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So tomorrow I’m either going to go to the CityMD $50 walk-clinic… OR going to the NYU Langone Hospital.

I’m still not sure whether it’s best to go to the clinic or the hospital. I’m really worried about my health but can’t tell how immediately life threatening it is. All I know is that my kidneys are pretty damaged and my kidney infection is back. 

I’m also feeling light headed and nauseous but idk if that’s cuz I haven’t eaten enough today or from klonopin withdrawal or my kidneys. At least I’ll be getting my klonopin refilled tomorrow.

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So unbelievably proud to be on a team with these amazing ladies! Today we headed out in the cold to get some great pics – thanks to @PhotoRhetoric – of the team in our #Pactimo kits! Fun times! Love these ladies so much…and sad to be leaving for California. I’ll represent from the West Coast and hopefully be back often to race/ride with them! :-D

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“Mommy, that guy, on that add, the one for City Emmm Deee, He looks kind of like Doctor Who”

The woman across the way and down four seats looks startled and slightly amused

“hmmm…” I say “Well, I can kind of see how you would think that. Who knows, they might have done it on purpose.”

“yeah… I think so, but I still also think it’s Doctor Who”

“Well, it is a doctor, but it’s not THE Doctor.  Not quite the right guy, what else does it say hunni?”

He stares up at the subway ad and reads (with some commentary by me), when he finishes I respond

“well there you have it, it can’t be Doctor Who.  Doctor who is definitely not available 365 days of the year.”

an argument which was apparently more convincing than any of the inconsistancies or lack of actual Doctor Who references.

The woman across the way and four seats down attempted to hide the fact that she was practically in stitches.  As my five year old and I exited the train one stop later, she and I exchanged glances and both burst out laughing.

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