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City Lights (1931)

I am working my way through the TCM Essentials, Volume 1 and it came time to watch the Charlie Chaplin film, City Lights.  I had seen two Chaplin films before, Limelight which I enjoyed and would watch again and The Great Dictator which I liked more for what it stood for.  Both films are ‘talkies’.  So I had never watched a Chaplin silent film until this one.

And I still have a hard time watching silent movies.  I have enjoyed some but I find others sleep-inducing (this one included).  I can watch foreign films all day but give me a silent film to watch and it’s a real project.

Charlie’s Tramp falls for a blind woman selling flowers.  He befriends a drunken millionaire who helps him when he’s drunk and forgets him when he sobers up.  TCM said ‘what to look for’ was the boxing scene.  It’s pretty good but I thought it went on too long.  What I liked better were the scenes with the drunken millionaire.  There is a scene when they first meet and the millionaire is trying to commit suicide by jumping into the water with a boulder tied to him.  But instead of the boulder being attached to the millionaire it is tied to the Tramp and he gets pulled into the water.  I laughed.

Is Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp essential to people who love movies?  There are no Buster Keaton films in The Essentials, is the Tramp more essential than Buster Keaton?  I’m afraid I have to disagree with TCM on this one only because I didn’t love this film.  I even watched it twice to make sure.  And I watched the extras.  So you can’t say I didn’t try…

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Under a hint of pre dawn cloud, and looking across Rushcutters Bay to the wider Sydney Harbour, you can see the Harbour Bridge on the lectins North Sydyto the right.

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I’m so scared if the day you’ll tell me you don’t wanna talk to me no more, or even worse, the day you go without saying goodbye.

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City Lights: 04. Best part

Daveed Diggs x South African!Black!O.C



  1. 18+
  2. Swearing/cursing
  3. Oral: m recieving
  4. Soft ass smut
  5. Masturbation

A.N: first off. This chapter is 18+. Secondly, this chapter is not relevant to the plot. I just decided to give you guys nice time for the last time until like the last chapter and the epilogue. I’m joking. I don’t know if the misery will last that long. Anyway, enjoy, I love you❤️(p.s excuse my terrible depiction of giving head. I’m sorry ❤️)


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I hope no one treats you bad. You deserve that smile I love seeing on your face, I love hearing that genuine laughter. I know I’ll stop hearing it one day, I know I’m not that important to you anymore as I once was, but it’s okay I think. I knew a day would come when I’d be less important or that you’d prioritize others to me, but I didn’t think it would be that soon, I thought we would last a bit longer. I’m dying to ask you if I still matter to you and if you still love me and if you still want me to be a part in your life, but I don’t know if it matter anymore. But it’s fine. I love you.

As long as you’re happy, my world is fine.

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I wish I was as important to you as you are to me, I wish I was your type, I wish everything was for once going my way, I wish you knew. Well you probably do, I mean how can’t you tell? I can’t be mad at you, and when I am I forget it in seconds, I can’t go a day without thinking about you, I can’t ignore what I feel anymore. It’s so silly of me to let this happen but I don’t think I can control it anymore.

You’d drop me at any chance, but then again I don’t know if I can blame you, I’d probably do that too.

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