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A guy in a suit had approached the table—geez, they moved fast around here—but Lynley just smiled and pointed my way as she thanked him.
‘Friend of yours?’ I asked, not liking the tension in my voice.
‘No, just a knight in shining armor seeing a lone damsel in perceived distress.’
‘I don’t think there’s much distress you can’t handle.’
‘See that, right there’—she pointed at me—’ exactly the right thing to say. Yep, you’re a smooth one.’ She took a sip. ‘But I am, in fact, a little distressed.’
‘Why?’ I reached out a hand, drew it back.
She was focused on her drink, not on me, so she missed the gesture. ‘And regardless of how awkward I feel, I had to come here tonight—to thank you, on behalf of the families who depend on Fairlight Farm, since they don’t know specifically who to thank.’
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’…Mr. Bingley might like you best of the party.’ I grinned. So, Mr. Bennet was a snarky ***; I hadn’t remembered that. I appreciated snark, although I wasn’t particularly gifted with it myself. I kept reading.
‘You mistake me, my dear. I have a high respect for your nerves. They are my old friends. I have heard you mention them with consideration these twenty years at least.’
A bark of laughter escaped me; the sound of mirth echoing into the quiet.
By the time Corbin returned, the Diet Coke was warm, the chips were almost gone, and I was at Mr. Bingley’s house. In the middle of chapter 10, I silently confessed I’d been entertained, and was no half in love with Elizabeth Bennet myself.
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‘He’s a complete social klutz. If Darcy really had a thing for Elizabeth, and yet he still made all those blunders up to and including the time when he proposed, she wouldn’t give him the time of day after that, no matter what the revered Jane Austen would have you believe. Any time a real woman encounters a real man who actually acts like Mr. Darcy, she brushes him off like a piece of lint.
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I’ve been thinking about the political nature of classics as a subject… it’s really the only academic discipline that has a political bias at it’s core. It used to be an extremely right wing subject due to the elitist nature perpetuated by the Victorian imperialist attitude that sought to mirror Roman conquest in society. This has caused a real stigma in the classical world which we have only in recent years begun to breach by bringing classical disciplines to a greater variety of politically and socially diverse locations and comminities. As such I feel there is a real growing left wing presence due to the work of those such as Mary Beard in the world of classics which adds dimesionaltiy and diversity to research and development. These shifts and changes are what makes Classics so interesting… there really is no other subject like it…

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‘I’m not surprised it didn’t stick with you, because it’s forgettable—a two-hundred-year-old book by an English spinster who most likely never spent any time with a real man in her whole, lonely, miserable life. A book where everybody gets married, as if that’s the be-all, end-all objective of existence. In the words of the kid from The Princess Bride, it’s a “kissing book.” The illustrious Mr. Darcy is the main schmuck in a book full of schmucks. He starts out somewhat reasonable, but then he gets led around by his gonads just like every other dude in the story.’
‘You seem to know a lot about this book.’
‘You would too if your last name was Darcy.’ I mimicked an affected tone. ‘So, you’re Mr. Darcy. Ha-ha-ha-ha. I’ve been looking for you all my life.’ With a grim shake of my head, I took a sip of my bourbon and branch. ‘His first name was even Fitzwilliam.’
‘That sounds a lot like William.’
‘Yep. My mother’s little joke—English lit major that she was. Bought me a lifetime of misery with that name.’
'‘So, that’s why you go by Liam?’
'I guess you’re not a fan.’
'I’m not not a fan, Corbin. I just think Mr. Darcy is a romanticized, overblown, emotional outlet for every woman who refuses to be satisfied with a real-world, flesh-and-blood man.’
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‘He and Jane are so much alike, never wanting to upset anyone.’
Darcy agreed. 'They are always apologizing to each other. Yesterday she was chopping onions and Bingley’s eyes began to water. Jane was horrified that she’d poisoned him while Bingley was doing his best to beg forgiveness for having eyes in the first place.’
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‘Your friend—without a name—sounds nice. I’ll be happy to meet her.’
Georgie snickered. ‘Good. And don’t frown at her and scare her off. She’s very nice. And pretty. And really smart.’ Her voice became sharp with warning. ‘Oh, and don’t wear one of your stodgy suits. Smile and play nice.’
He laughed. ‘Fine, George! I promise to not scare off your friend and to not embarrass you with my clothes.’
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Horrible Histories Songs and The Actual Ones

So I was recently rewatching HH (s1-5 ofc) for revision &…..yeah


  • Charles Dickens- The Smiths(Various)
  • Mary I- Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush)
  • Luddites- Sex Pistols/ The Clash (Various)
  • Dick Turpin- Stand And Deliver (Adam And The Ants)
  • Cleopatra- Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
  • Rosa Parks- Respect (Aretha Franklin)
  • Vikings- Simon and Garfunkel (Various)
  • Joan Of Arc- Price Tag (Jessie J & B.o.B)
  • Alexander The Great- Stadium Rock(Various)
  • Viking2- 80s Power Ballad(Various)
  • Owain Glydwr- Kiss/Delila (Tom Jones)
  • Transportation- Grease Lightning (Grease)
  • Henry VII- Blockbuster (Sweet)
  • Matilda and Stephen- ABBA (Various)
  • Australia- Kylie Minogue(Various)
  • Caveman love- Earth Angel (The Penguins)
  • Stone Age- Tutti Frutti (Little Richard)
  • Aztec Priest- Staying Alive (Bee Gee’s)
  • Roman Emprors- Bad (Michael Jackson)
  • Vikings3- Jump Around (House of Pain)
  • Olympics- Fame (Irene Cara)
  • Tudors- Madness(Various)
  • WWII Girls- Promise (Girls Aloud)
  • I’m a Knight- Monty Python
  • Spartan High School Musical- High School Music
  • Richard III- Pop Ballads(Various)
  • Work Terrible Work- Food Glorious Food (Oliver)
  • William Wallace- Hard Rock(Various)
  • The Monks’ Song- Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry)
  • Boudicca- Alt Rock(Various)
  • Hieroglyphics- ABC (Jackson 5)
  • Blackbeard- Gilbert & Sullivan 
  • Mary Seacole- Single Ladies (Beyoncé). 
  • George IV- Pop Ballad (Various)
  • Richard III- Pop Ballad(Various)
  • The Suffragettes- Synthpop (Various)
  • RAF Pilots- Take That (Various)
  • Charles Darwin- Changes (David Bowie)
  • Stuarts- Sleeping on the Sidewalk (Queen)
  • Borgias- Addams Family Theme
  • Born 2 Rule- 00’s Boybands(Various)
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