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#classic literature
I love how the message of Frankenstein isn’t “don’t play god and commit hubristic acts of mad science” but instead “when you commit a hubristic act of mad science you are responsible for parenting whatever comes out of it”
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thatsweetdagger · 2 days ago
I love it when someone says things like “Would've been more fun if you were here" or "I wish you were here so we could do this and this". It shows that you kinda matter to them to certain degrees, that your existence matters. They mean that your mere presence could have a difference. And what's so subtle yet beautiful than this ?
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a-poets-darling · a day ago
I love the abstract, delicate, profound, vague, voluptuously wordless sensation of living ecstatically.
Anaïs Nin
Tumblr media
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earlymoderngothic · a day ago
I'm taking a quick break from posting sections of my thesis to recommend 50 Gothic tales over on my research blog! Almost all of them are free to access online and there's a mixture of novels, short stories, and poems. Enjoy 🖤🦇
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thedeadkidinme · 2 days ago
but as God said, crossing his legs, I see where I have made plenty of poets but not so very much poetry.
Charles Bukowski - Burning In Water Drowning In Flame
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wedarkacademia · 2 days ago
“Personally, I’m a mess of conflicting impulses—I’m independent and greedy and I also want to belong and share and be a part of the whole. I doubt that I’m the only one who feels this way. It’s the core of monster making, actually. Wanna make a monster? Take the parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable—your weaknesses, bad thoughts, vanities, and hungers—and pretend they’re across the room. It’s too ugly to be human. It’s too ugly to be you.  
Let me tell you what I do know: I am more than one thing, and not all of those things are good. The truth is complicated. It’s two-toned, multi-vocal, bittersweet. I used to think that if I dug deep enough to discover something sad and ugly, I’d know it was something true. Now I’m trying to dig deeper.”  
— Richard Siken, Black Telephone
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hyde-your-heart · a day ago
ok but in all realness if Sherlock Holmes and Henry Jekyll met each other, and assuming Sherlock doesn’t know his secret (at least yet), they’d definitely geek out about the other a lot. mostly Sherlock- even though his job is running a consulting detective business, he’s a first and foremost a chemist. He’s definitely not only heard of him but also read at least one of his papers for research in one specific case.
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haly-reads · 2 days ago
me: *prays to God that the professor doesn't call me out to answer a question in online lecture coz i am shy and weird af*
prof: so class, we just read this paragraph. now why do you think the protagonist behaved like this?
me: *talks non-stop for the next 15 mins*
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