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how do i say this without fear - lovelystans - 文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs [Archive of Our Own]
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MY CHUUATSU WITCH AU… i hold it very close to my heart… chuuya is a really strong magic user and takes in atsushi as his apprentice… they live together and its very domestic and theres mutual pining and they fall in LOVE

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based on that one official art where it looks like chuuyas checking atsushi out 😏

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posted on twitter saying for each like the 1st image got, chuuya would give atsushi ONE kissie. it did. a lot better than i expected it to KFBDM

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was thinking about chuuatsu at a club and chuuya getting,, rly drunk and SUPER possessive over his bf,, im just 😳

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[a love letter to chuuya, from atsushi’s perspective]



i’m not worthy enough to be in your presence. you are crafted of strength and beauty. you are everything i’m not. a strong, charming, commanding, and ethereal person that faces every challenge with the passion of a wildfire. 

everything about you is just too good, just too perfect. it’s like you’re not meant for me, for anyone, for this world. we all watch with stars in our eyes as you tackle every obstacle put in your path, and always come out on top just like you’re meant to. you were destined from the start to be great, and be above us all. we are your worshippers, grasping at straws for a taste of your love, love we don’t deserve.

and yet, you give us your love, your heart, and your soul. you know no bounds when it comes to anything, because you know you can break them. but you do not break those bounds just for yourself, but for all of us, your unworthy worshippers.

and i know, i know i’m just another worshipper to you, but that’s okay with me. because i love you.

i love you, nakahara chuuya.

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another joint operation between the agency and the mafia (wow they have a lot of those after the weretiger joined huh) this time dazatsuya has to go to an underworld soiree for atsushi’s “Crime Debutante” in which soukoku will use him to lure out people who are interested in The Book/Guild’s assets/Shibusawa’s research or whichever intel of your choice

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Pocky all around! - TrueDespair - 文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs [Archive of Our Own]
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AU where atsushi got two cats: a black cat with patchy fur named dazai-san and a munchkin called chuuya-san

chuuya “why

atsushi “im… not very creative with names…”

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