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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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oh-archivist7 days ago
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Love love love The Midnight Gospel
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nevermore-was-here8 days ago
Tumblr media
A lot of adult-oriented animation feels painfully mean-spirited and bland, so it warms my heart to see shows like this that are not only visually appealing, but also experiment with the medium!
Each of these shows manages to bring something unique to the table:
SHOW: The Midnight Gospel
The Midnight Gospel is the first show I鈥檝e seen to predominantly feature podcast excerpts. Its style is delightfully trippy, and the animation is very fluid. If you wanna get philosophical or just chill out in a simulated Universe, this show may very well be for you.
SHOW: Moral Orel
Moral Orel consists of beautiful, Clokey-esque claymation (a rarity!), and pushes the medium to a really creative extent鈥攖he best example of this probably being this incredible 1st person sequence. It serves as a masterful satire of religious fundamentalism, (without bashing religion itself) and is an excellent show if you can stomach the subject matter. It鈥檚 incredibly depressing.
SHOW: Bee and Puppycat
In the same vein as Midnight Gospel, Bee and Puppycat implements a gorgeous aesthetic that makes it stand out among its peers, following an endearing protagonist and her disgruntled sidekick as they complete intergalactic odd jobs. It鈥檚 also relatively family-friendly, and one of my biggest comfort shows!
SHOW: Paranoia Agent
Paranoia Agent is directed by Satoshi Kon and I think that alone is enough to assure you it鈥檚 a masterpiece; in this 13-episode miniseries, Kon illustrates the detriments of escapism and self-delusion by means of a masterfully crafted anthology. You owe it to yourself as an animation fan to check out his body of work!
Tumblr media
Not all these shows are for everyone, and some of the subject matter they tackle is extremely dark/unsettling. Overall, these guys deserve a little more attention, as they鈥檝e done amazing things for the medium! If you鈥檙e one of those people who still insists that animation is solely for kids, give some of these a shot.
I hope you鈥檒l change your mind.
Tumblr media
Feel free to start a RESPECTFUL conversation in the comments! Despite the topic of this post, I鈥檇 also prefer if you kept it relatively PG 馃挅
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livvmaej13 days ago
So you know the whole trend going around with drawing your first fictional crush and your current fictional crush fighting? 馃槼
Well i just decided it'd be fun to take it to the next step.
Here's some of my favorite characters/crushes dialogue between eachother.
This was the best 3 hours I've spent of my day, I'm laughing so hard. It also took me on such a time train, like allllll the way back to 2015. Wow.
Name of characters in order: Wheatley (Portal), Narrator (Stanley Parable), Tenya Iida (BNHA), Yoosung Kim (Mystic Messenger), Clancy Gilroy (The Midnight Gospel), Kaeya (Genshin Impact), 707 (Mystic Messenger).
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Tumblr media
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spookyypunk16 days ago
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first attempt at a walk cycle
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shleemies18 days ago
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Clancy in da crocs
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immortanroger20 days ago
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i love the midnight gospel yall
Reblogs >>>> likes
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he-artboy23 days ago
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I hate drawing background but we need more transguy Clancy
Sketch and w/o background under
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Tumblr media
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hyodyton23 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imp-00628 days ago
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hey gamers.
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xcandacex28 days ago
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鈥淭he moment you accept things as they are, you don鈥檛 need to hope anymore, because you realize where you are is kind of okay.鈥
- The Midnight Gospel
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saintharvest28 days ago
Tumblr media
tried drawing clancy for the first time
{if you reblog this ur literally so epic}
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cablehavera month ago
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an ask game? what fun! how bout' 7, 20, and 28?
7. Someone I want to meet
I've always wanted to meet David Bowie, Freddy Mercury, and Tina Turner. I grew up on these singers and Tina's story has always been a motivation to work towards my dreams, what a queen. But fictionally i think Abe sapien, Clancy gillroy, and Spinel. Smoke sum weed with clancyyyy. Plus read a good book with Abe. And i kin Spinel hardcore, oop-
20. Eye color
They change, usually a steel grey or sky blue. It's so weird, ngl
28. Favorite songs
I could make the longest list but let's go with these
Somebody to love - Queen
What you know - two door cinema club
Decode - Paramore
Blood - In this moment
Coming undone - Korn
Dead mans party - oingo boingo
Sweet sacrifice - Evanescence
The ballad of Sara Berry - 35mm: musical exhibition
Orange skies - Whitney myer
Affection - cigarettes after sex
505 - Artic monkeys
Still feel - Half alive
Im not ok - Weathers
As the world falls down - David bowie
Rules - Hoosiers
Your ex lover is dead - Stars
Blow my brains out - Tikkle me
I want it - Blue October
Lets dance - David bowie
Underground - David Bowie
Angel of small death - Hozier
Banana pancakes - Jack Johnson
Escapism - Steven universe
I lived on the moon - kwoon
Dead bite - Hollywood undead
Papaoutai - pentatonix
Edit: i cant believe i forgot fucking David bowie
I cried for a whole week when i found out he died, holy shit, my teacher had to send me home from school bc i wouldnt stop crying
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snailing101a month ago
hey tumblr it'sa me,, pulling up with a new comfort character
pls let this man do drugs and grieve his mother <33
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