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#class 1-a

//Note: I’m still mad at the fact that Tokoyami thinks he doesn’t have any fans yet. Boy, I’ve been in love with you since I first saw your crudely drawn face on that screen. You got fans. So here are some not thought out headcanons.// 

  • Let’s set the scene. Class 1-A is hanging out in the common space after classes and whatnot. Kaminari is scrolling through youtube when he comes across a video titled “Our Favorite Emo Birb Boi - A Compilation”. 
  • So obviously he immediately announces that he found a cool video that everyone should watch. “Guys it looks like Tokoyami has some fans” 
  • But with class 1-A being the extra bunch that they are, they hook up a computer to a tv so that everyone can watch and they aren’t crowded around over a phone or laptop. 
  • Kaminari pulls it up and the first thing everyone notices is that over a million of people have watched it. And nearly half of that have liked the video. 
  • “Dude!” “Congrats” 
  • “Can we please not watch whatever this is” - Tokoyami 
  • “Start the video already!” - Dark Shadow 
  • They start the video. With some very angsty music that sounds like what a teenager sitting in the dark writing poetry would listen to playing, it precedes to be a compilation of both actual clips of Tokoyami that exist and - le gasp - fanart. 
  • Tokoyami is trying to maintain his composure while internally dying with embarrassment. It’s only half working. 
  • Class 1-A is super excited and Momo wonders how this video came to be. “I mean, the art is clearly by different people so it must already exist, right?”
  • One trip to tumblr later and Tokoyami will forever be known as “my precious emo birb boi”. 
  • Yeah he’s full on hiding his beak with his face now. He doesn’t know if he could ever be more embarassed. (Jokes on him. Just wait till he next sees Hawks who has made a t-shirt that says “My Favorite Emo Birb Boi” on it and has definitely watched the video at least 50 times cause it puts him in tears every single time. Tokoyami has got a following.) 

Bonus Content: 

  • The class decides to look themselves up on tumblr to see if they are also tumblr famous. 
  • Ooh boy is Bakugo famous. 
  • And oh boy does he hate the fact that a lot of people ship him and fucking Deku. 
  • He doesn’t mind the massive following that KiriBaku has. 
  • Kirishima is beyond excited at the idea of people being fans of his and doesn’t get that people are shipping him and Bakugo romantically until Mina looks up “KiriBaku” and scrolls through to find the all of the art of just them making out. 
  • Yo he red as his hair now. 
  • Deku is more embarrassed then Tokoyami now. Man are his followers thirsty. Like hot damn. (like imagine - this would be hilarious). 
  • Also the tododeku ship is huge. 
  • Later that night Todoroki makes an account and quickly becomes the tumblr blog to go to for anything tododeku related. He proud. 
  • They look up Sero and it’s literally all reader-inserts or bakusquad being silly. 
  • But seriously the amount of reader-inserts about Sero is fucking crazy. Everyone else has huge ships and Sero is just like… every person’s dream s/o. Apparently. 
  • He so surprised. His mouth hanging open like “…what?” his face turning red as his hand goes to the back of his neck. 
  • Everyone else is just not surprised. 
  • He’s like Oliver Wood. You’ve had at least a bit of a crush on him at some point, you know? He’s just gorgeous, funny, and oh so sweet. 
  • Who couldn’t love him? 
  • Sero cannot compute this information. 
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fic prompt: "Aizawa gets a heart attack during homeroom and now the students have to deal with it while a few of them run for another teacher"

damn y’all just immediately came for my neck huh

quick disclaimer: i forgot some of what i learned for first aid training, i’m relying on online sources to refresh and inform me, and i am now hoping that this is accurate enough please don’t hit me ;-;

this is the first time i’ve ever written momo’s pov i hope i did okay!!

when is this in the timeline you ask? i don’t know either :))


Momo sat primly on her chair, tapping her pencil on her notebook, ready to write down anything of importance. Sharp eyes took note of her teacher’s haggard appearance.

Aizawa-sensei stood in front of the class, slouch even more pronounced than usual, making his homeroom announcements. His usual eyebags had grown into luggages, his skin paler and carried a hint of gray. One hand clutched his coffee mug like a lifeline, his other gripping harshly on the edge of the podium, knuckles white as if straining to keep him upright. His head was slightly bowed, heavy-lidded eyes periodically squinting at the papers he had brought with him as he talked.

Aizawa-sensei took a gulp of his coffee and set the mug down, rubbing a hand on his jaw, probably a bruise from a fight last night. Villain activity had escalated greatly in the last week. All UA’s hero teachers had been showing the toll it took on them, growing progressively worse as the days went by without any signs of the situation slowing.

Her teacher raised his head to look right at them as he rubbed at his chest. “Well, those are all the announceme—”

He suddenly collapsed behind the podium, clutching at his chest. The entire class stood up in alarm, leaning over their desks, “Sensei!?” Their sensei was one of the strongest people they knew, he didn’t just collapse. Aizawa-sensei had still taught them even mostly mummified after the USJ incident even though it was clear how hard it was to do so.


Aizawa-sensei’s speech was interrupted by his gasp.

“Cla— Class. Call someone, I think I’m having a heart atta—” Aizawa-sensei’s breath stuttered before he could finish his sentence.

How could sensei be so calm about this? No, no, Momo, focus.

Half the class nearly ran on the way to their gasping teacher, Momo with them. She searched for the fastest in their class amidst the chaos.

“Midoriya-san, please get a teacher and inform them of the situation!” He just looked frozen, stood near their teacher. “Midoriya-san!” she called once more as she made her way closer to her gathered classmates at the front of the room.

Midoriya snaps out of it with a sharp nod, speeding through the doors as fast as he could.

Now that that’s taken care of—

“Move, you idiots! Give him space to breathe!” Faint explosions cracked in Bakugou’s hands.

—she looks to Iida, her eyes urging him to calm the others down. He nodded in understanding, moving to corral their classmates; his hands and voice sharply cutting through the air.

Momo kept her voice calm but strong to make herself heard over the rising crescendo of her classmates’ voices. “Please move. I know CPR, let me near.”

They immediately moved at her words, receding like the tide. Aizawa-sensei had passed out. She kneeled and noticed somebody had already taken off Aizawa-sensei’s capture scarf. Her sharp eyes found Uraraka who had her arms full of the grey weapon.

She made sure to move him into a horizontal position and that his airways were clear. Bent perpendicularly over his torso, Momo put her hands on his chest, locked her elbows straight, and started chest compressions.

She counted. One one thousand. Two one thousand. Three one thousand. Four one thousand—

As she counted, she kept wishing. Please be okay. Please be okay. Please be okay.

Even when her heart shivered, her hands pushed steadily.

Momo didn’t know how long she’d been pushing but it must have not been long since her arms hadn’t tired yet when Midoriya burst through the doors, Mic-sensei and Thirteen-sensei hot on his heels. The class turned completely silent when they entered. Momo steadily kept on with the chest compressions even with the interruption. She couldn’t just stop what if—

“Yaoyorozu-san. Yaoyorozu-san, we’re here to take Eraserhead to the infirmary.” Thirteen-sensei’s voice interrupted her spiraling thoughts. “You can stop, we’ll take it from here.” A gloved hand patted her on the back and she reluctantly stopped, sitting on her heels.

Sweat beaded on her forehead and she hurriedly wiped it away, watching as her teachers gathered Aizawa-sensei.

“One, two.” They hoisted him up but before they went, Mic-sensei turned his head to look at them.

“Stay here. We’ll be back and don’t worry, Eraserhead will be fine.” Mic-sensei smiled even through the eyebags his stylish sunglasses couldn’t hide.

Momo’s voice passed her lips without her prompting. “But—”

Mic-sensei’s sighed and his smile grew wider. “You can see him later.”

The entire class nods and, with that, the two teachers hurriedly but carefully carried their colleague out the classroom.

Momo fidgeted as she continued to sit on her heels on the floor. Please be okay. Hopefully, someone in the heavens might hear her and grant her wish. She didn’t know all her classmates wished the same.

With a deep, calming breath, she stood and helped Iida usher their classmates into their seats to wait. Aizawa-sensei’s collapse replayed in their minds as they fought to keep still on their seats.

Some of them calmed themselves down enough to already start on cards for Aizawa-sensei. Some were folding paper. Momo ended up producing matryoshka dolls and other miscellaneous things in her anxiety.

Almost a quarter of an hour passed before Mic-sensei—Momo almost forgot their next period was English—came into the classroom again.

The class was entirely stock-still, waiting for news with bated breath.

“Eraserhead will be a-okay. Y’all can visit him later!” Mic-sensei announced with fervor, arms spread with a huge smile on his face. The atmosphere in the classroom lightened, many of them sighing in relief. Momo’s shoulders finally relaxed.

“Recovery Girl said you can all visit him by lunch, sound good?” Mic-sensei continued. Everyone nodded vigorously. “Alright, with that settled, let’s learn some tenses! Yeah!”

Most of the students let out a collective groan, bringing some normalcy after the hectic morning they’d had.

Momo took her pencil again and poised it over her notebook, ready to take notes; her other hand fiddled with a matryoshka she’d anxiously produced earlier.


When the lunch bell rang, the entirety of class 1-A almost ran over Cementoss who had just exited their classroom.

Iida voiced a quick apology on behalf of the class before taking off with his other classmates.

Cementoss just smiled despite the near flattening he had experienced, watching their backs, before heading to the faculty room. What great kids.


They skidded to a stop in front of the infirmary, prompting bewildered glances from nearby students. Why is an entire class here?

Almost all of 1-A clamored at the door of the infirmary, knocking on the door. They could hardly contain their anticipation to see their beloved teacher okay.

Their noise ceased when the door to the infirmary slowly opened. To say some of them had stopped breathing wouldn’t be inaccurate.

Iida stepped up and bowed to Recovery Girl, voice respectful but a bit loud. “We wish to see Aizawa-sensei!”

Recovery Girl good-naturedly bopped him on the head. “Don’t be too loud. Eraserhead is still asleep but you can see him for a bit, just don’t wake him up.”

Everyone’s heads nodded in sync.

“Now then,” Recovery Girl said with a smile, “line up first, only a few people can see him at a time.”

Barely had the words “line up” left her lips before all of them scrambled into a line. Recovery Girl almost couldn’t stop her laughter at their antics, restraining herself to only let her mirth shake her shoulders. She motioned the first five in.

When Momo’s turn came, she saw the veritable mountain of well-wishing cards, origami, and other odds and ends her classmates had brought for their recovering teacher. She placed the matryoshka doll she had produced on the pile along with an attached piece of paper with her well-wishes.

Her eyes then landed on her teacher nestled in the infirmary bed. He looked a little better than earlier at least. His skin had regained some color and lost its grayish tint. His luggages for eyebags hadn’t lightened much but at least he was sleeping.

He’ll be okay. He’s okay.

Momo didn’t even know she was still holding her breath until she let it out and her shoulders fully relaxed.

He’s okay.


When Shouta comes to, he wakes up to the infirmary’s white walls. Rays of sunlight from the window signified it was currently mid-afternoon, the clock confirming his theory. It was morning last he’d checked, what—

Ah. He remembered. It was probably a heart attack. Yaoyorozu had probably performed chest compressions on him, his chest was a bit sore; he knew she was the only one who’d had first aid training before.

Recollection done, he turns his head and—

A mountain of a pile of cards, origami, and other knick-knacks filled his vision. What in the world?

Then Shouta’s eyes landed on one of the covers. 

Get well soon, Aizawa-sensei!’ was written in bold pink.

An unbidden smile crossed his face and he reached out for the card. He was motioning to open it before he heard small footsteps coming near.

“You’re awake,” Shuuzenji said, drawing closer with a smile on her lips. She’d caught him smiling at the pile.

“Mm.” Shouta didn’t move to put back the card he had in his hands.

“You really scared us, you know. Especially your kids. You should’ve seen them earlier, almost stampeded their way in.”

Shouta was not sure if he should apologize for that and instead let out a “Hm.”

Shuuzenji didn’t leave his side as he goes through all of the things he was left. His smile never left its place and only grew wider, fonder, warmer.

“…They’re good kids,” Shouta said when he finishes the pile. His eyes lingered on the things his kids left him with.

“They really are, aren’t they?” Shuuzenji matched his smile, eyes crinkling.


The day after the heart attack incident, class 1-A anxiously waited to see if their homeroom teacher was okay. Aizawa-sensei had been sent home by the time dismissal came around.

The door opened and Aizawa-sensei stepped in, looking better than yesterday. Everyone gathered their breath to shout—

“Wait.” Aizawa-sensei put a hand up, eyes stern. “You have five minutes to get it out of your system. Go.”

The entire five minutes ended up chaotic with shouted well-wishes and gladness that he was okay and if he were all right and everything else in the same lines.

When the five minutes ended, the cacophony came to an abrupt stop when Aizawa-sensei eyes flashed red when he activated his Erasure. Aizawa-sensei took a deep breath.

“Thank you for your well-wishes. Yes, I am fine. Thank you especially to Yaoyorozu for helping me.” Aizawa-sensei seemed to be going as fast as he could to get over it, his mild embarrassment showing in a light pink tint to his cheeks.

The class just beamed at him.

“On that note, your first aid classes have been moved forward. You’ll be having them in the coming days starting today.”

Momo sat, her frame frozen and her classmates the same.

They were glad. They were relieved. They were never going to be caught off-guard with an emergency like that ever again.


and there we have it! the first prompt fill of the month :)) it’s actually the first prompt i’ve ever filled i hope you like it!! i did not expect to write so much on just the first day but let’s hope i continue on this vein :DD

If y’all wanna send me a prompt or request please feel free to send it to my ask, i’ll still be accepting them even after april!! details here :))

edit: posted on ao3 here

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Ok, so I saw a lot of these already but here’s my take:

  • Aoyama: just takes videos of himself staring and winking at the camera. A bit like that girl from like ten years ago who just stared at the cam, then pointed at her cup and said “ko-hi” before staring in silence again
  • Mina: Dance covers, her own choreographies, simple dance move tutorials. And cool vlogs about her hanging out with friends
  • Tyuyu: Often includes her younger siblings. Does crafts with them, goes on a sunday walk and explains that a toad and a frog are not the same, is often seen in the other girls’ videos. 
  • Iida: Explaining the rules 101. Mom-Friend videos. Joins the Dekusquad for collabs and has to do things he usually wouldn’t do (and feels like a hypocryte because he’s actually breaking the rules all the time)
  • Ochako: Interesting facts about space she stumbled upon, life hacks (how to survive on 500 ¥ a week lol), wholesome content
  • Ojiro: The marshial arts hero shows us, how else cout it be, how to do martial arts. But he always reminds us to get someone to supervise us before we hurt ourselves. Also guides us through meditation.
  • Kaminari: pranking other people, let’s plays (he’s not even good at playing games but that makes it hilarious). Teams up with the rest of the bakusquad for more shenanigans
  • Kirishima: Very manly, but no consistency. Sometimes it’s videos of him showing his crocs to his classmates and he doesn’t undersand why he’s being yelled at. Other times he shows how he uses his punching bag and it somehow it ends up in an extremely motivational speech about how you can be the best manliest hero you can be, remember, never give up!
  • Koda: Animal videos. Just ten minutes of your favourite rabbit munching, hopping around and napping. A cat sleeping on the tree next to his window. Very calming.
  • Satou: baking tutorials, him testing recipes, sometimes he cooks, too. The others always get to taste it. Nedlessly to say, they love it.
  • Shouji: Doesn’t make a lot of videos on his own and instead helps his classmates as cameraman (hey, he can even hold multiple cameras and film from different angles). When he does, though, he explains why he prefers a simple lifestyle without too many possessions.
  • Jirou: covers her fabourite songs, test out new instruments, easy to follow [insert instrument] tutorials and vocal exercises
  • Sero: Likes to prank people, but never does any harm. He’s acutally very fashionable, so he dedicates some videos to that. Tutorials on how to best wrap up your perverted classmate in 0,2 seconds.
  • Tokoyami: *ominous narrator voice* Welcome to the darkness. We see a candle burning in an otherwise pitch black room, a skull with glowing eyes in the background. We hear his breathing behind the camera. The video ends with the candle burning out.
  • Todoroki: Has one single video of him asking someone behind the camera why he has to do this. It still got half a million views and only two dislikes. The fangirls are swooning in the comment section.
  • Hagakure: Very girly channel. Likes to do a lot of fashion stuff, shows her favourite cafés, cries about how she can’t do any makeup and hair videos
  • Bakugou: basically just the bakusquad recording his tantrums and posting them online under his name (and the comments are like “Woah, I really thought he was gonna punch that feckled guy in the face”)
  • Deku: Analysis. He analyses hero vs villain fights, whenever a new hero/villain debuts he makes a full video about them, dedicates at least one video per week to All Might
  • Mineta: Nasty stuff. Gets flagged and deleted all the time before anyone even manages to look at them. Someone probably flags them on autopilot without even watching them
  • Yaomomo: Science! She needs to know  a lot to use her quirk to its full potential, so she shares some of that knowlege she gathers. Sometimes, she does ordinary things with her friends and always profusely apologizes for posting such a mundane thing at the end of the video.
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-Her name is Sumiye but her close friends call her Sumi

-She was closeted for a long time

-The first person who found out was Midoriya since she wouldn’t dare tell her family.

-After all, she was supposed to be the perfect “son”

-The day he found out Sumiye was trying on some feminine clothes that she ordered in secret. She styled her hair to look more feminine and she put on light makeup. To top it all off, she even put on one of her bras and stuffed it. She looked in the mirror in awe, she finally presented how she has always wanted to. Everything felt so right and okay at that moment.

-That was until Midoriya walked in.

-The moment she heard her door open and a surprised gasp she knew that it was all over.

-Sumiye turned around with fear in her eyes to see Midoriya standing there shocked.

-She tried to explain herself and make up excuses but instead, she broke down into tears.

-Without question, Izuku hugged her as she cried out all of her frustration of not being in the right body.

-Todoroki then came out to Izuku, and he supported her 100%.

-At that moment, she had never been so thankful to have him in her life.

-A while after that, Izuku convinced Sumi to come out to the class.

-Reactions were mixed but Izuku soothed her worries by holding her hand the entire time.

-Principal Nedzu got her a uniform change within a few days.

-Everything seemed to be getting better.

-Until Mineta decided to stick his ugly head in Sumiye’s business.

-Mineta came out as “trans” and then proceeded to demand to use the female locker rooms.

-He said while pointing to Sumi, “if he can peep on girls then why can’t I?”

-Sumiye ran out of the classroom teary-eyed with a concerned Izuku following close behind while Bakugou had to be restrained as to not rip Mineta into pieces.

-Mineta ended up getting detention.

-After this, the “Todoroki Protection Squad” was formed, and Sumi couldn’t have been happier to have the support of her classmates.

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Kaminari: *trying to open the bathroom door but it’s locked* ughhh seriously man?! Again?!?!

Bakugou: *has been in the bathroom for over an hour* It’s a long process to look this good Spark ass

Kaminari: *mockingly* And I thought you ‘woke up perfect’

Bakugou: *steps out of the bathroom looking like a 35/10* Oh please dumbass, that’s just something hot people say to make the extras feel inferior.

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The image of the class going to the beach on a really hot day for some downtime keeps popping into my head. The sands been sitting under the sun for hours and is hot as heck and the class is trying to figure out how to get to the water barefoot without burning their feet. Kat just flips over into a handstand and goes the short distance that way. No one knows what to think as they watch him flip back over, feet in the cool water. Ei ends up going back and forth on hardend feet for everyone else

Shouto makes an ice path for people to walk across, and Katsuki absolutely fucking refuses to use it because that would be Admitting Defeat, so he just walks over on his hands.

Denki, completely forgetting that Katsuki has excellent balance + the strength and combat training of a hero, tries to push him over, and Katsuki without hesitation catches Denki with one leg and YEETS him right onto the hot sand.

Tbh like half of class 1-a is tempted to try doing it to regardless of the consequence b/c holy shit Katsuki’s explosions are so attention grabbing that sometimes they forget just how fucking flexible he is. Sure, they’re gonna get their ass kicked into hot sand for it, but some things are worth it, you know?

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Aoyama: gay and covered in glitter

Mina: pink shitpost

Tsu: supportive Kermit

Iida: sonic

Uraraka: pretty much only there to be the love interest

Ojiro: has tail

Kaminari: if Pikachu was a fuckboy


Koda: looks like Groot, has Disney princess power

Sato: sugar makes him buff

Jiro: has headphone jacks for ears

Sero: sentient tape dispenser

Tokoyami: Venom rip-off

Todoroki: If Elsa and Zuko fused

Hagakure: The Invisible Man, but a 14 year old girl

Bakugou: tsundere makes things blow up

Deku: will break his bones for you

Momo: too OP so they took her confidence


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Love The Way You Lie Spin Off Ideas

So I’m PhoenixScamander (on ao3) and I’m the writer of the Erasermic fic “Love The Way You Lie” it’s based off the traitor!mic au in which Hizashi is (unwillingly) the traitor due to family ties to the League. This is Omegaverse btw.

Well, I had an idea. Currently Love The Way You Lie follows Shouta’s story but I’ve been thinking especially after my Todoroki arc I have going on right now, what if I do a spin off of the DekuTodo side of it focusing in on Todoroki? For those who don’t know, Kenzou Yamada (Mic’s OC father in the fic) has an obsession with Omegas and specifically Shouta and Todoroki. I got this idea based off my last two chapters, cause I haven’t been showing everything that has been going on with Todoroki. Thoughts?

I also have an idea of doing Hitoshi’s story and side of this since he is Erasermic’s biological son in it. 

What do you guys think? I’m not sure who reads LTWYL but I’m going to put this in my author’s note of my next chapter too. 

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Stupidly indulgent au idea, you can ignore me if you want to I just need to get it out

Model class 1a au! Basically instead of being heroes, they become models because the world is a scary place, but they got the looks.

They all were picked up and recruited within a 2 year range so they’re really close with a each other. They all were modelling by age like, 7.

It’s shinsou instead of mineta because one, we only stan the superior purple in this household, and two, shinsou had a better style/look they were going for (because honestly, who would want a nosebleeding, groping model on set when they were a kid)

The reasons they got recruited include things like bakugo through connections w/fashion designer parents, todoroki w/ hero parent, uraraka having a nice, cute look, etc.

They would take online classes because the sheet amount of kids gathering around them would be ungodly.

They all are really close, but way too close to date each other. They would work in close quarters with each other, and see each other more like siblings. (I go to k-8 school and known everyone for nine years I’m not gonna date them)

As they get older, they get more distinct looks from each other, ie tsuyu getting a more rainy/beach look, mina a more pop type fashion, etc.

Whether they all become heroes is up to you. But I do want them to go to UA because 1) for the prestige of going, 2) good education no matter the department, and 3) be around other kids because you all need them skills.

They have this really nice manager because this is going to be a nice au, no angst because my heart can’t handle it.

This manager would literally die for them they’re so cute and nice.

They started off modeling for some kids clothes, but gradually modeled in commercials and hero support items while testing them out.

Their reactions and enthusiasm is so raw that it’s magnetic. Thats the reason why they’re so successful.

But during one of the shoots, their manager (I’ll call her Aki) notices bruises on Shoto, know that no one would bully him, and goes to the logical conclusion of abuse.

A bunch of fans also noticed the bruises, flinches, too quiet personality, and scar. They basically demanded a police search.

This ends with endeavor in jail, and the todorokis happier. Touya isn’t gone too, so yay!

Bakugo and midoriya are closer together due to them both sympathising over modelling and bakugo learning from the others that being quirkless doesn’t equate worthless. Also character development way earlier.

Basically, class 1a with superior purple are models since young age as an alternative to the dangers of heroics, and just are pretty and happier.

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What are your dynamics headcanons for everyone in class 1-A?

Oh I love this question!!  I hope you’re referring to ABO Universe/Dynamics (since that’s what I call the “secondary genders”)! This is going to be a tad long! 

Class 1-A Homeroom Teacher Shouta Aizawa: It takes the class until the USJ to figure out that Aizawa is an Omega. Despite being an Omega, he acts a lot like a Beta and Alpha that everyone is always confused on what his dynamic is. Class 1-A knows just on how he treats them. He’s nurturing to them but at the same time fiercely protective which Omegas are known for protecting their pups. So yeah, Aizawa unofficially adopted twenty pups.

Izuku Midoriya: He is an Alpha, most people assume he is an Omega at first sight because of his height and actions. It’s not until the USJ (like Aizawa) that people realize that he is actually an Alpha. He doesn’t care who you are, he wants to protect you. 

Katsuki Bakugou: As an Alpha, his Alpha instincts and natural personality clash all the time causing him to be extremely hotheaded. He gets this from his mother. As an Omega: He uses anger as a guise to hide the fact he is actually an Omega.

Shoto Todoroki: He’s an Omega but because Endeavor knows how most Omegas are treated in hero society, he raised Shoto to act and present himself as a Beta. After the fight in the sports festival against Midoriya, he starts to show he is truly an Omega but he still slips sometimes.

Eijirou Kirishima: He is an Alpha in and out. He’s not timid about showing it. Like talking about manly stuff, he talks about how Alpha people can be even if that’s not their true dynamic. Some people think he is a Beta because of his friendship with Bakugou.

Mina Ashido: She’s a Beta. She is one of the most level headed students within 1-A and the Bakusquad. Some people mistake her for an Omega because of how caring she is towards her friends and classmates. 

Tenya Iida: He is purely an Alpha. He takes pride in being an Alpha just like his elder brother, Tensei. He is extremely protective of those around him and tries not to view himself as a traditional Alpha, which sometimes slips through when he is in “Rep” mode. Asui comments on this a lot. 

Ochacho Uraraka: She is an Omega. She is extremely caring and nurturing of her friends and classmates. Don’t let her dynamic fool you, she is just as protective as an Alpha which confuses some people. Her Omega dynamic comes out a lot when she talks about her parents. She wants to take care of them like they did for her. This is the biggest giveaway of her dynamic. 

Tsuyu Asui: Despite being a Beta, she is often confused as an Omega for her caring attitude. She is the most level headed student in Class 1-A and isn’t afraid to stand up to an Alpha. 

Kouji Koda: He’s a Beta. His shyness often counteracts the traditional standards known for a Beta. With how he cares for animals, most people assume he’s an Omega but when they call him one, he’s too shy to correct them. Usually another student does this for him. Usually Mina.

Fumikage Tokoyami: He’s a Beta (Dark Shadow claims he’s an Alpha), he constantly has to fight with Dark Shadow over this but he is very insightful like a Beta is. 

Momo Yaoyorozu: She’s an Alpha. She’s an Alpha through and through from the way that she takes care in All Might’s class to protecting those around her. When she lost her confidence, this affected her Alpha too. She had internal battles with herself after the Sports Festival because Alphas are the protectors, the quick thinkers. Despite being from a “traditional” family, she doesn’t share those same views. 

Mezo Shoji: He’s an Alpha. He is fiercely protective of his classmates and friends. This is most noted during the Training Camp when he got hurt and he still fought to protect and help Tokoyami. He refuses to give up on anyone. 

Rikido Sato: He’s a Beta but is constantly mistaken for an Alpha. A lot of the class comes to him when they feel down because he provides snacks and logical thinking. 

Hanta Sero: He’s a Beta. He tries to act like an Alpha sometimes but he usually tries to help keep the Alphas calm when disaster strikes. 

Yuga Aoyoma: He’s a Beta but is always confused for being an Omega. His personality screams Omega so it comes as a shock to some when they find out he’s a Beta. Monoma from Class 1-B teases that Aoyoma is an Omega in Beta clothing. He’s not wrong.

Mashirao Ojirou: Like most of the others, he’s a Beta. He’s often mistaken for an Alpha because of how protective he is of others. He takes it as a compliment if someone calls him an Alpha but fixes it right afterwards. He’s proud to be a Beta.

Kyoka Jirou: She’s an Omega. Her parents raised her not to fall in traditional standards for being an Omega, so she acts like a Beta a lot (this is similar to Todoroki but slightly different). Most people don’t believe she’s an Omega but Momo was the first to notice because of the USJ incident when she was trying to save Kaminari.

Denki Kaminari: He’s a Beta. Jirou often teases him saying he would of been an Alpha if he stopped frying his brain. Most of the Omegas are super comfortable around him because of his personality. He often gets upset with himself when he can’t keep himself level headed and panics because Betas are known for their levelheaded-ness. 

Tooru Hagakure: She’s a Beta who acts a lot like an Omega. She thinks she was supposed to be born an Omega but fate had other ideas. Her invisibility and dynamic go hand and hand. The class believes because of her quirk is why she turned out to be a Beta. 

Minoru Mineta: Sadly, he’s an Alpha. He’s the most traditional Alpha in Class 1-A who views women and Omegas as property which gets him into trouble a lot. He doesn’t show the braveness and protectiveness that Alphas are known for. He tries to use Alpha commands on others but the girls constantly put a stop to this.

Bonus: Hitoshi Shinsou (since I always write him in Class 1-A instead of Mineta) - He’s an Omega. Most people don’t believe this until someone else confirms it for them. He’s a lot like Aizawa in this way because people are always trying to guess his dynamic. Once he gets to know you, he is caring and nurturing like most Omegas. 

Headcanons of the Class

The Alphas and Betas have secret society of keeping Mineta away from the girls and the Omegas.

Todoroki gets confused on most things related to Omega biology and every one else has an entire book for him when it comes down to it.

Bakugou was the first to say that Class 1-A and their teachers were a pack.

All Might is the “pack dad”

Aizawa is the “pack mom” which he says he hates being called that but secretly loves it.

Yaoyorozu is the Alpha of the class that most of the Omegas go to. Sometimes Todoroki goes to Midoriya.

Aizawa has a strict rule against any of his students creating a bond with each other as bond mates. (this is connected to Shirakumo)

Bakugou has an Omega’s scent which pisses him off if someone mentions it. Except Kirishima. He’s safe.

The Omegas and Girls created the “Protect Todoroki’s Innocence Squad” since Endeavor never actually taught Todoroki how to “Omega”

The Alphas also have a secret club to protect their pack.

Aside from Class 1-B, they are the only class considered a pack.

Midoriya is the first one to fully control his Alpha side. (This is actually thanks to One for All but he can’t say that)

Midoriya’s scent changed when he got One for All. No one actually knows what his scent is cause it’s a mixture of his own and the predecessors so it’s always different except for the forest scent.

Aizawa gets really angry if one of his pups get hurt. Than he turns into Dadzawa.

When Bakugou finds out one of his classmates is sick, he makes soup but doesn’t tell anyone it was him. Everyone knows. They just don’t say anything.

Todoroki once went into heat in class and no one told him and he didn’t know. Aizawa gave in and told him to go to Recovery Girl. This happens a lot actually.

Present Mic is the Alpha the class goes to cause All Might doesn’t really know much about dynamics.

Midnight teaches them about sex much to Aizawa’s hesitation. He wants his pups to stay innocent. Even though he knows they need to know.

When Kaminari fries his brain, his classmates make him guess who is who by scent. He usually gets 7 out of ten correct.

The Omegas have sleepovers in Todoroki’s room.

If the girls have a sleepover (usually in Momos room) they invite Todoroki cause he is an Omega.

Koda is surprisingly the best Beta at calming people down. Asui comes in as a close second.

The class tries to set All Might and Aizawa up constantly. If that fails they try Present Mic and Aizawa. Aizawa figures it out almost instantly.

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Adult katsuki bakugou / Pro hero x Adult Female Pro hero / singer

Summary: You were cheated on and it broke you down. But things never last forever. You pack your things and you leave with your kids, bakugou is filled with guilt and regret when he realises your truly gone. 

Content: Angst, Crying, Depression, Cursing

WARNING NOTE: If you don’t like reading these types of genres then please DO NOT READ! However, if you are determined to manage through it then i wish you luck. Please be sure to have some tissues, a cry pillow to hug, blankets and water for hydration for the water fountains to come!

P.S: IDK if i’m good at these, first time so i expect this to be bad lol. Enjoy though! (づ^ω^)づ  and please don’t hesitate to comment about it and if i should make a number two, byeee.



I am, the diamond you left in the dust

How many times has it been..Since you two once said those three sacred words, “I love you”? 

Your Beautiful E/c sea foam hues wandered the beautiful decor of your walls of your- Both shared bedroom. This very room, Four years ago was a cave of love, a sacred place you could never live or feel whole without the other. You let your mind reminisce the memory of the night when you would hold your other half to your bare chest and let your soft slender fingers coarse through his hair lovingly, his arms tightly secured around your naked waist with his forehead to your chest, eyes closed with relaxation and exhaustion from the previous events that happened. Making the bed, usually a mess. 

But now..It felt like a lost,floating memory in your body. 

You released a breathless sigh as you dropped your bag on the plush bed, tossing the keys on the small lamp desk beside the mattress frame, “I’m home”, Your voice whispered. Oh how you wished he would answer you back with a warm welcome, anything that could lift the heavy weight which pushed on you…but no. 

How could something like that ever happen..? 

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