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#classic lit memes
merely-a-fool · 2 months ago
when it's morning and you can feel the cold sitting on your uncovered skin and every breath is tangible and distinct and there is a crumpled kind of softness over everything
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thef0olcard · a year ago
Romance died when we stopped calling our significant others things like "little bird" and writing long letters with wax seals to be delivered in secret
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wopbau · a year ago
The Great Gatsby is about realizing that you are gay and your friends are shit. Shut up about “the american dream” that’s not real
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closetxromantic · a year ago
Me: I’m strong and independent. I don’t need love to be happy!
Also me: If a tall, rich, and handsome man doesn’t walk across a field in the early morning mist to tell me that I have bewitched him body and soul soon I might have to do something drastic
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classic-lit-memes4u · a year ago
Elizabeth: you’re so arrogant! I would never marry you.
Darcy, under his breath: enemies to lovers, slow burn, 300k words, angst to fluff—
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wildhumanhasappeared · a year ago
Mrs. Bennet: *makes passive aggressive comment about Lizzy turning down a perfectly good prospect like Mr. Collins*
Elizabeth Bennet: *knowing full well that she also turned down Mr. Darcy last month*
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