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#cindy aurum

I don’t cosplay only beautiful women, sometimes I cosplay beautiful boys too (in the company of beautiful women, of course.) ;p

Prompto and edit by me / Cindy by Vanyllah (TT) or cosd0ll (IG) / Photo by @rachasakawa 

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21-22.12.2016 || Final Fantasy XV Fan Event Drawings

Drawings by FFXV artists Yuuki Matsuzawa and Yuusaku Nakaaki for attendees in a fan event. 

[Part 1]

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Season’s Greetings

The ladies celebrating the holiday season in the comfort of home. Tried to give this one as much cozy mood as possible. 😊

Steam mods used:
‘Saintly Ensemble Luna 1 (Iris)’ by Nsept0403
‘Cindy Hair without Cap (Comrades, Female Hair)’ by Tsukamo
‘Santa Claus costume (for Aranea)’ & ‘Santa Claus costume (for Iris)’ by Shimesaba (しめさば)

🚫 Do not repost.
⬇️4K wallpaper here.

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Chapter 28 is up, and let me tell you, I literally cried writing the last few lines. Check it out and the kisstober piece by my co-creator (here) that inspired one of the sections.

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The crowd. Episode ignis alt ending.

Cindy Aurum

Prompto Agentum

Dino Ghiranze

Vyv Dorden

Sania Yeagre

Ignis Scientia

Sania Yeagre makes an appearance twice at the end just like the crowd. She’s also alongside with Ignis Scientia as well.

Don’t get it twisted ok.

All endings are Canon not fanon.

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Let the Rare Pair Big Bang Begin!! Me and @singloom paired up to bring some Cindy/Crowe into the world today. I will link their fic up as soon as it’s ready~!

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Gladiolus Amicitia and Cindy Aurum

I did this on ps4. Based on chocobo festival.


Screenshots by me. Game. Square enix

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