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6 AM - Wake up and start washing up/getting dressed/getting ready for the day (unless you want to sleep in). Typically bathrooms are communal in the dormitories unless you’re a seventh-year (a senior) or a Magister (similar to a grad student).

8 AM - Breakfast is served in the dining hall! Everyone sits at round tables with their friends while the teachers and staff sit at the head of the hall.

9 AM - Classes start.

The minimum a student can take is 4 classes a week, but most generally take 5 or 6. The first and second-year curriculum (curricula??) is mandatory and set, though you can take optional extracurricular classes (typically on weekends), and then the third-years and up can start choosing their classes as they figure out their own specializations.

A typical first-year’s classes look like:

Monday and Wednesday: 

Basic Legerdemain and Prestidigitation

Magical Theory 101

Tuesday and Thursday:

Basic Runes and Cryptomancy 

Mentalism and Charms

Friday (Optional):

Basic Abjuration and Warding

Magical History 101

Classes generally end at around 5 or 6 PM, unless you’re taking a course that needs to take place at night, such as Astronomy and Stellarism. Lunch is sort of free-floating as a buffet in the dining hall and isn’t at a set time, while dinner is always around sunset, typically directly after the end of most classes. 

Then you’re free for the rest of the day: typically students spend evenings studying or doing homework in their rooms, common rooms, the dining hall, or the libraries, but others take the time to pursue hobbies, including organizing plays or dueling each other in the courtyards. 

On weekends, if you’re not taking extra classes, most students take part in student organizations and clubs or pursue individual hobbies, research, or practice. Some go into Capra on small trips; others even work part-time in Capra to make money–though you need to be a fourth-year and up to leave Solhadur without teacher supervision, and applying for a job requires the permission of three teachers and the Archmage.

There is a winter break and summer break for students who want to spend time with their families for the holidays, but this is generally only permitted if 1) the Mage’s family comes to escort them home personally or 2) the student knows how to translocate or someone who can translocate them safely. It’s generally risky to leave campus in large groups, so as not to attract unwanted attention to the school and its activities. But there are no “terms” or semesters: you stay in your classes for the full year, from the end of summer to the beginning of the next summer.

At first, first-years tend to make friends with the people they’re paired up with in their mandatory classes or who they’re close to in their dorms. Later, once they start learning their specializations, they tend to be around the same people a lot, so it’s like meeting friends in the same major or degree.

I hope that answers your question!

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