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The more things I see Henry Cavill in the more I dislike his version of Superman, not because of him or his acting but because it show cases just how crap that version of Superman was that we didn’t get to see half his talents.

He might actually have been able to do the charming farmboy Clark Kent really well if that part of the character had been given more than just the bare minimum obligitory brush over.

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Superman and Starfire are pen pals. It started out as Starfire asking for help trying to connect to Earth through someone who is somewhat familiar to her, ie another alien. Superman empathized with the teen and kind of took her under his wing. She would go to the fortress about twice a month with questions about earth and to make her comfortable Superman would ask questions about Tamaran. They would practice talking to each other in kryptonian and tameranean.

When Superman found out about Starfire’s intrest in Dick he became her number 1 wingman in the league. His main duty was keeping Batsy distracted while Dick and Starfire worked through the early stages of their relationship.

Now years later they are good friends. Kori is happily married to Dick and is the Titans den mother with a new batch of young heroes. Clark and Bruce are finally working through their own complicated relationship that both had ignored until Kori decided to become Clark’s wingwoman. They still have visits to the fortress to talk and catch up, but about 25% of their conversations now are bitching about the batfamily.

Clark will get a random call at 2 in thhe morning.

“Expect your boyfriend tonight.”

Clark groans.

Kori goes onto explain. “Damian showed up an hour ago, said he had a fight with Bruce. I have not gotten the reason why yet but Damian fell asleep in my lap.”

Clark knew this must have been a rough one then if the ten year old willingly let Kori mother him. “Thanks Kori, I’ll be on the look out .”

An hour later Clark felt his bed dip and arms wrap around him. Like father like son, always craving comfort contact. Clark rolled over and hugged Bruce. “You and Damian fought.”

“You and Kori need to stop gossiping.” Bruce said. A moment later, “At least he’s with her. What did she say?”

Clark hid a smile, no matter how much Bruce denied it he always had to know. “Just that you two fought and that Damian fell asleep in her lap. Want to talk about it?”

Bruce held Clark tighter. “Not now.”

“Okay.” Clark reached for the phone behind Bruce.

Kori layed Damian in his bed, gently petting his hair. Feeling a buzz in her pocket she dug out her phone and opened the message.

Bruce isn’t talking yet, I’ll get him in the morning. Migh5 have to loosen him up first

Kori held back a giggle as she typed back. I’ll try talking to Damian too, might have to go through my weapons collection for this one.

Another buzz. What would Alfred do without us?

Probably retire

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Ao3 Link

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Categories: Gen, M/M, Multi

Fandoms: DCU (Comics), Superman (Comics), Batman (Comics), Superboy (Comics)

Relationships: Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent & Kon-El | Conner Kent, Tim Drake/Kon-El | Conner Kent, Other Relationship Tags to Be Added, superfam - Relationship, batfam - Relationship

Characters: Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Kon-El | Conner Kent, Jonathan Samuel Kent, Dick Grayson, Lex Luthor, Other Character Tags to Be Added

Additional Tags: rated for language, Single Dad Clark Kent, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Suburban Neighborhood AU, NO CAPES, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, WIP

Chapters: 1/?

Words: 2983

Summary:  Clark Kent had rotten luck in life, but still remained the kind, compassionate man he had always been just to spite it. With a disaster falling upon his family a year before, his ex trying to fight for custody over their son, and an ongoing court case where he was the evidence, life was showing to be a little more difficult than he had hopped for that year,

His life was sent into a further tailspin when his first love and high school sweetheart who carried the event Clark more regretted in his life moved into his neighborhood, fresh out of a divorce with a horde of kids in tow. The cherry on top? Their sons had been dating for a little over a year, and neither had ever connected the dots.

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