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#cleaning out my drafts

Deep cleaning the house. Enjoying every second of it.

The very last contractor in our home. This chapter is almost over and we can delight in our isolation.

Washing the dogs. Rudy running around the yard turning from white to brown immediately. The hilarity of his after bath antics. Swimming lessons with Rudy. Floating and sky gazing with my wife. The air smelling so sweet and the sky clear and bright.

Listening to music

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i want to wear sundresses and hair ribbons but i want to wear brimmed hats and long overcoats but i want to wear big sweaters and miniskirts but i want to wear dark lipstick and fishnets but i want to wear turtlenecks and jumpers but i want to wear silver pins and leather jackets but i want to wear low-cut cardigans and bralettes but i want to wear ruffled off-shoulder tops and button skirts but i want to wear high collars and black suits but i want to wear mismatched socks and paint-spattered stripes but i want to wear blouses and poodle skirts but i want to wear cloaks and combat boots but i want to wear ballroom gloves and petticoats but i want to wear atrocious 70’s fashion without a care in the world but i want

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yes i know that every time someone writes “y/n?” in an aftg fic they mean “yes or no?” but does that mean i will ever stop being momentarily confused thinking of it as “your name?” absolutely not

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