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#civil war

During the next Civil War, I call either being the deranged clown with a bat and pigtails that goes around breaking car windows or the lady knight on my trusty horse, Sunshine, that carries a steel sword and a first aid kit and my motto is “Slice heads, fight cops, help the wounded”.

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Guillermo Fernandez Zuñiga . Guillermo Zúñiga (Cuenca, 27 de abril de 1909 - Montalbo, provincia de Cuenca, 10 de septiembre de 2005) fue un fotógrafo y cineasta español cuya importante obra documental de la Guerra Civil española fue descubierta el año 2010, tras la donación de su familia y le convierte en uno de los grandes reporteros de guerra de su tiempo.

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Grant & Thomas at the Battle of Missionary Ridge – November 25, 1863 – The Battle of Missionary Ridge was fought as part of the Chattanooga Campaign. “Now is Your Time” shows General U.S. Grant conversing with Major General George Henry Thomas on Orchard Knob. Grant informs Thomas that he should attack the Confederate center on Missionary Ridge. This attack results in total withdrawal of the Southern forces under General Braxton Bragg. (Dale Gallon)

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The American Civil War was a civil war in the USA between the loyal northern states and the confederate southern states. It lasted for 4 years and 27 days. (April 12, 1861 – May 9, 1865) The war was won by the northern states and one of it’s result is slavery was abolished.

My alternate speculation: If the war was won by the confederates, slavery would last longer in the United States and that the confederate controlled US would again fall into another civil war.

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Quarentine blog day 221


The ‘Place of peace’, the first settlers did call

The small landing and church

Upon the river.

A bitter irony then, since

All around now rings war and death.

Here two great armies clash

A battle brought, not by design

But happenstance, and luck

Though whether it be

Good or ill

Is irrelevant now

As the sound of guns

And the roar of cannons

Reverberate and echo

Throughout the woods.

Here’s the hornet’s nest

A funnel and death trap

Where the blue and grey

Are brought together

In a deadly clash

As screams and guns

Like angry insects

Assail all.

Two days of battle

Stain the ground red

As smoke hang heavy

Like a mist of doom.

As the two armies separate

And tend to their own

I cannot decide

Who deserves more pity

The thousands dead

Who never will

Return to their loved ones

Far away

Or the thousands broken

In body and soul

Who now have to live

With the trauma of war

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