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could u write a blurb about one of the new songs????
cinema maybe 🫣
a/n: this is unedited and not proof read and im sorry if its not amazing bc im in class rn but still whipped this up 🤲🏻
warnings: sexual content
Keeping composure was never hard for Harry. 
Not until tonight. 
There was something about her that he couldn’t quite get out of his head. He didn’t even know her name. But those eyes. Those eyes screaming devour me from across the room with no consideration of the people around them, of the loud music booming inside those four walls, of the fact that they didn’t know each other. 
Since the moment the group of those women walked in, she took his breath away. That dress accentuated her body so well. Her hair was perfectly slicked back into a ponytail that Harry couldn’t help but want to pull as she showed him how good her mouth can be. Forgive him for being so crude but he couldn’t get the thought of her on her knees out of his mind. Sue him.
Harry had a few drinks in his system. He was deciding that he had enough liquor courage to go over and spit it out. He had a feeling, a very strong gut feeling that his thoughts we’re being ran inside her pretty little head too. There was no way he was going home alone tonight, and if he was, at least he tried.
After downing another green tea shot, Harry aimlessly threw both his arms around his friend’s shoulder automatically making them huddle with their eyes on the curly haired man as if he were about to propose a toast, “Y’can all go home without me. I think m’getting lucky tonight.”
The loud music was no distraction to the coital thoughts running in his brain, not understanding what was consuming him so much about this woman who he hadn’t heard a single word slip out of those pretty, red lips. 
Her eyes didn’t leave Harry, watching as he so confidently walked through the crowd of sweaty, inebriated people. She had a smirk on her tainted lips. Harry mirrored it, finally close enough to smell her strong perfume and breathe the same air as she.
Harry leaned against the table beside her, softly grabbing her elbow to pull her in and speak directly into her ear. “There’s a man in here, Harry I believe, looking for the girl with the pretty red lips wondering if he can take her home tonight.”
She giggled. God, that laugh. 
She flattened her hand on Harry’s chest, tiptoeing in her heels that didn’t help much in comparison to Harry’s height, her other hand reaching for his chin to tip his head down.
“You can tell Harry that she’s ready to go.”
Harry smirked as his eyes momentarily rolled back. Her voice had to be the most beautiful tune Harry had ever heard. It had him in a tight chokehold and all he could wonder was how good she’d sound moaning his name. He immediately dug into his pocket for his phone, ordering an uber for the pair to go back to his house for the beginning of their night together.
There was plenty of ubers around there area meaning his uber had arrived no longer than a minute after he ordered it. His hand came up to the small of her back, guiding her through the pool of intoxicated people, and out the front door, searching for the red sedan that was about to confine them for 7 minutes into the ride of what he had no idea would be the best night of his life.
“After you,” Harry held the door open, as the woman climbed into the car, then joining beside her with a small huff. He turned his head to face her, finally looking at her up close and personal. 
“I’m trying really hard to not pull you in and kiss you right now.” He confessed barely above a whisper, eyes glancing between her own and those lips that kept calling out his name.
She smirked, licking her lips and leaning in close enough to faintly feel them on his, tips of noses touching and breathing each other’s air. “How unfortunate that you have to wait a few minutes before getting to enjoy me. Gotta love an eager man, hm?”
Her hand creeped onto Harry’s thigh, slowly running closer to the one place he most needed attention. He hadn’t even noticed how hard he was. Not until her hand palmed his clothed cock with that smirk widening on her lips.
“My name’s (Y/N). Wanna make sure I hear you say it when your cock is down my throat.” 
Harry had to suppress a whine. A true minx under the skin of what could come off as an innocent woman. But God, no. That was far from true, and Harry was yet to be aware of this. 
(Y/N) made sure to keep her voice at a whisper, not wanting to let the driver in on their conversation.
The car ride soon came to an end, and it felt far too long for Harry. He slammed the door shot after they both got out, apologizing to the air for his aggressiveness. One hand held (Y/N)’s as they walked towards his front door, the other fumbling to get the right key into the knob and turning it harshly to finally let them in and be free from their sexual torment. 
Harry barely let go of the key before (Y/N) pulled him into a desperate kiss, muffling moans of relief and pathetic whimpers. It was intoxicating. He could taste remnants of mint and melon on her tongue as they both stumbled through the hallway and into Harry’s room. Aimlessly slamming the wall to find the switch. 
(Y/N) pulled away, rolling her bottom lip into her mouth and keeping it there with her teeth as her hands slowly and teasingly pulled her dress down, leaving her clad in nothing but a black lace thong. She dropped to her knees, fingers working quick to unbutton Harry’s jeans and swiftly shoving them down along with his briefs.
And those eyes. Those fucking eyes that speak for themselves stared up at him so innocently as her viscous tongue laid flat on the base of Harry’s cock, licking up to the crown of his tip and beginning to slowly take him in by inch. Like a cock sucking professional, she took him in completely as her eyes rolled back and a moan vibrated on the skim of his cock. 
“Fuck me.” Harry moaned out while she began to suck on him like her life depended on it, bobbing back and forth. She was so skilled, so perfectly in tune with how good she was and that alone was driving Harry wild. He was struggling to stay standing as he felt like his knees could buckle at any moment. Harry’s hand grabbed her ponytail, wrapping it around his fist for leverage and she obliged. Her mouth fell open, eyes once more gazing into his as if she was asking him to fuck her mouth.
So he did. Every gag elicited a moan from Harry, a pathetic sound letting her know that he felt good – so fucking good.
“Such a perfect fucking mouth, (Y/N). Where have you been all my life?” He huffed, head falling back as his climax approached with a twitch of his cock, painting the back of her throat white with ribbons of his cum. And she didn’t waste a drop, swallowing every bit of his seed like if it were honey. 
“Does this mean I can get fucked now? Was I good enough?”
Harry scoffed in disbelief. Could she be any more perfect? Harry pulled her up by the ponytail, (Y/N) wiping her oral commissures with glossy eyes. “Get on the bed.”
 While (Y/N) slipped out of her thong and climbed into bed, Harry rolled a condom onto his cock, walking to the edge of the bed where she laid with her legs spread wide open for him.
“Fuckin’ hell. Prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. Look at you. So fucking wet for me already.”
Her pussy was glistening with her arousal, dripping down to her tightest hole and the whole sight had Harry struggling to breathe.
Harry aligned the tip of his cock to her drenched hole, gripping her thighs tightly as he thrusted in until he bottomed out and a sleek moan left her mouth.
“I – fuck! Please, Harry. Fuck me. Please. Move.” 
(Y/N)’s neediness made Harry smirk, leaning down to kiss her as his hips started thrusting in an even, yet harsh rhythm. Her cunt was so tight around Harry, the slick sounds filling the thick air and into the ears. It was the perfect recipe for a perfect song. Her repeated moans of Harry’s names, the sound of their skin slapping together, her drenched cut swallowing Harry’s cock.
Harry’s mouth breathed in all her muffled moans as her hands flew to his back, her nails digging into his skin and scratching down enough to rip his skin and make it burn. But it felt so good and it stroked his ego. Harry’s hands left her thighs and gripped the sheets beside her torso, fucking into her mercilessly and with one goal.
“Fuck. Y’keep clenching. Come for me, (Y/N).”
(Y/N) whimpered with a soft nod as her hands fell from his back to grip his biceps hard as she finally let go around his cock, immediately milking Harry for all he’s got to spill into the condom with sloppy thrusts.
Harry was spent. He pulled out of her pussy, walking into his ensuite bathroom to slip off the condom and drop it into the bin. He could hear her feet on the floor, padding softly before he was joined by her sitting on the toilet. It felt oddly domestic, making Harry chuckle and leaving her on her own.
Harry woke up the following morning to an empty bed and the corner of a ripped piece of paper on his nightstand with a phone number and (Y/N)’s name. Harry sat up in his bed as he reached for the paper and his phone, quickly going to his messages and typing in her phone number.
‘Thank you for the fun night. Hope we can repeat it soon. H’
Yet despite just one night and only knowing her name, Harry was intrigued. He carried on with his day lazily spent on the couch, repeatedly checking his phone for a message to come in. He felt pathetic to be checking every so often, finally deciding to just throw his phone onto the other end of the couch and reach for it whenever he’d hear that ding.
And it came in.
Harry groaned into the air as he leaned over and snatched his phone, reading her message over and over with a growing smirk on his face. 
‘You can expect me there next weekend. x’
Somehow, someway, they ended up texting every day for the whole week and ending their nights with long phone calls where they spoke about each other and whatever they did for that day. Harry knew he was developing a crush on this woman, more excited than ever to see her again and not just for the good sex.
But he had to admit, the sounds of her slick pussy lived in his mind – and he loved to remind her of it.
It was Thursday night, their routine phone calls in play as he wiped his kitchen counter, phone pocketed between his ear and shoulder and a soft moan came through. 
“What are you doing?” Harry froze his ministrations, letting out a deep breath before he heard her voice again through the phone.
“Can you guess?” Her voice was soft and laced with lust, another moan following and rushing straight to Harry’s cock.
He dropped the towel on the counter, walking straight into his room as his heart began to race. “If you’re getting yourself wet for me,” Harry groaned as he fell back onto his bed, hand slipping into his sweats and wrapping around his cock,
“I guess you’re all mine.”
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harrys new album is about sex and sadness which i greatly appreciate.
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He’s going to kill himself with that mic cord one of these days
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"you pop when we get intimate" finally some bad joint representation
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Liv Tyler in Stealing Beauty, 1996
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The one thing I love about me is the little place in my mind that went AGAIN. after Harry's House ended. Yep I'm hearing the entire album again. It's over for you bitches when I recite every line of every song word by word.
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Harry’s House (2022) YouTube songs’ backgrounds 2/2
Keep Driving
Love Of My Life
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rhapsody-03 · a day ago
harry styles really said “You can throw a party full of everyone you know / And not invite your family 'cause they never showed you love / You don't have to be sorry for leavin' and growin' up” and i love him for that
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🫀 A heart's a heavy burden. | From "Howl's Moving Castle" - Ghibli Studio
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The Northman (2022) 
dir. Robert Eggers
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fiveforroughing · 2 days ago
Harry screaming in songs again. The world is healing
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happieasa · 2 days ago
Hola, en Twitter vi que dijiste que Cinema lo relacionarán con O, pero por qué?
Avisados están, no quiero quejas
La canción es en letra una referencia a harry conociendo a Olivia en la película; ahora bien se que Harry dijo que la canción es suya, lo cual creo
Es sobre el entrando al mundo del cine, pero para el público general la canción va a ser sobre conocer a Olivia en la película y ellos cogiendo
“I bring the pop to the cinema”
El siendo artista pop entrando al mundo del cine
“If you’re getting yourself wet for me
I guess you’re all mine
When you’re sleeping in this bed with me”
…espero que entiendan la referencia a sexo
I dig your cinema
Harry entrando al mundo del cine, específicamente al mundo de Olivia, su cinema, su película
Y se que mucha gente no va a poder separar el hecho que es una muy buena con que mucha gente va a decir que es sobre olivia.
Ahora también tienen que entender que esto es mi primera impresión, puede cambiar con el oso del tiempo
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twopoppies · a day ago
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF CINEMA? DO YOU THINK IT'S A STUNT SONG??????? definitely out of this i love the song the sound is perfect
I love the song. It’s very baby boyfriends to me. H said it’s a love song. Do I think they want people to assume it’s about Olivia? Yes, of course. We all thought that from the title, alone. But truly, it’s so gay. And even if you don’t think it’s about Louis, it’s a bop, so just enjoy it.
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Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971)
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Will Smith, 1996 - photographed on the set of filming MIB: Men in Black
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