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#city rp
rlyprettyarchived · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
tucked away in the corners of chicago lies  dionysus ,  a burlesque lounge that has stood as a pillar to the city for decades .  while some chicago - ites turn their noses up at the velvet walls and company it attracts ,  others consider it home .  having been open for close to thirty one years now ,  it was first founded and opened by a miss darla caiazzo ,  said to have leased the building to take in stray girls wandering the all too dingy and violent streets of wind city for a quick dollar .  now ,  miss darla has handed it down and been laid to rest ,  but her legacy is carried on by current staff and dionysus family members .  despite secrets cluttering the low lit corners ,  they never linger in the dark for too long .  have a drink ,  grab a night cap and be on your best worst behaviour .  welcome to dionysus .
we think this goes without saying at this point, but all drama should be kept in-character. ooc drama, godmodding, and any bubbling/cliquey behavior will not be tolerated. you will only get one warning if we find that you are breaking these rules, and any repeat offenders will not be allowed back in the rp.
muses and muns must be 20+, with absolutely no exceptions.
any major plotlines (including, but not limited to pregnancy or arrests) must be run by the admins first. this should hopefully be obvious, but any plots relating to racism, homophobia, non-con, abuse, etc. are completely off-limits.
we will be doing interest checks once a week, every sunday to ensure that there’s still interest in the roleplay ! you’ll have 24 hours to react to the post, and if you fail to do so you will be kicked from the discord server.
please, do your research when bringing in a muse of color, and / or a trans and / or non-binary muse! remember that your muse’s story should not solely focus on the struggles they face, but their identity should not be completely overlooked! you are not, under any circumstances, allowed to change the ethnicity of your fc for your muse. also, do keep in mind the +5/-5 rule: the age of your fc should be within 5 years of the age of your muse.
fc name ,  age ,  gender    ╱    welcome to dionysus ,  FIRST LAST .    the POSITION  sometimes comes off as NEGATIVE ,  but also being rather POSITIVE might just be their saving grace in the lounge .  if they aren’t behind the bar ,  or backstage ,  just look for THREE + AESTHETICS and you’ll be lead right to PRONOUNS ,  after all .  the show must go on .  [  ooc name / alias ,  age ,  pronouns  ] 
christina aguilera ,  30 ,  cis female    ╱    welcome to dionysus ,  ALI WHITE .    the DANCER  sometimes comes off as DRIVEN ,  but also being rather SELFISH might just be their saving grace in the lounge .  if they aren’t behind the bar ,  or backstage ,  just look for EVERY COSTUME HAVING FEATHERS ,  SPENDING MORE MONEY ON SHOES THAN RENT , SAVING THE SHOW WITH HER SINGING  and you’ll be lead right to HER ,  after all .  the show must go on .  [  skye ,  21+ ,  she/her  ]
current app count & reserved faces
( ten )  : alex fitzalan + bar back ( rlypretty ) aisha potter + manager ( niieve ) michael yerger + owner ( glcssed ) danna paola + dancer ( pansywrites ) aron piper + bartender ( arizonatea ) alice sofia + dancer ( lazybonesinc ) alexis ren + dancer ( grlbands ) sharon alexie + bookkeeper ( macucourtnu ) sydney sweeney + bartender ( n/a ) bridget satterlee + bottle girl ( demotracks )
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redcomunitaria · a month ago
@mi-mejor-version-no-existe la dueña de este blog; es una escritora argentina y nos cuenta que comenzó a escribir  por entretenimiento en su adolescencia. Le gustaba imaginar escenarios, así que comenzó a plasmar sus ideas en papel y pasó a convertirlas en historias que jamás vieron la luz. Actualmente, escribe con la finalidad de desahogarse y con el propósito de retarse a sí misma.
Si quieres conocer más sobre ella, te invito a seguirla. Quizá algún día se atreva a sacar a la luz sus historias y nosotros seremos sus primeros fans.
¡Atrévete a descubrirla!
Hasta la próxima presentación, Tina Lon.
PD: Agradecemos autora por realización de su propio video. Ya saben aparte de escribir, también sabe realizar videos y quizá tiene por ahí otros talentos ocultos.
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jackiequick · a month ago
Marvel Rp Halloween 👻 Costumes
Mia Parker
Daytime on the left and Nighttime on the right
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
High School Version
Tumblr media
Stella Strange
Daytime on the left and Nighttime on the right
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
High School Version
Tumblr media
Keep it going: @msrochelleromanofffelton @nyxphie @ethan-brekker @teddyaillard @yesterdaywastuesdaytoo @silverhart93 @i-have-too-many-oc-s @meirafireshield and etc. Anyone can jump in!
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salemroleplayhq · a month ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the DANSE MACABRE  It just might be your last... 
Everyone is dressed to impressed, the booze is flowing and the dance floor hasn’t been empty all night. The early reviews of the evening are a rousing success, but only an hour passes before whispers start to rise that something is amiss.... 
The mansion and grounds are filled with designated ‘Scare Zones’ where one might encounter a ghoulish guest or two, but there’s one figure in particular that is sending ice down people’s spines. The Weeping Woman someone called her in passing and it didn’t take long before the name stuck. Here one minute and gone as soon as your back is turned, she seems almost like a ghost, but the sound of her cries of agony are all too real.  
“A nice touch,” someone commended one of the event coordinators, only to be met with a blank stare. 
“There is no Weeping Woman,” they reply, with terror in their eyes. “Whoever that is, it isn’t us...” 
Is this part of the show? An awful prank? Or is something much more sinister afoot? 
We’re so excited to host our our first big dash event here at Salem! There’s no need for you to drop your current threads (unless you want to!) but we hope you’ll dedicate the majority of your energy to event threads while it is still on-going. 
As previously stated, the event will be starting on Oct 22, and we’ll be making an official kickoff post when it’s time to start posting! 
Feel free to have your characters attend as guests, or have them work the event as servers, bartenders, scare-actors, etc. And please, please, please post all your characters costumes using the #srphqhalloween tag so we can all see! 
The Weeping Woman subplot has been added for a little extra scary spice to the event! Please feel free to have your characters speculate about her identity/origin or even have sightings of the woman, but keep in mind we do have a plan for her, so please don’t solve the mystery. 
We’re also hoping this event can be a way to bring together characters that wouldn’t normally interact, so if anyone would like a random pairing for the event (we hope everyone will elect to include at least one of their characters), please comment with who you would like included below. 
EDIT: If you still have more questions, please see this ask. 
—Molly and Em 
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chromosome23hq · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nineteen ninety-seven.
in a world where mutants are cloaked in the shadows, new york city makes its mark in history by introducing THE OMEGAS, a special government task force of mutants created to protect civilians. it’s a grandiose first step in integrating mutants into society, but beyond introducing “the world’s first superheroes” to the public lie slivers of mutantkind teeming through history.
before the omegas, there was, and still is, THE ESSEX HOUSE: the now-infamous facility that houses wayward mutants. the controversy revolving around the escape of several mutants, leaving destruction and death in their wake, causing people to wonder what really goes on within those walls.
watching mutant history unfold from a distance are charles xavier and his students, all living in THE XAVIER INSTITUTE. masking as an elite school that rivals the ivy league, it is a sanctuary for mutants, where they can learn how to use their powers for good and pay it forward. the true nature of the xavier institute has been kept a secret for decades because of charles’s belief that non-mutants and mutants aren’t ready to co-exist; however, that has been challenged by recent events.
that, and the looming threat of THE BROTHERHOOD, led by charles’ old friend erik lehnsherr, slowly coming into the light as their numbers grow, readying to introduce themselves to the world as the real champions of the mutant cause.
differing factions, beliefs, and loyalties divide both mutants and non-mutants—and only time will tell what this means for the world.
CHROMOSOME23 is an original character x-men roleplay set in 1997, deviating from the canon following the events of x-men: first class. the roleplay starts with its most recent event, introducing the omegas.
if you’re looking for a relaxed, character development-driven roleplay where you can build on the plot with your muses, be a part of the different chapters of the story, and have little adventures on the side, we’re right here! 👋🏼
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forgottencoopersub · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
That gossip channel is something else, huh? I dunno, I always felt like it was bad luck or my not wanting to settle. Maybe there is something wrong with me?
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liwancg · 4 months ago
hi hi!! just poppin in to say our filipino discord rp is still alive and kicking and we would love to have new frennys come n join us!! so if ur pinoy n lookin for a cute lil group for your muses to grow in, come n like this post and i’ll dm u the link to the server!!
Tumblr media
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darkesthourrpg · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
HAYDEN DEKCER (Kristin Kreuk) is looking for the SIBLINGS (2/4) connection. Please message NATASHA for more information regarding this connection. The connection is OPEN.
First name UTP, last name Decker 
36-37 and 34 and under ranges 
UTP but keep in mind their father is a hunter 
Their father is white so any fc that is half white, preferably POC 
Looking for 4 half-siblings 
Christopher Decker comes from a hunting family who has been in NY for generations. He has never gotten married but has had many short-term relationships resulting in six children. The oldest is Hayden (38- Kristin Kreuk), and another is Lark (35- Francois Arnaud). Looking to fill 4 more half sibling spots, no twins.
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waltrp · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
good afternoon friends !! just popping on to say the main has gotten a bit of a revamp !! take some time to explore it and hey maybe while you’re on our page drop an audition while you’re at it. we have so many characters and new ones on the horizon !!
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brisbaneroleplay · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
A river curving and curling its way around the landscape makes Brisbane one of the most unique capital cities in Australia. With 12 months of sunshine filled days and clear blue skies, Brisbane has a climate that sets the scene for year-round alfresco activities. Even in the midst of a Brisbane winter you’ll be yearning to play in the parks and dine outdoors. Hope you'll enjoy your stay and find home in here.
      𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐧𝐞𝐰 𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐁 𝐑 𝐈 𝐒 𝐁 𝐀 𝐍 𝐄, 𝐀𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐚
Brisbane Roleplay is a brand new, plotless, city roleplay. Our main focus is to provide a safe space for writers to develop older muses (30+) of diverse faceclaims. Our group is set in the city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia and is looking for players!
Acceptance dates will be announced once we reach 10 applications!
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salemroleplayhq · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Join us for a month of wicked good fun as we celebrate the month of All Hallow’s Eve. This October, the Salem City Counsel will be hosting a Harvest Festival, with activities and spooks for the entire family! Face-painting, hayrides, pumpkin carving, costume contests, and an art festival are just a few of the attractions waiting for you at Gallows Hills. But make sure you get the young ones home by nightfall! You never know what ghosts and ghouls may be lying in wait...
And for those of you who aren’t too faint of heart, dare to spend All Hallow’s Eve at the House of the Seven Gables for a DANSE MACABRE that is sure to make your hair stand on end. All guests must be 21+ and tickets will be on sale for $40. All the proceeds go to Salem Historical Society. 
As promised, we’re doing October big here in Salem with a month-long event to celebrate the spookiest time of the year! Starting October 1st, feel free to post starters and threads taking place at the harvest festival. This portion is completely optional, and you can continue regular threads as you deem fit. The list of available attraction at the festival are as follows: 
Face painting 
Pumpkin Carving 
Children’s Costume Contest 
A Hay Maze 
Witch Trial Re-enactments
Midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday
Open-Air Market with various vendors, artists, and food stands
Probably same lame local band playing Monster Mash ad nauseam... 
On October 22nd, we will officially be transitioning into DANSE MACABRE, a more traditional, mandatory dash event that will last until November 1st. More details to follow, but this will be our first big event - plots and random pairings will be given out to all who wish to participate. 
More details to follow, but feel free to start plotting!! 
Molly & Em 
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rpgadverts · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Site | Lore | Rules | Discord
Quenquerre is the capital of Oriel, an empire established thousands of years ago by supernatural interlopers who call themselves thaumaturges. No one knows where they came from, not even the thaumaturges themselves. Nor does anyone remember a time when the native human population did not live either under their thumb or, at the outskirts of Oriel’s holdings, in fear of encroaching colonization.
But the empire is waning. Slowly, the spirits of magic are fading, either dying out or going somewhere else. Other forces press in at its edges, and unrest simmers. It's a time of great turmoil and social — as well as technological — change.
For the ruling thaumaturges, this brings unrest and uncertainty. Will they be able to hold onto their dominance? For the humans of Oriel, this brings opportunity and uncertainty in equal measure. What does a future look like free from thaumaturge rule after all this time?
The Fall of Oriel is set in Quenquerre in the year 1227, as the empire begins to decline. Welcome to a new 18+ fantasy play-by-post role play, set in the original, late-19th century-based world of Arret.
Unique Features
Four playable classes of character. Will you play a human or a thaumaturge? Or an obliviate, those thaumaturges whose bodies reject symbiotes, leaving them incapable of magic and prone to dangerous side-effects? Or a maledict, a life cursed — or blessed — to “steal” the life of someone else?
 A creative magic system. Everything in the world, including living things, is made up of spirits. Thaumaturges literally ingest these spirits, taking them on as symbiotes and using them to command other spirits. Humans, who see this as abominable, have their own ancient tradition of magic instead.
No activity checks or word count. Our priority is on ensuring everyone is having a good time, at whatever pace and length suits the writers involved. Whether that’s 1+ per character per day or 1+ per month, as long as everyone in the thread is happy, so are we. 
 No dice, no stats. The “game” — though we hesitate to call it that — is mostly just focused on collaborative writing. If you happen to want some randomness or external motivation, or want a mod to take on some NPCs in your thread, you have options, and you’re welcome to organize something yourself. But whatever you want, if you want a storytelling “sandbox”, you’re in the right place; there’s only as much structure as you want there to be.
Lore contributions welcome! Oriel is a new site, and we want to build and grow it with you, the players!
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arthurgustin · a year ago
Arthur slows to a stop on the sidewalk with a frown. He takes a moment to glance down the sidewalk and around to the nearby buildings and the street signs at the corner. He thought he had mapped out his route perfectly before he left his building, but this definitely wasn’t where he meant to end up. “I think I messed up,” he announces aloud.
Tumblr media
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covairecityrp · a month ago
Tumblr media
Don’t go swimming. Don’t go dancing. Don’t go out. Don’t run from the killer....
Tucked away inside a lush forest, in the shadow of a beautiful mountain side, sits a quaint little summer camp on the edge of a lake. Camp Covaire, one of the last legit summer camps on the East Coast. Established in 1935, Camp Covaire has been the go to camp for kids of all ages. It’s the perfect way for kiddos to enjoy the summer before school starts up again. There’s so much to do there! From rock climbing, hiking, archery, to learning how to canoe and so much more! Counselors and staff are always ready with a bright smile, as their mission is to make sure camp is a fun and safe place for the youngins.
Unfortunately, the fun must come to an end it seems. Word had spread, and it turns out that this year, 1983, is the last year Camp Covaire will be running. The news alone has put a giant gloomy cloud over the camp as everyone wonders why this is happening. It’s okay though, because the counselors and staff have taken it upon themselves to make this last year of camp the best! What they don’t know is that there’s an unseen danger lurking in the dense forest that surrounds the camp. A masked killer is on the loose, and they have a deep seated bloodlust for camp counselors.
Will they make it to see the sunrise over Camp Covaire, or will their summer of fun turn into a summer of fear?...
Hello everyone, and welcome to this year’s Halloween event! It is inspired by all the great 80s Slasher flicks that so many love to watch during this spooky season. In this event, your characters will take on the typical horror movie archetypes as they try to survive through the night and maybe even try to uncover who the masked killer is.
The usual archetypes include:
The stoner
The final girl
The jock/jerk
The nerd
The authority figure
The promiscuous one
The hot couple
The mysterious local
The virgin
The non believer
The newbie
The good guy
The grumpy cook
The suspicious groundskeeper
The sweet nurse/doctor
Event guidelines
This is an AU event, and non mandatory
All the counselors must be 21-26 (you can deage your character if you wish for them to be staff)
The staff can range from 30-50+
Please do not God Mod, as far as your characters are concerned, they do not know who the killer is or why they are killing. Also, escape from the camp is impossible.
If by chance you would like your character to have a specific death/fate, please send an ask to the main.
Have fun!
Of course, you are not limited to these archetypes either, if there is one you wish your muse to portray, please send us an ask to the main. The same archetype can be played by a maximum of two people, so first comes first. When you pick an archetype, please write a small bio about your character in this universe. Also, please include the reason why they work at the camp, and how they feel about it’s fate. Are they worried? Are they happy? Why do they feel this way.
Throughout the event, Players will also be at risk of being caught and killed by the killer. When that happens, you’ll receive an ask from the Main that states where your muse was killed, and how. It is up to you to write about it when you receive that message. You are free to keep writing any threads you may have gotten before your muse is killed, but none afterwards. Stimulus will be posted whenever someone dies, including where and how they died.
IMPORTANT: Please let us know which tropes you’ll take BEFORE the beginning of the event, as this information will be written in the event starter. You can post your character’s AU bio before the event starts.
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exclusivenyc · a month ago
what are the most wanted connections by your members?
we do have a weekly most wanted connections list that you can find right here, but i'll also give the stage to our members and they can happily reply with which connections they'd like to see most !
Tumblr media
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darkesthourpromo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
100 years passed since the Council was established. Peace reigned, and things were going well up until 2020. It was New Years Day that things began to go awry. The Alpha of the werewolf pack, was found headless outside of his family home. It could have been an isolated incident, but when the witches found the Supreme, drained of all blood and lifeless outside of a cemetery panic started to rise. In addition, her grimoire had gone missing. Still, the Council decided that these could be unrelated, and the dust settled. Everyone began to return to the comfort they had felt before, though the investigations of these tragedies were still ongoing. Things remained that way until the Fourth of July, where a string of seraphs were found dead and barely recognizable. These murders, all occurring on holidays, could no longer be treated as a coincidence. Still, the seraphs didn’t have a clue who had done this or what their motives might be. It was on Halloween that the current advisor for the vampires, was murdered. Now tensions are high, and the Council is being run by a group of new leaders. The system is falling into chaos, and it’s only a matter of time until history repeats itself.
Darkest Hour is an original character supernatural roleplay. We are focused on creating a world rich with fantastical elements, entertaining plots, and development for characters of many different species! Are you a dedicated writer who wants a safe and inclusive space to bring and develop your muses? We’d be delighted to have you!
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hallcwqveen · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
it's the year 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 in manchester, england. you wake up, but you don't know the year... or where you are. “is this a dream?” you ask yourself as you sit up only to notice you’ve been transported into an in an unfamiliar place. you remember who you are and what you were doing before waking up, however you don't even remember falling asleep. you walk around and don't recognize a single thing. some words you may not even recognize – “am i in another country? where am i?” you ask yourself. you approach an abandoned street vendor and grab a newspaper, which has the title 𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲. your eyes move down to the date; the year reads 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏. your eyes widen. it couldn't be... the year you know is long before this. you hear footsteps approaching behind you. with a worried look on your face, you turn around. surprisingly, their expression matches yours. 
𝐓𝐋;𝐃𝐑 your muse wakes up in an entirely different year, country and potentially time period. however – they're not alone. they're still the same person they've always been, but now tasked with the challenge of adjusting to a new world. how did they get here? how will they react and adjust to new friends, enemies, rules.... and establishing an entirely new society vastly different from the one they experienced before being unexplainably transported here?
like or message me if interested in joining the server. currently looking for 5-10 muns! start date tba.
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josh-cole · a year ago
If Elijah saw him right now, he’d go ballistic. Josh is pacing in a huff through a busy New York route with his laptop tucked under one arm for every questionable character on the street to see, as he struggles to pinpoint his hotel. Yeah, you read correctly; he’s lost sight of an entire hotel, and his own at that. He’s only been back in the city for two days, in his defence, and so many of the streets really do look the same – especially at this time of night. If he were here, Elijah say he’s stupid for not bringing a bag for starters, and Josh would swing his laptop down near his legs between a few clumsy fingers just to prove a point.
Elijah’s not here though, so Josh can admit that that one guy across the road is giving him a pretty creepy look, and that holding his laptop close to his side does feel a hell of a lot safer. He’s just about to pull his eyes from the man -who’s probably harmless really, just sitting silently with a cup at his side- when his shoulder collides with another.
“Sorry,” he rushes as he just barely catches the laptop that was seconds from smashing to the ground. “God, sorry. I was,” he makes a vague motion toward his head- 'in my own world' -but his attention is more so on his device, which he checks over in slight disbelief that he’d managed to catch the thing. As he tucks it back beneath his arm, he asks, “are you okay?”
Tumblr media
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