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Partway through clearing the first corner, I actually remembered to take some “before” photos of the barn. We have just sort of been putting things out here, and other people have been putting things out here (mostly my parents) and avoiding dealing with it, but we’re finally ready to build the quail pen in the back portion of the 1st photo, which means we need to do some serious cleaning out of all of this crap.

So, I rented a dumpster and we’ve been going at it.

The area in the third photo we’re going to turn into storage for the various carriers and animal crates we have. The right hand wall of the first photo and the open space to the right hand side of the second photo we’re going to clear out and install shelving. I’m ordering food dispenser units (for 40lbs of feed) that can hang on a wall for storing our scratch grains and pigeon feed and such because the wild mice keep chewing into the bags. Weirdly they leave the processed food alone so we’ll probably leave that on shelves and use as needed. The pen is going to go where that big silver rack is in the back of the first photo, and that will be getting moved to the area at the back of the 2nd photo.

Overall it should, over the next few weeks, become a lot cleaner and more organized.

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Me: before you land, I need you to clean up your coffee corner.

Matt: after coffee.

Me: you’re already standing right there. Just put stuff away.

Matt: *picks up all the paper and misc other things, opens drawer, drops stuff inside, closes drawer and walks away to flop on the couch and drink coffee*

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The Halo is a new device that keeps your phone free of viruses and bacteria. It works quickly, so you can wash your hands and disinfect your phone at the same time. Just drop your phone in, and in under a minute, kill 99.99% of germs living on the surface.  

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I’m cleaning my room and washing my sheets and burning a candle and my bedroom is gonna be so bright and clean! Yay for Saturday.

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Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Car CLEANING A Range Rover Sport! Today we are detailing a filthy sandy SUV that is also kid trashed with toys, food, and goo on these leather seats. I will walk you through the steps to detailing a car and cleaning a car on Stauffer Garage. Cleaning a car and detailing a car is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences. Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe & Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos! Follow Me On Instagram @StaufferGarage #carcleaning #detailing #cardetailing Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! DEEP CLEAN…

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Quarantine is hard, like really hard. You don’t go outside, you have to actually bathe, and you fall back into old habits. So here’s a list of stuff to entertain you during quarantine.

#1. Clean your room/house.

If you’re going to be in your house all the time then why not actually make it pleasant to look at and live in. You can even move stuff, find old things, etc.

#2. Read/finish a book.

Reading is a way to learn new words and to hear a new story. It’s an adventure for the reader, so get immersed into a book. I’m currently reading Be more chill, and I found out it’s different (and maybe even better) than the musical. So go read the stories that are in your house.

#3. Finish/start a Netflix series , anime, cartoon, or movie series.

Although I haven’t done this yet, I have watched a movie I was holding off on watching (the emperors new groove). If you haven’t watched an entire series, then you can catch up on it in the meantime. Another thing to go with this is to watch a series you’ve never watched, but you know is popular.

That’s all I’ve got for you folks, I wish you all luck and have a nice summer!

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Another disheveled:un-momentous end to the semester 🥂no more school until September! (Seriously don’t ask about the hair style)

Celebrated and bought myself these cute ASICS keyano running shoes! I am all about the corals, reds, oranges right now! Also went for another run without pain today ✅✅ (currently procrastinating a leg workout lol)

Otherwise I’m just cleaning my room which is waaaayyyyyy overdue for a clean spree. At least so far so good, I can close most of the dresser drawers and see the rug on the floor (seriously in my room that’s a miracle). I’m also getting rid of soooooo much stuff more than ever before. For so long I had a lot of trouble with letting go, outgrowing old things (not even just weight wise, sentimental value as well, I think it went along with the ED behaviors most def), and giving stuff away. I’ve come to terms with it and of course I’ve definitely been revamping my style over the years so I’m ready. Got a huge trash bag full and I’m trying to decide what to do with it all, sell it, donate it, a lot of it is actually decent stuff. Anywho…will be here jamming to music and cleaning xoxo

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Finally got my hands on @smolproducts new 100% plastic free packaging ♻️ I wrote one of my first Shout Sundays on Smol. I love what they are doing as a brand, so go check them out 🌱♻️💕

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PANTRY FINAL REVEAL! Look at that sexy pantry! My husband is awesome.

We have been working with this system for a few weeks now and I have to say it’s been great keeping things organized. Everything has a home and there is still room for other things to go in there, like certain dishes we may not use on a daily basis.

All of our materials are from Home Depot. This whole project cost under $200 for all the materials.

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