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“You’ll never believe it Clark,” you announced excitedly as you entered the living room, cheeks flushed with a bright smile as your eyes landed on Clark who was lounged across the couch.

“Try me,” he said back rather blankly as he flipped the page in his book, not bothering to glance up at you even as you crossed the room and sat on the coffee table beside him.

“I got saved by superman, like, THE Superman!” you emphasized, watching as Clark’s eyes went wide for a moment as he turned to look at you. He tried not to give anything away with his expression, like how he was in no way surprised by the event.

“Really?” he asked, feeling that it would be an appropriate response as you leaned forward, closer to him as he closed his book and began to sit up.

“Yes! And he was so polite and handsome and goodness the muscles on that man!” Clark smiled to himself, trying not to blush as you continued speaking, “I don’t know how you hide it?”you chirped happily, watching as he froze his body, half sitting up and half laying down. He slowly brought his gaze to meet your own bright expression.

“W-wait. What?” he stuttered, unsure if he had heard correctly. As you leaned closer and placed your hand gently on his forearm he listened very carefully to what you said.

“Thank you for saving me Clark,” you whispered, knowing that no matter how quiet you were the words would reach his ears.

“Wait, you, you knew?” Clark asked, his eyes going wide again as he finished sitting up. His voice held a certain sense of panic, and skepticism but to a lesser extent, though you watch him with your calm countenance to try and reassure him that you weren’t freaking out.

“You gotta tell me your secret one day. I don’t see how people have seen you in both identities and not put it together!”

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Wednesday August 26th 10.12 am

Goooood Morning sweeties

Yesterday the trailer for ‘Enola Holmes’. Today 'Making The Witcher’ is on Netflix.

And then there was the trailer for the Snyder cut of Justice League last Satursday.


Lots of Henry content 😁.

I don’t have go to work until later soooo I know what I’m going to do 😍

Have a great day 😘😘😘😘

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