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#class struggle
By Scott Scheffer
A lot of today’s climatologists may at this point feel like Superman’s father and Krypton’s leading scientist, Jor-El, who, in the comic book world, tried to warn the Council of Elders that planetary doom was nigh unless they acted.
No serious scientists believe that we will share the fate of Krypton — the comic book planet exploded — but mitigating and reversing the crisis will have to be done independently of capitalist corporations and their government. Unless that is done, global warming will bring more widespread death and destruction. The poorest countries and populations will bear the brunt of it.
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Boss made a dollar
I made a dime,
That was a poem
From a simpler time.
Now boss makes a thousand
And gives us a cent
While he’s got employees 
Who can’t pay the rent.
So when boss makes a million
And the workers make jack
Then that’s when we riot
And take our lives back.
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hellyeahanarchistposters · 4 months ago
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“Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime.
So I organize on company time”
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Starving and homeless children in Russia in the 1990s, who often became victims of substance abuse, sexual abuse and were actively involved in crime. These scary photos are reminders that the West considers Russia in the 90s "democratic, free and detached from totalitarian communism."
The capitalism implementation in Russia during the 90' was probably the biggest capitalism failure of all times. Yeltsin implemented the economic policies applauded by the neoliberal institutions (FMI, World Bank, etc.) With mass privatisations, welfare destruction, destatalisation, destruction of social rights etc. The results were terrifying from all point of views:
As always happens in capitalism there were cartels, trusts etc. That formed a class of oligarchs that put themselves above the State leading the policies towards their interest against the interest of the people. Mostly represented by the Semibankirschina.
-Dramatically drop of life expectancy arriving at 7 years drop in less then a decade for men.
-Dramatic rise in mortality.
-Dramatic rise in self destructive behaviours like drugs and alcohol abuse.
-Mass depression
-Low birth rates due to financial instability and uncertainty
-crime rates rise with entire pieces of the country controlled by organised crime
-Moral crisis well represented by the dramatic increase of prostitution ( Prostitution that was de facto absent during most of Soviet times especially under Stalin but that started again with Gorbachev)
-The debt default of 1998.
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pressanykeytostart · a month ago
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This... This needs to be on Tumblr. Original by Claire Patino here.
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radicalgraff · a year ago
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Pro-homeless posters seen around Seattle. The poster message and it’s design is a direct response to an anti-homeless poster campaign in Seattle a week earlier that used the headline: “SEE A TENT? REPORT IT”
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“Workers deserve more than E$15 an hour...
Workers deserve it all! ...every fucking thing”
Graphic by Teenage Steopdad
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fuckyeahmarxismleninism · 6 months ago
By Stephen Millies
President Biden and Vice President Harris have proposed a $2.25 trillion “American Jobs Program” to fix some of these infrastructure problems. That sounds like a lot of money, but the funds will be spent over eight or even ten years. 
That’s about $280 billion a year, or a little more than a third of the Pentagon’s official budget.
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