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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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This is so genuine! I love it so much! Fiona truly is the best addition to the crew. Can we just unpack the idea of Fiona doing one heist in her Po costume just because she could and now the city has sort of … latched onto that. And instead of her getting a cool nickname, she’s just known as Po now? Hahaha.

But YES. Her and Gav would be true little menaces, wreaking their own personal havoc on the city. Robbing candy shops, Fiona always having to replenish her supply of lollipops. Gavin likes painting the chungeshaw logo in bright gold spraypaint on whatever store they hit. Frankly, other than the bit of property damage, the candy stores in LS kind of … like the hits?

For one, they pay. Which is weird, but hey, the owners don’t think about it too much. And second, they get a lot more business for being promoted on the news and things. So if candy stores leave their doors open for these demons, who was going to say anything about it?

Geoff just shakes his head. To be honest, he’s just happy Gav has someone to meet him on his level. ;)

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