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#classical music
biscuitsarenice · 2 years ago
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imagine... Alma Deutscher: Finding Cinderella
Musical prodigy Alma Deutscher aged 11 (seen here with younger sister Helen), is staging her first full-length opera, Cinderella.
Composer, pianist, violinist... Alma learned to read music before she could read words. She began playing the piano aged two and at four years old she was composing her own music.
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darkmacademia · a year ago
‘clair de lune’ by debussy but you’re wandering down the halls of your wealthy reclusive uncle’s grand and empty mansion trying to find who’s playing the piano because you haven’t seen another soul for weeks except your reflection in the mirror (youtube)
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darkmacademia · a year ago
‘swan lake, suite, op. 20a - waltz’ by tchaikovsky but you’re hiding in the gardens outside of a masquerade ball thrown in your honor, hoping they don’t find you and wed you off to some wealthy aristocrat’s heir because you know the whole affair was secretly intended for finding you an upstanding match for marriage. (youtube)
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starknesskenobi · 2 years ago
First of all every single composition by Tchaikovsky is a banger 
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lingling40hrs · a year ago
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couldn’t find the original post but here are screenshots - this is a musician’s nightmare y’all pls be careful
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darkmacademia · a year ago
‘nocturne op. 9 no. 2’ by chopin but you’re in a hotel lobby avoiding the rain on a cold night in an unfamiliar city, captivated by the soft piano music that reminds you of home. (youtube)
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juneacademia · a year ago
Dark Academia Playlist
a little dark, a little whimsical, tunes to make you feel like the main character in a film.
roslyn — bon iver, st. vincent
the secret history — the chamber orchestra of london
les mémoires blessées — dark sanctuary
into dust — mazzy star
clair de lune, l. 32 — claude debussy
show me how — men i trust
eyes on fire — blue foundation
over the moon — the marías
falling asleep with a book on your chest — lullatone
solo — five mile town
tchaikovsky: swan lake — pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky
altogether — slowdive
cigar & a 78 — five mile town
visions of gideon — sufjan stevens
thinking of you — cosmic child
headache — grouper
if i’m asleep — five mile town
dark — daffodils
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mityarostrokovich · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
did I ever mention I cosplayed as the real-life version of my own tutu Tchaikovsky ornament
(I’m sorry)
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darkmacademia · a year ago
concept playlists
feel better;  it’s been a long week, not moving from your permanently dark bedroom, your phone forgotten under the bed with a hundred missed messages, but you’re finally opening your eyes and seeing a sliver of early morning sunlight filter in behind the curtains that a mysterious breeze blew open.
daisy chains;  it’s late spring or early summer and you’re dozing with your best friends in the grass, the slow and peaceful brush of the warm breeze keeping you in that state of just waking from a pleasant dream.
songs to run away to;  you’re packing an overnight bag and taking the first bus out of the city. you’re not exactly running away, but you don’t plan on coming back. all you know is that your only goal is to keep on running.
classical jams;  it’s your fancy neighbour’s annual ball held in their gothic castle and you’re getting turnt to tchaikovsky while very deliberately disappointing your parents who wanted you to use the occasion to find an upstanding suitor.
dark academia but it slaps;  vague fuck the school system vibes, doing stupid shit with your close friends, caffeinated all-nighters, a chaotic gleam in your eye as you throw paper planes made from your essays out of the highest window in campus, not knowing if your friend really did commit murder. in this household we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
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wirelesson · 2 years ago
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Music my dad wrote when he was in college
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luthienne · a year ago
Do you listen to classical music/Piano/Instrumental? If yes can you suggest me some?🤍
classical music is my whole life. my highest highs, my lowest lows, everything in-between. a few of my favorites, categorized by mood:
music that wrecks me:
tomaso antonio vitali: chaconne in g minor
ludwig van beethoven: string quartet no. 15 in a minor
arvo pärt: cantus in memory of benjamin britten / spiegel im spiegel
gregorio allegri: miserere mei, deus
frédéric chopin: nocturne in g minor / prelude in d-flat major
franz schubert: trio no. 2, op. 100, andante con moto
ludwig van beethoven: symphony no. 3, mvt ii
j.s. bach: toccata and fugue in d minor: ii. fugue
johannes brahms: ein deutsches requiem: ii
music that brings me back:
ludwig van beethoven: moonlight sonata: iii. presto agitato 
henri vieuxtemps: violin concerto no. 5 in a minor: iii. allegro con fuoco
antonio vivaldi: violin concerto in e minor
j.s. bach: harpsichord concerto in d minor / piano concerto in a minor: iii
ludwig van beethoven: symphony no. 7: ii. allegretto
camille saint-saëns: introduction and rondo capriccioso
niccolò paganini: violin concerto no. 2 in b minor: iii. “la campanella”
franz schubert: quartet no. 14 in d minor (“death and the maiden”)
edvard grieg: piano concerto in a minor, op. 16
pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky: the nutcracker: scene xiv - pas de deux
music that makes me yearn:
w.a. mozart: piano concerto no. 21 in c major, k. 461: ii. andante
ludwig van beethoven: piano concerto no. 5 in e-flat major, op. 73: ii. adagio / sonata “pathetique” op. 13: ii. adagio cantabile
g.f. handel: sarabande in d minor, hwv 437
j.s. bach: adagio from concerto no. 3 in d minor
ludwig van beethoven: piano concerto no. 3 in c minor, op. 37: ii. largo
erik satie: gnossiennes
claude debussy: suite bergamesque, clair de lune, no. 3
franz liszt: liebestraum no. 3, notturno
gabriel fauré: après un rêve
frédéric chopin: nocturne in c-sharp minor / nocturne in b-flat minor
w.a. mozart: piano concerto no. 23: ii. adagio
franz schubert: 4 impromptus, op. 90, d. 899: no. 3 in g-flat: andante
christoph willibald von gluck: dance of the blessed spirits, orfeo ed euridice
music that feels like a dark fairy-tale:
béla bartók: romanian folk dances, sz. 56 - iii. 
claude debussy: children’s corner, l. 113: iv. the snow is dancing
hildur guðnadóttir: leyfðu ijósinu 
christoph willibald von gluck: melodie, orfeo ed euridice
gabriel fauré: pavane op. 50
jean-philippe rameau: le rappel des oiseaux
camille saint-saëns: le carnaval des animaux: aquarium
jean sibelius: nocturne op. 51, no. 3
heinrich wilhelm ernst: grand caprice on schubert’s der erlkönig, op. 26 
pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky: swan lake (suite), op. 20: i. scene (swan theme)
franz schubert: schwanengesang: ständchen, d. 957
music that reminds me of dusty practice rooms, quiet cobblestone streets after the opera, and resonant cathedral bells:
w.a. mozart: piano sonata in c-major, k. 545: ii. adagio 
w.a. mozart: piano sonata no. 11, k. 331: i. theme (andante grazioso)
ludwig van beethoven: piano sonata in g-major, op. 49, no. 2
franz schubert: impromptu op. 142, d.935: no. 3 in b-flat, var 3
w.a. mozart: deh vieni non tardar, le nozze di figaro
j.s. bach: invention 1 / invention 6 / goldberg variations
stephen heller: 30 études mélodiques et progressives: op. 46, no. 8
j.b. cramer: 60 selected studies: étude no. 10
arcangelo corelli: concerto grosso in g minor: ii. allegro
some devastatingly beautiful soundtracks and instrumental pieces:
sufjan stevens: untitled (all delighted people side d - ep) 
ólafur arnalds: improvisations /  loftið verður skyndilega kalt / erla’s waltz 
max richter: three worlds - music from woolf works
hildur guðnadóttir: strokur / torrek / Þoka / elevation 
keaton henson: romantic works / la naissance
coeur de pirate: pilgrims on a long journey / leave your castle
dario marianelli: atonement / pride and prejudice
abel korzeniowski: evgeni’s waltz / come, gentle night
yann tiersen: comptine d’un autre été, l’après-midi 
and some vocal shout-outs:
g.b. pergolesi: stabat mater
j.s. bach: quia respexit, magnificat in d major
a. scarlatti: mentro io godo, il giardino di rose
g.f. handel: ombra mai fu, serse
w.a. mozart: in quali eccessi…mi tradi, don giovanni
gaetano donizetti: il dolce suono, lucia di lammermoor
vincenzo bellini: casta diva, norma
w.a. mozart: requiem in d minor
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birthdaylobotomy · 2 years ago
listen to clair de lune everyday and you will go to the moon when u die
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thatsareallybigguitar · 2 years ago
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this has probably been done before but
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