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RWBY Volume 8 poster - villains edition by E1lySym

Always liked the idea of villains getting their own spotlight and a main poster. And in anticipation of V8’s second half where villains officially fuck things up this art piece has been quite timely


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Cinder: Hand over the maiden’s powers Branwen, or else I’ll kill you with my own hands.

Raven: H-Ha. You c-call this choking? My baby d-daddy chokes me harder than this!



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Cane we get some d…amage done to a person also translates into their soulmate’s body (cuts, bruises and all) soulmate au? @theramblingfluff

Ruby sighed as she pulled up her collar, trying to hide the scars around her neck. She could still remember how it felt when they appeared when she was younger, the searing pain that suddenly shot through her neck, burning her. It was the first of many scars that had suddenly appeared on her body over the years. She wasnt any older than eight when her back was covered in scars and cuts. Bruises would randomly appear on her face. And all it did was make her feel sorry. Sorry that whoever was going through all of this didnt seem to be getting a better life.

Ruby looked at herself in the mirror before deciding to wrap a cloth around her neck like she normally did. Sure, it didnt give her a great reputation: everyone knew she was hiding something. Most assumed it was nothing, while others always assumed the worst. But after nearly being taken away from her dad after the scars started appearing… 

“Sis? You ready to go yet?” Yang peered into the dorm room, smiling at her sister. “The singles matches are about to start.” 

“I’m almost ready.” Ruby finished tying her cloth collar around her neck, quickly adjusting her cloak “Who do you think you’re going to be fighting?” 

“Not sure yet. But I really hope I can fight against Pyrrha or Penny.” 

“Although, you’d lose to both of them.” 

“Ouch, no faith in your sister?” 

Ruby smiled and walked past Yang. “I have faith that you’ll lose because Pyrrha can just use her semblance on your gauntlets and you’d never be able to touch Penny.” 

“Okay, you have a point.” Yang followed after her sister. “Still, you’ll at least cheer for me, right?” 



Ruby stood at the top of the tower as she watched Cinder turn Pyrrha to ash, feeling the palms of her own hands heat up. She quickly grabbed her weapon and rushed after in fury. 

Cinder smirked and used her new powers to create a sword to block Ruby’s strikes. “You really think you can do anything after Pyrrha just failed?” 

“I’ll stop you here and now!” Ruby’s blade sliced across Cinder’s cheek, causing her to hesitate when she felt her own cheek rip open and start to bleed. 

Cinder pulled back, amused. She quickly cut her wrist, watching the younger girl wince in pain. “Guess we’re more intertwined than I had thought. So you’ve felt everything? Seen all of my marks?” 

Ruby nodded, tightening the grip she had on her scythe. “You dont have to keep doing this. I get it, life hasnt been fair to you. But there are better ways than this!” 

“No, Ruby, you dont seem to understand it at all. This-” she motioned to the school, burning and infested with grimm. “-is what happens when you put your faith into men who dont care. Men who think they can make all the rules and watch as those who cant help themselves starve and are tortured. You’ve felt everything that I have. We are soulmates. Destined to feel all the pain the other does. But we can make things better for everyone else. All you have to do is help me.” She extended her hand out to Ruby, smiling a bit. 

Ruby took a step back, shaking as her eyes started to glow. “I… I wont let you!” 

Cinder covered her eyes as the flash of silver engulfed the top of the tower, catching her by surprise. “What?! NO!” 

Ruby could feel her body burn. The pain proved to be too much for her to handle, her body shutting down and dropping once the light faded away.

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A Very Very Believable Guise

Spice Cream Week day 3 - Fake Dating


This had gone too far. Cinder and Neo were so deep into this lie by this point that it was interfering with their plans to bring down Beacon. The day of the dance should have been the perfect day for Cinder to infiltrate the CCT tower while the rest of the students and staff were distracted by the festivities. But now they were expected to attend together, all because they slipped up once and got caught planning something nefarious and had to cover for it by acting like they had been making out. Yang still hadn’t let them hear the end of it for that…

This had been going on for weeks now. Cinder and Neo had to hold hands when together to keep up the idea of them being together, even though deep down they both were embarrassed and disgusted with having to go through this charade. At least when Cinder asked people to “give them some time alone,” she was always granted her request with some chuckles and smirks to boot.

That led them to tonight. After all the questions about whether they were going to the dance or not, Cinder finally had to relent and say they would be going, just to get the other students to back off. Now here they were, walking towards the ballroom arm-in-arm and dressed to the nines.

“Okay, we’ll hang around for maybe half an hour, and then I’ll slip away to the CCT, okay?” Cinder reminded Neo of the plan. “If anyone asks where I am, just say I went back to the dorm for something, got it?”

Neo nodded, looking especially downtrodden at having to go through all of this trouble. The idea of going to a dance sounded fun, but the circumstances made it more of a headache than anything. Neo just wished she could relax and have fun for once, but that wasn’t happening. Cinder had a plan to carry out.

At least she’d get a half hour of acting like she was having a good time.

When they entered they were greeted by Yang at the front podium. She complimented their dresses, told them how cute they were together, gushed over their height difference. Cinder and Neo played along all the way, though Neo could tell that Cinder was getting irritated with Yang’s enthusiasm. If Neo was honest with herself, she kind of liked listening to Yang go on and on about how cute of a couple they seemed like. Their height difference was adorable, and Cinder’s dress was beautiful…

Neo did her best to hide her blushing face when she finally began to realize that she kind of wished this wasn’t just an act. The moments when Cinder held her hand, or the few times they had to kiss to cover for their evil scheming…she wanted all of that to be genuine.

“Can’t wait to see you two on the dance floor later!” Yang told them as Cinder tried her hardest to work their way out of this interaction.

“Yeah, maybe,” Cinder said through a forced smile, then took Neo by the hand and led her away, letting out a loud sigh. “Gods, my head is going to explode…”

I wouldn’t mind dancing with you, Neo wished she could say. She squeezed Cinder’s hand in return, enjoying the feeling even though it didn’t mean much. She so wished it did…

“Okay, let’s mill about for a bit, and then I’ll go, okay?” Cinder told Neo as they stood off to the side, away from most of the other people at the dance. “Let’s do our best to not attract attention.”

Neo reached up and tapped Cinder on the shoulder, getting her attention. When Cinder looked at her, Neo let go of her hand and sighed, “Dance? You and me?” She hoped Cinder would understand with her intermediate knowledge of sign.

Cinder blinked, then sighed, rolling her eyes. “Neo, we…” She then glanced at the dance floor, noticing all the couples currently taking up the crowded space, moving to the music. “Fine. I guess that’s as good a way to get people to leave us alone as any.” She offered Neo her hand reluctantly. “But I’m leading.”

Neo smiled and took her hand. Cinder definitely noticed her smiling, but didn’t remark about it, instead leading her over to the dance floor.

As if fate had intervened on Neo’s behalf, a slow song began to play.

Cinder looked down at Neo, a blush spreading across her face, but she scoffed and accepted Neo’s hand, placing her other hand around Neo’s waist. “Just this one song, got it?” She told her. Neo smiled and nodded, happy with whatever she could get. They began to move to the music, and Neo noticed how Cinder was struggling with where to direct her eyes. Cinder didn’t seem to want to look directly at Neo, but knew it was too awkward to stare off somewhere else while dancing with her.

Neo smirked, figuring there was an easy solution to this. She’d just make Cinder close her eyes.

Neo raised her free hand up and cupped Cinder’s cheek, which surprised the taller woman and brought her attention back to Neo. Neo smiled up at her, doing her best to convey her genuine feelings as she gently pulled Cinder to come closer.

“N-Neo…” Cinder whispered. “That isn’t necessary.”

As unnecessary as she was saying it was, Cinder still bent down toward Neo, but not yet closing the distance.

Neo’s smile faded as she openly stared at Cinder’s lips, her lip gloss sparkling under the lights. Cinder seemed to understand that Neo not only wanted to kiss her, but Neo desired to kiss her. Not as a cover, not as a performance, but…a genuine desire to kiss her.

Cinder found herself continuing to move closer, letting her eyes flutter closed, and letting her stiff lips soften once she felt Neo’s breath on her face.

Neo wrapped her arms around Cinder’s neck when their lips came together, and Cinder pulled Neo by her waist, bringing them closer together. For the first time, Cinder wasn’t mentally screaming for a kiss with Neo to end soon. Rather, she let herself enjoy it. And she enjoyed it a lot. Neo’s lips were so soft, and holding her so close made Cinder feel like her whole body was blushing.

For however long they remained there on the dance floor, holding each other close and kissing each other for real this time, Cinder forgot about her scheme for the night. For now, she could just enjoy whatever budding feelings she began to feel for Neo. She could figure those feelings out later, but right now, it was just her and Neo, and their not-so-fake embrace.

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Spicecream week day 3: Fake dating

this is the prompt i was the most excited for because i had so many different ideas for it. this is an au where everything is the same but team rwby never saw neo so she doesn’t have to have that awful disguise in v3 uwu 

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yeah, disliking character is one thing… seeing said character being abused and considering it a good thing is something else. like, i can understand not being able to feel sorry for cinder, but then applauding salem’s treatment of her is… definitely worthy of side-eyes, at the very least.

abuse is never okay. doesn’t matter what the victim has done or the type of person they are.

if there’s any silver lining here, then at least the writers don’t seem to be supporting this line of thinking with the way they’ve written cinder so far. it’s unfortunate and sometimes annoying to see this kind of stuff within the fndm, but at least it’s easier to ignore / block these people if it becomes too much.

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You deserve so much more than I have given you


Cinder receives a new Pokémon from Salem.

Now what could that be? And is that truly a good thing? XD

A little something before the next character joins and reveals their Pokémon partner XD

You know the Drill, I‘m not an artist, I trace stuff, I just do the colors XD

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Thank you ^^

Glad you enjoyed it =)

I‘m really intrigued to see where the show will go regarding this topic. There is certainly far more to Cinder’s backstory than what we have seen so far XD

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I dont know how to do a read more in mobile so



Day 3: Fake Dating AU

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Very true XD

I did just that after the episode rolled around and wrote a oneshot around it if you wanna read it =)

It’s only one of many possibilities though XD

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It seems like something got cut off there ^^’

The thing with words and lyrics in general is the wide range of interpretation.

You do propose a rather intriguing one and yet it can read totally different under certain aspects.

“Some roses will never bloom” - Roses = Rhodes and forshadows his death and failed attempt to help Cinder. It can also mean, as you already mentioned, her childhood being stripped away from her before she could bloom and grow as a person. Or maybe it’s a direct callback to Ruby herself and the similarities Cinder and her possessed when they were still young. Both wanting to become Huntresses and being innocent little beans as well as prodigies in their own rights.

As you see just one verse can have multiple interpretations, some even overlap and some can even coexist without canceling each other out.

“Some dreams will rot on the vine” - Cinder’s Dreams of becoming a Huntress, of freedom, of love and family. That someone might care about her. That she is indeed lovable and worth to someone. Freedom is only one aspect of people in abusive situations. Yes, getting out is the thing they desire above all else, but being loved, having someone to be there for you is so much more fulfilling in the end. This can mean Cinder’s wish for freedom being nullified and her shackling herself to someone else in quest for power to give her the illusion of gaining her freedom at the end. Or it could also run deeper and mean her utter acceptance of being unlovable and irredeemable and making sure to collect power to never get into such a situation again where she has to depend and care for people that may instill that wish inside her.

“Some lives will end much too soon” - I’ll be honest…I don’t get why some people think this forshadows Cinder’s death in the show. It can symbolize her innocence dying, or her killing Rhodes, but she herself? That would kinda defeat the point, especially if you look at the last phrase

“Some evil will never ever die”

For all purposes, Cinder is still an antagonist, so evil in the fandoms and heroes eyes. Heck people have been crying for her death since volume 3. Why would her live end much too soon when evil will never ever die?

Of course I don’t see Cinder as irredeemable and I am convinced she’ll get her redemption at one point in the show, but right now, nothing points to her dying. She is our main antagonist and needs to complete her whole character arc first. And believe me, we don’t have her whole backstory yet. There are still a lot of things missing from the child who freed herself to the girl that wants power above all else.

While we’re at the topic, the last two phrases could also stand for Remnant’s system. Some lives definitely end much too soon, as we can see with young Cinder, with people loosing their loved ones, even Clover, all because the evil that will never ever die makes it possible. And it’s not Salem, it’s Remnant, the corruption of certain individuals. People wanting more and not caring about others. A system protecting them from harm which they can inflict on others freely. Our best example for that is Jacques Schnee.

Salem is only dangerous because she is able to harness the victims’ hatred and misery, she herself is one as well. And as long as that evil won’t be realized and be dealt with… that’s how long it will remain immortal and cause humanity to stay divided.

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Hmm…I’ll be honest, I never watched Deadpool. A friend of mine is a huge fan though, so maybe I’ll ask them what it’s about and then I may get an idea how Cinder would react there XD

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Omg…don’t give me even more ideas XDD

I have to…look at that scene again now…for…eh…reasons XD

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Chapters: 3/8

Fandom: RWBY

Rating: Teen and Up

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Cinder Fall/Neopolitan

Additional Tags: Smug Neopolitan, Cinder Can’t Admit Faults, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Bisexual Female Character, Bisexual Cinder Fall

Series: Part 2 of Months/Weeks/Challenges


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Cinder can't find her anklet! When did you have it on last?
Duh, probably right before she lost it.
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