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#clary fairchild
youngreckless17 days ago
cassie's live summed up
"secrets of blackthorn hall" novella-type collection based on julian and emma will start coming out in august, and will be updated every monday, going on till august 2022.
it will be canon and there will be references to it in twp.
it will be set around a year and half after tda (after their travel year), so in, like, 2014.
KIT AND TY ARE IN IT! (they definitely talk about each other, and could or could not be in it at the same time.)
all the stories will be shared online and will be completely free. they will also include artwork and other things.
it will help connect tlh to tda and twp.
chain of thorns release date will be in the july newsletter.
name of the blackthorn sword will be revealed in cot.
lucifer will show up in twp.
cassie said that "something happens" with the tmi gang in the first book of twp that "kicks them out of the story they are in with other people."
cassie thinks that julian and emma will probably hyphenate their names like malec.
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mercutio-stana year ago
Magnus Bane every single time an eccentric Shadowhunter that reminds him of an acquaintance from a bygone era shows up at his doorstep asking for an outlandish favor:
Tumblr media
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cityoflostposts2 years ago
Magnus: If you took a shot for every time you made a bad decision, how drunk would you be?
Alec: Maybe a bit tipsy.
Izzy: Drunk.
Clary: Wasted.
Jace: Dead.
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novemberwasgrey2 years ago
Alec *on the phone*: Hey Magnus, yeah, sorry, I'm going to be late tonight
Magnus *sighs*: I've waited centuries for you my love. A couple of hours won't make a difference
Magnus: You're blushing aren't you?
Alec: N-no, I-
Isabelle *on the background*: YES HE IS, YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE
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hunterofshadowsandshit2 years ago
Magnus: Ugh, I hardly slept last night.
Clary: When you can't sleep, it means someone is thinking about you.
Magnus: Who would be thinking about me at 3 am?
Alec: [Gay panic]
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