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#clearly satire
gays4thebloodgod · 7 months ago
are you aware of the dreamdisliker account on twitter? i'm 95% sure it's tommy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is the funniest shit ive ever seen. if i ever made a twitter this is the only account i would follow. this is the best thing ive ever woken up to
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wwwghostburcom · 14 days ago
theres a video on tiktok where someone is pretending to be upset because "their parents wont let them bring their dream mask and ranboo youtooz to dinner" and they're essentially making fun of like. (often neurodiv) ppl who have,,, comfort items,,,, which is bad obviously,,,, but i keep thinking abt it (and other videos that do the same thing lol) bc thats literally gonna be me when my technotooz comes. theres a good 98% chance i will get emotionally attached to it and want to bring it w me to where ever i can. everyday i get cringier and cringier /j
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angelhummel · 4 months ago
idk why but ppl are so nasty in this fandom lol like why does everyone feel the need to rage about how correct their opinions are and make people who disagree feel bad?? they’re literally takes on a tv show from ten years ago it isn’t that serious block what u don’t wanna see and move on instead of going into these weird rants (not abt u, i just keep seeing so much hate to like every character everywhere and it’s like.. like/believe what u want just don’t be mean about it?? why is that hard??)
if people weren’t being nasty there would be about 3 blogs left in the fandom alsfjskdlfs yes id be gone too
like we’re all just talking about fictional characters and yes sometimes things get on your nerves but damn it doesnt have to be that negative all the time
and if you are being negative then tag your hate, and if you dont wanna see said hate then learn how to block tags ffs. sometimes it’s your own damn fault if youre seeing things that upset you. i mean im the idiot who sometimes clicks to view posts that have been blocked bc of “anti klaine” or whatever. and then i dont go into people’s inboxes being angry bc it’s my own damn fault xD
although if you create a whole ass blog for the sole purpose of shitting on a character (or fandom) then you are the most obnoxious person imaginable lmao i will not budge on this point
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I don’t necessarily think that Solar Power fails because it doesn’t read as satire so much as it reads as lazy, generic satire of a topic that has already been satirized and parodied to death
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anxiouspotatorants · 5 months ago
Well if it isn’t me assigning Crazy Ex Girlfriend songs to Gilmore Girls characters:
Lorelai: The Math of Love Triangles and The Darkness and You Stupid B*tch
Rory: Without Love You Can Save the World and I Have Friends and The End of the Movie
Luke: I Hate Everything But You and You Go First and Don’t Be a Lawyer
Emily: After Everything I’ve Done For You (That You Didn’t Ask For) and Forget It
Richard: Sports Analogies
Lane: Face Your Fears and Maybe This Dream
Paris: (Tell Me I’m Okay) Patrick and What You Missed While You Were Popular
Sookie: Friendtopia and What a Rush To Be a Bride
Dean: Settle For Me and Real Life Fighting is Awkward
Jess: But I Could If I Wanted To and The Moment Is Me
Logan: Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too and Nothing Is Ever Anyone’s Fault
Christopher: Hello, Nice To Meet You
Max: We’ll Never Have Problems Again
Jason: Horny Angry Tango
Kirk: Trapped in a Car with Someone You Don’t Wanna Be Trapped in a Car With and You’re My Best Friend (And I Know I’m Not Yours)
Michel: I’m In a Sexy French Depression and George’s Turn
Taylor: I’m A Good Person and Cold Showers
Liz: I’ve Always Never Believed In You
And the rest of Stars Hollow: The Group Mind Has Decided You’re In Love and No One Else is Singing My Song
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worstloki · 4 months ago
ngl I'd rather see loki end up with gay Joe Russo than with mobius lol.
Oh same
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kulemii · 2 months ago
some of yall be writing Kiryu like:
he was a thirty-something adult man, who visited hostess clubs for nothing but the orange juice and fried chicken. he was purer than snow, incapable of lewd thoughts despite the cash he's spent in video shops or the fact that the telephone club girls knew him by name, not because he was a pro or anything but because he told them that he was 'seventy', asked if they 'had a niece' and requested that they 'did their work'. an awkward young, forty year old, middle aged man, he was. and she, the freshly twenty year old awkward college student who's never even kissed a pillow would corrupt him tonight.
'oh kazu-chan, i can't wait to make love to you.' she panted as she jiggled his jingly jongilly knockeroonis.
'i thought you said we were going to talk about pocket circuit.' he mumbled, fumbling with his faded golem tiger car that he spent hours improving at when her age back in the 80s rather than investing it in romantic future. that was why he and Fighter were so close. the bond over their lack of closeness. that with a woman, i mean. kiryu was too shy to admit it but he was an even bigger virgin than the fighter king.
kiryu's massive schlong flip flopped about like a fish out of the Tokyo Pier, she was terrified to take him as she had no idea the fifty year old naïve inexperienced virgin man was schling schlonging pipe this entire time. that would explain the huge size of his hands and feet and the deepness of his voice.
he ripped off his pants exposing the scawwy dwagon etched into the skin of his sixty year old middle aged young 40 y.o man back and he could no longer contain himself. he blushed like a young school boy.
'please, y/n, can you teach me how to have
Tumblr media
she blushed too and now she would help him learn the true meaning of love.
all the set up, just so that i could make this god awful joke.
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itonje · 8 months ago
hey hey here’s an analysis of a text puported to be written by morgan le fay (and about piers gaveston apparently) i found neat
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asktiberiusstone · 21 days ago
I've been gone for a bit. I'll probably continue to appear sporadically; unfortunately, me reblogging "does a gay little attack that kills you" struck a nerve with my PR team and they had to "give me a talking to" and "let me know that my on-set therapist was ready to chat whenever I wanted."
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rod1on · a month ago
has lorde said the album is satire o are some of u trying to defend her by saying that
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