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#classic academia

You and I aren’t going to rule this world,

But we sure as hell are going to explore it.

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Had a bad day some time ago because I miss traveling and documenting my travels in my little travel journal, so I ordered “cherchez la joie” to find my happiness again

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Not all dark academics are an heir to a company who’s workers keep mysteriously disappearing.. so here’s some resources for finding books for free/cheap.

Thrift Books: the title is very literal. you can find textbooks heavily discounted on there as well.

Better World Books: more used books but with free shipping.

Alibris: same idea but even cheaper. they have a section where new releases and classics are discounted and another where the books are $0.99.

Open Library: so many free books from a reliable source, and you can download them in different formats.

Internet Archive: this is an archive of the internet so it has a ton. it might take a bit to find things because there is so much. 

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3.3.2021 || spring semester week three&four

hi friends, i’ve been as john mulaney says “burning the candle at both ends”. been rly zoom fatigue’d & off my laptop the past few weeks. typically i don’t do work after classes and then go ham on homework on my weekend ( sat-tuesday ) with friday evenings as rest, but it just feels like it no longer works with what i need. so idk we’re going to try getting my work done monday thru thursday and then saturday and sunday just doing Nothing™ since i don’t have any obligations those days. 

fridays are in a weird limbo place since i now have class, work, and then run around the city with my friends since i’m only there once a week for the office. i usually return from a night out feeling exhausted and maybe my body aching depending how heavy my bag is. but here’s some photos i took on my way back from dinner at my friend’s new place, i put her on to the third party with angel locsin–she’s obsessed.

zoomester studyblr challenge 

Day 1- Introduce yourself! What’s some basic info you’d like to share about yourself? Also! What are you studying? (If you’re in college, what’s your major? which semester are you in?)

if this is a first post you see of mine–hi i’m bee, i’m an undergrad student on the east coast of the states. i’m a second semester third year and i’m heavily active in my campus life. i’m also a first-gen college student and filipina-american. my pronouns are she/they and a member of the alphabet mafia 👉🏼👈🏼

Day 2- If you’ve chosen a major, why did you decide on it? If you’re in any other grade , what field/major interests you the most?

sadjhk okay so i’m pursuing three majors. i started out in theatre thinking i was going to transition into a bfa in musical theater due to my bg as a former performer w broadway stars, but i really enjoy exploring new mediums accessibleible formats of entertainment which lead me to adding film and eventually digital journalism

Day 3- Have you done a challenge before? If so, how was it? If not, what are you expecting to get out of this experience?

this is my first challenge ! i hope it brings something more fun to my posts that i wouldn’t necessarily write about

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I want to read novels under cherry blossoms, press the petals into pages as they flutter down, feel the sun on my face as it passes through the branches. I want to make daisy chains and hear the words of an audio spoken to me, feel my thumbs pierce the stem as the story gets interesting, leave the imprints of grass on my bare skin to show the passing of my time in this space. I want to quote poetry to you under the willow leaves, bending to protect us from the spring rains falling, see you blush as we fall more and more in love with each word. I want to be in the warmest days of spring.

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<div> —  J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye<br> </div><span>What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.</span>
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hi friends,

i hope everyone has had a good day today. i did a latin lecture (i’m confused again — the different kinds of pronouns are messing me up and for some reason when i do english to latin i always forget words & plurals 😭) and worked on some of my other assignments.

i’m hoping i can finish one of us is lying by the end of tomorrow and i’m loving it! I have no idea what i’m gonna read next, since i own like none of the books i want to read and the library is not open :-0

(yes i do work in bed, yes i know i’m not supposed to but it actually helps save my posture bc i can lay back)

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