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(( meowdy! I'm sorry to hear your net is down... Would you like to draw an anthro or gijinka version of Cinderace? Hope you can get reconnected soon D: having no internet in a situation like this really does sounds like it sucks ))

My Raboot (Kato) is about to evolve, so here’s him for you!

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oh dear god I’m probably going to end with a whole army having to draw all of these Cinderace siblings.

Anyway here’s Ratchet! either third or fourth born of the siblings. He’s a very sporty,and competitive  Cinderace…..maybe has a bit of a temper too when he’s losing his focus or patience on things.
He often enjoying mountain biking, atheltics, but especially  basketball. Ratchet tend to rather dunk a pyro ball onto something or someone then kick it.
also note that the middle part of his hair isn’t part of his actual hair color, but painted!

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¡Merchandise! La primera imagen pertenece a las figuras Pokémon Kids de la marca Bandai. Riolu ya está más que confirmado para el equipo de Ash (va a eclosionar del Huevo Pokémon que le darán). De la imagen 1 me fijo en Morpeko, Duraludon y Tyranitar (el resto me parecen figuras sin impacto en el anime, y, bueno, Pelipper es el repartidor del Team Rocket). En la segunda imagen, se ve a Sirfetch’d (se rumorea que Go obtendrá un Farfetch’d…) y vemos a las etapas intermedias de los iniciales (¿atrapará Ash alguno?) y de nuevo Morpeko… ¿Roxy aparecerá en el anime? ¿Se lo darán a Koharu? Puede que mucho se quede en nada, pero de siempre el merchandising ha ido dejando pistas sobre próximas capturas o apariciones en la serie.

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4Chan never fails to crack me up


>Imagine thinking these Starters weren’t made with “Childlike Wonder” in mind

>Imagine thinking that there are Children who don’t DREAM of one day becoming a Talented Musician, an All Star Athlete, or a Clever Secret Agent.

>Imagine unironically thinking these 3 are “Souless”

>Imagine thinking being Anthro means being inherently sexual

>And on Top of all of this Imagine unironically complaining about these 3 being “Deviant Adult Furry Fetish Fuel” when this is the same franchise that gave us:

A Dominatrix Pokemon


A Playboy Bunny Pokemon


And a Harem Pokemon


But somehow THESE guys are the problem???


Yeah that couldn’t be me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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So I’ve been wanting to draw some more Cinderace characters and ended up wanting to draw a Cinderace Son for a certain ship. you likely can expect there be a couple of more of these buns somewhere in the future
His father decided to call him after the very thing he’s obsessed about,that being Carrot,and thus their first son was named Carrot. his alternative name might be just Caelon however.
He’s mostly a indoors Cinderace compared to his younger siblings who are rather active and full of energy,enjoying cooking and helping out his mother with taking care of the younglings. he’s also a very affectionate and sweet cinderace,enjoying a good cuddling session.

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