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hollowcove · a month ago
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& somehow that was everything. ALL TOO WELL: THE SHORT FILM (2021)
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redminibike1 · 2 months ago
I understand the appeal of having a character be willing to do anything to keep another character safe. I do, really, I think it’s really neat to explore. But the thing I adore about writing Codywan is that there’s so much potential to make it about two people who both perfectly understand the need to place duty above personal attachment. Like, despite coming from vastly different backgrounds, with completely different experiences, they are perfect for one another in that way. They will never ask for the other to place them above all else, because that isn’t how they function. Like, Obi-Wan found one of the only people who could understand non-attachment who isn’t a Jedi, and it’s Cody.
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mizurei · 4 days ago
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Uzui Tengen // ep 2 ♡
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k-leemac · 2 months ago
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This scene is the one that gets me every time. It’s a short one, but there is so much meaning. The pounce. The reassurance. 🥺 The fact that Emma has been the keeper of his heart for longer than she really knows, but now she is actually physically holding it in her hands!? Then she returns it, but does she really? And the first thing Killian does is kiss the living daylights out of her. You can just tell that she is so happy to have her Killian back. Yep it fucks me up every time. Absolutely no one can convince me that she wasn’t in love with him at this point. 
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alivegirllazarus · 6 months ago
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5x21 “Two Minutes to Midnight” // Gustave Doré, “Death on the Pale Horse” (1865) // Jacques Gamelin, “A Winged Skeleton Holding an Anatomical Drawing” (1779) // Auguste Lepère, “Death and Passions Descend Upon the World” (1914)
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p1tstop · 17 days ago
Toto Wolff Heartbreak Monologue 2021 (Full Performance)
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but-a-mouse · 2 months ago
I hope c!Dream's last life is taken, and this is how I want it to go.
I want c!Dream to escape the prison, and make a beeline for Tommy. I want them to be where L'manberg once was. Dream will naturally start his stupid little monologue about how he's going to kill each and every one of them. Thunder will rumble in the distance, and lightning will crack close by. Many people will be standing protectively in front of Tommy.
Then at the climax of whatever screaming match will go on, I want Dream to be struck by lighting.
I want him to die in a way that is completely by chance.
I want this power obsessed man who desperately wanted control to have absolutely no control over his own death.
He can't threaten or bribe his way out of nature's plan, because nature won't care if he has a revive book or someone's disk.
The WHOLE smp has been about attachments and control. From the disks to L'manberg, pets or plants or people, it's been about control. Dream wanted to control people using what or who they love, and it was always a battle of who held the most leverage.
I want Dream to finally know what it's like to have absolutely no control.
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autistic-ace-bee · 3 months ago
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cloudzaminecraft · 8 months ago
Hey... I suddenly remember
Yall remember that clip between tommy and tubbo pre manburg era I think
Where they were talking about what would happen if tommy died
And tubbo was like "awwww do I have to go?"
And it made the funny bit cause Tommy thought he would be more miffed about the drive and he could just attend it over zoom
But Tubbo said he didnt want to go cause it would be too sad
Yeah... it was funnier when it was just for the bit...
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maryapologist · 5 months ago
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💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 
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smollandtoll · 8 months ago
HC: Scripted Documentary
Tumblr media
These gifs give us all the feels, all the super soft Geno is the new guy at the government office job feels. It’s in the way the camera moves in that first gif, very parks & rec or the office, very scripted docuseries.
So here we are imagining some governmental office show shenanigans with Sid and Tanger and Flower and Duper trying to get a suburb approved, or a school or something, LET’S GET REAL probably an ice rink and and Geno is the wildlife and ecological impact consultant brought in to assist the project.
It’s usually just tons of boring paperwork and random occasionally dramatic or frivolous projects and petty office drama and occasional panicky dealing with the public. It’s boring work usually, but Sid is a committed and devoted leader and believes in the system of bureaucracy even when he’s thwarted by various nemesi.
Anyway, Geno shows up on the first day of this new contract looking like that and all the french canadians in their ties and dress shirts immediately turn to watch Sid blush. It is so apparent that he is Sid’s Type™ like...Sid might have based the type ON this guy he is hitting the nail so hard on the head.
“Am in right place?” He’d ask earnestly, eyes sliding over each of them questioningly, voice deep and accented. Duper and Tanger probably take point, ushering him in and ousting Flower from his seat immediately to set G down right next to Sid.
So with their fearless leader somewhat distracted by Geno's arms in that sweater, their round table discussion goes off track like immediately.
Geno is just giving so much side-eye at their weird and borderline intrusive questions. He expected a bit of inquiry as to his credentials, and maybe interests but:
"Why you need know I'm want kids?"
Sid abruptly realizing what's happened to their round table while he was spacing out - imagining peeling Geno out of various thermal fleeces and underarmour layers like a present just for him -  and being SO COMPLETELY MORTIFIED. His friends couldn’t be professional if it came up and french kissed them.
"So sorry Mr. Malkin my colleagues have never been outside." He’d recover the meeting and get it back on track, luckily Geno isn’t too irreparably weirded out...maybe.
And he isn’t, he eventually just like settles into the staff and continues to be tall and beautiful and wear very clingy soft sweaters that make Sid walk into door frames.
(They all razz Sid that he definitely heard like music playing in his head and everything went slomo when Geno walked in the first time and Sid DENYING IT SO HARD JUST BEING SO FED UP WITH THEM. //JUMP CUT BACK TO SID'S TALKING HEAD: ....it was Taylor Swift)
But they discover he also has kind of a hilarious mean streak and he’s an absolute card shark at thursday lunch poker. He’s got a giant soft spot for puppies and kittens and baby animals of all shapes and sizes - they discovered this one bleak and stressful week a blustery February where the higher ups thought it would be a good initiative to give them some office stress relief puppies.
Anyway, there’s definitely a few seasons of Sid pining, Geno and him becoming good friends only to find out Geno is dating someone that he brings to the office christmas party or something. And she’s probably super nice and reasonable and beautiful and funny.
Sid is like KIND OF GUTTED ABOUT IT, and doesn’t fess up to getting Geno this insanely wicked secret santa gift - like a pen’s massage chair that blew the office secret santa budget out of the water or something.
So anyway, probably Sid works really hard on getting over Geno, and even starts dating like a wonderful dude who’s idk a high school football coach or something, very boy next door, very sweet and handsome and thinks Sid is just ADORABLE.
And there’s probably a lot of Geno talking heads about how much he hates that guy.
And a lot of Flower and Duper and Tanger talking heads where they just sit there and silently stare at the camera like ...what the fuck did we find ourselves in the middle of. The UST is STIFLING.
Then there’s probably the episode where like they have a business trip to go on and present their findings and Sid and Geno end up in a layover in the middle of the night in like denver or some shit, throwing popcorn at each others mouths from across the isles and Sid is like:
“You know what’s funny?”
“I used to have the biggest crush on you.”
“Yeah it was really embarrassing, I’d walk into doors and stuff when you wore tight sweaters.”
“Very clumsy when first meet. Thought you just get better.”
“Nah, just got used to you I think.”
“Not crush any more?”
“Nah, I mean, I had to get over it, we work together, and no way in a million years would someone like you want to date someone like me.”  but before Geno can question him what that means there’s probably an announcement that distracts them and then Sid goes to the washroom and Geno gets an annoying text from Ovechkin and it’s forgotten until much later when they’re tiding up after a town hall one night and it’s clear that it’s just STRUCK Geno how beautiful and funny and amazing Sid is.
And then he’s being picked up by his boyfriend and Geno is GUTTED.
Geno is not good at being subtle, he pines as well, but on a level that CONCERNS the French Canadians who take him out and get him drunk and get the whole story about how he’s just realizing now that Sid is perfect and wants kids and would run with their dog.
Sid and the boyfriend meanwhile amicably break up because he’s been asked to coach at a higher level than high school, college I guess which is a big deal, and he needs to move, but it’s an important move for his job. He asks Sid to come with him and Sid seriously considers it for a little while, but he knows his job and his family through the job is too important to him, so they amicably break up, and because Sid isn’t very heart broken about it he doesn’t really act any different or see reason to mention it really.
Cue a lot of flirty shit happening between them that neither of them chalks up to meaning anything because Sid is “in a relationship” and Geno is “very uninterested” and the FCs LOSING THEIR MINDS OVER. At this point they are really rooting for them and don’t want to meddle - which goes against Flower’s very nature however so he definitely locks them into a utility closet together for a whole episode.
They get hangry, tempers flare, Geno kicks the door, Sid spills an entire bottle of lysol cleaner on his pants, they sit shoulder to shoulder and talk it all out and right as they’re about to kiss probably Phil opens the door looking for some toner.
Sid likely ducks out to immediately pee and like try to wash the cleaner out of his now RUINED pants and like mutter to himself in the mirror about what the fuck are you doing Crosby. He’s your best friend.
But Geno is probably definitely watching him from the door and just says “That’s best reason we should.” and then sweeps Sid into the kiss they should have had right from the beginning. And it’s all sparkles and fireworks and it’s in a grody men’s bathroom.
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moldmoldfoldfold · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
his face is just....so wet with tears....
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redminibike1 · 2 months ago
Thinking about the decisions to have Shmi and Din portray the reality of attachment vs love, and how it showed not only their pure selflessness, their unwavering strength, and their unassuming wisdom, but it also showed that the philosophies George Lucas applied to the Jedi are not simply a fictional belief system, but a real-life understanding that is important for everyone to consider applying to themselves. Not to mention we get the heartbreaking quotes that are: “You can’t stop change, any more than you can stop the suns from setting” and “I will see you again, I promise”.
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themangolorian · 7 months ago
i dreamt i drank the color of your voice
din djarin x reader
There are so many different ways you could imagine him. Beneath the helmet. But you don’t dare. Afraid you will never see. Afraid you will be wrong.
“This is the way,” he repeats when you ask again why you can never see his face. There is something deeply stoic and sad about the way he says it.
You smile in return.
“I know,” you say.
You don’t dare imagine.
When you sleep, it is another story. You can’t control your dreams. A kaleidoscope of tangled visions. The child. In all shades of green. The first time you saw the Mandalorian. The reflection of your face in his beskar. The reflection of everything, but him, in his beskar.
But you dream of nothing more than the color of his voice. And you can’t begin to explain what that means. His voice is music in your dreams. Every tone a different note, every note a different tone of blue, purple, green, red, yellow...the list is endless. You dream of his voice in colors you’re not even sure exist. When you wake up, you can’t recall a thing about them other than that they’re there.
His voice comes to represent everything that he is. It is the deepest way you will ever know him. But you’re alright with that. What is appearance next to one’s soul? You know Din better now than anyone who might have ever seen his face as a child. And that means more to you than any face ever could.
So when the time comes, years after you’ve known him, for him to take the helmet off, you are not surprised at what you see. You only smile. After all, you’ve been painting this face in your dreams for years.
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bonnie-barstow-of-flag · 7 days ago
My gifs
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autumnleaves1991-blog · 5 months ago
Yay Fluffy Friday!!!!!!
May I get a sweet little something about Ezra reading the baby a bedtime story?
(I am having a high pain day and could use all the fluff)
You leaned against the doorway and crossed your arms with a smile, and a shake of your head, trying to contain your giggles. Ezra sits in the small nursery of your home, in an rocking chair, your son leaning against his chest, his thumb in his mouth and a book held up in Ezra's left hand.
He'd finally perfected the way to one arm hold a baby, and you couldn't have been prouder. Ezra had really grown into the roll of daddy and he loved spending his days telling stories of his prospecting days, and reading novels to the nine month old. Tonight it was Beowulf, not a children's story but you figured the baby loved the sound of his daddies voice and cared less about the context.
Soon his eyes began to droop and you shuffled forward to pluck him from his daddy's arms and lay him in the crib. Ezra stands beside you, and watches the little rise and fall of his chest. “He’s perfect,” he whispers, tucking you into his side. 
“Yes, he is. Just like his daddy.” 
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tee5h1rt · 9 months ago
it was the little things they did, but they did it together. it was knowing what the other did or didn't like. Emily absolutely hated having her kneecaps touched, and Aaron was a sucker for having his hair played with. they understood each other. they knew each other. they knew if they liked ketchup or mustard, rain or sunshine, winter or fall, summer or spring, hot or cold showers- you get the point. but, all good things must come to an end, right? so does that mean that shit that absolutely sucks must continue? well...fuck. reality can be scary sometimes and they both knew that. foyet really screwed both of them over. aaron became emotionally unavailable. "first you love yourself then someone else." she mutter as she slugged out the door. he knew what she said.he knew it was true. emily knew hotch, she knew what what happen, but still she made herself vulnerable. she knew her heart was going to get broken. still she put herself out there and found that aaron hotchner was in fact capable of love, just not ready to love himself.
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and-i-want-and-i-need · 3 months ago
Joe: Ah! Going for an emo look?
Sav:*Trying to wipe away excessive amounts of eyeliner* At least I never got glitter in my eyes trying to be glam
Sav: At least my mistake didn’t end with me almost blind
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autistic-ace-bee · 3 months ago
keith is obviously zuko and lance is obviously sokka
pidge is totally toph they both got that tiny feral energy going on
hunk can be either katara or aang but im designating him aang because both shiro and allura can be katara
ezor is totally tai lee bc come on the resemblance is uncanny and acxa is mai for no other reason then being a supreme badass bitch who deserts a bigger bitch for the sake of zuko/keith <3
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neverwasnorwillbe · 4 months ago
I am precariously balancing between love and fear. I am reading that our astrological signs match well together but remembering all the times you hurt me. I am watching your favorite movie and thinking of the time you died. I am cleaning my house and sitting alone in it. I am trying to be better but I only feel so much worse.
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