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#ciel phantomhive
If you so much as move, I'll rip off your limbs and nail you to the wall. (Sips Yoo-hoo).
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Black Butler #322 - It’s funny as hell because of Sebastian’s actual reaction! This coming from a demon who isn’t supposed to have human like emotions. XD ~ LoveAnimeHateReality

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So I think we just got bards last name? I’m not sure, it could be an undercover name but there would really be no reason for that since he’s not important socially and would have no reason to have an alias so-


So if this is what I’m thinking his full name is

Baldroy Burgh

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Sometimes I randomly write extremely short stuff about characters having extremely precise feelings I can’t name so have this about the Phantomhive brat:

“He’s tired. Not the usual “ah, terrible sleep last night” exhaustion, no- the kind of fatigue that comes from a lifetime of not being allowed to want, to need a break and then suddenly the entire world starts acting like you were never denied the right to breathe and it leaves you panicking four hours on end and you don’t let yourself rest because you don’t know if you should trust it or if the air in your lungs will be taken away again. It’s a feeling- an experience too big for his body and every second of it makes his bones ache with something his brain is too sluggish to name.

Tired, yes.”

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More 613!sebaciel stuff!


Here’s a blank one if you wanna do it!

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Hey… I had been having thoughts of this and how much of a change it would’ve made in the story

What if O!Ciel commited suicide because he couldn’t really handle the terror he went through and turned.. into a Grim Reaper? Would he still make the contract with Sebastian? Some thought that randomly crossed my head.

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Imagine someone asking what your favourite ship is

And you have to turn around proudly and say it’s sebaciel

How embarrassing 😌🖐

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Sebastian : boys, we are going out. Who wants to go in my arms and who wants to go in the suitcase ?

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Ciel with an s/o that has chronic fatigue

Hello, Thank you for the request!

I myself suffer from something similar. It’s not Chronic fatigue, but the effects are very similar. So, I based this off what I know about it!

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Originally posted by reallysaltykou

  • Before he knew what it was, Ciel just thought you were being lazy. He didn’t understand how you could sleep so long and still feel tired.
  • “Ciel, I’m not being lazy. My joints and muscles hurt and any time I sleep, I wake up still tired, sometimes even more tired!”
  • Ciel still won’t entirely get it, most people don’t unless they suffer from it. But he does work on being more understanding. 
  • He has learned some days are worse for you. Particularly when it’s super cold or hot out.
  • “(Y/N), can you try to stay on task? I am sure the young master wouldn’t be too thrilled if you prick yourself.” Sebastian said, noticing the way you kept losing focus while sewing.
  • Ciel gave Sebastian the job of watching over you when he couldn’t. Despite the way your tiredness worsens with activity, you still love going on long walks in the woods. So, Sebastian always accompanies you on those walks.
  • One day, Ciel surprised you with a small, soft couch in his working area. He knows how much you love being around him and spending time with him, but you take quite a few naps during the day that prevent that.
  • It’s kind of funny. During the day, you’re all, “I want to rest,” but at night you don’t sleep until it’s 3-4 in the morning, sometimes even later than that.
  • And Ciel knows this, further confusing him on your condition because aren’t you supposed to be tired 24/7??
  • Though, It explains why you’re so forgetful and fail to pay attention to things. You don’t get enough sleep when you actually need it.
  • Ciel lectures you regularly on the importance of staying hydrated, eating, and getting outside every now ad then.
  • Honestly, he tries his best. He really does.
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Even after Ciel’s been a demon for decades and is more than capable of protecting himself, Sebastian still carries him around.

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Musical Kuroshitsuji ~The Secret of Boarding School~ visual has been revealed!

The story will likely tell about Public School Arc, starts at chapter 66 and ends at chapter 85 (Volume 14-18)!

This musical, with all the new casts, will be held in spring this year!

For more info:

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Today’s Terrible OCiel Name Suggestion is…

“I don’t know if anything similar has been suggested yet but…

Hi my name is”

Blue Dark'ness Dëmøñ Asthma Raven Phantomhive

“and I have short blue hair (that’s how I got my name) and dark blue eyes like sapphire gems and a lot of people tell me I look like Ciel Phantomhive (AN: if u dont know who he is get da hell out of here!).”

Cursed by @karl-the-stingray

(Mod UT: I’ve had a few similar suggestions, but not quite this one. Congrats 🎉 on cursed status.)

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