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…being a Maiden? Defending Remnant against threats? Protecting the innocent? Showing the same kindness to others that she was denied in her life?

There is a world of good Cinder could do if she decided to do it. She’s smart, she’s powerful, and she hates it when people abuse systems of power. She knows what it’s like to be powerless, to be at the mercy of others, but she’ll also know how hard it is to walk back from a bad path.

Some Maidens are great choices from the beginning, but I believe Cinder is going to become a good Fall Maiden. To choose to represent the best a Maiden can be.

I don’t just believe that Cinder is going to turn away from bad, I think she’ll actively become good.

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Older kid: I can light a fart on fire!

Little Cinder: Do it

Older kid: what, right now?

Little Cinder: don’t tell me you’re going to be a chicken!

Older kid: Hold my juicebox and get me some fire dust!

Little Cinder: *quietly uses semblance to make the fire dust malfunction* Haha you can’t do it! Liar!

Older kid: Quit laughing at me, I’d like to see you try!

Little Cinder: I’d like to see your mom try!

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yea. add to that her “this is what happens when you hand over your trust, your safety, your children, to men who claim to be our guardians, but are, in reality, nothing more than men” and it’s pretty clear that cinder trusted someone who was supposed to take care of her, to keep her safe, and then didn’t. cos in both of these instances, there’s definitely anger in her voice, and that anger doesn’t come from nowhere.

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Why I like them: He’s really funny, with all his snark, but he’s also got a lot of depth to his character and is one of the most compassionate Atlesians we’ve seen. (Low bar, but still.)

Why I don’t: He’s still a dog of the military. Good person or not he’s still aiding a fascist dictator.

Favorite episode: A Night Off. He’s in full snark mode, but does show his more vulnerable side a few times over.

Favorite season: Volume 7, for obvious reasons.

Favorite line: “Man, I did not sign up to be a babysitter.” Because yeah, the Bees oblivious flirting is painful to watch at times, but also because they’re like. Five years younger than him. And he calls it babysitting.

Favorite outfit: He’s only had the one, and I kind of hate it to be honest.

OTP: Marrowgold/Warrior’s Wolf Tail

BROTP: Guard Dogs.

Headcanon: Marrow is one of those people who is fueled by caffeine, he steals Jaune’s because he’s only had two that morning and it’s not enough.

Unpopular opinion: Marrow is not a bad person, he just needs to get out of the military.

A wish: For him to jailbreak Qrow and Robyn and join the Happy Huntresses.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: DO NOT KILL HIM PLEASE GIVE THIS BOY A REDEMPTION ARC

5 words to describe them: Snarky, lapdog, hard working, babey.

My nickname for them: Dog of the military. It’s not even ACCURATE, I just love the pun.


Why I like them: Because she is an on-fire garbage can with seriously rage issues.

Why I don’t: I mean, she committed genocide. And many other crimes against humanity. I’d say that’s a solid reason.

Favorite episode: The Enemy of Trust. This is when Cinder’s mask almost completely slips away, and her real self is on full display.

Favorite season: Volume 3. She was such a BITCH and her backstory was delightful. Plus some grade-A fights.

Favorite line: “You think hoarding power means you’ll have it forever, but it just makes the rest of us hungrier… and I refuse to starve.”

Favorite outfit: Flashback look from Volume 3. I can’t exactly say why, but I LOVE that dress and the haircut.

OTP: Um, no one? I don’t really see Cinder in a romantic relationship with anyone unless it’s post-redemption arc… and even then I’d wait to see who played a major part.

BROTP: Spicecream. No question. This is the first relationship Cinder has probably had that even came CLOSE to healthy.

Headcanon: Cinder really loves jewelry, she actually made all of the glass accessories she wore early on.

Unpopular opinion: She’s totally redeemable and has always had a very interesting 3-dimensional character

A wish: Redemption arc when?

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Do not kill her do not let the Grimm arm strangle her please.

5 words to describe them: Angry, hurt, self-conscious and hot.

My nickname for them: Flaming garbage woman. I might have gotten that from someone else, but she’s branded that way in my head now

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Wild Cinder Theory For Volume 8

Volume 8 is currently just around the corner and Cinder’s appearance in the latest trailer has many speculating that this might be her most important yet. I for one would like to share one I have had for a few months now.

That Cinder will be given the opportunity to turn against Salem, and will not take it.

As for why I have this theory I go to her inspirations not linked to the Cinderella story, but I will come back to them. Dragon Ball and Avatar The Last Airbender are two obvious inspirations in RWBY and if anything that’s very obvious in Cinder, who could be considered Vegeta and Zuko’s hybrid mutant descendant. Both characters have one thing in common some forget. While main characters in their stories a great deal of time passes before either was truly heroic. And in that time both when the opportunity to face their demons and choose to help the heroes or succumb to them for their own self-interests they chose selfishness. For Vegeta this meant selling his soul to Babidi for the power and chance to fight Goku, for Zuko turning his back on Katara and his uncle to regain his lost honor. And the consequences for both were dire, the ancient monster Buu was unleashed just as a firm lid was about to be put on it, and the Earth Kingdom the greatest military presence facing the Fire Nation fell.

It’s not hard to see the parallels between Salem, Atlas and Ruby in there.

Another thing is that doing so made the things they sold out themselves and the heroes turned out to be meaningless. Vegeta’s power was already exceeded by Goku and the unleashed Buu destroyed everything Vegeta had created a new life with. Zuko realized that his father’s honor and approval was not what he had truly wanted all along. Only then did they turn their lives around and end the evil that they had once helped create.

All in all I believe that Cinder will one day join the heroes to stop Salem. But it’s not this volume and it will have a false start. Now getting back to the Cinderella story. When Cinderella did her Stepmother’s bidding and succeeded against all odds she was still cast down. Something I can see happening to Cinder as despite succeeding in her tasks could be left behind as Salem has something more important to do.

So I believe that Cinder will be given a mission and against all odds succeed by choosing Salem over the Heros but still not gain the respect and validation she wanted and end the volume seeking out the heroes to stop Salem.

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I think Cinder and Yang’s arcs past v3 are a lot more similar than people give them credit for.

Both are very powerful young women that suffer trauma in v3–they both lose an arm and Cinder loses her eye. Their arcs afterwards demonstrate the stark differences in environment and how easily the people around you can affect your recovery.

Cinder recovers with Salem. Salem gives her a Grimm arm, and teaches her to turn her fear into anger. When she faces Ruby in Emerald’s hallucinations, it’s full of anger and the need for revenge.

Yang recovers in her childhood home, with her father. He doesn’t push her to try out her new arm, but he lets her take things in her own time. She faces Adam in her dreams too–but she is afraid.

Cinder trains to fight, but she trains to fight with more wild fervor than we expect from her. She’s angry and that translates into her fighting. It’s uncontrolled, and Salem nurtures that.

Yang is taught balance. Tai wouldn’t let her go because she was still so focused on strength, and that’s the primary focus of Yang’s arc. Learning that strength is not always the most important, and growing beyond it.

I believe that Cinder and Yang’s arcs are opposites of each other, and we see that in Yang’s control and Cinder’s chaotic fighting style.

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So i wanna clarify right out of the gate, i wasnt the first person to notice this, apparently a while ago Sir-Adamus (i hope i didnt mispell, im a bad speller so sorry if i did) posted about it.


In volume 5, cinders arm looked like this


Looks like the grimm started about 2/3 of the way up the humerus. But when we see it again, 2 volumes later…


Thats on her shoulder, moving inward.

Guys… the grimm arm is spreading.

This is terrifying for several reasons.

For one, this spells bad things for cinder, but that’s obvious. I think the implication is that she will slowly become more and more grimm, until either she escapes or there isn’t anything left of cinder. And on top of that, she has also been acting more and more aggressive since volume 4’s beginning, logically when she first had the arm. Back in the Vale arc, she was calm, collected, patient, and cold. She never raised her voice, she was confident in every choice, and she never rushed a plan to try to satisfy her own wrath. In fact, she was mildly irritated when part of the plan did go off early at the end of volume 2.

But now?

Now she has ruined hher own plans due to grudges and greed, she loses her temper more and more with each appearance, and she is alarmingly aggressive. When she fought Pyrrha she slowly played with her until she was ready to deliver the kill, but when she fought Jaune, Raven, and Penny/Winter, each time she lost her cool and fought recklessly, with no real regard for her own defense.

Cinder really isn’t the same person as she was at Beacon, or if she is, then something is corrupting her decisions.

On top of that, the really disturbing implication here is that regardless of if Cinder can escape this, maybe this isn’t the only time someone has had this happen to them. Logically, Salem very well may have done something like this before, and I doubt she would just slap an untested expiriment like this onto the lieutenant with maiden powers, right when she’s getting ready to finally start making real progress towards her goals.

So there is a very real chance that this has happened before, and it makes me real uneasy about the more humanoid grimm we see in the show, like the Apathy and the Nuckelavee.

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Cinder: *walking over to Blake after their match* Blake…

Blake: Cinder…

Cinder: *looking around to make sure their team wasnt around before pulling Blake into a kiss* You guys did great.

Blake: *smiling* I’m glad you were able to watch it.

Cinder: I’m sorry I cant be around you much today.

Blake: It’s fine.

Cinder: *sighing* I… I need you and your team to be careful.

Blake: What do you mean?

Cinder: I… cant tell you everything…

Blake: Then we’ll be fine.

Cinder: *nodding* Dont send Yang to the singles round.

Blake: I’ll try to convince our team to not to.

Cinder: *smiling a bit* Thank you.

Blake: *pulling away from Cinder and walking off* And after the tournament, maybe we can go on that sewing date you like.

Cinder: *smiling back* I cannot wait for that.

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This is exactly what I think is going to happen. The Grimm is literally negativity and darkness incarnate, and neither Jaune nor Ruby’s abilities alone will be able to conquer it. 

It’s only by the three of them working together, the three of them trusting each other, that the Grimm Arm will be destroyed.

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This actually a fantastic set of points. You’re right, Cinder just does not see most of her choices as her own. She believes she has a destiny to fulfill, and that destiny is what Salem tells her it is. 

But she is the Maiden of Choice, whether rightfully or not. Her right, her ability to choose is important. To herself, to the world, and to the story. 

To have Cinder reject what Salem wants for her, and have that rejection result in her death, would go against RWBY’s themes and be pointlessly cruel. 

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In the past, neither of them had the best life.

She was born into a royal Mistral family, her father, stepmother, and twin stepsisters. Day by day she was subjected to cruel and ruthless treatment by the matriarchs and in-law siblings, she never knew why. Her only comfort was her father and the toy stuffed dragon he made for her. The torture would end once the Witch of Grimm attacked her home town and took her under her wing as a fiery protege, in a conquest for power.
He was born a Faunus, his mother a vampire bat and his father a giant flying fox. They were all taken in to an Atlesian slave camp to work in the mines for Dust, an unfortunate cave in killing his father, leaving his wife a widow of a single child. His mother planned a chain reaction of Dust to cause a cave in so he could escape, the immovable pile of rocks separating them as she was taken away to be executed, the desperate cries of her boy calling out for her. He escaped and lived on his own, stealing from a village until coming across a squad of other Faunus ran-sacking a cart of food for them. He was caught, but instead was offered to join them in return for a home, food, a bed…and family. He became one with them, until fate caught up to his teen years and he was caputred by an agent of the Witch of Grimm. He had enraged her by spitting upon her offer to join them, in turn he was cursed with powers he could’ve never hoped to achieve. He was then ditched in the middle of Vale’s forest where he learned to survive on his own.

Now they were both in an odd point of their lives.

She was at rock bottom, no Maiden magic, no left arm or eye, no “home” to return to…no witch to tell her she is nothing without purpose. It was all taken from her, from a silver eyed reaper in a hood and her peanut gallery of comrades had slain the vile Witch, procured the Relics, and sent the Gods reeling from the world never to return. Where did the leave her? At a dive bar in a dive town to drown her sorrows, her long-fought conquest halted so prematurely.
He was doing pretty okay, not the best spot for living in a shack in the middle of the forest wasn’t an ideal living place, but he couldn’t complain. He had enough scrounged money to afford a cheap drink for the award day the heroes of Remnant. It was there they met for real; he asked if she were fine, she told him to leave her be, he obliged and some sleaze came and chatted, she plunged a blade into the sleaze’s hand and he ran. He was impressed, then paid for his and her drinks, leaving to his abode. She followed behind curious as to why she had received such hospitality, while he would’ve given her an answer, the sleaze had returned with his crew. The Faunus man took the one-eyed pyrokinetic to the forest and hid, offering her to stay with him until she got back on her feet.

Come the future, things couldn’t be happier for them both…

His shack was now a cabin, her arm was kitted with an astounding prosthetic, they were happily married, had two kids to proudly call their own, both were enrolled into a decent school, the whole family was financially stable thanks to offside mercenary jobs, everything was…wonderful. Sure due to their past actions they were war criminals in the eyes of the law, none of that mattered as they were together, just living life, helping each other pick up their broken pieces.

(Time for another late night entry for @rwbyocanonshipweek! Maybe one day I’ll write how Cinder and Vlad met…)

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