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mayvaava · a day ago
Small rant about Allison’s Characterization
Aight so, been seeing a lot of “they ruined Allison’s character development”, and “this was super ooc” and “why did they do that? It doesn’t make sense”.
YES Allison doing that to Luther was fucked up and pretty unforgivable but it wasn’t entirely out of character so idk what y’all are on about.
Regardless of comic knowledge (in which she also does this), they hinted at this side of her and her powers in season 1. With Allison losing everything that made her want to not use her powers and be a good person, I’m not entirely surprised she regressed so hard.
Allison, on some level, has always been a little selfish, I mean she’s literally a rich and famous movie star this isn’t shocking. When we meet her in season one she isn’t at her worst behavior like some of the other characters and I think for that reason it was easy to forget what lies underneath but, “I heard a rumor that you love me” lives in my head rent free.
Let’s also not forget that she wasn’t allowed to see Claire because she was constantly rumoring her, taking away her agency and ability to be her own individual person at such a young age too, instead of actually properly parenting her. And then in season 2 they hint at it again by showing how she can get carried away or overtaken by her powers. Not that the bitches she hurt didn’t have it coming but, Rays reaction was supposed to signal that she was going too far or something. (Personally it’s whatever but the musical queue’s and such gave the vibe, to me anyway, that she enjoyed the power trip)
All I’m saying is, fucked up as it was, it was fairly in character. This side of her has always existed and has been pushed down but always there. But now with all the trauma and hopelessness she’s regressed back to how she was and is being extra self destructive on top of it. And I hope they will address the Luther stuff, but everything else she did was just as bad as the rest of the characters, so it’s pretty silly to come at her for that.
But yea I hope she has a redemption arc (?) or gets called for the SA, but everything else she did? Idk she was in her dark arc, they’ve all been there.
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asexual-juliet · a day ago
gonna be quite fuckin real here i don’t think claire would have existed even if harlan hadn’t killed all of the mothers. would allison have even met patrick if she hadn’t been where she was when she met him? would she have been there to meet him if the sparrows were adopted instead of the umbrellas? literally not his fuckin fault.
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kingwormm · a day ago
Me, episode 1: Okay, who's gonna tell Alison that Claire doesn't exist in this timeline?
Me, episode 10: Okay, who's gonna tell Luther that Sloane doesn't exist in this timeline?
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mozzzz05 · a day ago
I’m not saying Allison’s anger isn’t valid but Claire wouldn’t exist even if Harlan hadn’t killed their mothers and the Umbrellas did exist in that timeline but grew up with their original mothers. Theirs no saying that Allison would have become an actress or met Patrick or had a child and even if she did there would still have been the other Allison kicking around
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katjarts · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In honor of the new clips we were so graciously fed today !!!
I'm actually so excited for season 3. prepare to be SICK. OF. ME.
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lookingforhappy · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Five and Claire judging people (Klaus and Diego probably)
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plaguewater · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pov: five after meeting claire
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perpetuallyc0nfused · a month ago
I love the idea of Five being Claire’s favorite uncle and everyone worrying because he might be too overwhelmed or accidentally insult Claire but Five ends up teaching Claire how to be a mini sarcastic master of chaos and is now number 1 on Allison’s hit list.
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bisexuallilapitts · 26 days ago
who do you think would be claire’s favorite uncle?
Viktor. There's little doubt in my mind it'd be anyone else.
1) Viktor tutored children and we saw how great he was with Harlan, I have no doubt he'd be equally as good with Claire
2) Viktor teaching Claire the violin would be great, and I would want to see it
3) Claire asking Viktor for stories, and Viktor reminding her he wasn't in the academy then Claire saying she wasn't asking about the academy, she wants to hear a new story from Viktor about his life scene when?
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xenatherelentless · a month ago
Claire: *claws her way through the Multiverse looking for her Mom, collecting cousins as she goes*
Uncle Five:
Tumblr media
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just-incorrect-tua · 6 months ago
Five: Let's go over this again. What do we do when something goes wrong?
Claire: We try to fix it before Momma gets home!
Five: And if that doesn't work?
Claire: Blame it on Klaus!
Five: Perfect
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kingwormm · 11 hours ago
Could someone who understands better explain to me why Alison blames Harlan for Claire not existing in this timeline because I just don't get it. He killed the Umbrella's mums which means if Alison was never born then neither was Claire but even if Harlan didn't kill the mums, the Claire in this timeline wouldn't be the daughter of our Alison she would be the daughter of a doppelganger!Alison which would just be worse for her in my opinion. I just don't really get it..
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albaharu · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m emotional about them ;_; 
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lunannex · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
@allison-appreciation-week Day 2: Love or Fury
I have so many feelings about Allison and Claire tyyy❤
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brionysea · 2 months ago
imagine, if you will, claire begging for more stories about her uncle five and his cool teleporting powers, when allison has already told all the ones she has because he left too soon to be in many of them
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rllybritrlly · a month ago
Things I desperately want but will never receive:
A Claire villain arc
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blueskiesandstarrynights · 9 days ago
idk if this'll be discussed in s3 bc I think it said somewhere they'd discuss where they got their powers or whatever, but I do wonder if it's at all possible for any of the 43 to have powered kids. The obvious answer would be no, considering Claire, but she is really young, and it is possible to have something less obvious. After all, her mom has a power activated by a very specific phrase, and Allison isn't exactly spending time looking for a power. Idk, I don't think this will be something actually touched on, but it's interesting to think about
Bonus thoughts that involve spoilers learned from early reviews under the cut
ok so I'm bringing this up bc I believe I heard that the Euphoria kid is going to be Diego and Lila's kid she brought with her for whatever reason, and I have some questions on the implications. He's supposedly the kid of two powered individuals and he's quite a bit older than Claire. I think with him we're most likely to see if descendants get powers or not and I'm intrigued to see that. He's probably not, but I'm curious.
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iamzoesblog · a month ago
On the day of the apocalypse after Claire talked with Luther, Claire got in an argument with her dad Patrick. Claire wanted to see her mom again but Patrick still didn’t trust Allison around Claire so he said she couldn’t be with her mom yet. Claire said “I don’t believe you.” Patrick saw Claire vanished before his eyes.“Clai-” was Patrick’s last words before the world ended.
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perpetuallyc0nfused · 2 months ago
Headcanon that Five is Claire’s favorite uncle because they’re both tiny agents of Chaos and Allison regrets the day they met
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umbrella-academy-crack · 13 days ago
potential spoiler for s1
Might be an underrated theory, but I think that Allison's scene in S1:E8 where she asks the cop to let her tag along shows a lot about her character arc. She went from rumouring everyone in her life to get anything she could ever desire, receiving riches and fame beyond any of the siblings' wildest dreams. She got her dream marriage, her child, her career, everything out of her power. But now, she's given it up. She's let go of the love, the fame, the power. She's left everything that she usurped.
Now, she's using her wit and her smarts. She didn't even appear to contemplate using her power. Not even one slight hesitation. She's gone to rescue the sister she used to outcast and to save the world she used to exploit. She's on a mission and she's going to complete it truthfully.
She's come so far since her childhood. She's grown, she's matured, she's learned from her actions. Her power no longer defines her.
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