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“It was astonishing, in this day, to find a dinner so perfectly prepared, and to eat it with people with intelligence enough to realize that Brillat-Savarin was one of France’s greatest men. Nowadays they cannot tell Chambertin from Sauterne; they will drink champagne from a bottle with a soft cork, and decant port as you would pour out water, without attention to the sediment. Zut! it is blasphemy! They will serve Chablis with anything but oysters, and I say to you, messieurs, that a host who would offer Médoc instead of a Burgundy with the game should be shot without mer—I ask your pardon, messieurs! I digress.”

— John Dickson Carr, It Walks By Night (1930)

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asfasfas oh, THAT Shaggy. Hadn’t heard about the Momo book, but. Yeah. Shaggy memes, I just didn’t expect you to mix two random characters from different media for Classpecting. X3

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Happy belated birthday to lovely lady and brilliant actress, Dervla Kirwan. Photo taken by Big Finnish Company during the recording of Class.

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UN OUTFIT IN 1MINUTO @sartoriarossi #gentleman #style #styleinspiration #sprezzatura #dapper #menwithclass #class #gentlemanstyle #sartoriarossipeople #fashionstyle #madeinitaly #madetomeasure #pinstripesuit #outfitoftheday #outfit #ootd #gentlemansclub (presso Sartoria Rossi)

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