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Kal-El, is the son of Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. Still.

But I read somewhere, that Hawkman and Hawkwoman who have reincarnated countless times before… were once reincarnated as Kryptonians…

So Hawkman and Hawkwoman are the reincarnation of Kal-El’s parents Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. And since the pair often have memories of past lives… maybe they start to remember the last days of Krypton… how are they and Clark and Clark’s earth parents going to feel about this?

I’d love to read a fic about this… 

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The dc universe is really a long running soap opera similar to the young and restless. Joker and Barbaras current actors are best friends in real life, lex Luther is played by a British guy, Batman is a pretty bad actor right now, and superman is played by an unknown actor currently. The show has mediocre ratings nowadays although it’s specials and crossover always do good.


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What order do your sensory drabs go in?

1. Touch - Reader’s PoV

2. Scent - Henry’s PoV

3. Sight - Henry’s PoV

4. Sound - Reader’s PoV

5. Taste - Both PoV

6. Proprioception - Both PoV

Two for Reader, Two for Henry, Two combine.

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"With all that the world has thrown at you, how have you survived this long?"
Clark: Well, I'd have to say my parents :) They're very kind and have helped me a lot, my mom especially and I've always felt like I could talk openly with my dad...
Lois: I am effectively immortal until I've won my Pulitzer, and after that I will be too powerful to kill.
Darcie: Spite (definitely not to protect Clark, don't you get that thought into your head)
Bruce: Planning ahead, Kevlar, and a thirst for justice (definitely not because I love all my kids, don't you get that thought into your head)
Alfred: Mostly to look after Bruce, Lord knows what would happen to him if I didn't.
Diana: I usually catch what the world throws instead of letting it hit me.
Arthur: *laughs* Just a decent amount of good luck and good looks, I'd say.
Victor: ... I really don't know, I'll have to get back to you on that.
Barry: *trying to put a logical spin on it* Well, the Speed Force gives me a lot of time to get things organized, so I guess I have more time to make sure I don't make any mistakes? It's not really working.
Billy: I haven't! I'm dead inside!
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Fanon that Darcie’ survival instinct is terribly/amazingly unpredictable and gives Clark anxiety.

For example, she welds with the mask up and the gloves laying on the desk, completely unbothered by the blinding light even un-powered (alien eyes, man), honestly doesn’t care if there’s kryptonite nearby, she’s busy, and won’t eat for days on end simply because she doesn’t feel like it. But if a couple of muggers decide she’s game, she’ll go full Feral Mode™, “They Won’t Take Me Alive Because They Won’t Be Alive to Take Me”, but will 100% forget to bandage any cuts she got in the fight.

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