It’s you, your contact picture flashing brightly across the screen. 
 “You need to take that, Buck?” Steve asks, a knowing little smirk gracing his lips. “We can wait.” Bucky swivels his chair around and stands awkwardly—the only thing worse than having anyone see his phone would be having them see him hard in the middle of a fucking meeting. He brings the phone up to his ear, a harsh exhale of breath hissing between his lips as he does. 
 You speak before he can, and your needy whine makes him sink his teeth into his lower lip.
 “I need you, Buck.”
 “I-is something wrong?” He asks dumbly, knowing he can’t respond, not really. 
 “Yeah,” you reply, and he hears the whisper of the sheets as you settle onto the bed. “You’re not here t’fill me up.” Bucky can’t speak, can’t think—“Want your fat cock to stretch me out—” You’re pleading so sweet he almost doesn’t hear it—
 The slick noise of you playing with yourself while he’s sitting in a goddamn meeting. He runs a hand through his hair. “Shit, are you—?” He can’t ask, there are too many people paying attention, too many of his employees watching. 
 “Can you hear it?” Bucky swallows a groan at your false innocence. “M’so wet for you, Buck.” Your pathetic little whine is punctuated by another shlick-schlick-schlick, and before he knows what he’s doing, Bucky’s racing for the door.
 “Emergency?” Steve asks wryly, and when Bucky turns his reddened face to glare at his best friend, Steve is laughing. 
 “Tell her I said ‘hi’.” 
 Bucky curses, pulling the door shut behind him as he escapes into the hallway. Steve’s request is the absolute last thing on his mind as he makes for the elevator down into the parking garage, keys already in hand. 
 It’s only by the grace of God that he doesn’t die on the way home—he can still hear the honks of angry drivers in his ears as he pulls into his parking spot. He feels a little guilty for cutting off that old woman—but it’s not like he could have leaned his head out of the window to explain that his girlfriend was waiting on him to fill her up like a fucking twinkie. 
 Not politely, anyway. 
 Bucky’s kicking his shoes off in the entryway before his eyes settle on you. You’re seated about halfway up the stairs, still in his white dress shirt—though he can see none of the buttons are done. Your thick curls are loose about your shoulders, and he swears you look like a goddamn wet dream sitting there. 
 You don’t say anything—not even hello. You just grace him with a coy smile,  your teeth sinking into the fleshy pad of your index finger as you lean back and begin inching your legs apart. 
 “Fuck, sweetheart,” he breathes, ripping his shirt roughly over his head. “Need me bad, don’t you?” You nod eagerly, your eyes moving hungrily over the skin of his exposed chest. There had been a time when he’d have needed to make sure all the lights were off, the blinds all closed before he’d even consider stripping—
But that time’s long passed, and as you look at him and lick your lips, like he’s the most desirable man you’ve ever seen, Bucky feels his chest swell just a
 “Please, Buck.” 
 And then he’s on you, practically flying up the steps before he crushes his mouth to yours. His fingers tangle in your hair, pulling your head back and you oblige, gasping when he breaks away to trail sloppy, heated kisses down your throat. 
 “M’sorry, baby,” he breathes against your skin, pushing aside the halves of his shirt to cup your breasts. He rolls your nipples between his fingers, groaning. “Need me to take care of you, don’t you sweetheart?” He traces the tips of his cool, metal fingers down your belly, and goosebumps spring up in their wake. You nod vigorously, whining as his exploring fingers crest the curve of your vulva and slip between your soaking folds. 
 “Missed you so much, Bucky,” you gasp, your hips rolling into his touch. You palm him through his jeans, and half formed curses tumble from his mouth. You’re tugging at the button on his jeans, pulling them open eagerly as you thrust your hand through the opening. 
 “Jesus fuck,” he groans loudly as your fingers wrap around the thick weight of his cock. He nips at the skin of your throat with his teeth, relishing in the whine that escapes you. “Fuckin’ needy tonight, huh sweetheart?” He rasps, catching your wrists in his large metal hand before pinning them to the step above your head. “S’that why you had to call me at work, whinin’ and beggin’ for my cock?”
 You nod, and a frustrated, miserable little moan works past your lips as you writhe against him. God, Bucky’s not sure which God’s decided to answer all of his prayers with you, but he isn’t going to question it, not when you’re gripping his fingers like a wet fucking fist. Bucky’s staring down at his hand, watching, mesmerized as his fingers disappear into the tightness of your cunt. 
 “Pretty sure she was made for me, sweetheart,” he murmurs, brushing his thumb over your swollen clit. “She takes me so well, my fingers, my cock…” He trails off as he draws back slowly, savoring the impatient noise you emit. 
 “Bucky,” you whine, trying and failing to keep his fingers from slipping out of you. 
 “Use your words, sweetheart,” he taunts, cleaning your slick from his hand with slow, deliberate passes of his tongue. “You were usin’ ‘em just fine earlier.” He smirks at you. “Calling me in the middle of work like a cock-hungry slut.” He watches the shudder roll through you at his words, and you bite your lip. 
 “I need you, Bucky,” you beg, tugging at your hands where he has them pinned.
 “Keep going, baby.” He frees his cock from the confines of his pants with one hand and slides the head of it through your folds. 
 “A-all I could think about all day was you, your cock—ah!” You gasp as the head of his cock pops just inside you, and he thrusts shallowly. “Mmm, I-I-I wanted to feel you s-split me open—” Your words are lost in another ragged sound as he does exactly that, his cock stretching you inch by glorious inch. Your slick walls caress him tightly, and it’s all he can do not to sink in to the hilt and just stay there. 
 “S’that right?” He growls, finally releasing your hands from his hold as he slots his hips between yours and bottoms out. His eyes roll to half mast as he throws his head back. There’s nothing like being inside you, your cunt gripping him like a wet, velvet vise. “My poor baby,” he pulls out only to force a wail from your trembling lips as he sinks all the way back in. “Didn’t know you needed it this bad.” Your hands find his shoulders, his sides, his back, smoothing over every inch of skin you can reach as you babble pleas and praises against his chest. 
“Gonna fix it, baby, gonna fill you up like you need.” 
 You clench around him at his words, nails digging into his flesh as he ruts into you. Your thighs are tight around his hips as Bucky’s cock spears into you over and over, slick leaking from your cunt to stain his skin and yours. He reaches one hand between you to circle your clit and you convulse as he rolls it expertly between calloused fingers. 
 “Buck, m’close, fuck, fuck—” you can’t even get the words out as you go to pieces on his cock, a fresh wave of wetness coating his cock, thighs, and the stairs under your ass as you cum. Bucky curses, the rhythm of his hips going strained and jerky as your walls milk him. So tight and wet—he can’t stop himself from cumming, holding your hips tightly to his own as he spends himself in your pussy. 
 Bucky collapses over you, holding his own weight with trembling arms as he presses his forehead to yours. The two of you lay there for a moment, and Bucky smiles when he feels your lips against his collar bone, and then again on his throat. You trail kisses up to his lips, and Bucky presses his mouth to your own, sucking gently on your plump bottom lip. He pulls away, and you fix him with a small, knowing smile. 
 “So…” you begin, pushing a lock of hair out of his face. “Good day at work?” 
Tumblr media
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sergeantbuckybarnes · 5 months ago
begin again // bucky barnes
Summary: When you go to meet your friend at her work you see a cute guy had been stood up, so you're going to be the best date of his life.
Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x Reader (Single Parent AU)
Word count: 1.2k
Warnings: mentions of abandonment
A/N: As always, remember English is not my first language. Also, thanks to @amandalove​ for proofreading this!
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Tumblr media
When you walked into the diner, you made your way to the counter and sat up on one of your stools. Your friend made her appearance as soon as she saw you.
“Same as always?”
You shook your head. “I’m just passing by, wanted to see you.”
Katie narrowed her eyes. “You know I can see right through you.”
You rolled your eyes and sighed in defeat. “Alright… Just tell me everything.”
Last night she had went on a date with Josh, a guy she had been drooling for months. So obviously after hearing her ramblings about how good he looked, you wanted to know more. “We didn’t do anything.” Katie went right to the topic you were asking about. “I really like him, so I prefer going slowly.”
“And he didn’t try anything?” Your friend shook her head. “Must be a good one then.”
“Just like him,” she pointed with her head to something behind you. You turned your head to see a guy sitting in a booth alone, seemingly waiting for someone.
“It’s the fourth time this month,” Katie informed you. “He keeps trying, though. I think he does more for his daughter than for himself.”
“Who’s he?” you turned to look to your friend.
“Bucky Barnes. He’s a mechanic, works with the Russo Brothers at their workshop.” You had taken your car there a couple of times and you had never seen him. “His wife abandoned him and their daughter when it was a baby.”
“How could she do that?”
Your friend shrugged.
“Her name is Rebecca, she’s five years old.”
“How do you know all of that?”
“People gossip,” she simply said. “They said he hasn’t cared for himself since. That’s why no one wants to date him.”
You narrowed your eyes. People in this town were assholes. You could only see him in profile, but he looked like a handsome guy. Did people say that stuff because of his round belly?
He kept looking at his phone. Maybe checking the hour, maybe if the girl he was waiting for had texted him. “He has been there for an hour and a half. I don’t think she’s gonna show up.”
You got up from your seat and walked towards his table, ignoring your friend asking you what you were doing.
“Hi, I’m Y/N,” you introduced yourself.
The guy looked up to meet with your eyes. “Bucky.”
“Do you mind If I sit down?” you asked, pointing to the empty seat in front of him. He looked at his phone again and sighed. He looked at you and nodded.
“Sorry for disturbing you,” you said once you had sat. “I was just talking with my friend and you caught my eye.” You pointed to Katie who was behind the counter, seeing the scene developing in front of her. Bucky looked at her, that waitress had been there all the times he had been stood up.
“Look, if this is a joke I-” You didn’t let him finish the sentence.
“It’s not a joke,” you defended yourself. “Is it so weird a woman is interested in you?”
“Yeah, it is.”
“Then it’s their loss and a win for me,” you simply said, taking the menu card in your hands. “What do you want? I recommend the chocolate milkshake. It’s delicious.”
Bucky didn’t answer right away, he took a moment to look at you. You seemed like a nice woman, and you were really beautiful too. So he didn’t understand why you came to his booth and showed any interest in him, if it wasn’t for other things than making fun of him for being stood up.
But the look on your face seemed sincere, and his friends had told him he should have more confidence. So he let himself believe that you really liked him and gave you a smile. “Sure.”
A big smile plastered on your face. “Katie,” you called for your friend. “Two chocolate milkshakes.”
“Coming up!” She entered the kitchen to prepare your order.
“So… what are you doing?” he asked, but then he tried to correct himself when he realized that didn’t sound so good. “I- I mean what you work for?”
You laughed. He was really cute when he was nervous. “I work at a bookshop on Franklin Ave.”
“Munchkin Book Store?”
“Yeah, you know it?”
“My daughter loves that store. She never wants to leave.” The look on his face changed when he mentioned his daughter, thinking he had made a mistake. Bringing up that you are a single parent on the first date wasn’t the best idea. Was this even a date?
You sensed the nervousness chewing him. “Really? What books is she into?” His aura changed when you didn’t make an excuse to leave but instead, you seemed interested in his kid and her interests.
“Your chocolate mistakes. Enjoy them,” Katie left the drinks at your table, and made her way to the counter again, not without winking at you. Lucky for you, Bucky didn’t catch it.
Bucky answered you, and the conversation started to flow so easily that you didn’t realize it was time for the diner to close.
“Time to close, lovebirds.”
You looked at Katie and asked her if she wanted you to walk home with her. “Nah, Josh is coming to pick me up.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, just go and enjoy the rest of the night.”
Bucky fiddled with his fingers and looked at you. “Want me to walk you home?”
You smiled, “Yeah, I’ll love that.”
You said your goodbyes with your friend and walked out of the diner and made your way to your apartment with Bucky by your side. You looked down and decided to intertwine your hand in his. He looked at you shocked and you instantly regretted your actions. “Is it okay?”
“Y-yeah,” he blushed, averting his gaze from you. He felt his cheeks burning up.
You bit your bottom lip repressing a smile at how cute he was.
You kept walking and you wished your apartment wasn’t so close to the diner, because you reached it so soon and you didn’t want this night to end.
“Would you want to go out again?” you asked. “With me?”
“Yes,” he answered instantly, with euphoria in his voice. You laughed. “Sorry.”
“It’s fine,” you reassured. “You’re really cute.”
He blushed again, and averted his gaze from you, the exact same way he did when you held his hands before.
You really wanted to kiss him, and you knew he wasn’t gonna initiate it, so you picked his face gently and made him look at you. You wrapped your arms around him and before he could say anything you stood on your tiptoes and closed the gap between you.
He slowly wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close to him. His lips were so soft, and you allowed yourself to get lost in the moment. This was Bucky’s first kiss since his ex-wife abandoned him and Rebecca, and he couldn’t help himself to think that now that he had tasted your lips, he was going to need more of them.
“Tomorrow?” he asked when you separated.
“Perfect.” You smiled and walked inside your building. “Good night, Bucky,” you said from your doorstep.
“Good night, Y/N.”
Today started the same way as other days but it turned out really great. You had been in the diner a million times and never thought that place was gonna bring you so much luck. And Bucky was very thankful that his date didn’t show up because thanks to that he had to meet a wonderful woman that he hoped was gonna stay in his life for the long run.
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bucky-soldat · a month ago
Strawberries & Cream
Pairing: Chubby!Baker!Bucky x Reader
Summary: You want to disturb Bucky's nap.
Warnings: blow job, slight gagging, unprotected sex, creampie, cockwarming, hint of fluff.
Word Count: 1.6k
A/N: I was eating an ice cream yesterday and I had some whipped cream on top and well, I got some thots and wanted to write them down. Enjoy! Any feedback in the form of comments, reblogs and likes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Tumblr media
You snuck out of bed, out of Bucky’s strong grasp when your eyes snapped open. You rubbed the sleep away from your eyes and yawned out softly. Whipping your head to the side to check the time on your nightstand, both of you had been asleep all afternoon. Taking a quick glance at Bucky as you noticed him stir in his sleep, you smiled lovingly at his sleeping form. It was a hot day and you were both in your underwear. Bucky’s soft chubby belly was on full display as the sheets were laying twisted beneath him. He looked so peaceful finally, you really didn’t want to wake him up. But then again, you really wanted to play with your man. An idea crept up in your head, thinking that he would definitely get up for this.
You tip toed silently to the kitchen and opened the fridge to take out the container of strawberries and whipped cream. You did tell him once that you wanted to eat the whipped cream off him while he fed you some strawberries. You almost moaned at all the sudden erotic thoughts in your head.
When you walked back to the bedroom, Bucky had turned again and was giving you his back. This was your perfect opportunity to start waking him up slowly. You crawled back into bed, your knee brushing against his back. You laid one of your hands on his broad shoulder, trailing your fingers down to his forearm. Bucky stirred a little again but was still snoring softly. You chuckled to yourself as your other hand was tapping gently down his back, stopping at the hem of his boxers, till it slipped down to cup one of his ass cheeks, groping gently.
“Teddy bear.” You leaned in whispering into his ear, kissing the bump on his ear. You chuckled as he mumbled something incoherently.
Then you kissed his temple and his bearded cheekbone. Your heart swelled seeing him like this. You’ve been ending up having sex in his office at the bakery instead in bed at home. You didn’t really complain, it was hot, truly but you missed having your man in bed. But by the time you both would make it back home, you were too exhausted to do anything.
You scooted back to your side to take his shoulder and lay him down on his side. He was still deep in slumber as he laid on his back, despite your gentle touches and movements. You kissed his forehead as you got on top of him, straddling his lap, feeling his hardening cock twitching a little. You snickered again to yourself as you rubbed your clothed core against his clothed cock.
Bucky suddenly became more responsive as his large chubby hands gripped up instinctively your hips, his fingers digging into your skin, forcing you down on him as he bucked his hips up. A soft whimper escaped your lips as you felt your arousal dripping into your panties each time Bucky moved under you. You were going to forget that you had the whipped cream ready to rub it on him. You almost pushed down your panties and his boxers to sink yourself down onto his large length.
“Fuck Buck, wait.” You whispered as you tried to stop your movements. But Bucky’s hands persisted as they stayed locked, keeping you in place. You bit your lip, barely able to contain yourself. He was still somewhat asleep yet he still had complete control over you.
You tried to reach out for the whipped cream that you had laid at your side. You kept on squirming as you finally took hold of the bottle. Popping out the cap, your eyes were on Bucky’s still sleeping form. You could hardly believe how your man was able to sleep through this. But your surprise would surely wake him up.
In order to be able to get his hands off you, you knew you had to distract him somehow. So you leaned down and placed soft open kisses at the centre of his chest. You nibbled and licked while you kissed him all over. You could hear him sigh and relax again. This was your sign to take his hands off you. You slid further down, one of your thighs got in between his legs as the other stayed resting on top of his thick thigh. You kissed down his belly, sucking his skin, your kisses would never leave any marks compared to his, but you did it anyway because you enjoyed it.
With the whipped cream ready as you were on top of him, your hand worked down reaching under his boxers to take hold of his thick cock. You licked your lips in anticipation as your hand worked its way pumping his length up and down. His cock was responsive as he grew larger in your hand, ready to poke out of his boxers. You also heard Bucky hiss softly and bite down his bottom lip. “Mmm...cupcake.” He mumbled bucking his hips forward again, except your thigh was still holding him in place now.
You laid the whipped cream bottle next to you to pull down his boxers, causing his cock to bounce out. Your mouth opened as your tongue darted out to lick the tip of its head before running it down his shaft. Bucky moved again beneath you something incoherently escaped from his lips once again. One of his hands sneaked between the two of you taking a hold of your thigh.
With the whipped cream again in your hand you sprayed a little, watching the foamy white cream running out, landing on his cock. You grinned to yourself as you dove down, letting go of whipped cream bottle, to fully take Bucky’s length in your mouth. You started again by licking off the tip, moaning a little as you gulped down some of the cream.
Bucky surprised you as his other hand wrapped around the back of your head, pushing you down on his length. You tried to look up at him through your eyelashes. You saw his tired eyes open looking down at you, with a lazy smirk across his features.
“Naughty, cupcake.” He chuckled a little as he watched you take his cock, cleaning it as you gulped the cream. You hummed against him as you licked around his shaft, bobbing your head up and down, till the tip brushed against the back of your throat. His fist tightened on your hair, pulling you further, causing you to gag a little. You tried to relax your jaw as your tongue rolled again along the bulging veins. He groaned out as his cock twitched in your mouth. You could feel that he was nearing his release. Your pussy was contracted, wishing you could feel his cock slipping in and out of you.
As Bucky watched your hand roam down to your panties, he let go of your head, knowing what you desired. You pulled your mouth away from his cock and pushed aside your panties as you climbed back up, standing around his pelvis. Bucky had taken hold of his thick cock, standing proudly upright guiding you to sit on him. You sank down, feeling your slick walls stretching as he buried himself inside you, causing you to cry out in pleasure.
Bucky’s hands cupped your ass cheeks to control your thrusts, causing you to whimper each time he made you sink yourself on his length. You wanted to quicken the pace, but Bucky never faltered, wanting to take his time, plunging up into you deeply and slowly. You looked down, feeling your walls swallowing his cock each time you rode him. “Buck, please…” You moaned again wanting to sink yourself into him fast and hard.
Your own orgasm was building up rapidly, as you felt your stomach tighten. “Wait for me, cupcake.” Bucky breathed out, finally letting you take over as his hands left your ass to cup your clothed breasts. His metal arm sneaked to take out your breast to fondle and tease your nipple. You leaned a bit forward, resting your right elbow on his chest. His belly bounced softly as his hips bucked forward meeting your thrusts.
“I’m close Buck…” You told him, your voice coarse, edging your release as you felt it ripping out of you. Bucky joined, both of you coming undone, as he spilled his seed into you. Your moans echoed around the room while the both of you worked out your orgasms, milking each other as your thrusts deepened. You clutched at the sheets, while your other hand was gripping his shoulder, nails dug into his skin.
You collapsed on top of him, panting, some of your hair sticky on your forehead. Bucky laughed a little, watching you all spent. He wrapped his arms around you while you tried to tilt your head up to look at him. You smiled playfully, meeting his gaze, still stretched out on his cock, feeling his seed dripping out.
Bucky cupped your cheek with his metal arm to capture your lips into a deep sensual kiss. He could have you again and again. Then you remembered something, so you tried to pull away from the kiss, by tapping on Bucky’s chest. “Hmm...B…” You tried but he simply ignored you as he swallowed your words, biting on your bottom lip.
He let your lips go when he was satisfied, watching you all fucked out. “What?” He grinned slyly at you.
“We still have the strawberries and I haven’t even covered your whole body in cream.”
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multi-stann · 3 months ago
Only a real man can- B.B.
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m currently taking requests(for sds and main fics), and i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: Your best friend and her dad join you on your family vacation.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, requested!!!, best friends dad(so also dilf?)! chubby! bucky(bucky is about the age of 42), age gap(reader is drinking age; like 21), smut, unprotected sex, daddy kink, lots of praising, oral(f rec), squirting & multiple orgasms, mentions of alcohol and drinking, idk what else
the idea of bucky making the reader squirt, just screamed at me to write a best friends dad fic😏
It’s the first time in nearly a year since you’ve seen your family, and a vacation to the Bahama’s is what your mom decided on. You’re not complaining, it’s nice to get away from the busy life in New York, and your best friend is accompanying you; along with her very hot dad that you’ve had a lingering crush on for some time now, and anything to get away from college work, you’re on board with.
You just landed and you have around a thirty minute ride to your hotel. It’s right beside sand and ocean, nice little five minute walk from your room to the sand. You’ll be able to hear the waves crashing throughout the night- peaceful.
You’re sharing your room with your best friend, Becca, while your parents share a room, and your younger brother has his own. Becca’s dad, Bucky, has his own room. Yours and Becca’s connects to Bucky’s. Your parents room connects with your brothers. Your parents informed you of this a few days ago, but it doesn’t bother you.
Once you arrive to the hotel, you and Becca grab your key cards and head on up, Bucky hitches a ride in the elevator with the two of you as well. Your parents are finishing grabbing their things, along with your brother, so they’ll be up momentarily.
You and Becca chat about what your plans are, knowing that the older adults won’t want to do anything the two of you will more than likely. Your brother will probably be a loner, or join the two of you here and there, but that’s about it.
You feel Bucky’s eyes lingering on you for a second before the elevator doors open up. You have no time to look at him, because you’re following Becca out of the elevator in a hurry. Bucky follows a bit behind the two of you, and once you make it to your connected suites, you open your door and he goes into his.
You make sure to lock the connected door that leads to Bucky’s room, Becca’s words being “my dad can be nosy, think we both know that. Don’t want him intruding” with a laugh.
Since it’s fairly late within the day, your plans are dinner all together and then maybe a late night walk on the beach. Perhaps stopping by the bar and grabbing a drink before heading back up then chilling in your rooms before having a full and fun day tomorrow.
You and Becca get dressed and have your makeup done within a good time. You’re not running late nor are you too early. You’re wearing a relatively short, red dress with thin straps on your shoulders. The back is kind of low, but only reaches to about the middle of your back. You’ve chosen to wear strappy, white sandals since it’s the beach, and some simple makeup.
You’re both planning on coming back up after dinner and changing, then going to the beach for a little walk and a dip in the ocean.
You two walk out of your suite as Bucky does at the exact same time. He’s dressed in a dark, red button up, the shirt tucked into his black dress pants making it hug his slightly rounded belly…and you freeze for a moment.
You’re one of those types of people where if someone at your table goes to take a sip of drink at the same time you do, you instantly stall and wait for them to finish before you drink. This, this is a nightmare. Wearing the exact same color- basically matching? And considering you also have a crush on the man?! It’s even more embarrassing even if it’s an inner thought thing.
Bucky smiles to his daughter and then turns to you. Becca, by this time, has already began walking, so Bucky is lucky that he doesn’t get caught raking his eyes down your figure. “Look nice, see that red’s your color.” He gives you a wink before motioning for you to walk, so you do.
This is going to be a very….interesting vacation.
Once you guys all get to the restaurant, you sit beside Becca and your brother. Bucky, your mom, and dad sit on the opposite side of the table. You all chat about how nice the rooms are, your mom goes on to tell you guys about the pools, the gym, the small game room, the rest of the restaurants, the sauna, the spa, and then….the bar. Which you and Becca perk up at. Bucky laughs at your reactions and…God, his laugh. If you could openly swoon over the man, you’d be doing it within a heartbeat.
Your dad then goes on to talk about the weather and how it’s supposed to be over the course of the week, and then you all get your food. The food is nice, definitely worth trying something new, and you all enjoy your meals. You all, except your brother, drink some wine, and all of your are good and pretty much sober except for your mom. She downed at least a whole bottle of wine, and your dad is having to steady her steps as you guys walk to the elevator now. “You guys go on up. We’ll take the next one.” You chuckle as your dad gets your mom into the elevator, your brother towing behind sending you a glare. You stick up your middle finger before the door closes not giving him a chance to react back.
Becca gets on her phone while you guys wait for the elevator. Bucky stands right beside you, not too close though, but close enough that you can smell his cologne and- it’s absolutely heavenly. What you’d do to be in his bed tonight instead of yours in the suite with Becca.
The next elevator comes rather quickly, and the three of you file in. Your plans are still on: beach, drinks, back to suite. “You girls still going to the beach?” Bucky asks almost as if he read your mind and just to kill the silence within the elevator. “Yeah, then we’re going to the bar.” Becca replies after she puts her phone away. Bucky nods, then nudges you, “your mom loves her wine. Never seen a woman love wine more than she does.” He chuckles right as the elevator comes to your floor. “Yeah, she gets a bit carried away with it.” You reply back.
The walk back to your suites are relatively quiet, as you’d suspect. But once you get in, Becca is running to her suit case. “Okay, i brought that new swim suit, and i think there will be some cute boys down there….soooo i’m wearing it. I’ll also wear it tomorrow but like….tonight too.” She’s already pulling her clothes off before you can even get a sandal off, tossing the fabrics in different directions. Her shoes come off last and then she’s pulling her underwear off. “Becca, please! My eyes!” You tease her and she laughs, “nothing you’ve not seen before, ma’am.” You both laugh and then she immediately starts to slip on her bottoms.
You manage to slip off both of your sandals, but Becca already has her full bikini on. “Bec….are you in a hurry to get dick or what?!” You laugh as she grabs her towel, slips on some flip flops, and she grabs her phone. “Look, ya girl hasn’t gotten any in a few months. Don’t act like you won’t hop on the chance, too! Oh, you grab the key card? Imma go ahead and head down.” She gives you a pat on the shoulder before she skips towards the door and then out of the room.
You laugh to yourself as you begin to start getting ready. You put on one of your new swimsuits as well and then head for your towel that’s on one of your bags. But before you can grab it, a knock comes from the connected door. You hurriedly walk to it and then open it up to see Bucky. “Becca just went down.” “She left you up here all by yourself?” His eyes wander a bit but he manages to contain himself. “I’m about to go down, too.” You turn around to head to grab your beach towel again, and your bottoms give Bucky a full display of your ass cheeks. “Well….i could think of several better things to do than to drink and mess around with silly boys.” Bucky announces before he shuts the connected door.
You whip your head around and see that he was staring at your ass, and your cheeks automatically get hot. “Hm? What kind of things?” You’re not sure if you’re both on the same page here, but you’re sure hoping that you are. “You want me to name some off? See which one you like best, angel?” You nod with a small bite of your lip, and that causes Bucky to smirk. “Okay, i could bend you over my lap and tear that pretty ass of yours up with my hands and finger fuck you until you’re squirming. Or i could press your pretty self up against that window and fuck you against it. Or i could have you sit on my face and eat your pretty pussy until you’re creaming all over my lips. Or…..” at this point, Bucky is only a few inches away from you- his hand comes up and gently grasps your bare hip where your skin is exposed. It makes your skin form goosebumps and causes your breath to hitch. “….I could fuck you right in front of that mirror and let you watch as my cock drives up into your pretty pussy. Bet you have such a nice cunt, don’t you baby?” His other hand, his metal one, comes up and gently caresses your cheek while his voice gets deeper.
You’re getting hotter with each word he speaks and your thighs press together in some attempt to relieve the ache that’s getting progressively worse in between your thighs. “Are those all of my options?” You meekly ask, trying to taunt him a bit. “Would you rather me have your face pressed into the mattress while i plow you from behind? Pulling your hair, smacking your ass, biting your neck?” You whimper and he smirks even bigger. His body now presses against yours- his round belly against yours- and you can feel his erection through his pants. “I could have you ride my thigh, make you work for it. I could finger fuck you until you’re a blabbering mess. I could have you cockwarm me until you’re begging me to fuck you. I could even fuck you up against the wall, or the shower wall, or in the pool. The options are nearly endless, just tell me what you want and i’ll give it to you, because you’ve been driving me crazy, angel.” He bites his lip before he grazes his nose against your cheek.
His hand moves from your cheek and goes to your neck. His lips are now merely two inches away from yours. “Beg, beg me for it.” He whispers as he lightly squeezes your throat. “Please…oh fuck, please. I don’t care what you do just…just fuck me.” You give in easily, not wanting to wait much longer for him to satisfy you. His smirk gets wider, it’s almost as if it’ll split his face in two, and within an instant he’s picking you up. “Becca shouldn’t be back for a few hours, right?” He asks as he hauls you over to your bed, but you stop him. “Wait, I want to be in your bed. Just incase she does come back ya know?” You give him a shy smile and he laughs, “you’re so precious.” He rubs his nose against your cheek again, and this time he’s hauling you over to the door that connects your suites. Your legs are wrapped around his waist and your hands are fisted into his long locks. Your barely clothed pussy rubs against his belly and you can feel his erection with every movement as he walks, and fuck….you’re nearly sure he’s going to ruin you and your thought process.
Once you get into his room and he’s locked the connected room door, he’s plopping you down onto his suite bed. It’s a king size, neatly made of course, with dark red comforters. He immediately eyes you and the exposed skin you’re flaunting currently and he looks at you hungrily. “Think i’m gonna start with you sitting on my face….let me see that pussy, angel.” He lightly grips the band of your bottoms and you lift your hips up off of the bed to give him an easier time in tugging them down your legs. He tosses them to the floor and then his eyes look back at your pussy. He licks his lips as he stares at your cunt, and he can’t help but to palm his erection. “Just know you’re gonna taste so good, angel.”
Bucky then crawls onto the bed and situates himself. He makes a “come here” motion with his fingers and you’re up in an instant, pussy hovering over his slightly bearded face. “Put ‘er on my face, angel.” He grunts, and after, you lower yourself. Your pussy comes into direct contact with his face and you whimper when his tongue darts out, licking a stripe up your cunt. His hands then hold onto your thighs and he begins to suck on your clit. His eyes trained on you as he sucks and kisses your sensitive bud. He’s loving the sounds you’re making, the quiver of your thighs, and how your pussy clenches around nothing when his tongue briefly darts into you. “Bucky…” you whimper quietly, knowing that your parents and brother are still on this floor even if Becca isn’t.
“Ride my face, angel. Use me to cum….wanna hear how good you’re feeling.” He mumbles before he’s pressing you further against his face, helping you to move your hips against him. You moan a bit louder, but nothing to where anyone else can hear you, and one of your hands goes to his hair. “Daddy….your mouth…oh god!” You squeal a little louder when Bucky sucks especially hard on your clit, so hard that it makes a popping noise when he releases it. His tongue dips back down to your dripping hole, and his nose rubs against your bud, causing you to jerk up as you ride his face harder. His tongue licks up most of the juices you’re leaking, then he’s back to sucking and twirling his thick tongue around your throbbing clit.
It’s not long before your body is jerking and your thighs are squeezing around his head as you cum on his face. He doesn’t stop until you’re pulling away from him and moving to lay beside him. Your chest is heaving from the orgasm you just had, and you’re nearly seeing stars. “C’mon, angel. Don’t give up on daddy now.” You involuntarily moan when he calls himself that name, and your legs spread open for him to crawl in between. “That’s my good girl.” He grunts as he moves. His hips are in between your legs within seconds, his cock being sprung free rather quickly as he discards of his pants and boxers. It helps that he’s not wearing a shirt already.
He slings his clothes to the ground before he spits in his hand, then lubes his thick cock up. You watch his hand move up and down his shaft and your mouth waters. He has such a pretty cock it’s insane. Why the fuck did his ex cheat on him….he’s so sweet too. “Flip over, angel. Show daddy how good of a girl you can be.” You obey, not wasting a single second. You flip over onto your stomach, no hands involved, just your ass up in the air and your back arched. You hear him groan at the sight. “God…love this ass. Look at it, can’t believe it’s all mine. You’re mine aren’t you, angel?” You nod the best you can, “yes, daddy.” He then lays a smack to your right ass cheek and you moan. “That’s my girl.” And then he’s sliding into your pussy.
The burning stretch that his cock is causing is one that borderlines pain and pleasure, but it’s definitely something you like. He’s so thick, so girthy, you didn’t think this through- you didn’t think he’d be this thick-, but with each push, he lets you adjust a bit. “Daddy….you’re so big….hurts a little.” You whimper as you wiggle your hips. His hand rubs soothing circles onto your back, “i know baby, i know. Just be a good girl for me, it’s almost done.” And you know you can take it. You want to take it. You want to take all of him, because you know it’s going to be worth it. That it won’t always hurt like this.
“Such a good girl….takin’ daddy’s cock like this. You’re doing so good, angel. She’s so tight…she’s takin’ me in so so well.” He grunts his last words before finally easing the rest of his cock into you. You hum at the full feeling, his tip nearly kissing your cervix. “You okay, angel?” His hand rubs up and down your back as he stays still. “Yes, daddy. Feel so fucking full of you.” You moan, and you feel his cock twitch. “My girl….” he groans before he’s pulling out and thrusting back in.
Your hands grab onto the sheets in an attempt to hold on at the unexpected movements, but all you can do is jolt as he continues to fuck into you. He’s doing hard thrusts, you can hear the wetness that’s accumulated in between your thighs, and his skin slaps yours as he fucks you. His flesh hand grabs onto your hip and his nails dig into your skin. You can’t help but whimper and moan at the pleasurable feelings he’s giving you.
Bucky is so fucking high on the noises you’re making. The way your body responds to him and his touch. The way your pussy is gripping him and squeezing his cock. He knows it won’t take much longer until he’s blowing his load into you. “Gonna let me breed you, huh? Gonna let daddy fuck a baby into you, angel?” You moan at his words. The thought of being pregnant with Bucky’s next child….? It of course should be a turn off, but fuck…it turns you on. “Yes…yes yes please! Fuck a baby into me, please!!?” You beg him, and his hand comes into contact with your ass, hard. “Gonna give you all of my cum, then fuck it into you. Make it stay as long as i can in this pretty pussy of yours.”
Your pussy clenches around him at the sound of his words. “Oh, you love that. You love the idea of that, don’t you, baby?” You nod slightly, it being hard because your cheek is pressed into the mattress. His vibranium hand comes up and grabs ahold of your hair. Your back meets with his front- his chubby belly molds with the curve of your back perfectly- and the new angle has you crying out in pleasure. “Come on, angel. Wanna feel you cum. Need to feel you let go for me. Cum for me, angel.” He grunts in your ear before he peppers kisses down your neck and over your shoulder. He doesn’t leave any marks behind because….well, he doesn’t need his daughter interrogating you on who you’ve been with.
“Please, please mark me…please.” Oh, but you’re begging him so prettily and he wants everyone to know who’s been fucking you. He wants to so badly, but he can’t. “Maybe next time, baby. Can’t let them know, or even give them a thought that you’ve been with someone this quick, huh? They might catch on.” Bucky whispers in your ear as his thrusts become a bit sloppy. His lips then reattach to your neck, but soon enough, he’s turning your head so that his lips attach to yours. It’s a sweet kiss, a loving one. Something so soft you think it means something, and to you both- it does. Neither of you just will admit it so quickly, so soon- scared to run the other away. After all, this all is kind of unexpected- to some, it would be weird.
“I’m close, daddy.” You whimper when he lightly bites down- not hard enough to leave a mark- onto your shoulder. “Cum for me, angel.” He then forces your head back down into the mattress and you cum again. You cum with a muffled cry and your pussy clenches so tightly around him, that he can barely thrust into you anymore, but he manages to. His hand comes around your shaking body, and begins to rub your clit. “Fuck…daddy!” Bucky manages to make out through the muffled-ness, and he feels himself coming closer. “You sure you don’t want me to pull out?” “No…cum in me!” You squeal into the covers, and with two final thrusts, he’s spilling inside of you while rubbing your clit. And in a matter of just a few seconds, you’re cumming again, but this time, you’re squirting. Bucky’s cock slips out of your pussy and the rest of his cum spurts onto the outside of your pussy, and your juices cover the comforter on the bed along with his seed.
“Fuck….you’re such a messy thing, aren’t you?” He grunts out as he slows his movements on your clit. Your body jerks a bit and he takes that as the sign to stop. “‘M sorry…i just messed your covers up.” You breathe out heavily, but Bucky doesn’t even care. He’s just had some of the best sex ever, with someone he deeply cares about, and he cannot put in the work to even care about fucking comforters or bed sheets. “I don’t care, I’ll just take the top ones off and get ‘em to change ‘em tomorrow. The sheets are fine, angel.” He whispers before he places kisses down your back- his tummy grazing your backside and it causes you to giggle. “Guess i need to clean up and find Becca, make sure she’s not into any trouble.” You reply, but before you can get up, Bucky is stopping you. “No, i’ll go make sure she’s okay. I’ll start you a bath in your room and get you settled before i go down. It’s the least i can do after i’ve spent your energy, angel.”
He flips you over gently before placing a kiss to your lips, “I’ll be right back, don’t move.” He presses one last kiss to your cheek before he gets up and tosses on his boxers, then he makes his way into your suite.
Oh god…what the fuck have I done? I most certainly don’t regret it, but what in the hell is to even become of this???
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ofstarsandvibranium · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Fandom: Marvel (College AU)
Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x F!Reader
Summary: Your friend and roommate, Bucky, is a bit of an annoying fuckboy. He sleeps around as well as tries to be as annoying to you as possible. But here’s the thing: you don’t mind any of it.
Warning: mentions of sex
A/N: shoutout to @solarsystembitch for the wonderful idea!!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10***
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Spin off Drabbles & Oneshots
The Spider
The Texts
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purple-babygirl · 2 months ago
Bestie bestie, thoughts- daddy! Bucky and little reader cooking together is making my heart melt fr💖 ugh! Like imagine her getting him like a chef hat 🥺 one of those white floppy ones 😭😭 or like they both get matching aprons. Ugh.
Pairing: Chubby!Pâtissier!Daddy!Bucky Barnes x little!f!reader
Word count: 1,404
Warnings: ddlg dynamics, it's all fluff.
A/N: I don't know what you did but i was looking up matching aprons after i saw your ask and boom 💥 pastry chef Bucky thots 💥 attacked me and for that I thank you:"💜💜💜 So here we are. I'm sorry if I took too long and made you feel like I was ignoring your ask, I definitely wasn't💜💜💜 It was just really cute it got my mind going so thank you so very much🥺💜💜 Please enjoy xx.
Pie credit.
Tumblr media
heavenly sweet
“Daddy.” She turned around, giving Bucky her back, and he could only smile bigger when he saw the way she was bouncing on her ankles in excitement.
Bucky bow-tied her apron for her, lightly patting her back, “there you go, lil chef,” before pawing at her sides until she giggled.
“Thank you, daddy.” She beamed, letting Bucky help her up on the kitchen counter.
It was a special day for her today. She and Daddy were wearing their matching aprons for the first time, and Bucky was showing her how to make one of her favourites, blueberry pie.
Bucky didn’t get the chance to tell her yet, but the matching aprons gesture had him even crazier in love with her. The way she closely watched his reaction as he'd opened his gift and the way she was over the moon when he’d showed his content with it would forever be engraved in his mind next to all of the other precious memories starring her beautiful eyes.
“Okay, so we have our flour over there,” Bucky pointed to the half-full bag, “eggs and butter too,” he checked, walking closer to her, “and my sugar right here.” Bucky planted his hands on the counter, trapping her between them as he dropped his head to kiss, kitten-lick, and nibble on her jaw.
“Dada!” She squeal-giggled, her hands on Bucky’s round belly as he stood over her.
“Look at you, bonbon! You look like a real chef already! You doing the baking today? Hmm?” Bucky joked, peppering kisses on her face, his hands holding her waist.
“No, jus’ helping daddy,” she giggled more, hiding her face in Bucky’s chest, making him chuckle.
“The best help daddy could get, bonbon.” He kissed the top of her head with a satisfied smile.
There was nothing she loved more than watching Daddy work. With his hair pulled back into a small bun, his apron around his full torso, different smudges covering it, and his forearms having the littlest smear of flour on them, Bucky looked like art to her. The way he went about everything he was doing to make her feel included and the way he stole kiss after kiss from her when she was focused. Not to forget how sweet his kisses always were. It was all so perfect. She cherished every moment she got to spend with him, each one better than the last as Daddy made her the best treats that ever existed.
“Now, what do we do, bonbon?” Bucky quizzed playfully, wiping a hand down his apron so he could put the hair that escaped the bun back behind his ear.
“We put in our blueberries!” She replied, her hands eagerly reaching for the bowl of macerated fruit.
“Oh my god,” Bucky looked at her, faking shock and shaking his head.
“Did I say something wrong, daddy?” her voice went small so fast, immediately searching her mind, trying to remember if something went in before the berries.
“I might wanna slow down with teaching you or else next thing I know you’ll be taking over daddy’s bakery, bonbon!” Bucky chuckled, teasingly pecking her cheek.
She laughed with him when he tapped her nose, internally sighing in relief.
He was such a charmer and she was head over heels for him, “’m so proud of you, bonbon.” Bucky kissed her forehead.
“Daddy, can I put them in?” she patted her eyelashes, her hands in place on Bucky’s tummy and he couldn’t help but peck her lips.
“You sure can, lil chef," he said and she grinned at the name he'd started to use, wanting to earn it.
“Here, lemme help you, baby.” Bucky smiled, taking the bowl and holding it for her while she used a spatula to scoop the contents out and into their pie pan.
She was so happy they were doing this together. She was always at her most peaceful state of mind when Bucky would take her to the kitchen with him. Watching him work so passionately was her little self’s own version of bliss. Bucky had the softest aura about him. He was the kindest, most beautiful and most loving Daddy she could’ve ever dreamed of having, and her little heart vowed to appreciate every second with him, every second of him.
“Wait, dada, leave some. Wanna taste.” She stopped Bucky’s hand from slopping the bowl further so the rest of the fruits would fall out.
Bucky, of course, listened to her at once, giving her the bowl to hold on her apron-covered lap as he grabbed her a spoon.
She loved having a taste of the leftovers. Sometimes Bucky would catch her licking cake dough off the bowl in the bakery kitchen and no matter how many times he’d tell her it wasn’t healthy, because the eggs in the batter were raw, she’d still be licking that dough the second he’d turn his back. Bucky loved her too much to be stern with her, so he’d just make sure he was always there, moving the bowl to the sink after being done with it and laughing at her cute pout when she’d see it fill with water as Daddy rinsed it.
Bucky shook the pan to evenly distribute the berries on the surface, adoringly grinning at her attempts to catch a berry that wouldn’t roll and slide off the spoon. She eventually managed to scoop some, moaning when she slid the spoon in her mouth. Bucky’s food always tasted so good she was in love.
“Good, baby?” Bucky licked his lips, wiping his palms on his apron again.
“So good, dada.” She nodded, indulging herself with another spoon of pie filling.
“Give daddy a taste, bonbon,” he asked lowly and she held her spoon up for him, trying not to spill.
Bucky smiled gently, taking the spoon and bowl from her and setting them aside.
She didn’t have time to be confused before he was kissing her, his tongue sliding in to taste hers. Her eyes closed as a surprised moan got out only to be swallowed by Bucky.
She tasted like her with a hint of blueberries, so sweet; so delicious. Bucky’s hands cradled her face as he deepened the kiss, not able to get enough of her flavor, her soft lips or the tiny sounds leaving them. Her smaller hands settled on his chubby tummy, before sliding to his sides to hold him close, slightly clutching his apron.
Their mouths parted, the need for oxygen kind of forcing Bucky away though he still gave her lips a couple of short kisses as he tried to take his breath, his forehead resting on hers.
“So good indeed,” Bucky chuckled breathlessly and her face felt hot, her nose shyly nuzzling Daddy’s cheek to hide.
“Hey, look at me,” Bucky’s voice was so velvety and soft as his fingers brought her face back to his, “I love you, bonbon,” Bucky said, his blue eyes enchanting hers and she could only see, hear, smell and feel him.
Bucky was gorgeous. His tall frame towering over hers, making her feel safe. His pink lips wearing a tender smile that was only designed for her. His cologne surrounding her and filling her chest with warmth. His belly soft and full under her palms. His hair a little out of place as a few strands had slipped out of the bun and refused to stay behind his ear. He was flawless and he was her Daddy.
“I love you, daddy,” she returned with a timid smile.
Her hand went up to slide Bucky’s soft hair back behind his ear, stealing his heart all over again when she cupped his cheek and pressed a tiny kiss to his lips.
With her hand still holding the side of his face and her face tilted upwards, she then started telling Daddy what they had to do next, talking about covering the filling using the remaining pie dough and such, wanting Bucky to be proud of her. And he was, though he wasn’t hearing a word she was saying, he was the proudest.
As he watched her lips move and her hands gesture, Bucky could only think he’d gone to heaven because that must’ve been the only correct name for what he was experiencing in her angelic presence.
Of all the sweet things he's ever tasted, she was his one, true addiction and Bucky was gladly hooked.
Tags: @harrysthiccthighss, @tinystudentfirepurse, @lavendercitizen
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belovasbrat · 3 months ago
i LOVED ‘such a good boy’!!!! maybe can you write one with the roles reversed? where little!reader has bad separation anxiety? thank u!!!
where you’re supposed to be
summary: you’re feeling anxious and bucky has to leave you whilst you’re in your littlespace. crying ensues.
w/c: 1.6k
warnings: ddlg dynamics, anxiety, crying, separation anxiety, fluffy ending <33
note: hmm not sure i like this😣 i’ve got some very exciting fics coming up soon heheh so be ready
Tumblr media
“Daddy!” you sob, tears soaking through Bucky’s shirt and leaving a dark patch over his chest. “P-please don’t go.” He shushes you gently, his strong arms wrapping around your body as he rocks you from side to side.
“I have to, baby girl.” he whispers into your hair, his heart aching at your state; fat tears roll down your cheeks and onto Bucky’s shirt as your chest heaves erratically. He lifts your face gently, brows knitting together as his flesh hand meets your cheek and finds it alarmingly hot to the touch.
“Oh, bubba. You gotta calm down.”
“‘M trying.” you cry as he wipes your tears away with his thumbs, only for them to immediately be replaced by more. “Don’t go. Need you.”
“It’s only for a few hours and I’ll be back, okay?”
“No. Jus’ stay.”
“I know it’s hard, baby doll. But I gotta.”
You hiccup through your tears, climbing further into his lap and wrapping your trembling arms around his middle. “N-no.”
“C’mon, you’re gonna have a great day with Uncle Stevie. You love Steve!”
“Love you more.” you grumble tearily into the fabric of his shirt, grabbing at him to pull yourself even closer to him. At the best of times, you’re anxious to be apart from him, but when you’re little like this it’s completely overwhelming, and you can’t bear for him to be out of your sight.
“Come on, baby. I need to go, so you’ve gotta get off of me, alright?”
“Daddy, no.” Your tears resume at full force as you bury your face in the crook of his neck, clinging to him like a lost puppy.
“Darlin’, Stevie’s here. You wanna say hi?”
“No.” you sob as he runs a hand through your hair in an attempt to calm you; you whine anxiously as you see Steve’s bulky frame step through the door, hiding in the broad expanse of Bucky’s chest.
“Hey, sweetheart.” Steve coos, crouching down to your level to make himself appear less intimidating — he’s fully aware of how bad you can be regarding separation from Bucky, and some days you struggle with it more than others. Today just happens to be one of those days. “How are you doin’?” You whimper in response and Steve understands immediately; even before Bucky became your Daddy, you were close with Steve, and over the years he’s learnt how to read your body language, knowing when you’re at your most anxious.
“Can’t do it.” you cry, wrapping yourself more tightly around Bucky as you grapple with yourself for some semblance of calm.
“It’s hard, I know.” Steve reassures you, shuffling a little closer to you and Bucky. “We’re gonna have so much fun today, and you can tell Daddy all about it when he gets back, okay?”
“M’kay.” you sniffle, allowing Steve to pry you off of Bucky slowly and sit you in his own lap. “Daddy.” you croak, holding back the tears burning in your throat.
“Yeah, angel?”
“Lub you.”
“I love you too, baby. Have a good day, alright?” He kisses your forehead sweetly before grabbing his bag and slipping out of the front door, leaving you a mess as Steve rocks you gently in his arms to comfort you.
“Shh, that’s it.” he coos as your cries begin to die down to soft whimpers, until you’ve tired yourself out completely and you fall limp against his broad chest. “Good girl. Let’s get you a snack, alright? And we can watch the tv for a little while before we play.”
“M’kay.” you sniffle as he scoops you up in his arms and carries you to the couch, sitting you down gently and going to the kitchen to cut you up some fruit.
He returns a couple of minutes later with a bowl of chopped strawberries, grapes, pineapple and watermelon, handing it to you and sitting himself on the couch next to you.
“Fank you.” you mumble softly, huddling your knees up to your chest timidly as you begin to eat.
Bucky strides into the compound with a face like thunder — he’s clearly in a much worse mood than usual, so much so that he doesn’t even acknowledge half of the members of the team, scowling if he’s addressed directly.
“What’s wrong with him today?” Tony laughs dryly from the other side of the conference room.
“Don’t push it.” Bucky snarls before lowering his head to look at the various papers in front of him. He’s been on edge ever since he left you this morning in a state — this is the worst you’ve been regarding your anxiety in a while and all he wants is to be back at home with you.
He starts to plough through his work, trying to get it done as quickly as possible so that he can come back to you.
By the end of your snack, you’re feeling much more comfortable with Steve, the anxiety gnawing at your chest easing just a little — just enough for your body to stop trembling and your muscles to unclench.
“You alright, honey?” Steve murmurs gently as you shuffle your body to lean against him. He can sense your change in demeanour, breathing a sigh of relief that you’re feeling more like yourself.
“Alright, honey? What would you like to do now?”
“Can we play?” you ask tentatively, twiddling your thumbs in your lap.
“Sure we can.” Steve smiles reassuringly at you; a smile automatically tugs at the corners of your lips just from that and you let him take your hand in his own, helping you stand. You trundle to the play room with him, babbling quietly about which toys you want to show him. He chuckles at the way your face lights up as you grow increasingly more excited and comfortable with him, Bucky leaving your mind for the time being. You nudge him to sit on the floor of the playroom, immediately getting to work and pulling all of your stuffies out of the drawers. You sit your favourite stuffie on Steve’s lap, patting her head.
“Dis is Miss Daisy. She wikes you, so be nice to her.” you instruct him — your bossy side really comes out to play when you’re in your playroom; Bucky finds it extremely endearing, your bossiness often leading to a tickle fight or something similar that usually ends in you laughing so much that tears stream down your face.
“Hi, Miss Daisy.” Steve coos to the stuffed dog and you giggle approvingly, sitting down next to him with two of your favourite colouring books.
“Let’s colour, Steebie!” you yell happily and he smiles, taking a crayon and opening the book obediently.
You carry on playing for what feels like hours in your little brain, but really is only around an hour and a half. Steve feels your head drop, landing on his shoulder gently as your body goes slack against him and soft snores begin to escape your lips.
“Aw, tired baby.” he chuckles, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you to your bedroom; he slides you under the covers, tucking you in tightly with your stuffie for a nap.
You don’t wake until Bucky’s already returned from work. He steps through the door, his muscles taut and leg jittering anxiously; he won’t be able to relax until he’s back with you.
“Hey, Buck.” Steve calls quietly from the couch.
“Hey, pal. Where’s Y/N?”
“She’s asleep. Tired herself out playing.” he chuckles.
“Did she calm down? Didn’t cry for too long?” Bucky worries his lip between his bottom teeth, eyes full of anxiety on behalf of his baby girl.
“No, not too long. She calmed down after a few minutes and then I gave her a snack.”
“Thank you so much for this. You’re the only other person she trusts.”
“It’s no problem, really. I like spending time with her, she’s fun.” Steve stands and Bucky wraps his arms around him in a quick but firm hug, patting his back in a grateful gesture.
“I’ll be goin’ then. See you later, Buck.” Steve smiles before retrieving his things and walking towards the door.
“Yeah. See you later.” He waves Steve off before kicking his boots off and padding up the stairs quietly to your shared bedroom.
He quickly sheds his clothes, bar his t-shirt and boxers, and slides into the plush bed next to you. You stir slightly, grumbling, and Bucky chuckles, shushing you and running a hand over your cheek.
“Hey, angel.” he coos, opening his arms as you sleepily shuffle into his embrace, planting your face into the warmth of the crook of his neck.
“Missed you.” Your voice is muffled through Bucky’s skin and he smiles warmly.
“I missed you too, my sweet girl.”
“Don’ go again.”
“‘M not goin’ anywhere, angel. I’m right here.” he croons, fingers carding through your hair and making your eyes flutter closed in bliss.
“Love you.”
“I love you too, baby.” He pulls you even closer, so your body is flush against his own, and you let out a hum of relief, letting yourself get lost in his warmth and his smell. He’s the best person to wake up to. Bucky vows to never leave you again when you’re feeling anxious — he loves you too much for that.
And so you drift back to sleep in Bucky’s embrace, as does he; his arms are your home and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.
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buckycuddlebuddy · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
» with a very last minute decision, i have decided to join kinktober, too! in this masterlist, everything is +18. so, please NO MINORS. 
» i will write one request everyday throughout the whole month! i will be adding every request i’ve written for kinktober in this masterlist! hope you like all of them! please leave comments, or feel free to send me asks! thank you! 
» prompts below for each day: 
Tumblr media
[parts will be added as they are posted]
» day one: princess
» day two: merciless
» day three: bite
» day four: lamb
» day five: holy
» day six: quiet
» day seven: tension
» day eight:
» day nine: rough
» day ten: feed
» day eleven: scars
» day twelve: tight
» day thirteen: mutual (part two)
» day fourteen: smooth
» day fifteen: leather
» day sixteen:
» day seventeen: dolly
» day eighteen: routine
» day nineteen:
» day twenty: sleepy
» day twenty-one:
» day twenty-two:
» day twenty-three:
» day twenty-four: scent
» day twenty-five:
» day twenty-six:
» day twenty-seven: accidental
» day twenty-eight: 
» day twenty-nine: special
» day thirty:
» halloween:
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bucksfucks · 2 months ago
chubby!bucky fuckin' his girl nice and deep vibes
fuck. fuck fuck fuckfuckfuck. this give me 6’5 bucky vibes. slightly chubby, has a soft belly and strong arms 🥺
but he’s a certified fucking freak. probably soft!dom and he’s holding you close to his chest like “oh bunny, you’re doin’ s’good. takin’ cock so well, ‘m fillin’ your tight lil’ cunt up, aren’t i?” and probably pressing you down onto him.
going “mhmm bunny, that’s right. ‘m makin’ you bulge out, that’s how fuckin’ deep i am.” 😩
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drysdale-barnes · 5 months ago
𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
request guidelines || main masterlist
~ fluff || • angst || ^ hurt/comfort || 💌 my favourites
nightmare - bucky has a nightmare and comes to you for comfort ^
my girl - bucky comforts you after you’re left shaken after a mission💌 ^
baby (dad!bucky) - you give birth to yours and bucky’s child ~
let me - bucky wants to take care of you whilst you’re pregnant but you feel like a burden ~
babydoll - you and bucky have a tickle fight. fluff ensues ~
glass - bucky has a nightmare and accidentally hurts you ^
miss you - bucky leaves on a long mission and you don’t think he’s coming back ~•
unbearable - bucky has a crush on you but goes about it in the wrong way •~
gentle - you have bad cramps and bucky helps you feel better 💌~^
visits (dad!bucky) - you visit sam’s family with bucky and your baby 💌 ~
flowers - you and bucky were both under the impression that the other was dead. you both find your way back to each other after 80 years apart •~
that’s how you know - bucky proves to you that he likes you after he hears you sing ~
apologies - you and bucky have a fight that escalates and he says something he doesn’t mean. you don’t know if you can forgive him •
thank you for saving me - you’ve been with bucky since hydra, and you’re not really sure how to live without each other 💌•~
broken promises - you and Bucky made a promise whilst at HYDRA. That if one of you escaped, you wouldn’t abandon the other. Bucky broke that promise. •~
home - bucky can’t cope after your death •
soup and cuddles - bucky looks after you when you’re sick ~
in another life - you come to a harsh realisation about bucky (set in the 1930s/40s)
mission report - you’re trying to write a mission report but bucky has other ideas ~
i’ve got you - bucky has a nightmare ^
angel - mob!bucky au where you accidentally interrupt an important meeting 💌*
you never loved her like i do - you were steve’s girl until he left you for peggy. consumed by grief and betrayal, you begin to give up on your life. until bucky finds you. will you be able to heal each other, or are you simply too broken? (ONGOING)
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boxofbonesfic · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nonnies, i present to you: 
Title: overheat
Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, breeding kink, dick too bomb
It’s those goddamn shorts. Bucky is trying hard not to glare at you, sprawled comfortably on the bed as you lounge. He’s got a love/hate relationship with those fucking shorts—mainly because every time you wear them, it’s just a torturous countdown to inevitable moment he rips them off. It’s miserably hot in the apartment—the central air is on the fritz, and the accompanying heatwave isn’t doing the apartment any favors. 
 You’ve stripped off the oversized t-shirt you’d been wearing, and now rested in only your strappy, black sports bra, your legs making a “4” as you tried to touch as little of your own skin to yourself as possible. Bucky’s sitting at the desk across from the bed, doing his best to respond to Steve’s emails about their newest client—but he can’t concentrate.
  Not when he can see the puffy, fatty curve of your cunt lips through the fucking fabric. Bucky’s half sure if he stares hard enough, the fabric might give a little, and maybe he’ll see even more. Your ass wiggles invitingly as you adjust a little, and Bucky groans quietly. You’re paying him less than no mind as you scroll through social media on your phone. 
 I have to respond to Steve about the security cameras. Bucky thinks uselessly to himself as he stares hard at the soft, tempting vee between your legs. Gotta okay the team for the install. You laugh softly at something before you sigh, dropping your phone as you pop up onto your knees. Oh fuck. You stretch like a cat, your perfect ass in the air and he can’t take it, pushing himself forcefully away from the desk as he storms over to the bed. 
 You squeak with surprise as his hands find your hips, yanking you backward. Your phone clatters to the ground, and your shrill “Hey!” is lost as he tugs at the elastic waist band of those tiny, godforsaken, perfect fucking shorts. He’s already hard, has been for he doesn’t even know how long, just from watching you. 
 “Shhh,” he says softly, and groans as he peels the stretchy blue fabric away from the pliant, round cheeks of your ass. “Teased me all morning in these fuckin’ things, doll.” He cups just underneath them, pushing up so that the soft flesh is compressed and then releases, watching mesmerized as it jiggles. “Fuck.” 
 Of course you’re not wearing any panties, and when he points it out, you giggle sheepishly. “It’s too hot for that, Buck.” 
 Fuck, he’s gonna ruin you. 
 He moves away just long enough to tug the offending garment down your thighs before settling between them himself. The bed is at the perfect height for him to nestle the thick, throbbing weight of his cock between your thighs, and he’s unable to contain the stream of curses that leak from his lips at the sight. 
 He pushes your thighs apart, and you let him, resting your head on your forearms as you peer cheekily over your shoulder at him. You wiggle your hips again, and you brush the curve of his belly. He’d been self conscious before, whenever he touched you, whenever any of his body touched yours. But as of late, that embarrassment has been fleeting, especially when he gets to focus on so many other riveting things—
 Like the noise you make when he runs an appreciative finger up your damp slit. It’s amazing, how you get wet for him so easy, like you were made for him. He pulls away and you mewl in disappointment. 
 “Buck—!” Whatever words you were going to say die in your throat as his tongue sweeps up the same path his finger took, slipping between your folds with practiced ease. You’re spread open before him like a fucking buffet, and he doesn’t have the self control not to taste you. “God!” You exclaim, pushing your hips back toward his face. “T-thought you were w-working!” 
 “Can’t concentrate,” he mumbles from between your legs, thrusting his tongue into the sopping mess of your cunt. “Could only think about this.” There’s a flood of fresh slick against his tongue, and he grins against you, wrapping his lips around your clit. Fuck, you’re so perfect. He’s not sure how he got this lucky, how he managed to pull this one off, but the smell and taste of you on his tongue assures him this is real. 
 You keen when his tongue travels up to the tight ring of your asshole, your hands fisting in the pillows and sheets. “Bucky, oh fuck, I—” You’re close, he can always tell, the way your body clenches and your words seem to fail all at once. There’s no time for displeasure as the head of his cock pushes at you, and Bucky leans back to watch, openmouthed and cursing as his leaking crown splits you apart. 
 Bucky’s as surprised as you are when you cum as he enters, and he curses, going down to one arm as he hunches over you, riding it out. You’re clenching down furiously around him, wetness spilling from your sweet pussy down onto his length, his thighs, the bed. It’s everything he can do not to join you in shaking completion—only because he wants more. Wants to take you further, wants to fuck you till you’re screaming and crying.
 “Such a pretty pussy, doll,” he growls raggedly, pulling out slow to marvel at your wetness on his cock. Your cunt’s like a wet fucking fist, tight and gripping onto him like you’ll die if he stays gone too long. You sob into the sheets and pillows when he bottoms out, his heavy balls tapping against your ass. God, he’s sure even if he didn’t move you could make him cum, feeling your wet-velvet walls pulsing around him. 
“Fuckin’ hungry cunt,” he curses, his fingers sinking into the softness of your hips as he bears down. “Gonna feed her for you, sweetheart, don’t you worry.” 
 There’s nothing leaving your lips but useless, meaningless babble; gibberish screamed into the sheets as he fucks you. Bucky leans down to wrap his arm around your middle, pulling you up to press your back against his chest. Tears stain your cheeks, and your chin is wet with drool.
 “Oh sweetheart. Fuckin’ ruined you, didn’t I?” He coos, cupping your chin with his vibranium hand as the other pins you against him. Again, you’re close again, and the thought fills him with delirious pride. Fuck, he’s so deep in you, it’s more than perfection, it’s heaven. And that’s before you part those pretty lips to say—
 “Wan’ you t’fill me up, Buck,” the plea makes his cock throb as his grip on you tightens for just an instant. He’s not even sure he really heard it as he slams back into you, your overworked cunt still sucking desperately at his cock. He growls at you, his teeth scraping across the skin at your throat as he thrusts harder, faster. 
 “Say it again,” he snarls, biting down hard enough to bruise. You mewl, more nonsense leaving your mouth. “Now.”
 “I—fuck, oh God—I want you t’fill my pussy up, Buck, please,” you whine, rolling your hips backward into his. He’s never heard you beg for it like this before, beg for his cock, his cum, and fuck it’s doing things to him.
 “Didn’t know my girl was such a needy fucking cockslut,” he bites the words out harshly between thrusts, and you grip him like a vice, the rising crescendo of your mewls and whimpers spurring him on. He bottoms out inside you, and a hoarse sob is his answer. “Whassa’matter, baby?” He taunts, panting. “Fucked you dumb?” 
 Your body convulses as you cum again, your walls milking him until Bucky cums with a hoarse shout. Pleasure crackles electrically up and down his spine, and he’s dimly aware of the bruising hold he has on your hips as he empties himself into your cunt. When Bucky can feel his toes again, he releases you, and you sag slowly down onto the bed with a satisfied little moan. 
 Bucky reluctantly pulls his softening cock from you with a hiss, admiring the thick drips of his cum that flow from your swollen, throbbing cunt. He collapses on the bed beside you, and you snuggle up against his side, draping your thigh across his own and your arm across his belly. 
 “What brought that on?” You ask tiredly, drawing absent patterns across his chest. Bucky grins down at you. 
 “Those fucking shorts.” 
 “Do you not like the color?” You chirp innocently up at him. “I’ve got more.” 
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
Okay now I really want to see reader edging librarian!Bucky and him begging her -Petal please... oh you are going to regret this- Until he breaks his ties and... 😳🥵🥵
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chubby Librarian Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, edging, oral (m rec.) Mild degradation, praise kink. No minors, 18+. Bucky is a switch. A needy switch
A/N: Early morning thots. Unbeta'd. Written on my phone. Don't copy, rewrite, translate or repost my drabbles. I do love comments and reblogs
Bucky finally lets you cum after edging you for hours, your orgasm was so good, so fucking incredible, that you nearly passed out, your legs kept shaking as you wailed. All he could do was stare at you, mouth open, eyes wide as pride unfurled in his chest.
He had no idea you could make noises like that, he had to put his hands on your belly to keep you from lifting off the bed. You were still panting, sobbing softly when he leaned over and asked with a boyish grin if he could try it too.
"If you wanna Petal," he said, biting his lower lip.
As soon as you could see again, you had him on his back with his hands tied to the headboard.
Bucky is always sexy, but Bucky sweatslicked and flushed and begging is breathtaking.
"Please Petal, jus lemme taste you," he whines, words slurring together as he lifts his head, his wet pink tongue pushing out of his mouth as you hover over him.
Grasping the headboard, you roll your hips, giggling as he begs again. "So pretty Petal, lemme taste, give it to me, please baby."
His voice is needy and frantic as he stares at your his pussy, you're right there, right there and he's salivating because he can see your glistening folds and your pretty little clit is right there damn it Petal. All he wants is you on his tongue.
"I jus need a little- ah no Petal don't," he cries out when you move away. Bucky yanks at his wrists, his hands curling into fists he watches you take his pussy away from him. "I'll be good, I'll be good," he breathes out.
Bucky has been very good. It's not his fault seeing him so helpless is intoxicating.
You suppress your grin, ducking your head so he can't see the look in your eyes, you're drunk on the power he's giving you.
You don't know what you like more.
The way he keeps dragging his swollen pink bottom lip between his teeth as you brush your thumb over his leaking cock. "You feel so good Petal, please do it again, please," he groans as you smear his precum over his smooth red tip.
Or the way glossy blue eyes darken whenever you twist your hands around his veiny shaft and tug his heavy balls just enough to make him stutter your name
So you do both over and over, working him in your hands, marveling at his warm firm cock twitching as you palm him.
Bucky feels himself losing control, his flush deepening as an unbearable heat spreads across his chest.
He hisses through his gritted teeth when you finally put your lips on him. His eyes nearly roll back, his head lifting off the pillow, he forces his eyes back open because he needs to see you swallow him.
And fuck this is something he'll never get tired of, his gaze unwavering as you wrap your lips around him, his cock throbbing as he slowly disappears into your warm, wet mouth. His right hand starts to slip through the tie.
"You look so pretty with my cock in your mouth, that's it, good girl, keep going, fuck just like that, " he praises, "let me cum Petal and I'll do whatever-" he breaks off into a guttural grunt when you hollow your cheeks and push your head down over his thick cock, "Oh fuck fuck, th-that's it."
You almost feel bad when you pull him out with a wet plop. Almost. Bucky slams his head down with a frustrated cry. His fingers are nearly free of his bonds as he yanks on them again.
You pat his soft, round belly, kissing it as jiggles. "I'll be right back," you sing as you climb off the bed and saunter out the room. His pleas for you to come back, don't leave me like this, Petal! follow you through the hallway.
The best thing about dating a nerd is it's easy to figure out how to please them. And you know exactly how you're going to blow Bucky's mind. You slip on the costume, adjusting your breasts while you look in the mirror. He's going to lose his shit.
Bucky keeps calling out for you, the knot around his left wrist unraveling.
"Bucky," you moan as you enter the room, posing in the doorway.
Bucky blinks once, twice as his mouth goes slack. He tries to swallow but can't because holy fuck you're gorgeous and you're wearing that costume, you know how much he loves the character and holy fuck he could scream.
You twirl around the bed with a giggle. "You like?"
"Come. Here."
You stumble at his tone, deep and commanding. Even when he's domming you, he's never sounded like that. He's gazing at you with crazed lust-blown pupils. A fresh wave of slick drips down your thighs as you whimper. "Bucky-"
He grins, licking his lips. "Petal you better come here now." His piercing gaze searing through you and you clench down over nothing, the urge to be filled with his cock making your knees weak.
Your eyes widen when you spot his wrists working free of the bonds. You're in danger. And you love it. Your pussy throbbing when he growls your name. His cock getting even harder as his eyes rake up and down your body.
"I swear-" he starts, the headboard hitting the wall as he jerks his arm down.
Your heart pounding like a drum in your chest as he breaks his right hand free, curling his index finger, gesturing for you to come to him.
"Petal," he warns
You take a step back, "nope." Your thighs slip against each other as you move, your cunt aching and wet.
Bucky smirks, his lips twisting up. He nods, drinking in you, already planning on buying more costumes for you to wear.
The tension thickens the quiet, still air as he sits up, rubbing his wrists in his hands. Your eyes flit between his face and his cock, the prominent veins twisting around his swollen shaft, the head a deep red as more precum beads out of his slit.
"I warned you."
As chubby as he is, Bucky is quick on his feet. He's a blur as he leaps out of the bed, his dog tags clinking together, the frame creaking and groaning as he moves. His foot hits the floor with a sharp slap.
A startled squeak escapes your lips as you turn on your heel. Your hand reaches the door when you're swung into the air by your waist. "Bucky," you squeal as he whips you around the room until you're in front of the mirror by your dresser.
He pushes you down to your knees, his large body behind you. His chest heaves as if he can't get enough air in, maybe he can't. He can barely focus on thinking, let alone breathing.
Not with you looking so fucking perfect. His fingers reverently trace the design across your chest.
"I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll feel me inside your tight little pussy all week, you're not going to walk straight for days" he promises, moving the material around until he gets to your cunt, his cock sliding through your folds. "And if you keep this on, I'll eat your pussy until you can't cum anymore."
"I'm going to tear you apart with my cock until you're nothing but my sweet little cockdrunk slut." He thrusts in you, his furious pace has your hands scrambling on the smooth floor, sensations rolling through you with each deep stroke.
He takes your chin, making you meet his eyes in the mirror, smiling when you gasp feeling his thick cock move deeper in your body.
"By the time I'm done with you Petal--" he grunts, snapping his hips up into you so hard, you feel him in your belly, pleasure wrenching through your cunt.
"You're going to be nothing but a whimpering fucked out mess for me to play with."
"And I can play for hours."
And I-
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sergeantbuckybarnes · 5 months ago
everything i wanted // bucky barnes
Summary: Bucky asks you to pick Rebecca from school, as you spend the day with her, you can’t help to think that this is what you want, for the rest of your life.
Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x Reader (Single Parent AU)
Word count: 1.4k
Warnings: fluff, so much fluff
A/N: As always, remember English is not my first language. Also, thanks to @coffee-books-music​ for proofreading this!
You can consider this as a part two of begin again.
And tagging @buckys-estrella​ because you asked me to!
divider by @firefly-graphics​
wanna be added to my permanent taglist? here
main masterlist
Tumblr media
You were in front of the Brooklyn Elementary School waiting for Rebecca, your boyfriend’s daughter. Bucky had called you and told you that something came up at the workshop and he couldn’t pick Becca from school, so he asked you if you could do it. You didn’t mind, you and Bucky had been dating for a while now, since the day you saw him at the diner waiting for a date that never showed up and you decided to be his date instead everything had been perfect.
You met Rebecca a couple of months later. At first, you were nervous, thoughts of her not liking you plagued your mind but Bucky always reassured you that she was going to love you. And he was right. The little girl was delighted with you.
The three of you did a lot of things together, you went to the zoo, to the movies… Bucky couldn’t help himself think that this is how things should have been with Dot. He knew he was a good father and Rebecca loved him a lot but he also knew his little girl needed a mother figure, that’s why he kept going on those dates. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have met you, someone that not only loved him but loved his daughter too.
The bell sounded, announcing the end of the classes for the day. They pushed the front doors of the building open, and you observed kids running out, excited that school was finally over. Your eyes caught the little brunette, she was peacefully walking with a blonde kid beside her.
“Becca!” you tried to catch her attention when you saw she was looking around looking for her father. When her eyes landed on you, a big smile grew on her face.
“Who’s that, Bec?” asked the boy who was still beside her.
“That’s my mom,” Rebecca replied, and with that she ran towards you without bidding goodbye to her friend. You picked her up in your arms, her little arms wrapped around your neck.
You asked, “Had fun at school?” She furiously nodded as she rambled on about what she had done, “…and Miss Larson asked a super hard question and I was the only one who knew the answer.”
“That’s my girl,” you high-fived with her as she laughed.
“Why did you come today?” she asked, tilting her face.
“Your dad is busy at work, so he’s gonna come home late.”
“So you’re gonna stay with me then?” she asked, hope and excitement clear in her voice.
You just nodded and she let a victorious sound escape her mouth. You laughed putting her on the ground and grabbed her tiny hand in yours. “Ready to go home?”
Tumblr media
It was late at night when Bucky came home, when he noticed you weren’t in the living room he made his way upstairs to see the adorable image of you and Becca sitting on her bed, his daughter between your legs while you brushed her hair.
Neither of you had noticed his presence yet, he smiled at the view in front of him, how comfortable you were with each other, it was so natural. The thought of coming home every day to this filled his heart with warmth.
Knock Knock
“Daddy!” Rebecca screamed when she saw her father on the doorstep of her room, but she didn’t run and jump into his arms like she would normally do.
“What? No hug today?” Bucky pouted, which made his little girl giggle.
Rebecca pinched her nose with her fingers “You stink, daddy!”
Bucky gasped with fake offense and averted his gaze to you for support, only to receive a “Don’t look at me, Becca is right.”
Your boyfriend raised his hands in surrender. “Alright, I’ll take a shower, but you, young lady, are going to sleep now,” he said, pointing his index finger towards his daughter.
“But Y/N is brushing my hair!” she whined.
“She can brush your hair another day. You’ve got to wake up early for school tomorrow,”
Rebecca looked up at you, “Can you read to me?”
“Honey, I bet Y/N is tir-” But you didn’t let your boyfriend finish his sentence. “I don’t mind.”
“Yaaay,” the little girl screamed happily. She got up from the bed and ran to get a book.
Your boyfriend gave you a “Are you sure?” look.
“It’s okay,” you reassured him, “You go shower.” Bucky nodded and left the room as Rebecca crawled back to bed and handed you a book.
She got under the covers, and you lied beside her, opening the book and started reading. “The little prince. Oh, I love this one.”
Tumblr media
Once Rebecca finally fell asleep, you gave her a soft kiss on her forehead and made your way downstairs. Your boyfriend had finished his shower just a few minutes ago, his hair still damp.
“She’s asleep?” he inquired, his arms wrapped around your figure. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, taking in the scent of sandalwood and bergamot. You hummed in response. “Thank you for today.” At this you pulled away from him, looking at his soft features.
“It’s not a problem. You know I love spending time with her.”
“I know. And I love you for that,” he caressed your face and pulled you in again. Joining his lips with yours, your hands reached the back of his neck and you tangled your fingers into his wet hair, earning a low moan from him. You smiled into the kiss, giving him a last peck before pulling apart.
You both sat on the couch, your head resting on Bucky’s shoulder and one of your hands on his round belly, drawing patterns with your fingers. He had one arm safely around you. As you were telling him your day with Becca, he noticed that in the tone of your voice, there was something bothering you in the back of your mind.
“Hey,” he gently grabbed your chin with his free hand and made you look at him. “What’s wrong?”
You licked your lips, a habit you had developed years ago and something you always did when you were nervous. You could feel Bucky’s eyes piercing into yours. A worried expression etched on his features. “Did Becca say something to you?”
You shook your head. Swallowing hard, you tried to find the right words, not wanting your boyfriend to misinterpret what you wanted to convey. “It’s just… today, when I went to pick Becca from school, there was this kid with her and when he asked her who I was, she said that...she said that I was her mom,” You weren’t bothered or mad about the little girl referring to you as her mother but to say it didn’t shock you when you heard the words leave her mouth. Especially because it was the first time she did it.
You loved Rebecca the minute you met her; she was an adorable kid, and you of course you had thought about spending time with Bucky and her for the rest of your life, but you didn’t know if that wasn’t something she wanted, if it was something Bucky wanted. So when you heard the little girl refer to you as her mom, something fluttered inside you.
“Did she?” You could see the slight surprise on his face, but still a large smile grew on Bucky’s face and you felt like you could sigh in relief. He didn’t seem to be bothered by it. Quite the opposite, actually. “How do you feel about it?”
“I- I really liked it,” you shyly admitted, a matching smile growing on your face.
“Yeah?” he asked again. He just needed to be sure, the smile never leaving his face.
“Yeah,” you laughed happily. Bucky caressed your cheek with his thumb, and shifted your position on the sofa a little, to have better access to your lips. It was soft and sweet, nothing in the world existed but you two, you could feel fireworks exploding inside of you. Kissing Bucky always felt special and magical, but this kiss had something different, something you couldn’t explain with words.
“Every time I’m with you, there’s no other place I’d rather be. You are my world, my everything, and I’d love to do nothing more than make you happy. Becca loves you, and she could never have a better mom than you. I love you, Y/N, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So I’m asking...will you marry me?”
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bucky-soldat · a month ago
Hungry For You
Pairing: Chubby!Baker!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Pussy eating, fingering, Bucky loving it, choking and implied smut.
A/N: I just love writing for Chubby!Baker!Bucky. Written on my phone, sorry, all mistakes are mine. Enjoy! Any feedback in the form of comments, reblogs and likes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Tags: @bucky-daddy @mymindslabyrinth @sableseb @sebs-oceaneyes @tumblin-theworldaway @buckysboobs @theluxuriousfangirl @hiddles-and-skittles @cevans-is-classic @thanksforallthesushi @lokiskitten @the-invisible-queer @buckybarneschokeme @spicynudlesoup
Tumblr media
You've been helping Bucky out in the kitchen by sorting some of the new equipment he got. He's been thrilled that his bakery was doing so well that he was able to do some upgrades. He's been engrossed in his work lately which was fine. You were immensely proud of him and you've always admired his zeal for it.
"James..." You started as you hopped up on the kitchen counter, swinging your legs slowly.
He caught your suggestive smirk but quickly glanced back down to the papers he was looking at, without saying a word to you.
"Bucky, come here." You were pouting, impatient to capture his attention.
"Cupcake..." His gentle warning tone wasn't doing it for you. You were determined to get him to stop working for a while and enjoy some time together, even if it was spent at his bakery. 
"Buck... you know I love you and I love all this. But I miss you." You mumbled. "Please look at me as I'm talking to you right now." You pleaded softly.
Bucky sighed and put down the papers he was holding and stepped closer to you, getting between your legs. He wrapped his arms around your waist. "I'm sorry, cupcake. I've been a crappy boyfriend. I know... it's just-"
Your puppy dog eyes left your features as soon as you had him in front of you like this. You held your index finger across his soft plump lips to stop him from apologizing.
"It's okay Buck. I know that you're doing so well and I am so proud of you. I just want you to hold me for a while." You gave him a toothy grin as your fingers twirled his soft hair on the back of his head.
Bucky laughed at what you have just said cause he knew you better than that. "Are you sure that that's all you wanna do? Hold you?"
Silently, he lifted your dress, revealing your panties, brushing two fingers to your already wet core. "Hmm. Hold you, you say." He repeated your words again, smirking up at you.
You bit your lip as you watched him touch you. One of your hands was now stoking down his belly, wanting to get a feel of him too. But Bucky didn't budge. The underside of his belly was brushing the top of the counter, as he leaned in. He had full access to you as the counter was a little higher than usual so he kept on rubbing his fingers against your continuously throbbing pussy.
"I took you last night, over and over and you still want more, Cupcake, mm?" He teased, his voice no longer soft as it it usually were. His character was different when you two would sleep together. The softness would get replaced by roughness. It was still gentle but he wanted you to know that he owned each and every part of you. He shook your world just as you shook his. He would fuck you deep and hard sometimes, relishing by the sound of his balls slapping against your skin. Other times he would make love to you slowly, dragging his thrusts as he'll take you apart, your nails digging into his shoulders, to get him to speed up his pace. But he wouldn't. He controlled your pleasure and he knew that you loved it even though you'll never outwardly admit it.
"James..." You choked out softly, shuddering lightly as he stopped briefly rubbing his fingers only to slide down your panties, tucking them into his jeans pocket for safe keeping as he would call it. He would give them to you later but he enjoyed taking them from you, knowing that you were wearing nothing underneath, having all the access to you whenever he'd want you.
Bucky was about to open for dinner soon. He was experimenting, serving from a new menu, turning the bakery into a relaxing diner for dinnertime. So he had to act fast and he knew that you will be staying over to help out. He was already getting the idea that he would fuck you on the kitchen counter when everyone would leave. After all, he had already taken your panties. For now he'd have to make you come by eating you out. Out of all the food that Bucky enjoyed in his life, the taste of your pussy was by far his favourite.
"Open those legs a little wider, cupcake." His palms were on your thighs, spreading your legs for him. Your pussy was glistening as the soft white light shone on you. "Baby, I can't really fuck you right now as you know that I gotta take my time when I do that. Instead..." He stepped back to crouch in front of you, pulling you from your waist, your pussy in level with his mouth. "I'm going to get a taste of your sweet cunt. I want to have you on my lips all through the night, while I watch you walk without your panties on, knowing that by that time again, you will be drenched, your pussy begging for more." His voice trailed, hungry gaze fixed on you, as his metal fingers were now touching you. The cold at first caused you to hiss, your eyes fluttering shut.
He nudged you, "eyes on me." He ordered huskily as two of his metal fingers pushed into you without warning. You were so wet that Bucky could insert another finger, spreading you wide for him. His eyes darted to look down at your swollen cunt, watching as he pushed his digits slowly into you, twisting a little his fingers whilst inside you. You moaned loudly as he did that, making him chuckle.
"My mouth isn't even on you yet and you're already a mess." He pointed out as a matter of fact, before dipping the tip of his tongue on your clit, giving it a quick lick. You whimpered as his tongue touched your most sensitive area while his metal fingers were still inside you, pushing, twisting his fingertips upward in come hither motion, brushing against your sweet spot. You were propped on your elbows now because you couldn't hold your composure and Bucky didn't complain so long as you watched what he was doing to you.
With the tip of his tongue, he teased your clit again, darting his tongue from side to side, before he hungrily and again without warning sucked on your clit. "Mmm." He vibrated against you as he ate you out, his fingers still buried inside you. Your own orgasm was building up rapidly as he his pace quickened, matching the assault on your clit. You watched as his teeth dragged along your sensitive nub. Then he removed his two fingers from inside you and lapped at your folds, sucking on your wanton flesh.
"Oh that...please, don't stop." You gasped as you felt your orgasm ripping through you as his tongue circled against your folds hungrily.
He had you squirting and he swallowed all your sweet juices that came out of you. He loved whenever he did that to you and he loved when you encouraged him for it. "Buck, that's me out like that...fuck." Moaning, panting and all spent, you encouraged further, "come kiss me."
Bucky was quick on his feet, stretching his legs as he did. He didn't kiss you just yet. First he pushed his metal fingers that were inside you in your gaping mouth. You moaned again and licked his fingers clean. You loved it when he would use his metal arm. It felt different and that excited you. To keep you reeling for the remainder of the night, he wrapped his flesh hand around your throat causing you to choke out in surprise. Your tongue still poked out against his metal fingers. "My goodness cupcake, you really love it when I choke you don't you?" He said amusingly, not expecting you to reply as you were still on high. His fingers were replaced by his lips on you, kissing you lovingly, licking your bottom lip. His flesh hand relaxed on your throat but still held it there as he kissed you.
Since your were back to sitting up, head slightly down to meet his lips but held in place, your arms and legs wrapped around him, pulling him closer, never wanting to let go.
Bucky's flesh fingers left your throat as his metal fingers were stroking your cheek, pulling back slowly. You were holding him in place now and that made him laugh a little again. "Love, I held you just as you wanted me to... now I gotta open as I've got hungry patrons to feed."
A hearty laugh escaped your lips. "Alright, fine." You nodded still laughing, "but you've still got a hungry girl friend, you know...hungry for you." You licked your lips, your eyes still looking lustful as ever at him.
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barnesmurdock · a month ago
Under the tree.
Pairing: Beefy!Chubby!Bucky x fem!Reader
Summary: You and your husband have a picnic under a tree.
Word count: 858
Warnings: mentions of food, pet names (doll, angel), pure fluff.
A/N: soo this is just another fluffy drabble! If you enjoy it, please let me know! Reblogs, comments and likes are appreciated ❤️
The birds were singing, the sun was shining and the breeze was just cool enough to prevent you from sweating. Spring had begun just in time. After months of working non-stop on the house you'd bought after the wedding, you and Bucky were done. The porch was fixed, the paint had dried, the roof had been replaced, Bucky had insisted on making a swing on a tree, the house was full and cozy... It was finally home.
To celebrate, you wanted to make something special for lunch but, with a day as gorgeous as this one, Bucky suggested a picnic.
And that's what you ended up doing. You were currently laying on a blanket under the shade of a tree by the lake, completely stuffed after a cheese board, some delicious sandwiches and white wine.
As full as you were, you couldn't say no to Bucky hand feeding you pieces of his delicious fruit salad.
"Buck, seriously, I can't eat anything else. It physically doesn't fit in my body." You chuckled as his fingers held a piece of kiwi in front of your lips for you to take.
"C'mon, Doll, just this one." He gave you his best puppy eyes, moving the slice closer to your mouth and accidentally poking your lower lip with it.
"Don't look at me like that, it's unfair!" You whined, getting a laugh out of him, the vibration of his soft belly gently moving your head. In the end, you complied, taking the juicy fruit from him and playfully nibbling the tip of his flesh fingers.
"That's my girl." Bucky cooed, gazing lovingly at you and caressing your head with his clean metal hand.
You couldn't help but smile at him, beaming with adoration. He had come such a long way. The scared, confused, paranoid, brooding, closed off man he was when you first met was long gone. Now, Bucky was a caring, loving, funny, soft beefcake who enjoyed going to the farmers market, getting free samples of everything and spending too much time smelling the handmade soaps. It had taken him a few years of hard work, sweat and tears but he made it. He was still overprotective, some nights he couldn't go to bed without doing a perimeter check and he still needed to have all kinds of guns hidden around the house just in case. But you understood him. After all, he was finally free. He wasn't the fist of HYDRA, or a wanted man, or someone overwhelmed by his demons. He was… just Bucky. Free. And after all this time he still struggled to believe it was real.
"Angel, I know I'm handsome but you've been staring for a while." Bucky's amused voice brought you back to reality.
"Oh but you don't know how handsome you are." You winked at him, his smile widening when you got up from his abdomen to get a kiss from his lips.
Haphazardly laying on top of him, your hands cupped his stubbled cheeks and your fingers gave them a gentle scratch before pressing your lips against his.
Bucky's strong arms wrapped around your waist, holding you close as he reciprocated the kiss.
He had been finishing the rest of the fruit while you zoned out, making him taste sweet and tangy and you couldn't get enough, making you humm as you sucked his lower lip.
The two of you stayed like that for a while, sharing lazy kisses and caresses, no need to go further than that.
Once you were satisfied, your mouth left his to place a kiss on his chin, then his throat, then the center of his chest and finally his belly, resting your head right in the middle. Your arms snaked around his waist through the space between his back and the tree he was resting on to loosely hold him.
Bucky's hands went back to your hair, shifting between playing with it and delicately stroking the lines of your face.
"You comfortable?" Your husband asked, happy to serve as a human pillow for you.
"Mhmm." You simply hummed, hugging him tighter.
"You're gonna fall asleep."
Bucky simply sighed, knowing you'd be out in no time.
"We should invite Steve and Sam for dinner now that we're done with the house." You mumbled, your eyes already fighting to stay open.
"We could make that pasta thing you do, with the special sauce and all that. What do you think? Doll?" You really didn't want to sleep, but he was so soft and warm and loving you couldn't help it.
Bucky slowly shook his head, chuckling after realizing he was right and you were already asleep. You didn't even last 5 minutes. But he was comfortable too and the view was amazing. The sun shining through the branches of the tree, making patterns on the blanket you two were tangled, the greenery, the birds and the bugs in the sky, the lake glistening in the background and most importantly, you. The love of his life laying there, unaware of how cute you look when you slept. Just for you, he could stay like that for hours.
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ofstarsandvibranium · 4 months ago
So This is Love: Part 1
Fandom: Marvel (College AU)
Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x F!Reader
Summary: Your friend and roommate, Bucky, is a bit of an annoying fuckboy. He sleeps around as well as tries to be as annoying to you as possible. But here's the thing: you don't mind any of it.
Warning: mentions of sex
A/N: shoutout to @solarsystembitch for the wonderful idea!!
Tumblr media
Bucky knew you'd be coming home soon. You had a late lecture today and it would be any minute now that you'd be walking in through the door. He knew your schedule like the back of his hand, which was why he was currently fucking a girl on the couch in the living room.
The girl's face was nuzzled into the right side of his neck, her moans filling his ears as she road him. But he wasn't really paying attention to her, no, his eyes were on the front door.
He hears the familiar creak of the apartment door and he smirks. He pulls the girl's face away from his neck so he can kiss her. She moans into the kiss, but then pulls away when she hears, "Ah."
The girl on Bucky, scrambles away, pulling one of the decorative pillows to shield her naked body.
Bucky snickers and nods towards you, who's going towards the kitchen, "How was class?"
"Socratic seminar. Really exhausting." he hears the fridge door open and close and then the crinkling of a chip bag, "I expect you to put all of that in the laundry when you're done," you murmur as you head to your room, the door shutting behind you.
Bucky furrows his brows and frowns. He expected something a lot more...dramatic? He wanted you to yell at him, scold him, something! But no, you remained nonchalant and proceeded to just head to your room.
"Um," the girl...Mikayla, he thinks her name was, spoke up, "Should I go?"
He shrugs and leans back against the couch, "If you want, honestly, I don't really care."
"Fine, I'll leave," she mumbles dejectedly, hurriedly pulling on her clothes and then marching out the door.
Bucky sighs and redresses, somewhat. He pulls on his boxers and joggers, leaving his pudgy belly out on display, and proceeds to remove the coverings on the couch. He pulls a hamper from the linen closet and tosses the coverings in them. He then sets the hamper down and makes his way over to your room. He knocks but doesn't hear you respond. So he opens the door and you're at your desk, earbuds in, and working on some homework.
He walks over and hugs you from behind, which you immediately jump and pull away from, "Did you even shower yet?" You ask as you take your earbuds out.
Bucky smirks, "Nope."
You cringe and shiver, "Gross. Scrub yourself clean before you touch me. And did you throw the couch covers in the laundry?"
"On my way to do that now."
You glance at the clock on your desk and you look confused, "Wait, you're done already?"
He shrugged, "She got embarrassed and left."
"It's not a big deal," he looks at your bed and smirks and you already knew what he was thinking, "Bucky, don't-"
You pinch the bridge of your nose and let out a deep sigh, "Why are you like this?"
"Oh come on, Peaches, I know you love me. I bring excitement to your boring life."
"Uh huh, yeah, whatever you tell yourself," you murmur as you sit back at your desk, putting your earbuds back in, "Wash those with the couch coverings too, please," and then you're back typing away on your laptop.
Again, leaving Bucky frowning, and unsatisfied from your reaction.
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punani · 8 days ago
Not chubby!Bucky out here eating out a plus size brown skin girl on the flour-dusted counter with a peach pie in the oven from when they went peach picking on the local farm 👀
you're still in that pretty, pastel pink dress that he's been itching to peel off of you since you nearly bounded down the steps out of excitement for morning fruit picking
you absolute adored the local farm, cultivating a relationship with the farmers to the point of knowing their families
alpha!chubby!bucky always purred approvingly at your kindness, pressing your body into the softness of his belly as he presses his nose to the crown of your head to inhale your scent briefly before whispering that you're too sweet for your own good
so, you're still clad in that same pretty dress, only you're a mess now
'a-alpha,' you croon, thighs trembling as he keeps you caged to his mouth
the smell of the peach pie in the oven is nothing compared to your syrupy, omega scent that has him wanting to succumb to the ravenous wolf he is
you can't bring yourself to feel remorse when you get flour in his hair, your hands covered in the white powder that ghosted over the counter your back was firmly pressed against
vaguely, you register the white handprints on your contrasting skin, but the feeling of bucky slipping two thick fingers into your leaking slit has you tensing your thighs and chirping in delight
'yes, peach? what can i do for ya?'
god, you always love when his drawl pokes out between his words from time to time, but you also can't stand it when it comes out during his time to tease you
he nips at the softness of your plush inner thighs, curling his fingers within your heat as you watch him proceed to run his tongue over your stretch marks and darkened spots
it only proves to make it more intense when he continues to open you up on his fingers, his tongue eventually finding the bundle of nerves that have you singing for him
'always taste so good f'me, peach. such a pretty omega–my omega.'
slutty sunday™
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awesomerextyphoon · 3 months ago
Summary: You and Bucky spend a splendid evening together
Pairing: Chubby Beefy!Bucky x Plus-Sized Baker!Reader
Word Count: 770
Rating: 18+ / Mature
Warning: Sensual Massaging, Body Worship, Fluff, and Implied Smut
A/N: I’m trying my luck with drabbles in order to get myself back into a writing mood. Enjoy!
Back to Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Uh, I’m stuffed!” Bucky exclaimed as he dumped himself onto the couch. His unforgiving paprika long-sleeved Henley riding up his overworked belly.
“Well, you did overdo yourself, love,” you gently chided as you gave him a kiss while you rubbed his distended belly.
“I can’t help it. Your food is too delicious.” He wasn’t lying. Your food puts Stark’s Michelin star chefs to shame in his opinion. Tonight’s menu was an incredibly decadent 100-hr lasagna with Lemon Ricotta Cake and Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato. Fuck. Could you really blame him if he may have eight servings of dinner and five servings of dessert?
Well, his stomach could.
“Oh, you poor baby.” You cooed as you placed a kiss onto his belly right below the exposure line of his Henley.
Bucky hummed happily at the gesture. He loved the attention and care you gave him. You always welcomed him with open arms never caring about his past or his vibranium arm.
He smiled to himself remembering the day he saw you.
He was taking a walk out of Tower one morning after yet another nightmare when he heard a light, acute laugh that sounded like the clear tinkling of bells. Luckily, he was able to discern that the source was from a bakery across the street.
He saw you handing a customer and their child a bag of cookies and almond croissants. You patted the child on the head as they went in for a hug. Waving your customers goodbye, you turned your head slightly and saw him, really saw him in a way that only Steve did. You smiled and waved at him as he entered the bakery savoring the rich, heavenly aromas feeling welcome for the first time in decades.
It didn’t take long for you to warm his heart and everyone in the Tower noticed. Though it did take Bucky five months for him to make his way into yours. Both Sam and Steve ribbed him for ‘losing his 40s charm’.
It took another six months for Bucky to realize he was packing on the pounds. Having a super-soldier metabolism makes these things easy to forget. It didn’t matter in the end because he liked what he saw. He was truly happy for the first time since 1943. He no longer looked like HYDRA’s Fist, a being of destruction and agony. Instead, he looked like his own person again and he was eternally grateful to you for making it possible.
Plus, he felt a rush of ecstasy whenever you gave his tummy some love every chance you got.
“Hmm, if you’d like, I could give you a belly massage.” You offered grinning at the pleased moan that escaped his lips, “I’ll take that as a yes.”
You loved seeing his relaxed face. Bucky was everything you wanted in a boyfriend. He was kind, a great listener, funny (been having some self-doubt about that), and witty. It didn’t hurt that he was drop-dead gorgeous. You could’ve sworn your panties dropped every time he moaned from the taste of your food.
Also, you wanted to return the favor for the phenomenal neck and back rub he gave you the other night.
“Alright, Bucky. Let’s get started, okay?” You smiled giving his taut tum a placating pat giggling when he let out a loud belch ending in a gratified groan.
“Fuck, that hit the spot, doll.”
“I’m glad I could be of service.”
You pulled off his Henley biting your lower lip at the somewhat softened planes of muscle gracing your vision. Carefully, you poured some oil over his belly and began to tenderly massage his softening midsection.
Whatever tension he held throughout the day melted off his face. You lived for the moments of peace you could give him.
You made sure to apply extra pressure to the spots he guided you to while also making sure to give his belly a kiss now and then.
“You’re so beautiful, Bucky.” you praised. Every model in the fitness magazines and in movies had nothing on him. You wanted to make sure he knew it, too.
Bucky could only moan in response, but that could also be the knot you loosened near his right pectoral.
You were about to move onto his shoulders when picked you up bridal so quickly that you felt a little disoriented. Damn super soldier reflexes.
“Thanks for the dinner and massage, doll. Now it’s time to return the favor.” Bucky growled with a devilish grin.
You laughed as he carried you to the bedroom with both of you wondering happily what you did to deserve each other.
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bucksfucks · a month ago
how would chubby bucky react to reader getting all needy at night and begging to cockwarm him
chubby!bucky???!! chubby!bucky!!!!! 😳 gimmie.
he’s so underrated, i love him. his tummy is soft and his arms are big and strong and you love that about him. so you probably cling to his arms when you sleep and he finds it the cutest thing ever!
and i think that chubby!bucky loves to shower before bed. he’s a night shower type of guy, yk? so he’s always warm and smells like lavender and bergamot and it puts you right to sleep as you cuddle up.
but bucky’s in your dreams and you’re rutting your hips against his leg and it’s enough to wake bucky up as he watches you and thinks you look so pretty and desperate.
soon enough you’re awake. racing heartbeat and a seemingly insatiable need for him. more specifically, his cock. and bucky can see this. “buck, please. god i need you so bad, i’m so close but i need you to get me there.”
and he hums, voice low and raspy from the couple hours of sleep. “is my girl just in desperate need of my cock filling you up and stretchin’ you?” he cooes as you nod your head.
probably loves teasing you holding your face in his hands like “you want ‘side you, don’t you, dove?” ugh and he would end up fucking you nice and slow through the night 😩
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