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#classic literature

female character in a russian classic novel: *throws shit everywhere in a hysteric nervous attack*

me, who threw everything in their nightstand to the floor in a fit of anger, anxiety and stress once: lmao who does that

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Sapphic Dark Academia Aesthetic

Part II. Find Part I “First Year. Winter” here.

First Year. Spring.

- the first violets blooming. picking a small bouquet and placing it on her bedside table in your shared dorm. next to it a note. ivory parchment and one ink-black word. You. nothing else needed.

- sunday morning before the start of classes. opening all the windows in your dorm. sheer curtains billowing. air that is crisp but sweet. the feeling of a new beginning. an awakening.

- taking a class on the The Illiad together. shared glances everytime Patroclus and Achilles are mentioned. her hand resting softly on your knee under the wooden table.

- spending your afternoons in the language section of the grand library between piles of old books, researching different expressions for love. writing each on a small note in ink and slipping them into her coats and bags, so she is never again without. Έρωτας. عشق. 恋. காதல். Mahaba.

- visiting the city in the evening. the cobblestone streets still wet from a sudden downpour. the streetlights reflected like fallen stars. an antique book store. a copy of Giovanni’s Room. a small café and a cherry-pie flavored kiss.

- loose puff sleeves and soft linen trousers. black brogues with frilly socks. helping her button up the back of her dress on a warm spring afternoon. hands touching silk and skin.

- on the weekend, a trip to the countryside. a picnic amidst rolling hills, wildflowers and scattered books. reciting poetry to each other at dusk. fulfilled longing until dawn.

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Alright, so here’s a possibly unpopular opinion.

(TW for: Depression, abuse, death)

Holden Caulfield can not just be simplified into a complaining, spoiled brat. Doing so is completely ignoring the purpose of the book. Holden was obviously depressed and had trauma that he had difficulty coping with. His brother, one of his closest friends to him had died. There were heavy implications of Holden being preyed upon and abused by adults when he was younger. Yes, he was wealthy and not the best person morally (so to dislike him is definitely understandable), but to boil down his experiences and depression into “complaining” is just kind of sad to me.

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Some of you have never gone to war to retrieve your sister-in-law, sacrificed your daughter to appease the gods, led the Achaeans in battle against Troy for 10 years, caused a plague to fall upon your people by angering Apollo, caused mass casualties by ostracizing the greatest of your fighters, and then returned home only to be murdered by your wife while taking a proper bath for the first time in 10 years and it shows.

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