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(Can’t find the rules, don’t know if there are any, didn’t see if requests are closed or not(?), also I’m using “her” to avoid confusion but gender doesn’t matter to me) Heya hi, can I request Dazai and/or Chuuya headcanons with an S/O who has an abusive ex who’s trying to contact her again? Eventually she runs into them and they’re unaware that she’s in a new relation now

Hi! Whoops I should probably add some rules then. But it doesn’t really matter haha it’s pretty lenient here. I hope this is good enough! I forgot the ‘running into ex’ part so I added it in at the end; hopefully it is coherent enough :)


- Dazai knows everything. He knows how their daily schedule works, what their daily routines are, everything. Hell, he even knows things about you that you don’t know about yourself. That’s why, when the abusive ex who was supposed to be out of the picture resurfaces, he wasn’t exactly too shocked. A bit surprised maybe, but nothing that indictated that he didn’t know it was coming.

- Even if he knows, however, Dazai wouldn’t state it explicitly or talk to you specifically because of it. He will wait until you bring it up, and offer comfort as best as he can, calming you down who would surely be frightened or at least shaken at the news with gentle hugs and kisses, and maybe cuddles and hot tea as well.

- When you two bump into your ex while on a date outside though, he saw how frightened you were seeing them, and stepped in front of you while subtly hinting that you were in a relationship now and got over them a long time ago. He bragged a bit about his relationship with you, attempting to provoke them, and succeeded. Luckily, the confrontation took place in a crowd, so you were able to prevent WWIII from erupting while dragging Dazai away. 

- He hadn’t done anything to your ex before, because you hadn’t want to dig up past memories, but oh boy, does he regret that decision now. After seeing how frightened you were once you were at home, he had enough and set about tracking the ex down. Despite him being able to send his underlings to catch the man (Atsushi in ADA, other random mafiaso in Port Mafia), Dazai decided to enjoy the moment of chasing down the abusive ex and take it for himself. He lets the ex has a head-start, purposefully, of course, as well as makes it clear that he would be going after them. 

- The chase begins after a few days spent comforting you and making subtle promises that your abusive ex would never harm you again. He doesn’t let on what he’s doing, of course, in case you had a change of heart and give the ex a chance to bother you again. And he doesn’t really want you to know his ruthless nature if you weren’t too comfortable with him being in the mafia.

- Despite calling it a chase, it was really a game controlled by Dazai, and Dazai only. He allows the ex to think they are safe, before going after them again. It was a game of toying with the mouse, and God knows Dazai excels at it. Eventually the ex was cornered, and they begged for forgiveness. Dazai didn’t want to have mercy on them, but as he was about to punish the ex (i.e. shooting them in some unknown corner of a Yokohama alley), he remembered your face, withdrew his gun, and told them to get the hell out of there with the subtle underlying promise of ‘or else’.

- Timeskip to a few days later, when you realise that your abusive ex had stopped bothering you for a while already. When you bring up the issue with Dazai, he merely snuggled up against you and replied carelessly that he didn’t know (while grinning playfully)


- Chuuya’s first instinct was anger. You had tried hiding the fact that your ex was contacting you again, because honestly the man had enough on his plate and you didn’t want to stress him out, but once he found out, that was it. 

- You begged him not to do anything about it though, because you don’t want anyone to be killed because of you, so he relented. However, during the time he spent comforting and reassuring you, he was secretly stewing in hatred and plotting his next move. 

- When you two bump into them on the next mission though, that was it. Your ex made fun of your new relationship and especially Chuuya, while bringing up past traumatic memories of your abuse, and played it off as it being your weakness. 

- That set Chuuya off. With your ex being the enemy, it made things so much easier. Before he could set the place on fire though, Mori called for you both to go back and report. That made Chuuya pissed, but you managed to calm him down on the way back to HQ.

- However, the next time Mori ordered you two to infiltrate the enemy organization, he jumped on the chance and trashed the place without a second thought. Leaving a pile of corpses in his path, Chuuya eventually cornered the ex in their room while you tried to catch up with him.

- By the time you reached the room though, he had already finished the job and mafia underlings were swarming around taking care of whatever’s left. When he saw you, he realized he might’ve messed up by going too far - but when he started to apologize he realised you felt more relieved than angry. 

- When you ask what happened to them, Chuuya merely said the same thing Dazai had; ‘They wouldn’t bother you ever again.“ And that was it. There was no mention of the ex afterwards, and whenever you tried to ask afterwards, he just brushed it off. 

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Description: Chuuya gets insecure about his weight, so his s/o decides to make him feel better.

Warnings: Insecurities/self-hate, implied depression

(she/her pronouns)

Notes: I got this idea from this post I found on Instagram (I also may have put in some of my insecurities lol):


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Dazai’s new college experience and Chuuya’s sex life( a totally serious fanfic written by a person who totally knows the plot of bsd)

Geri’s take on bdsm, yaoi, ddlg, mcm, roleplay, kinky and emotionally draining rollecoster of hell

Chapter one

Hello bitches, it’s your favorite sex toy in here, the all mighty Osamu Dazai of the mafia and Yokohama’s kinkiest kitten. My sugar daddy old man Fukuzawa yeeted me out of the agency after I came out as a starsexual. Fucking shit, man, I’ve been sitting in this damn old ass closet for the past 4 years after I masturbated to the sun one day. Bitches don’t even know it’s a star, and they telling me I’m a sunsexual? No respect in this hellhole. So I decided to take my didlo and to leave for France, so ill finish college and finally be a registered sex worker.

So I took off, leaving everything and swimming to France. It was kinda hard; eating raw fish wasn’t as kinky as I thought. But here I am, at Marseille, France, sitting in front of some random fisher to who I just sold some fish I couldn’t fuck in the ocean. I’m so mad that no one told me this city is filled with immigrating hoes! When I read on Google that there’s 870k people in here, I thought I’ll finally be able to find some French dick! All I’m seeing right now is some British girls doing tic tok dances around the deck. The city is very beautiful; I can tell this by seeing all the dead rats vibing on the streets. Truly a city of culture. I’m going around Marseille Nord for shit and giggles, I heard that there were some drug dealers nearby. I went to that fish shop everyone were hyping up on 4chan but I don’t recommend it. They kicked me out of that shop just because I wanted to trade sex for fish! Who doesn’t want to have sex with me anyway? I didn’t want to give my hard earned money I just got, so I left. This nord place seems chill, reminds me of home. Everything is full of trash and the smell of piss. I even found some free used condoms on the street! What a day!

After I killed some old men who tried to steal my dildo in there, I finally found a map. The college I’m going to is at the old part of the city, which sucks ass, but at least I’m good at running as much I am at sex. I was able to be there by 4pm. The campus looks big; it had a big garden and many dorm buildings. I’m kinda legally-illegally in here; I had to kill one dude who had the same name as I for me to enroll in here. But I don’t care this much, my main priority is to find some dick to suck in this college.

The dorm building I was in was section B, it has 4 floors and some long ass stairs I had to climb because apparently some dudes smoked weed in the elevator so now no ones allowed on it, such a waste. And you can imagine my existment when I learned that the dorms are for two! Thank god that I’m a gay starsexual! 

Chapter 2

I’m making my way down the corridor, trying to search for my dorm. I’m kind of anxious in a way. I don’t know how big is gonna be my roomates dick, I don’t know if he likes red lingerie…  does he even enjoy gunplay? My mind is filled with worry as I try to keep my legs steady. It was a nice dormitory, the walls were in piss orange and the doors to the rooms were white. Some people were decorating around their doors, hanging up whiteboards and what not. I’m actually excited for this new chapter of my life. Maybe I’ll be able to find nice, true friends in here, even though I’m still worried that people may not approach me because I’m in my 20's…. Or maybe they are into ageplay? Who knows. After a while I was able to find my room, it’s number was 415. I heard some ruffling from the inside, which means that my roommate is already in here. I search for the key that old divorced slut gave me in the college administration. After I found it, I putted it in while taking a deep breath. I’ll finally meet my roomate that I’ll spend maybe years with. With a new burst of courage, I opened the door. 

Alas, my new roomate was in front of me. He was wearing one of those e boy shirts with ripped jeans. He had blue eyes and ginger hair putted in a ponytail. His body structure was very masculine-like. he seemed  a little older than me, probably around 24.  He was caring one box, on his way to put it next to his bed. I’d say he seemed very attractive, totally would smash, 15/10.  We stared at each other for a while, and as I was about to speak up, he putted the box down and looked at me again. “ Oh my fuck, you look gay”- he said to me, with a caring and deep voice. I replied, “ Shut the fuck up you bisexual thot” With an excitement in my voice. He gave me a small smile, probably because of how sexy I looked at the moment.  I got closer to him,  ignoring my anxiaty. He did the same. “ Wanna be my sex toy babygirl? ” He said, and I instantly felt my legs weak.  “ Only if you dominate me like the cumslut I am"  the tension grew bigger by the second.  I felt so many emotions at once; worry, excitment, kinkyness… but I knew it was worth it. I closed the door and  jumped on my new daddy. We started kissing instalty, trying to dominate one another. It felt so good, too good to be true. His mouth tasted like shit, but God do I loved it. He started touching me up and down, not caring for consent at all. Damn sexist. He pinned me down, starting to undress me. ” Why the fuck are your clothes wet"  I looked at him with a dumbstruck stare “you do understand that I’m a fucking Asian right? ” He stopped trying to unbottom my shirt. “ Luv we are talking in French  right now, the hell you expect me to think? Damn yellow bitches and their capitalism”

While me and my new bf of 5 minutes  were talking, the door opened with a bang. Fear straked me down after seeing who just came in…

The whole story is on wattpad, my username is Geriina in there👀 I’ll post the rest of it in here sometime soon. I just want to give some adrenaline to you, reader chan baby kawaii senpai, so you’ll experience double the pain lol. I made my friends read this hell of a fanfic and they told me they need therapy now, so thats probably good. Tell me if you want me to send the rest of the chapters faster xx

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Misc. Pride Icons!

Just a collection of pride icons based on personal headcanons and all that! I hope you like them! Happy pride month and stay as safe as you can!

245 x 245 // free to use with likes/rbs // no further credit necessary // do not reupload!

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Chuuya: ..and of course fucking Dazai was there with his ridiculous soft hair..

Atsushi: why is he talking about Dazai?

Akutagawa: I don’t know

Akutagawa: I asked him about the weather and somehow we ended up here

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