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#cindy mcdermott
dozydawn · a month ago
Tumblr media
Cindy McDermott for Yves Saint Laurent RTW SS 1991
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dozydawn · a month ago
Tumblr media
Cindy McDermott for Yves Saint Laurent HC SS 1990
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dozydawn · a month ago
Tumblr media
Cindy McDermott for Yves Saint Laurent HC SS 1990
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republicinsanity · 3 months ago
Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day Archive Vol. VIII
July 11th, 2014- December 31st, 2015: Archive Volume I and II. January 1st, 2016- December 31st, 2016: Archive Volume III. January 1st, 2017-December 31st, 2017: Archive Volume IV. January 1st, 2018-December 31st, 2018: Archive Volume V. January 1st, 2019-December 31st, 2019: Archive Volume VI. January 1st, 2019-December 31st, 2019: Archive Volume VII.
January 1st, 2021: Todd Weiler (UT)... UPDATE! January 2nd, 2021: Matthew Hill (TN)... UPDATE! January 3rd, 2021: Ben Gibson (LA) January 4th, 2021: Gail Griffin (AZ)... UPDATE! January 5th, 2021: Joe Thalman (MN) January 6th, 2021: Anthony Aguero (TX) January 7th, 2021: Michael Doherty (NJ) January 8th, 2021: Terry England (GA)... UPDATE! January 9th, 2021: Ben Sasse (NE)... UPDATE! January 10th, 2021: Matt Gaetz (FL)... UPDATE! January 11th, 2021: Asa Hutchinson (AR)... UPDATE! January 12th, 2021: Tom Morrison (IL)... UPDATE! January 13th, 2021: Henry McMaster (SC)... UPDATE! January 14th, 2021: Jim Wheeler (NV)... UPDATE! January 15th, 2021: Ed Orcutt (WA)... UPDATE! January 16th, 2021: Jeff Monroe (SD)... UPDATE! January 17th, 2021: Bo Watson (TN)... UPDATE! January 18th, 2021: John Green (ID) January 19th, 2021: Richard Hudson (NC)... UPDATE! January 20th, 2021: Jay Allen (ME) January 21st, 2021: Brandon Smith (KY)... UPDATE! January 22nd, 2021: Patrice Kimbler (CA) January 23rd, 2021: Dennis Baxley (FL)... UPDATE! January 24th, 2021: Roy Moore (AL)... UPDATE! January 25th, 2021: Josh Miller (AR)... UPDATE! January 26th, 2021: Steve Palazzo (MS)... UPDATE! January 27th, 2021: Kyle Biedermann (TX)... UPDATE! January 28th, 2021: Cindy Pugh (MN) January 29th, 2021: Patricia McElraft (NC)... UPDATE! January 30th, 2021: Mike DeWine (OH)... UPDATE! January 31st, 2021: Keith Kempenich (ND)... UPDATE! February 1st, 2021: Jay Lawrence (AZ) February 2nd, 2021: Enrique Tarrio (FL) February 3rd, 2021: Derrick Evans (WV) February 4th, 2021: Ignacio Cruz (CA) February 5th, 2021: Heather Scott (ID)... UPDATE! February 6th, 2021: Joyce Bentley (NV) February 7th, 2021: Kerry Roberts (TN) February 8th, 2021: Vance Boyd (TX) February 9th, 2021: Pat Garofalo (MN)... UPDATE! February 10th, 2021: Dan Forest (NC)... UPDATE! February 11th, 2021: Keith Wheeler (IL)... UPDATE! February 12th, 2021: Markwayne Mullin (OK)... UPDATE! February 13th, 2021: John Schiess (AZ/WI) February 14th, 2021: Andrew Koenig (MO)... UPDATE! February 15th, 2021: Michael Waltz (FL)... UPDATE! February 16th, 2021: Nicholas Ochs (HI) February 17th, 2021: Jason Rapert (AR)... UPDATE! February 18th, 2021: Ted Howze (CA) February 19th, 2021: Arthur Orr (AL)... UPDATE! February 20th, 2021: Samuel Williams (TX) February 21st, 2021: Mike Hubbard (AL) February 22nd, 2021: Francis Rooney (FL) February 23rd, 2021: Isaac Latterell (SD)... UPDATE! February 24th, 2021: Bill Chumley (SC)... UPDATE! February 25th, 2021: Candice Keller (OH)... UPDATE! February 26th, 2021: Jim Tomes (IN)... UPDATE! February 27th, 2021: Ann Wagner (MO)... UPDATE! February 28th, 2021: Jeffrey Guice (MS)... UPDATE! March 1st, 2021: Catherine Carr (TX) March 2nd, 2021: Rob Brooks (WI)... UPDATE! March 3rd, 2021: Darren Aquino (FL) March 4th, 2021: Susan Lynn (TN)... UPDATE! March 5th, 2021: Warren Daniel (NC)... UPDATE! March 6th, 2021: Tom Kirby (GA)... UPDATE! March 7th, 2021: Vito Barbieri (ID)... UPDATE! March 8th, 2021: Wayne Steinhauer (SD)... UPDATE! March 9th, 2021: Brian Boquist (OR)... UPDATE! March 10th, 2021: Aaron Bernstine (PA)... UPDATE! March 11th, 2021: Tom Corbin (SC)... UPDATE! March 12th, 2021: Leslie Rutledge (AR)... UPDATE! March 13th, 2021: Matt Krause (TX)... UPDATE! March 14th, 2021: Al Baldasaro (NH)... UPDATE! March 15th, 2021: John Ragan (TN)... UPDATE! March 16th, 2021: Sam Peters (NV) March 17th, 2021: Bob McDermott (HI)... UPDATE! March 18th, 2021: Gerald Greene (GA)... UPDATE! March 19th, 2021: Paul Gosar (AZ)... UPDATE! March 20th, 2021: Michael Bluemling (FL) March 21st, 2021: Mark Cole (VA)... UPDATE! March 22nd, 2021: John Becker (OH)... UPDATE! March 23rd, 2021: Justin Humphrey (OK)... UPDATE! March 24th, 2021: Matt Schaefer (TX)... UPDATE! March 25th, 2021: Ken Buck (CO)... UPDATE! March 26th, 2021: Jim Lucas (IN)... UPDATE! March 27th, 2021: Kelly Keisling (TN)... UPDATE! March 28th, 2021: Tim Fazenbaker (MD) March 29th, 2021: Eric Porterfield (WV)... UPDATE! March 30th, 2021: Justine Wadsack (AZ) March 31st, 2021: Barry Loudermilk (GA)... UPDATE! April 1st, 2021: DEMOCRATS! April 2nd, 2021: Vicky Hartzler (MO)... UPDATE! April 3rd, 2021: Jeff Duncan (SC)... UPDATE! April 4th, 2021: Mike Rogers (AL)... UPDATE! April 5th, 2021: Melissa Esparza-Mathis (TX) April 6th, 2021: Jeanne Ives (IL)... UPDATE! April 7th, 2021: Glen Casada (TN) April 8th, 2021: Ken Weyler (NH)... UPDATE! April 9th, 2021: Guy Reschenthaler (PA)... UPDATE! April 10th, 2021: Cecil Bell (TX)... UPDATE! April 11th, 2021: Lynn Hutchings (WY)... UPDATE! April 12th, 2021: Patrick Neville (CO) April 13th, 2021: Mark Finchem (AZ)... UPDATE! April 14th, 2021: Robert Aderholt (AL)... UPDATE! April 15th, 2021: Matt Shea (WA)... UPDATE! April 16th, 2021: Terri Lynn Weaver (TN)... UPDATE! April 17th, 2021: Werner Horn (NH)... UPDATE! April 18th, 2021: Hardy Billington (MO)... UPDATE! April 19th, 2021: Erin Cruz (CA)... UPDATE! April 20th, 2021: C.B. Embry (KY)... UPDATE! April 21st, 2021: Tony Tinderholt (TX)... UPDATE!
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epacer · 6 months ago
Lady Colts Get Together
Tumblr media
Had a great lunch today with some of the Crawford gals! Back row-Diane Singer, Cindy Bordan,Vickie Morrow, Margo Gauthier,Gale Maxie Kathy Muncrief, Candy Young. Front row-Nancy Pleasants, Cathy Muncrief, Karen McDermott. Nancy Pleasants-Vettel post of October 20, 2012
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tabloidtoc · 10 months ago
OK, June 15
Cover: Jennifer Garner’s miracle baby at 48 
Tumblr media
Page 1: Big Pic -- The Bachelor alum Hannah Ann Sluss with a water gun 
Page 2: Contents 
Tumblr media
Page 3: Contents 
Tumblr media
Page 4: Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli’s marriage in crisis -- following guilty pleas in the college admission cheating scandal the couple may be headed toward divorce 
Page 6: Amid rumors that Queen Elizabeth will soon hand over reigning duties to her eldest son Prince Charles his wife Camilla Parker Bowles is prepping for an exciting new reality where she will likely ascend to princess consort rather than queen but will still get to enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of a co-ruler 
Page 7: Now that Ruby Rose has left Batwoman after one season because her recovery from neck surgery after an on-set injury has been slow and painful and she frequently disagreed with showrunners and now she’s happy to be back in L.A. and eager to reconnect with the friends she wasn’t able to see when she was filming the Vancouver-based series, with production on Jeopardy! still temporarily halted host Alex Trebek who’s battling pancreatic cancer is worried about his future on the hit game show because his hope was to bank as many episodes as possible before getting too sick to carry on, John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s 9-year-old son Ben is learning to fly and John has an arsenal of private planes he’s using to teach Ben how to fly 
Page 8: When the lockdown began Tori Spelling was excited to spend more time with husband Dean McDermott and their five children but it didn’t take long for the household to turn chaotic and she may be on the verge of a total meltdown, Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford’s son Presley Gerber seems to be over his rebellious phase of getting face tattoos and DUIs since he got a job at his father’s Malibu restaurant where he met girlfriend Sydney Brooke and things have changed for the better, after years of flying solo Martha Stewart is eager to find herself a man 
Page 10: Red Hot on the Red Carpet -- stars in red ensembles -- Celine Dion, Kate Beckinsale
Page 11: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosamund Pike, Maya Rudolph 
Page 12: Who Wore It Better? Emily Ratajkowski vs. Tessa Thompson ✅, AnnaLynne McCord ✅ vs. Maria Menounos, Hailey Bieber ✅ vs. Tallia Storm 
Page 15: News in Photos -- Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson on their 10th anniversary, Nina Dobrev in Red Rock, Arizona, pregnant Katy Perry gave some cash to a panhandler while picking up food, Margot Robbie eats watermelon 
Page 16: Suit Up -- stars are embracing the warm weather and showing some skin -- Cardi B showed off her massive new tattoo which took several months to complete, Elizabeth Hurley modeled a design from her own line, RHONYC alum Kelly Bensimon accented her swimwear with vintage jewelry for a day at the beach in Palm Beach, Florida
Page 18: Joe Keery on a bike ride, Ricky Gervais and longtime love Jane Fallon strolling around London 
Page 19: Tennis star Novak Djokovic chatting about the upcoming Adria Tour at a press conference in Belgrade, Serbia, Mario Lopez and son Santino, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi pick up some takeout food 
Page 20: Nicole Kidman, Kris Jenner and granddaughter True
Page 21: Demi Lovato trying on lots of clothes, Naomi Watts joked that the beautifully optimistic painting on the wall now reminds her of a virus 
Page 22: RHONJ star Melissa Gorga plays video games with her sons Joey and Gino, Reese Witherspoon, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton performed together for the season finale of The Voice 
Page 23: Heidi Klum rocked a laid-back look to rehearse for the finale of Germany’s Next Top Model, Pierce Brosnan gushed to wife Keely as they celebrated his 67th birthday 
Page 24: Inside My Home -- Miranda Lambert’s Tennessee estate
Page 26: Ryan Seacrest quietly popped the question to food blogger Shayna Taylor after dating on and off for seven years 
Page 28: Eight months after Riverdale costars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart reunited after a brief split the two have called it quits again with quarantining separately without close physical contact spelling the end for them, as her due date approaches Katy Perry has confessed that the uncertainty of giving birth for the first time especially amid the pandemic has her crying and spiraling a little bit every day but luckily fiance Orlando Bloom has been there to ease her woes every which way he can from making her breakfast to massaging her feet, twice-divorced Kris Jenner is ready to tie the knot with her beau of six years Corey Gamble
Page 30: Cover Story -- Jennifer Garner’s baby surprise
Page 33: Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’ baby talk -- it may not be long before Ben and Ana welcome a little one of their own 
Page 34: Christie Brinkley answers everything -- the former supermodel is gearing up to tell all about her looks, her life and her rocky romances 
Page 36: Kristen Bell gets real about motherhood -- she opens up about her unconventional approach to parenting 
Page 38: The Hills -- Where Are They Now? Brian Drolet, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port 
Page 39: Lauren Conrad, Jason Wahler, Jordan Eubanks, Heidi Montag 
Page 40: Interview -- Javier Bardem work in progress -- the Oscar winner opens up about his career, his family and striving for greatness 
Page 42: Fit at Every Age -- 20s Emma Roberts, 30s Gisele Bundchen 
Page 43: 40s Tracee Ellis Ross, 50s Cindy Crawford, 60s Vanna White 
Page 47: Style Week -- Lucy Hale has been named Almay’s latest global brand ambassador 
Page 49: 5 minutes with Denise Richards -- the RHOBH star dishes on her self-care rituals and new skincare line 
Page 50: Fashion -- Take Pride -- Victoria Justice 
Page 52: Beauty -- sexy by summer -- Brooke Burke 
Page 54: Entertainment 
Page 55: Q&A Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules 
Page 58: Buzz -- Khloe Kardashian’s latest selfie has everyone doing a double-take because of her dramatically different facial features
Page 60: Hollywood Heat Meter -- Kendall Jenner and NBA player Devin Booker were spotted together on Memorial Day, Lorde came out of hiding to explain that her highly anticipated new album is taking so long because she wants to release something of quality, a former Parliament member estimates that from their wedding day to March 31 of this year the British taxpayer has forked out more than $53 million to provide Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with whatever they want, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has become the longest-running live action comedy series in history, Chrissy Teigen is removing her breast implants, these stars got their diplomas later in life -- Bryce Dallas Howard, Quavo, Ashley Judd, Swizz Beatz, Eva Longoria 
Page 61: Sound Bites -- Helen Mirren on being called a sex symbol, Jerry Seinfeld on why he hasn’t done another sitcom since Seinfeld, Halsey revealing how she injured herself, Jennifer Lawrence on drinking wine during quarantine 
Page 62: Horoscope -- Gemini Emily Ratajkowski 
Page 64: By the Numbers -- Cameron Diaz 
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tabloidtoc · 11 months ago
Life & Style, May 18
Cover: Kristin Cavallari wife from hell, Jay Cutler fights to protect $50 million fortune 
Tumblr media
Page 1: Photo Flash -- Ana de Armas wearing a $200,000 ruby ring on her middle finger although it may be an engagement ring from Ben Affleck 
Page 2: Contents 
Tumblr media
Page 4: The Top 10 Floral Looks -- Lupita Nyong’o, Natalie Portman, Kelsea Ballerini, Elle Fanning, Jennifer Lopez 
Page 5: Laura Dern, Mandy Moore, Olivia Wilde, Kaitlyn Dever, Julia Garner 
Page 6: Twinning! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley vs. Diane Kruger, Jennifer Lahmer vs. Cheryl Burke 
Page 8: Michael Buble is facing backlash for apparently elbowing wife Luisana Lopilato in an Instagram Live video -- while some fans worried about the state of the duo’s nine-year marriage others went as far as urging the Argentine actress to leave the feather of her three children 
Page 9: An official Whitney Houston biopic is in the works with the full support of her estate but who will portray Whitney -- Zendaya is the front-runner but there are a lot of young actresses like Amandla Stenberg and Yara Shahidi and Keke Palmer vying for the role, Throwback -- Celine Dion, Biggest Spenders of the Week -- Lindsey Vonn, Drake, Blake Shelton, Behati Prinsloo, Sofia Richie 
Page 10: Khloe Kardashian has been unable to keep up with her filler routine and now she is worried that her current injections will wear off while she’s self-isolating with baby daddy Tristan Thompson because she’s very insecure about her looks and she is terrified Tristan will go running if he sees the real Khloe, Rihanna has been putting her $6.8 million bachelorette pad to good use since splitting from boyfriend Hassan Jameel throwing parties almost every night and the neighbors can hear loud music and see flashing lights and cars coming and going in the early hours of the morning but since it’s Rihanna no one dares report her 
Page 12: Felicity Huffman is ready to start rebuilding her life after serving time in prison for her role in the college admissions cheating scandal 
Page 13: The cast and crew of Filthy Rich wonder if Kim Cattrall has always been so difficult to work with -- she’s clashed with staffers and stopped production several times and even made her co-stars cry, Zoe Kravitz is doing everything she can to reunite the Monterey Five for season 3 of Big Little Lies even though Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon are super busy, VIP Style -- Jason Oppenheim (pictured), Whitney Port, Billie Eilish, Karlie Kloss, Alysia Reiner and Amber Valletta, Drew Taggart, Tyler Cameron and Venus Williams 
Page 14: The Week in Photos -- Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez 
Page 15: Kourtney Kardashian and daughter Penelope, Mindy Kaling
Page 16: Amy Schumer and husband Chris Fischer, Joe Kerry and his dog, January Jones 
Page 17: Adam Sandler, Jesse Metcalfe and Cara Santana 
Page 20: Ryan Phillippe
Page 22: Rosamund Pike lent her voice to a special royal-themed episode of Thomas & Friends, Alan Cumming and his rescue dog Lala, Jared Leto, Bella Hadid helped plant lavender on her mom’s Pennsylvania farm 
Page 24: Stars Behaving Badly -- Andy Cohen not wearing pants for RHOA reunion day, Amber Heard drove down the road with her foot up on the dashboard of her classic Ford Mustang 
Page 26: Say What?! Amy Schumer giving workout advice to pal Selena Gomez, Cindy Crawford on growing to love her signature facial feature, Halle Berry recalling how Pierce Brosnan saved her life while shooting Die Another Day, January Jones on blazing her own fashion trail 
Page 28: John Cena and Shay Shariatzadeh’s dream wedding 
Page 29: Although Emma Watson has described herself as happily single she has actually been dating California-based businessman Leo Robinton for the last six months
Page 30: Cover Story -- What Really Went Wrong Between Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler -- a decade after falling in love Kristin and Jay end their marriage with a bitter divorce battle 
Page 34: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle couples therapy confessions -- as their second wedding anniversary fast approaches Harry and Meghan attempt to solve growing problems 
Page 36: Kanye West is moving to Wyoming and taking the kids -- after a brief trip to his ranch with their four children Kanye realizes he might be better off without Kim Kardashian by his side 
Page 38: Hollywood Baby Boom -- Lea Michele designs her dream nursery, is a proposal next for Gigi Hadid 
Page 39: Katherine Schwarzenegger gets doted on by Chris Pratt 
Page 42: Who Lives Here? Kesha 
Page 44: Entertainment 
Page 45: Star Review -- JoJo, As Seen On-Screen -- Kelly Ripa wore Morgan Lane’s Katelyn Fiona Set in Twilight for $356 pajamas on Live With Kelly and Ryan 
Page 48: Beauty Beat -- DIY Hair Color -- Mandy Moore 
Page 49: Hilary Duff, Lea Michele, Emma Roberts 
Page 52: Diva or Down-to-Earth? Down-to-Earth Miranda Lambert takes over in the kitchen, Down-to-Earth Halle Berry curls up with a good book 
Page 53: Diva Rachel McAdams enlists a baggage handler, diva Molly Sims puts her kids on pampering duty 
Page 54: Social Stars Posts of the Week -- Eva Longoria and son Santiago, Shakira, Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz and Bill Kaulitz, Neil Patrick Harris 
Page 55: Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus, Reese Witherspoon, Jonathan and Drew Scott and Melissa McCarthy and cousin Jenna, Dwayne Johnson and daughter Jasmine 
Page 56: Horoscope -- Taurus Megan Fox, They’re Not Together But They Should Be -- Cancer Khloe Kardashian and Taurus Channing Tatum 
Page 58: Made Ya Look -- Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott and son Beau and their pet pig 
Page 60: What I’m Into -- Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino 
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tabloidtoc · 11 months ago
Life & Style, May 11
You can buy a copy of this magazine at my eBay store:
Cover: Queen Elizabeth’s $2 billion will revealed and the palace leak sparks family war 
Tumblr media
Page 1: Prince Louis turns 2 
Page 2: Contents
Tumblr media
Page 4: The Top 10 Mint Looks -- Cara Santana, Chrissy Teigen, Busy Philipps, Heidi Klum, Lucy Hale 
Page 5: Tessa Thompson, Julianne Moore, Cynthia Erivo, Dakota Fanning, Sophia Bush 
Page 6: Twinning -- Irina Shayk ✅ vs. Olivia Culpo, Blake Lively vs. Nicky Hilton ✅
Page 7: Janelle Monae vs. Jourdan Dunn ✅, Lydia Hearst vs. Ashley Greene ✅
Page 8: Ellen DeGeneres’ fall from grace -- Ellen spent years building her career and it would be her biggest nightmare to see it fall apart but lately she’s been called one of the meanest people alive 
Page 9: Channing Tatum has joined celebrity dating app Raya after splitting with Jessie J hoping to find a potential mate after his ex-wife Jenna Dewan got engaged to baby daddy Steve Kazee because though he pretends not to care it’s hard to see Jenna move on and be happy, Throwback -- Heidi Klum, Biggest Spenders of the Week -- Pharrell Williams, Ryan Seacrest, Michael Jordan, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney, Kylie Jenner 
Page 10: Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner stepped out in Beverly Hills without an ounce of makeup and was completely unrecognizable and shook her fans, Reese Witherspoon gets real about her struggle with mental health
Page 12: Ana de Armas has spent thousands of dollars on designer duds to wear when she’s walking her dog with Ben Affleck
Page 13: Bethenny Frankel wasted no time bashing RHONYC after she left and when she quit she thought Bravo would come running back with all kinds of crazy offers to get her to stay but that didn’t happen, Kanye West has his pastor Adam Tyson sit in on meetings and listen to his lyrics and look at his designs to make sure he stays on the right path, VIP Style -- Billy Porter and Adam Smith, Emily Ratakowski, Ashley Greene, Karena Dawn, Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Christina Milian 
Page 14: The Week in Photos -- Tyler Cameron lifts a homemade barbell 
Page 15: Hannah Ann Sluss does a puzzle, Chris Pratt crashes Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Instagram, Salma Hayek 
Page 16: Jennifer Garner, Mandy Moore and husband Taylor Goldsmith and cat Peanut
Page 18: Pierce Brosnan, Ben Affleck on his motorcycle 
Page 19: Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham on a bike ride 
Page 20: Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell and a lemur, La La Anthony tries out her new door stretch strap, Gilles Marini’s wife Carole gives him a trim 
Page 22: Blake Griffin does an outdoor workout, Melissa Gorga, Halsey and her dog Jagger 
Page 24: Stars Behaving Badly -- Warren Beatty flips the bird, Jaimie Alexander pretends to choke TV sibling Luke Mitchell, naked Chelsea Handler covers herself with books 
Page 26: Say What?! Kelly Ripa cautioning would-be at-home stylists, Hailey Baldwin on her secret to a clear complexion, Catherine Zeta-Jones on waiting nearly 20 years to view pics from her 2000 nuptials with Michael Douglas, Dwayne Johnson revealing his disappointment during an Instagram Q&A, Zac Efron on getting buff for 2017′s Baywatch 
Page 28: Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin are self-isolating at her farm in Tennesse and instead of bringing them closer all of the alone time has actually driven them further apart because Brendan feels trapped living in the sticks with Miranda
Page 29: Halle Berry has been going it alone since her 2015 split from third husband Olivier Martinez and the mom of two plans to keep it that way, Meghan King Edmonds’ estranged husband Jim Edmonds threw her a curveball when he publicly confirmed he was dating Kortnie O’Connor -- the woman they once had a threesome with 
Page 30: Cover Story -- Inside Queen Elizabeth’s $2 billion will -- Britain’s royal family is in turmoil after Queen Elizabeth II makes some difficult decisions about the future of her big fortune 
Page 34: Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat are getting serious -- as they see more and more of each other friendship and attraction blossom into much more for the two 
Page 36: Brian Austin Green’s secret health crisis -- he spent 9 months in bed 
Page 38: Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich hanging by a thread -- months after reports of trouble in paradise first emerged new issues in their marriage come to light 
Page 40: Too Hot To Handle -- it’s not fun for these celebs to watch their spouses’ steamy love scenes -- Kit Harington watching Rose Leslie and Harry Treadway, Blake Lively on Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin 
Page 41: Keith Urban on Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard, Judd Apatow on Leslie Mann and Matthew Broderick, Jason Momoa on Lisa Bonet and Ismael Cruz Cordova 
Page 42: Who Lives Here? Shia LaBeouf 
Page 44: Entertainment 
Page 45: Star Review -- Ben Higgins, Savannah Guthrie wore Michael Kors’ Zip-Front Belted Midi Dress costing $2570 on a recent episode of Today 
Page 46: Mother’s Day Gift Guide -- Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber 
Page 52: Diva or Down-to-Earth? Down-to-Earth Chrissy Teigen gives her mother a mani, Diva Alicia Silverstone has Christian Siriano to straighten her gown, Diva Janelle Monae gets an umbrella assist, Down-to-Earth Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott haul their own boxes 
Page 54: Social Stars Posts of the Week -- Jessica Chastain, Victoria Justice, Naomi Watts, Camila Mendes 
Page 55: Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebel Wilson, Joe Manganiello, Christie Brinkley 
Page 56: Horoscope -- Taurus Adele, They’re Not Together But They Should Be -- Taurus Noah Centineo and Pisces Victoria Justice 
Page 58: Made Ya Look -- Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan and daughter Birdie at thee farmer’s market 
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tabloidtoc · 11 months ago
Life & Style, May 4
Cover: Rob Lowe -- Fame Almost Killed Me 
Tumblr media
Page 1: Photo Flash -- Demi Lovato for Harper’s Bazaar 
Page 2: Contents 
Tumblr media
Page 4: The Top 10 Lucy Hale Looks 
Page 6: Twinning -- Nicky Hilton vs. Rachel Brosnahan ✅, Claire Foy vs. Maya Rudolph ✅, Phoebe Tonkin ✅ vs. Margot Robbie 
Page 8: Lori Loughlin going to jail for 10 years because her attempt to get a judge to drop all charges related to the college admissions cheating scandal backfired in a big way when federal prosecutors released photos of her daughters on rowing machines as well as emails sent by her husband Mossimo Giannulli seemingly laughing about their crimes 
Page 9: Kim Kardashian is desperate to get in Meghan Markle’s good graces so she asked mutual friend Serena Williams to schedule a meeting but Meghan doesn’t want anything to do with that family -- Serena thinks Meghan is being silly and rude and it’s put a strain on their friendship, Throwback -- Stephen Colbert, Biggest Spenders of the Week -- David and Victoria Beckham, Kylie Jenner, Amal and George Clooney, Tyler Perry, Ana de Armas 
Page 10: Ellen Pompeo is trading in her Grey’s Anatomy scrubs for some dancing shoes -- she’s been trying to do a dance competition show for years and now it’s turned into a docuseries with RuPaul and choreographer Yanis Marshall, after taking a years break from the dating scene Selena Gomez is ready to find love again and she’s asked Taylor Swift to help 
Tumblr media
Page 12: Alicia Silverstone was well on her way to becoming the next big thing in Hollywood but being called fat and struggling to fit into her Batgirl suit for 1997′s Batman & Robin she had no interest in being famous after that and disappeared from the public eye but she’s now primed for a comeback 
Page 13: Lady Gaga fears Dua Lipa is trying to steal her sound as well as her fan base after Dua’s new album got rave reviews but Dua and her camp think that Gaga is the true copycat, Chrissy Teigen is living every hour like it’s happy hour while in quarantine with John Legend and their two kids after vowing to quit drinking in 2017 and 2019, VIP Style -- Sarah Michelle Gellar (pictured), Antoni Porowski sharing the snacks is his pantry including Lenny & Larry’s vegan protein cookies, Sean “Diddy” Combs, January Jones, Ashley Green, Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott 
Page 14: The Week in Photos -- Liam Hemsworth in Men’s Health 
Page 15: Pink and Carey Hart, Jason Statham and son Jack 
Page 16: Kaley Cuoco adopted two tiny piglets named Leeroy and Wilbur, Jennifer Garner and her lookalike daughter Violet 
Page 17: Nina Dobrev, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ family book club reading How to Rule the World From Your Couch 
Page 18: Chris Martin coming and going in low-riding jeans on a bike 
Page 20: Jillian Michaels in the park in Malibu with kids Phoenix and Lukensia, Blake Shelton let Gwen Stefani shave a few inches off his quarantine mullet 
Page 21: Sarah Silverman cheers on health care workers 
Page 22: Jimmy Fallon’s daughters Winnie and Frances help him on the Tonight Show from home 
Page 23: Rachel Brosnahan snuggles her dog Nikki, Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa walk daughter Rani, Joel Kinnaman hugs supermodel girlfriend Kelly Gale on the beach in LA 
Page 24: Stars Behaving Badly -- Lisa Rinna opens a bottle of wine with her teeth, Justin Theroux and rescue dog Kuma wearing a black tie for their sit-down dinner, Courtney Stodden walks her dog Gucci in nothing but a bathrobe 
Page 25: Miley Cyrus sprawled across the lap of the Easter Bunny, Ryan Gosling got a parking ticket 
Page 26: Say What?! Hannah Ann Sluss paints an unflattering picture of ex Peter Weber’s manhood, Brad Pitt who recently surprised his makeup artist with a home renovation on Celebrity IOU, Emily Ratajkowski on her new addiction to TikTok in self-isolation, Khloe Kardashian on the prospect of getting into a physical fight with her eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian, Laverne Cox on turning 48 in May 
Page 28: Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden have grown closer since welcoming their daughter Raddix in January 
Page 29: Already a mom of four Heidi Klum is hoping to have another baby with new hubby Tom Kaulitz 
Page 30: Cover Story -- Rob Lowe’s untold story -- as he prepares to mark 30 years of sobriety, a look back at his painful wild past 
Page 34: Kanye West is fed up with Kim Kardashian -- Kim wants Kanye to help out more at home but he’s tired of being nagged 
Page 36: Val Kilmer kisses and tells -- former ladies’ man tells all on a series of famous exes in his new book I’m You’re Huckleberry -- Angelina Jolie, Ellen Barkin, Cher, Carly Simon, Cindy Crawford 
Page 38: Kelly Ripa Monster Mom -- her older children are tiring of her criticism 
Page 40: Insta Pups -- these canine cuties have built up online followings that rival those of their celebrity owners -- Mark Wahlberg’s pint-size phenom named Champ, Lady Gaga’s li’l monster Asia or Batpig
Page 41: Andy Cohen’s real housepet Wacha, Nina Dobrev’s shaggy scene-stealer Maverick, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s baby girl Hershula 
Page 42: Who Lives Here? Jennifer Love Hewitt 
Page 44: Entertainment 
Page 45: Star Review -- Giacomo Gianniotti
Page 46: Fashion -- safari-inspired style -- Emma Watson 
Page 48: Beauty -- brow wow -- Sofia Vergara, Shay Mitchell, Emma Roberts 
Page 50: Style Crush -- Lauren Conrad 
Page 52: Diva or Down-to-Earth? Diva Jessica Alba employs a styling staff, Diva Gigi Hadid applies a 24k gold beauty mask 
Page 53: Down-to-Earth Amber Heard cleans out her garage, Down-to-Earth Kristin Chenoweth solves a puzzle 
Page 54: Social Stars Posts of the Week -- Jessica Biel and son Silas, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid kisses a horse while self-isolating at mom Yolanda Hadid’s Pennsylvania farm 
Page 55: Sam Smith, Kevin Hart and son Kenzo, Shay Mitchell, Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin with their kids 
Page 56: Horoscope -- Taurus Jessica Alba, They’re Not Together But They Should Be -- Capricorn Bradley Cooper and Sagittarius Rita Ora 
Page 58: Made Ya Look -- Jim Carrey on The Kelly Clarkson Show 
Page 60: What I’m Into -- Jenni “JWOWW” Farley 
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tabloidtoc · 11 months ago
In Touch, May 4
Cover: Baby No. 6 for Chip and Joanna Gaines 
Tumblr media
Page 1: Contents 
Tumblr media
Page 2: Who Wore It Better? Lake Bell vs. Zara Larsson ✅, Kerry Washington ✅ vs. Nicole Scherzinger, Keltie Knight vs. Kaley Cuoco ✅
Page 4: Lockdown Reunions -- the casts of these beloved shows and movies are back to entertain everyone stuck at home -- That Thing You Do!, Friends, Chuck, The Nanny, Frasier 
Page 5: Makeover of the Week -- Hilary Duff dyes her hair turquoise, Number of the Week -- 6 times Brandon Jenner says he saw his father Caitlyn Jenner between the ages of 8 and 25, Gripe of the Week -- Chris Cuomo doesn’t like his job as CNN host, Shailene Woodley acknowledges she’s been in open relationships, Little Terrors of the Week -- Kourtney Kardashian’s three kids are out of control 
Page 6: Crib of the Week -- Selena Gomez’s sprawling estate 
Page 8: As Kate Beckinsale gets older her guys just get younger 
Page 9: Disney+ censors Daryl Hannah’s behind in Splash, AnnaSophia Robb keeps playing young stars like Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker and Rachel Bilson, Man Candy of the Week -- Darren Barnet, Winner of the Week -- Hugh Jackman turned down a role in Cats, Loser of the Week -- Justin Timberlake outraged fans by declaring 24-hour parenting is just not human 
Page 10: Up Close -- Demi Lovato for Harper’s Bazaar 
Page 11: Jimmy Fallon gets help from daughter Winnie and Frances on The Tonight Show: Home Edition, Chris Martin on a bike ride 
Page 12: Liam Hemsworth for Men’s Health 
Page 14: Board Stiff -- Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Bryant finish a puzzle 
Page 15: Cindy Crawford plays backgammon against herself, Drew Barrymore plays Candy Land with her daughter, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays chess against his donkey Lulu 
Page 16: Halle Berry takes on the #PillowChallenge 
Page 18: Kidding Around -- Gabrielle Union and daughter Kaavia, Jason Statham and son Jack, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson with daughter Birdie 
Page 19: Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet, Norman Reedus and daughter 
Tumblr media
Page 20: Haircuts at Home -- Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, Billy Porter and husand Adam Porter-Smith, Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph 
Page 21: Armie Hammer 
Page 22: I’ll Drink To That -- Jessica Chastain and wine 
Page 23: Sarah Michelle Gellar and tequila, Lisa Rinna 
Page 24: Costume Party -- Serena Williams as Snow White, Sam Smith as Jane Fonda’s aerobic ‘80s look 
Page 26: Tyler Cameron lifts concrete blocks 
Page 27: Gwyneth Paltrow wearing glasses while doing skincare, Justin Theroux dressed for dinner with his rescue dog Kuma, Britney Spears dancing to Justin Timberlake’s Filthy 
Page 28: Cover Story -- Chip and Joanna Gaines are having another baby girl 
Page 30: Ellen DeGeneres under attack -- beloved talk show host or boss from hell? Ellen’s reputation takes a big hit as her staff tells horror stories 
Page 32: Hollywood’s Most Notorious Cheaters -- Lamar Odom, Tristan Thompson, Kristen Stewart 
Page 33: Ashton Kutcher, Josh Duggar, Kevin Hart, Matt Lauer, Tiger Woods 
Page 34: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle going broke -- from Buckingham Palace to bankruptcy court? Reality is setting in for the cash-strapped Duke and Duchess of Sussex 
Page 36: Stars Give High Praise for CBD -- Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Wilde 
Page 37: Kristen Bell, Toni Braxton, Emma Roberts, Mandy Moore 
Page 38: Ben Affleck’s new girlfriend Ana de Armas may have met his kids but she hasn’t met his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and Jen wants to keep it that way 
Page 39: Alex Trebek who has been living with stage 4 pancreatic cancer for more than a year has given himself another reason to keep fighting: he’s decided to write his memoir, Star Sightings -- Billy Porter, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, Snoop Dogg munched on a vegan snack -- PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds, Karena Dawn (pictured), Ashley Greene
Page 40: David Beckham has been in the doghouse in recent months with wife Victoria Beckham because he’s been spending so much time in America overseeing his new MLS soccer team has tried to make it up to her by buying a $24 million penthouse in Miami -- Victoria doesn’t love Miami but she fell in love with the condo 
Page 41: Gavin Rossdale is furious that Gwen Stefani took their three kids to Oklahoma with her boyfriend Blake Shelton -- Gavin hates that his kids are so far away during the pandemic and doesn’t think Blake is a proper stepdad because he won’t marry Gwen but Gwen thinks Gavin is still bitter about their divorce after all this time, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox have split up again because of the balance between work and family life is their issue again, it looks like Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich are finally over -- they’re not quarantining together and Julianne was spotted out in LA with British actor Ben Barnes although she told Brooks they’re just friends 
Page 44: The Big Interview -- Danica McKellar’s best tips for teaching kids at home 
Page 46: Style -- loungewear -- Alessandra Ambrosio 
Page 50: Beauty -- enviable eyebrows -- Cara Delevingne, Jessica Alba 
Page 51: Dakota Fanning, Gigi Hadid, Jenna Dewan, Lily Collins  
Page 54: Animal Overload -- My dog looks like Kaia Gerber 
Page 56: Entertainment 
Page 58: My Night at Home -- James Kennedy 
Page 60: Double Take -- Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott moving boxes 
Page 62: Horoscope -- Taurus Lizzo 
Page 64: Last Laughs 
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tabloidtoc · a year ago
OK, January 20
Cover: Robert Downey Jr. -- secrets of the $400M superhero 
Tumblr media
Page 1: Big Pic -- Duchess Kate and Princess Charlotte head to church on Christmas morning 
Page 2: Contents 
Tumblr media
Page 3: Contents 
Tumblr media
Page 4: Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson are secretly suffering after a trip to Aspen that may have done their relationships more harm than good 
Page 6: Inside Justin Bieber’s comeback 
Page 7: Sofia Richie is spending more time with the Kardashians and barely saw her dad Lionel Richie and sister Nicole Richie over the holidays and it’s breaking their hearts, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are back in full-on bromance mode much to the dismay of Matt’s wife Luciana because Ben’s been constantly showing up at their house unannounced, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s lavish holiday trip to Canada didn’t come cheap and it’s left Prince William seeing red 
Page 8: Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber have reluctantly accepted their daughter Kaia Gerber’s romance with Pete Davidson they have no intention of standing by as Pete goes off the rails, Victoria Beckham’s fashion line has lost over $10 million and she’s compensating by cutting extravagances like a personal chauffeur and seeking out new money-making gigs and is even willing to move to L.A. if it brings a bigger paycheck, Lindsay Lohan is returning to the U.S. 
Page 10: Red Hot on the Red Carpet -- little black dresses -- Katie Holmes, Lili Reinhart, Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron 
Page 12: Who Wore It Better? Kristine Froseth vs. Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey vs. Thomas Rhett, Elsie Fisher vs. Elizabeth Chambers 
Page 14: News in Photos -- Snoop Dogg and Ice-T and his wife Coco and their daughter Chanel in Tampa 
Page 15: Tim Robbins at a New York Rangers game with girlfriend Gratiela Brancusi and his son Miles and Marlowe whose mom is Eva Amurri daughter of his ex Susan Sarandon, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern, Mark Wahlberg in Barbados 
Page 16: Bella Hadid and Michael Kors, newlyweds Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma and their daughter Banks, Brooke Burke 
Page 18: Trevor Noah, Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Shields and daughter Rowan in NYC
Page 19: Rita Ora on the Jonathan Ross Show, Cody Simpson 
Page 20: Anna Kournikova, Lisa Rinna, Elsa Hosk and boyfriend Tom Daly 
Page 22: Kate Moss and dog Archie, Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson
Page 24: Inside My Home -- Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s cozy quarters 
Page 26: Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich on the rocks 
Page 27: Tori Spelling was crushed when her BH90210 reboot was axed after just six episodes along with its hefty paycheck but her husband Dean McDermott has vowed to pick up the financial slack, Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Ross are trying for a baby, Love Bites -- Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry split, Julia Garner and Mark Foster wed, Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima back on 
Page 30: Cover Story -- Robert Downey Jr.’s remarkable story of pain and perseverance from his dark past to his life as an A-list movie star 
Page 34: Wedding Bells -- Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell 
Page 35: Emma Stone and Dave McCary, Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee 
Tumblr media
Page 36: 5 most unforgettable Oscar moments 
Page 38: Interview -- Celine Dion opens up about losing her soulmate and overcoming grief and her plans for the future 
Page 42: TV stars tone up -- Mandy Moore, Rachel Brosnahan 
Page 43: Lili Reinhart, Alison Brie, Julie Bowen 
Page 44: Celeb Cookbook -- Jamie Oliver’s Angry Bean Salad from his book Ultimate Veg 
Page 48: Style -- Hilary Duff’s prewedding beauty score 
Page 50: Knit Picks -- Hailey Bieber 
Page 54: Entertainment 
Page 55: Q&A -- Diana Madison, star of Mob Town 
Page 58: Ringing in 2020 
Page 60: Sound Bites -- Jenna Fischer, Charlize Theron, Kate Beckinsale, Robert Pattinson on anxiety over his career, Rachel Brosnahan, Kelly Clarkson  
Page 61: Hollywood Heat Meter -- Mariah Carey has become the first artist to have a no. 1 song in four different decades, Zac Efron caught a life-threatening typhoidlike infection, Michelle Williams is engaged to and expecting a baby with Thomas Kail, Cats bombed at the box office, Sharon Stone’s Bumble account was suspended 
Page 62: Horoscope -- Capricorn Jason Bateman 
Page 64: By the Numbers -- Penn Badgley 
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