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ohhh boy

did i ever mention how natalie was like. involved in my gay awakening ksgsj she has a sex scene with mila kunis in black swan (which doesn’t actually happen in the story, natalie girl was going crazy, blablabla) but like. it was on my screen. i watched it. i remember just feeling so hot and having no idea that girls could just. be like that lmao

fuck charlize, marry natalie, and unfortunately charlotte has to go

send me 3 people for fmk!!

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Oof, I'm sorry, any chance at catharsis with her?

Not at all. I have quite a bit of a grudge against both my parents. As a child I was propped up as an accessory, as an adolescent I was ignored and when I reconnected with them as an adult, all they did was use their means and connections to spy on me.

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My Math teacher docked 2 points from my extra credit for calling Bane "Big Daddy Bane" twice in his class, his new punishment method is to just take extra credit points when I say big Daddy Bane whenever either of us makes TDKR references.

As a former teacher I feel that I would do something similar

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It's your birthday??? Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

THANK YOUUUU! We have just picked up my birthday cheescake and I don’t know why I feel compelled to give people a play-by-play of my day ahahahah <333 it’s so sweet of you to comment, hee!


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Wassup is it Thirsting over HCo hours yet??

Excuse me but it is always Thirsting over H Company Hours

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chucklestud reblogged your post:ur profile says 18 but cool you’re 19, that…

Anyways, kids are gross and no, I won’t grow into wanting to have kids, and certainly not babies.

I blocked this numbskull for being a dummy about kids but she’s also a transmisogynist / transphobe who is cool with misgendering trans women she doesn’t like and harping about how “trans + straight” is more acceptable than “cis + gay” as an identity. tomfoolery all around, but hey.

at least she already hates kids so we won’t have to deal w her putting more transphobes into the world :^)

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BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award, you’re supposed to paste it in the ask of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. 🌷:)

I’m gonna cry thank you!!!

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I’m gonna answer this as amicably as I can, but put simply, no… I won’t tag a “slur” for my identity, a word which has a rich history BEFORE it was used against the community which claims and has already reclaimed it for decades, now. (I.e., not just ‘young people’.)


Every single identity word we have has been used against us at some point, and I won’t participate in relegating to an asterisk’ed slur word the best umbrella term the LGBTQIAP+ community has to include ALL of us.


I am here, we are here, I am queer, and I will never apologize for using the best word for it.


That said, I know that some people have issue with it, just like other terms for specific parts of the community, and those people are perfectly welcome to blacklist the word. My blog uses the tag #queer-things, as well as #queer-community. You can blacklist those, and if that’s not enough, I won’t be hurt if anyone unfollows me. [edit: Regardless, I am not in the business of making sure every post that may passingly use the word Queer gets tagged if it’s not specifically about the Queer Experience™ or some other community-relatable thing. I am loudly pro-queer as a term, and it’s just gonna be like that here.]


You have the right to curate your tumblr experience, but let’s be clear that that happens on your end, not mine.


There are far better worded arguments within my tag listed above, penned by others, with history and texts, but this suffices for me, personally.

I hope you have a good rest of your day, and that you find a peace with the word and its weight, even if that means never personally using it.

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