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#classic lit
c0rpsebrains · a day ago
art improvement things!!
so i felt like seeing my art progression bc i always found those fun sooooo!!!,,,
Tumblr media
i have this piece!! a redraw of a piece from november of 2020 :3!!
Tumblr media
uhh y’all get a big of clervalstein-implied content,,,, as a treat ;3
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three-sugars-pls · 11 months ago
I wish everyone would admit that classic literature is inherently difficult to read, and that you shouldn’t feel stupid if you don’t “get it”. Especially the dark academia/ classic lit fandoms and stuff. Like unless you have the vocabulary and pop culture knowledge of an 18th century nobleman, it’s going to be a tough read. It’ll take you longer to read; you’re not stupid if you’ve spent several months on a single book! And you don’t have to enjoy everything. It’s okay if you got bored after one chapter of Wuthering Heights, and couldn’t be bothered to read the rest. It’s okay if you want to read your favourite kids book for the 10th time instead. You’re not stupid. No piece of literature is inherently better, more “important”, more “meaningful”, or more “intellectual” than another. First and foremost, read what brings you joy.
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princesskuragina · 10 months ago
Me: this is hamletcore
My therapist: we actually call it clinical depression
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hello-jumping-in-puddles · 4 months ago
the problem with hamlet is he’s always played by a 35 year old dude and im like. in the first place why are you not already the king, get it together. and when a 35 year old makes fun of people he’s just a dick. he’s not funny he’s just annoying. like shut the fuck up and just kill your uncle like a goddamn grown up.
but 15 year old hamlet? when a 15 year old is being snarky and annoying? thats just how teenagers are. a 15 year old panicking about commiting actual murder? okay, yeah, you’re allowed to panic about this for a while. fair enough. 15 year old hamlet is actually a tragedy rather than the saga of a mid-life crisis.
nobody under thirty has played hamlet in a major film adaptation according to wikipedia and its a goddamn travesty.
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borispavlikovskij · a month ago
the (almost) complete Bungou Stray Dogs reading list
as a dostoyevsky fan i first discovered bsd by being very confused whenever i saw pretty anime boys in the crime and punishment tag, so now i’m using bsd to discover more classic literature, and you can too!
this is my personal list straight from my phone notes app, of the most significant works mentioned in the series. italized titles are those that i really couldn’t find an english translation of but they’re there for completeness (if you’ve found one please comment!)
i’ve also got links to the french text of all works that are originally in french, because i read french and as said this list is just adapted from my personal notes hahaha
special shoutout goes to @bsd-bibliophile and their website from where i got many of the links, especially the works of the japanese authors, as well as the bsd recommended reading list ❤️
links are pdfs unless otherwise specified
the armed detective agency:
no longer human by dazai osamu
the moon over the mountain by nakajima atsushi (beast beneath the moonlight)
an encouragement of learning by fukuzawa yukichi (all men are equal)
o brother, you must not die by yosano akiko (thou shalt not die)
kunikida doppo’s works
the makioka sisters by tanizaki junichirou (light snow) [epub]
naomi by tanizaki junichirou
be not defeated by the rain by miyazawa kenji [online]
demon pond by izumi kyouka (demon snow)
edogawa ranpo’s works
i am a cat by natsume souseki
futon by tayama katai
the port mafia:
rashoumon by akutagawa ryuunosuke (link includes o-gin that akutagawa gin is based on)
this soiled sorrow by nakahara chuuya (upon the tainted sorrow) [online]
golden demon by ozaki kouyou
falling camellia by hirotsu ryuurou
the dancing girl by mori ougai (elise)
vita sexualis by mori ougai [epub]
higuchi ichiyou’s works (no ability specified yet, but see for example encounters on a dark night)
midwinter memento by tachihara michizou
lemon by kajii motojirou
dogra magra by yumeno kyuusaku [website, incomplete translation] (it appears there’s a full french translation for like $1k if yall are interested lmao)
madness of george III by alan bennett (madness of the jewel king) pretty sure this one’s still copyrighted, hence why they couldn’t use alan bennett’s name for ace, and why i can’t find any pdf copies
the guild:
the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald (the great fitzgerald)
little women by louisa m. alcott
the grapes of wrath by john steinbeck [online/pdf/epub]
the scarlet letter by nathaniel hawthorne
gone with the wind by margaret mitchell [online/pdf/epub]
anne of green gables by l. m. montgomery (anne of the abyssal red)
moby dick by herman melville
the adventures of tom sawyer by mark twain (huck finn and tom sawyer)
the adventures of huckleberry finn by mark twain (huck finn and tom sawyer)
the black cat by edgar allan poe (the black cat in the rue morgue) [online]
the murders in the rue morgue by edgar allan poe (the black cat in the rue morgue) [online]
the call of cthulhu by h. p. lovecraft (the great old ones) [online]
the rats in the house of the dead:
the house of the dead by fyodor dostoevsky [online/epub]
crime and punishment by fyodor dostoevsky
a feast in time of plague by alexander pushkin [online/pdf/epub]
the precipice by ivan goncharov (this is an abridged translation please buy the new 2020 unabridged translation titled malinovka heights please it’s one of my all-time favourite books please thank you for your attention)
the perfect crime by oguri mushitarou
the decay of angels:
the decay of the angel by mishima yukio [online]
the overcoat by nikolai gogol
dracula by bram stoker [online/pdf/epub] (bram’s ability isn’t named yet but come on who are we kidding)
sigma has been speculated to be a reference to russian writer and journalist sergey nikolayevich syromyatnikov, or possibly sigmund freud
the hunting dogs:
mirror lion by fukuchi ouchi (online summary)
gasp of the soul by ookura teruko (see bewitching shadow which is the only work of anyone from the hunting dogs with full english translation!)
priceless tears by jouno saigiku
plum blossoms in snow by suehiro tetchou (wikipedia)
special division for unusual powers:
discourse on decadence by sakaguchi ango
hail in the begging bowl [online/pdf] (an essay by james abrams on the life and poetry of taneda santoka, from which the ability name is derived)
order of the clock tower:
and then there were none by agatha christie
dark era:
strait is the gate by andré gide (french original, online)
flawless by oda sakunosuke (see his other works from the stories of osaka life collection that has been translated into english, which can be found on the @bsd-bibliophile website)
55 minutes:
the time machine by h. g. wells
the mysterious island by jules verne (french original, online/epub)
matasaburou of the wind by miyazawa kenji [online] (atsushi’s alias)
johann wolfgang von goethe (mentioned)
william shakespeare (mentioned)
victor hugo (mentioned) les misérables french original 
fifteen + storm bringer:
illuminations by arthur rimbaud [online] (french original, online/epub)
paul verlaine’s poetry [online/epub] (french original, online/epub)
frankenstein by mary shelley (adam frankenstein)
another by ayatsuji yukito (volume 1, volume 2, volume 3)
the summer in the ubume by kyougoku natsuhiko (an inherent drop)
yesterday’s shadow tag by tsujimura mizuki
dead apple:
shibusawa tatsuhiko’s works (referred to collectively as draconia, see fish scales which has been translated into english)
chapter titles and other references:
franz kafka’s works (our man asagiri) metamorphosis [online/epub] the trial [online/epub]
the setting sun by osamu dazai (have you seen all those dazai sunset scenes in the anime)
the black lizard by hirotsu ryuurou
the case of murder on D hill by edogawa ranpo (murder on D street, ch 6)
poems of days past by nakahara chuuya (back in the day, ch 11) see poem collection
light, wind and dreams by nakajima atsushi (even if my head be mistaken, ch 29)
if you’re gonna read the above you should probably be acquainted with robert louis stevenson’s works, like the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde [online/epub]
tower of silence by mori ougai (the silent tower and the raven’s feast, ch 30)
husband and wife by nakajima atsushi (cherrirs, ch 43)
dreaming of butterflies by hagiwara sakutarou (ch 65-66)
the sheep song by nakahara chuuya (the chant to activate chuuya’s corruption)
les sœurs de charité by arthur rimbaud (the chant to activate verlaine’s corruption) french original
this is all the main works i could find, but naturally bsd is chock-full of literature references so please feel free to add to this list if you have anything! again i have to direct you to bsd-bibliophile’s online library for more complete resources and relevant authors that are not directly mentioned in bsd + a bunch of other useful content, i swear that page is one of my most-visited websites hahaha
other great resources for free books that have entered the public domain, where i got most of the links to the western book on this list:
project gutenberg
free editorial
planet ebook
planet publish
happy reading!
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books-read-in-nooks · a year ago
Mr Darcy: “I’m not going to another Ball.”
Mr Bingley: “I heard Elizabeth Bennet is attending.”
Mr Darcy:
Tumblr media
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pocketsizedquasar · 7 months ago
when victor hugo said “to love another person is to see the face of god” and herman melville said “let me look into a human eye; it is better than to gaze into sea or sky; better than to gaze upon god”  and dave malloy said “when we fall in love we wake up; and we are a god and angels weep” and tolstoy said “everything i understand, i understand only because i love. everything is, everything exists, only because i love. everything is connected only by that. love is god”
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the most sexy aesthetics are “feral mad scientist in a lab coat spattered with various unknown chemicals,” “gay english professor in a tweed coat who hasn’t slept in two weeks,” and “victorian noble dressed in all black who never leaves their mysterious manor and is also possibly a vampire”
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merely-a-fool · 6 months ago
i want to grow old with someone in the way that we'll dance in the kitchen together even though our bones will hurt from it later and in the way that we'll know each other's favorite scents and in the way that we'll miss when we were young but we'll know that we have a part of that still in each other
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princesskuragina · 11 months ago
17 year old: I'm depressed. I'm overwhelmed by choice. I feel like the stakes are so high that if I fail I could ruin everything forever. I feel a sense of obligation to my parents, but I don't think they understand me. Maybe none of this is worth it
Every 12th grade english teacher, without fail: *hands you the tragedy of hamlet prince of denmark* that's rough buddy
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corvidayyy · 8 months ago
I’m going to go APESHIT the next time I hear someone say that Jekyll and Hyde represent good and evil. Apeshit, I tell you.
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