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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes

Ever since she was little her family had shamed y/n for her abilities, keeping her hiddden from the worlds view. Then one day the family receives and invitation to the prince’s festival: except y/n isn’t allowed to go. That doesn’t stop her from finding herself at the gates of the castle and knee deep in trouble.

An: this is a new series I’m so excited for!! Is this something you guys would enjoy reading?

A Cinderella A.U


Chapter 1//

Chapter 2//

Chapter 3//

Chapter 4//

Chapter 5//

Chapter 6//

Chapter 7//

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。✧*  STATS

Name : Christopher “Kit” Charmant
Origin : Cinderella
Age : Up-to-player
Gender : Up-to-player
Faceclaim : Up-to-player
Availability : Open

  • Kit comes from an old money family involved with politics for generations.
  • His mother died when he was young. It’s just been him and his father ever since.
  • When his father’s temper flares up Kit is usually the only one that can calm him down.
  • Expected to go into politics or some other highly respected position for as long as he can remember.
  • As his father gets older he’s been pushing Kit more intensely to “settle down.”
  • Kit isn’t opposed to marriage, but it seems everyone is only interested in his wealth.
  • Comes to Porthaven to escape his father’s pestering.

✓ charming, determined, considerate
✖ sarcastic, perfectionist, guarded





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Prince: My god! Who was that beautiful woman?

Guard or something idfk: Wait, didn’t you dance with her the whole night?

Prince: Yes!

Guard :… And you DIDN’T get her name?! Where she lives?!

Prince: I didn’t think to.

Guard: Wait, lemme get this straight: You danced with this chick all night long, and you where so in love didn’t even bother to get her name or where in your father’s kingdom she lives?!?

Prince: Yes!

Guard: ..You know what, I’m putting my two week notice in, I can’t bother to be working under a future king who is so fucking dumb, I’m out.

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Coming back with my Disney blog!

Hello! I had a blog with this same name back in 2012, when I was just 14 years old. Now that I’m 21, I decided to start a new one because someone was using my old blog account to spam malicious posts. I couldn’t figure out a way to stop that so I just deleted the entire blog. Yes, all the beautiful memories I had while running that blog just vanished. 

But sometimes you need to let old things go and evolve to create new and fresh memories! So in this blog I’ll be posting graphics, edits and gifs made by me, all about Disney 2D movies and series. I’ll reblog everything our Disney lovers creates and also will be accepting requests for icons or headers, or anything really (just dream of it and your wish you’ll come true!).

• I have this minimalist, modern kind of style of editing, with soft, pastel colors. I’m still trying to figure out my ways of doing it. 

• If you like it, make sure to give a follow, this is very important since it makes me want to create even more and more! I promise I’ll make your feed a little more magical. ♥

• If you read it until the end and you’re a Disney blog aswell, please like this post! I’ll be following each one of you.

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This is my favorite Tattoo on my body, since it’s the one with the most meaning to me. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Mac Miller Fan and also knows this song is my favorite and the fact that he had this tattooed on him as well ❤️❤️❤️ RIP MAC

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