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[image: comic panels of a couple of guys in torn up and dirty close. One is clark kent. he’s on the ground, clasping his head. next to him is the guy who just punched him who has also fallen down. The guy who punched him says “I think I broke my hand! Guy’s got a jaw like steel!” Clark says “Oh! uhhhh…” and someone off panel says “Don’t bother.” end image]

some no man’s land screencaps from when  I was reading last

this is clark having come to NML as a farmer (as opposed to superman) to help people with farming advice. The main thing that is amusing me though is his like “shit what do I say?” reaction to someone punching him :P

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Clark - Bruce, I think we need to talk

Bruce - What is it Clark, everything okay

Clark - Well it’s to do with Mia

Bruce - Hey, I’m hands full with Cass I don’t think I’d have much wisdom on that topic

Clark - Actually, if you could just look out at the barn and you’ll see why I’m upset

Bruce, looking out at Kent Barn - *sees Damian and Mia making out

Bruce, slight smirk - Huh

Clark, angry - Are you smiling?!

Bruce - Well, consider this payback for Conner sleeping with Cass

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* at a justice league Meeting *

Wonder woman: human heros are so pussy,they dont kill

Green lantern:It is the ring’s laws, but i would kill Sinestro for what he did to oa

Green Arrow:dont look at me,prometheus killed my grandaughter and cut half of my son’s arm so the only logical solition was kill him

Batman:well,the Joker killed my son and almost kill the another 3 of them and put the girl that i consider my daugther in a wellchair

Superman: annnd?

Batman: i dindt do nothing,I HAVE MORALS

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Clark Kent in Future State Superman: World at War #1

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Sorry for not releasing this last night. I has having allergies and didn’t have it in me to do the proofreading. However, here it is.

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Bruce… Bruce ‘call your boy off Clark’!? 

Actually all of this is melodramatic even for you Bruce. Just let your kids date! 

Also if we’re talking Superboys, Cass is honestly going to be your least concern with them. She can handle herself and her emotions better than a certain… other two children of yours. 

(Batgirl Vol1 042)

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Pairing  ::  Clark Kent  x  short/petite fem!Reader

Warnings  ::  Smut, Size Kink

Word Count  ::  4,265

Summary  ::  You never knew why, but whenever you were around Clark, your heart always raced.

A/N  ::  Just an fyi, I used Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent, but I used the comic book height of Clark, which is 6′3′’, versus Henry’s 6′1′’


Originally posted by demivampirew

You never quite understood why, all you knew was that your heart always started racing when you were close to Clark. It wasn’t whenever you saw him, or when you were just in the same room as him. It was only when you were able to notice how small you were compared to the 6’3’’ man. 

There were many occasions when this happened. Whenever Clark hugged you, helped you grab something on a top shelf, or even when he was standing so close to you, you two almost touched, your heart began racing. It had gotten to the point where you went out of your way to avoid getting close to the man, making sure you were always on the opposite side of the room from him.

There were three specific times though that made your face heat up just thinking about them.

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S: I hate Bruce!


S: I’m sorry, Bruce… I don’t hate you😢

B: Let go of me, Superman.

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The Offer
A Mob Boss!Clark Kent x OFC AU
by Cavillanche

Summary: Gwendolyn Barker is on the verge of being homeless when Clark Kent, shipping magnate and rumored mob boss, makes her an offer that would take care of everything. All he asks is for a year of her life. (Mob Boss AU - very loosely inspired by the movie 365 Days)


Chapter 10
Word Count: ~1,250


For the first time since their deal began, Gwen was comfortable enough after her shower to slip into the robe that hung behind her bathroom door. The soft, grey cotton was warm and comforting as she dried her hair.

Clark waited in the kitchen, as promised. He placed bowls and spoons on the island as she walked in.

“Perfect timing,” he said.

His eyes lingered over her, and she pulled the robe closed tighter.

“Come sit.”

He scooped a heaping bowl of ice cream for both of them, then sat next to her at the island. He rubbed his hand down her back, and kissed her temple.

“You’re nervous,” he whispered.

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I want to imagine that the first time Superman visits the cave, he’s pretty familiar with ten year old Dick, but is still getting used to Alfred.

At one point, Superman gives Dick some sort of direction, but Alfred tells him the exact opposite.

Dick sits there for three awkward seconds, turns to Superman, and says, “Yeah, um…he scares me more than you do,” Then he just bounces off to do what Alfred said with a smile on his face.

Superman, an alien superhero who has taken down dozens of terrifying foes is left to stare at Alfred. He has more questions than ever before, but he remembers that this guy raised BATMAN. Dick’s probably right.

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