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Hi, I took a break from posting this weekend but it’s Monday today and I’m posting regularly again! I think I will be skipping 1-2 days a wrek not posting, just because online schooling is getting more and more stressful.


2020 quarantine challenge this week is questions. Day 1 Q: What is your favorite food to cook or prepare? A: I feel like I’m best at making spicy meals, if I bake I have to have a good recipe in order to make it work 😅 My favorite meal to prepare is tortillas. I don’t follow any recipe and just put anything I have at home rn inside and somehow it always ends up being delicious.

Zoella playlist collaboration day 5: I have a couple of favourite female drtists but I’ll feature here the one that is most active rn - Miley Cyrus. I really love her song Mother’s Daughter, I was really lucku to be able to hear it live during Orange Warsaw Festival so it also has sentimental value.

Today I made this “quick cinnamon rolls in a mug” recipe and that’s what you see in tge pic, here’s the link to that Enjoy

Have a good day

Xoxo Nats

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