ilragazzodellultimobanco · 5 months ago
Un pugno al muro. Due pugni al muro. Tre. Quattro. Cinque. Poi ti accorgi che hai le nocche sbriciolate, gonfie come palloncini, sanguinanti. Fa male, ma mai quanto il dolore che il mio cuore deve sopportare.
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cheriestim · 4 months ago
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THAT'S IT! cinque stimboard w dice & rock stims!!! for meeeeeee.
x x x / x x x / x x x / psd
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rubybahamut · 5 months ago
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And here is Cinque, the last one that was missing! 💜
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kousuisetsu · a year ago
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final fantasy type-0 outfits 『 class zero girls 』
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hope-now-and-live · 3 months ago
Grazie @elfinetta, mi piacciono questi giochiniiii
Ecco 5 cose che mi piacciono di me 🔥🔥🔥
1) La mia voglia di imparare, sempre, ovunque mi trovi 🧩
2) Il mio spirito di intraprendenza nel buttarmi sempre in nuove esperienze di vita⚡
3) La mia voce 🎼
4) La capacità di esprimere quello che penso attraverso la scrittura ✒️
5) Il mio senso dell'umorismo (non importa se non vi faccio ridere, io mi faccio ridere, ok? 🥲)
Sperando che sbómbino qualcosa, taggo: @der-papero @lasagnefrittee @raggidilunaepolveredistelle @umi-no-onnanoko @zibaldone-di-pensieri @testa-e-cuore @cronache-marziane ...e chiunque voglia partecipare :)
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fandomsideworks · a month ago
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video game scenes that make me cry like a bitch ⟶ the final hours of class zero (final fantasy: type 0)
"I’m sure that no matter what we do, it will be great as long as we’re together.”
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qb-sketch · a year ago
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JTTNS heroes refs
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zibaldone-di-pensieri · 3 months ago
5 come i giorni che mancano a Sanremo
5 come i giorni che durerà Sanremo
5 come le coconduttrici di questo Sanremo
5*5 come i partecipanti a Sanremo
5 come gli ospiti al momento noti
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dialecticalmadness · a year ago
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rwpohl · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ilragazzodellultimobanco · a year ago
Mi metto a piangere e batto il cinque alla morte.
Blue virus ilragazzodellultimobanco
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nanakibh · 4 months ago
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Exchanging Knowing Tags With Cinque Note: I have two slightly different versions. They're probably from different cycles, but I don't know which is which.
[Setting: Fountain Courtyard or Ready Room]
Cinque: The war still isn't over, is it? It's just mission after mission, then even more missions. I'm exhausted~ Cinque: ...Hey, if you've had enough of this, why don't we run away together? Cinque: Then we can travel the world together! You know, the place I marked on the map-- Cinque: We could go to Milites, or Concordia, or even someplace nobody's ever heard of before! Cinque, sadly: ...Just kidding. I know it's impossible~ Cinque: Besides, you aren't like that. I know that better than anyone. Cinque: You're kindhearted... So there's no way you'd abandon all the people who are fighting here. Cinque: It was just a little jokey-joke~ No need to fret.
Cinque: But... If we fight, and one of us dies before the other... Cinque: We'd forget all the memories we made together. I don't want that to happen~ Cinque: Hey, if you want, how about exchanging knowing tags with me, Playercchi?
Cinque: Huuuh~?! You're so stingy! Cinque: Hmph, fine. Even if I don't have your knowing tag, I won't forget you. Cinque: Of course, you won't forget me, either, because neither of us are going to die. Cinque: Let's all make it through this and talk like this again!
Cinque: Oh yeah, I got this thing called a "knowing tag" from Tohno earlier... Cinque, blushing: If you'd like, how about exchanging with me, Playercchi?
Cinque: Really?! Woo-hoo! Now there's nothing to be afraid of! Cinque: Uhuhu~ Playercchi. Now, even if we're apart, we'll still be with each other, won't we? Cinque: To be honest, I was pretty scared until now, but as long as I'm with you, I won't be scared no matter what happens. Cinque: You and I are one. We're Akademeia's strongest pair. Cinque: Hey, Playercchi. I'm glad I'm not alone. Cinque, determined: Let's make it through this battle together!
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blogitalianissimo · a year ago
Non puoi distrarti 5 minuti che esce fuori la notizia di Berlusconi positivo asintomatico
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yorhah · a year ago
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fandomsideworks · a year ago
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favorite video game redheads
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mushroom-daydreamer · 7 months ago
Type 0 Playable characters tier list
I love this game LMAO so enjoy my tier list that I spent too much time on.
So this isn’t me ranking the characters on how much I like them or how interesting they are, I’m ranking them based on how much I *personally* like playing as them.
Tumblr media
Queen: so versatile! Her magic is great, her unique abilities are so useful, and her strength isn’t the highest, but she can still dispatch most mobs with a few good hits !
Cinque: fight me, but Cinque is SO awesome to play as! Her swings are slow and you can’t cancel out of them, but once you’re used to the gameplay and are able to get the timing down for hitting with her, Cinque is an absolute powerhouse. Her strength stat is very high, and when you need to hit really fast, she’s decent with magic.
Ace: Ace is pretty good, he doesn’t hit super hard, but his Cut Cards ability is super useful and fun to use. His dodge move is one of the best in terms of invincibility window, and his wall spell makes him a very good defensive character to use if you’re feeling cautious!
Deuce: fight me again, haha! I love Deuce, and not just because I majored in flute performance haha. Like Ace, Deuce is a good defensive character, especially with her Hymn of Healing ability. Her default attack can be buffed up pretty well, and the fact that she doesn’t have to get close to the action is good for ranged attackers. She also has terrific magic, especially fire.
Sice: sometimes I have trouble with her reach and landing killsights, but her strength is good, and her special abilities are unique and fun. Also, I love the whole scythe aesthetic haha.
Rem: Rem has awesome magic stats, and she has one of the best abilities in the game- Undying Wish! Undying Wish grants your whole party re-raise for around fifteen seconds, which is so good in a game where Phoenix downs are rare and a pain to use.
Cater: I love her ranged attacks and how fast you can fire her pistol! Her dodge is kinda scary to use, it doesn’t feel super effective, but when you need a speedy character with great ranged attacks, Cater is awesome. I do feel like Cater is very easily killed though, her defense is on the low side
Seven: her attacks are kind of hard to time, similar to Cinque, but unlike Cinque her strength isn’t off the charts. However, she’s a fast runner and is highly maneuverable! She also has very good elemental attacks you can unlock.
King: while King doesn’t move very fast, he *can* move while firing, which isn’t something that other ranged characters, like Cater, Ace, and Trey, can do. His twin revolvers also hit pretty hard, and he’ll save your ass during the dragon boss fight during the battle of Judecca mission.
Trey: his ranged attacks are far reaching, though they don’t hit hard. I DID defeat that crazy hard Brionac boss with Trey, but for some reason he tends to die a lot while I’m level grinding.
Nine: For me, Nine doesn’t really hit that hard, and I just have trouble controlling spear characters in general. I do really like his Jump ability though.
Machina: bruh I have barely played as Machina, probably bc he’s always jumping ship, but in general, sword characters are pretty okay to control. Sorry Machina, I don’t like you enough to buy you updated weapons or give you accessories, so I don’t know how strong your attacks actually are.
Eight: unfortunately, characters with ranged attacks or at least far reach really have a leg up in this game. Eight is okay with regular mobs, but in missions his small reach just doesn’t cut it for me. He’s a solid party member though.
Jack: like Cinque, Jack isn’t beginner friendly. However, unlike Cinque, Jack doesn’t have a great range of movement. Cinque swings slowly, but she can dodge roll or run up close to her targets so she won’t miss. Jack moves incredibly slowly, and is hard to control. There’s probably a way to use him really well, but for me he’s borderline useless.
Next I want to do a tier list for actually how much I like the characters in terms of story, haha!
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njcharters · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Experience the beauty of #Cinque Terre from your luxury #yacht charter. (at Cinque Terre, Italy) https://www.instagram.com/p/CTj3QAyrV0h/?utm_medium=tumblr
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radiophd · a year ago
storm ft. cinque -- operation desert storm
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fuzzychildchopshop · 7 months ago
Fawn as Cinque by BeautCannon
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ilragazzodellultimobanco · a year ago
Quando mi succede una cosa belle mi preoccupo perché me ne aspetto subito dopo almeno cinque di merda.
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