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the greatest thing (at least for me) about finally reading the black butler manga is the realization of how fucking trash the anime was. and YES, i’m talking about season 1 and season 2.

like first off, there were so many unecessary & oversexualized/gross scenes between seb and ciel that never happened in the manga. the anime was so obviously softcore shotacon and it was disgusting to watch. the plot was all over the place, the backstories for every single character were was just…bad.

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I noticed that after Claude kills Alois, Alois’s body collapses on it’s side, crumpled up


But in the after credits scene before Hannah gets to him, he is laid on his back, a little further from the tree and in the clearing


So, off-screen, some time between talking to Grell and leaving, Claude picked him up and laid him out on his back for a more proper death pose

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Last set of “old” doodles before I’ll start posting newer stuff :’D More For I have sinned AU of course u3u💗 +some requests from a request round

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No worries at all, hope you enjoy!! This was hilarious to write

2] Dressing up (costumes, cosplay and the like)




  • You want him to what? Why?
  • Exactly what purpose is this humiliation tactic supposed to serve
  • And ‘Because it would be funny’ really wasn’t the answer he was looking for
  • Be prepared for literally no verbal answer, just the slow raising of one eyebrow and a sudden feeling of being very small
  • You start laughing - nervous laughing - in an attempt to cover the flush creeping up your cheeks and how embarrassed you are beginning to feel
  • However, instead of a straight out, deadpan ‘no’, which is what you were expecting, you get instead a “Are you being serious?”
  • It’s said in that monotone voice of his so you can’t tell exactly what he is thinking, equally you can’t manage that most of the time - it’s something of a goal you set yourself to get his expression and or tone of voice to change
  • Frankly you were expecting at least some sort of emotion to show itself at this request
  • A huff emits from your partner’s lips
  • Well that counts as something, right? Better than-
  • A chuckle
  • Your eyes widen and your head shoots up in surprise, but your eyes tell you what you heard was indeed correct
  • His lips were quirked upwards at the corner and his eyes slightly narrowed; a hand brought up to his face in an attempt to cover it
  • It happens again when he takes in the look on your features, utter shock and disbelief
  • What shocks you more is when he gently pushes his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and steps closer to you to rest his hands on your waist
  • And then says yes
  • You’re sorely tempted to ask who is standing on front of you and what have they done with Claude
  • “This is perhaps one of the most ridiculous things I have been asked to do during my time in the human realm,” you were already aware that amounted to a good few centuries, “but fine. If and only if it would serve to amuse you.”
  • You couldn’t keep the cheeky grin off your lips
  • “It definitely would”
  • Getting an outfit big enough to successfully fit him was the first issue, the second was convincing him to put it on in the morning and wear it for the whole day
  • “I doubt many dress up for Halloween until the evening, afternoon if it involves children”
  • You tell him that yes, people definitely do dress up earlier than that
  • What finally tips him over is you saying that you’ll put your costume on as well
  • Which turns out to be a matching maid dress
  • You’ve successfully confused the demon more than anything else, but he does actually wear the costume for the day


  • Sebastian looks about as confused as you’ve ever seen him when you make your request
  • His eyebrows draw together almost comically as his gaze flicks between your eyes, working out whether you were joking or not
  • Evidently you weren’t
  • You laugh to cover up your nervousness as he just kind of stares at you, grinning as you wait for your reply
  • “May I enquire as to why?” The demon asks in the end, amusement now starting to bubble just under the surface of his straight face
  • You just shrug lightly, smile growing, and tell him you think it would be really funny
  • Sebastian steps towards you and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you close to him
  • You rest your hands on his shoulders and keep eye contact with him
  • “You think it would be funny,” he repeats back to you, raising a teasing eyebrow as you nod slowly
  • “Then what would I get to amuse me in return?”
  • You open your mouth to answer, then falter, hesitating as you ponder what exactly he would want you to do
  • “I’ll wear whatever costume you want?” You ask, mentally crossing your fingers and hoping he doesn’t pick anything too ridiculous
  • The sudden, decidedly evil grin you get makes you question that thought
  • What he decides on in the end (after multiple dramatic pauses for effect) is to get you to dress up like a butler
  • Not too bad all things considered - you were expecting to end up wearing something far more ridiculous and less Halloweeny
  • That said, when it turns out you want him to wear the costume the whole day, Sebastian’s conditions change
  • You have to also wear your costume for the whole day, but on top of that, you have to play butler to him
  • You can’t help but laugh when he says it, wondering what Ciel would think if he were around or happened to find out about your deal
  • It seems a comparatively small price to pay though, so you agree to it quickly
  • And that was how you ended up spending Halloween doing all the things Sebastian wanted to which you had previously disagreed on
  • He wanted a cat and so did you, but you didn’t think there would be enough time for you to look after one
  • Therefore you went to a local shelter and came back with two cats, Sebastian insisting the two of you would be able to look after them
  • He knew how much you loved Halloween and wanted to treat you to an awesome grave decoration, one you’d previously told him was too expensive
  • If Sebastian got weird looks from people, he really couldn’t care less
  • He just carried on regardless
  • You got home again in the early afternoon, ready to start preparing for trick or treaters
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I’ve been told that spiders cannot stand the smell of mint, so my pea brain thought of this scenario. Claude finally snaps and can’t stand the chaos of maintaining a fourteen year old boy, so rents a hotel room for a night. As soon as he walks in, he spots the pillow mints and retreats to the ceiling.

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