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So glad I finally get to watch ParaNorman. I wasn’t interested prior because the visuals weren’t as intriguing as Coraline’s were. I love claymation projects but ParaNorman, Frankenweenie, Boxtrolls all seemed digitally created.

I guess because the set in Coraline was minimal compared to the others. I didn’t believe the other movies were stop motion because there was A LOT going on, especially regarding color schemes. The Coraline set seemed more authentic to me.

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Stop motion is the animation process that involves dedication, patience, and a lot of time to produce a product comprised of hundreds of photos of objects, with each frame making separate movements to create something that is animated and dynamic. Nowadays, with the event of social media and applications, it is easy for anyone to make a simple stop motion using free downloadable software for their phones and tablets, along with everyday objects to use for the production.

I have chosen stop motion because a lot of my favourite productions make use of the technique involved, and has been a passion of mine growing up. 

Throughout this blog, I intend to focus on each of the four different areas in which stop motion can apply to. These include:

  • Claymation: where the malleable substance clay is used to make models.
  • Figure Animation: where original figures are expertly made using materials and a mechanical skeleton.
  • Object Animation: where everyday objects are used to make an animation.
  • Pixilation: where human actors take part in a stop motion production.

Who is the pioneer in stop motion?


Helena Smith Dayton can be described as not only one of the earliest female animators, but also as a pioneer in the world of stop motion. Before making some of the world’s earliest examples of stop motion, she was initially a writer who, out of boredom, bought some art clay for sculpting. At this time, she began making model caricatures of people to sell to the general public, and made a start into creating animated features in 1916.

Her best known work, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, was released in 1917 to critical acclaim. Each character model from the film was made up of clay, along with fabric materials for clothing. Despite her films becoming lost and having a short-lived career in the animation industry, Dayton’s techniques into model making can be seen today in many animated productions of the present.

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Vídeo realizado a pedido para un cumpleaños, ¿te gustaría tu propio corto stop motion de plastilina? Dejame escrito para más informacion, plastilisaludos 😄🤗
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