#clearly worried about him but he cant-- he cant just SAY WHAT IT IS when geralt is right there
gronknuts · a year ago
on this episode of limbo thinks too much about animated characters, Jim's two troll dads!!
Tumblr media
#trollhunters tales of arcadia#trollhunters toa#trollhunters#trollhunters rott#walter strickler#waltolomew stricklander#blinkous galadrigal#blinky#walt never truly says he loves jim barbara has to say it for him after his death. thats what walt loved most about you.#but you KNOW he loves jim by what he does for him. for barbara.#and hes never really physical with jim. in fact the only things i can remember him doing is that one infamous headrub.#you can tell he cares about jim from episode one from how he asks fo schedule a meeting with barb clearly worried about his wellbeing#but blinky jumps for every opportunity he can tell jim he loves him. cares for him. is proud of him.#he braves the darklands- somewhere is is actively terrified of- just so he can save jim#blink could have very easily switched places will drall when the team go to rescue jim but he didnt because he cares a lot#hes told jim he thinks of him like a son TWICE and gives him hugs all of the time#what i think is even better is that walt never resents blinky for being a father figure to jim and blinky never does resent him in return#they both know their roles and the others roles in jims life and respects the other for it#any jealousy they may feel is internal. they never fight for the roll of the single father figure#blink probably feels jealous he cant protect jim like strickler can and walt peobably feels jealous he cant articulate feelings like blink#but they NEVER hold that against each other and i just. holds them very close to me.#love language
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roughentumble · a year ago
I've had this fic idea for the longest time and your post about illusions reminded me of it, basically it's a total ripoff of djinns in spn showing ppl what they want most, very land of the lotus eaters
Jaskier's stuck in this idyllic illusion where he and Geralt are together and everything's perfect, they travel and fight monsters and Jaskier sings songs but Geralt never gets hurt and Jaskier doesn't sleep around, they're together and in love and it's wonderful
And then Jaskier gets ripped out of it, finds out it was all an illusion and he's devastated bc now he's had what he wants most and thinks he'll never have it again, not really, and it's driving him crazy
Geralt eventually takes him to Yen to see if she can help, thinking maybe there's lingering effects of being trapped in whatever illusion Jaskier was put in, and Yen's prodding trying to figure out what he saw in the illusion, what was so wonderful he nearly wants to be put back into it, and Jaskier finally snaps, "He loved me back!"
ohhhhh shit i dig this!!!
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one-abuse-survivor · 10 months ago
I hate my mother so fucking much
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lilirouge · 14 days ago
hii can i rq an obey me imagine with a gn mc
i remember someone saying how devildoms street lamps are only on for their “ mornings “ and at night they’re completely off so its pitch black.
how about one day mc and the brothers leave rad really late after a meeting or some sort and everyone walks ahead and then shortly after notices mc lacking behind because they’re just lost as hell because they cant see anything, how would the brothers help them ?
thank you !!
Tumblr media
the older brothers react to you getting lost after dark
characters: lucifer|mammon|leviathan
genre: fluff
CW: none
an: i’m going to write the younger brothers in a separate post ^^ | not proofread
part 2
Tumblr media
I feel like he’d be the quickest one to notice you weren’t walking next to all of them
He saw all of his brothers but you were nowhere to be found
Once he turned around he was relieved to see you there
Waits for you to catch up with him and notices you’re walking extremely slow and dragging your feet on the floor
“Mc, can you not see clearly?”
Before you can even respond he wraps his arm around your waist and guides your way
You’re extremely flustered because of how sudden everything was but he can’t see that since it’s dark… right?
The entire walk home was silent for the most part but knowing he was with there gave you comfort
By the time you two got home the rest of the brothers were already in their rooms
“The next time you get lost, please don’t be afraid to call out for me.”
Tumblr media
Lost? In the presence of The Great Mammon?
Yup, you were
Didn’t notice you were lost until you called asking him to come back and get you
Unfortunately, this just boosted his ego by 1000%
Way too up in the clouds to even realize you literally couldn’t see where you were going and kept stumbling as you walked towards him
Mammon had the smuggest look on his face
“Well well well, look who needed The Great Mammon to rescue them.”
If we’re being honest here, he wouldn’t even know his way either without using a GPS
You lock arms with him so you have something to grab onto
As a result he loses it and becomes a blushing mess
“W-What are ya doing?”
You were about unhook your arm but he stopped you
“No! … I mean, you can keep your arm here I guess.”
The next day you wouldn’t hear the end of it
Nonstop teasing from Mammon about asking him for help and him bragging about it to his brothers
Tumblr media
Lowkey panics when he notices you’re gone
“Mc? Where did you go?”
When he sees you walking around as if you’ve gone completely blind he realizes that humans can’t see as well in the dark as demons can
You end up bumping into his chest face first
Poor Levi, he’s trying so hard to keep his cool right now
“Are you okay?”
He offers to let you hold his hand so he can guide you through the darkness
You’re surprised and a bit flattered as he’s never done this before
Deep inside he’s about to explode, how could he not when you’re holding his hand and swinging it back and forth like you two are on a date
Uses his phone’s flashlight to help you see better
It makes him happy being the one who’s there to help
The walk home reminds him of a dating sim he’s played before where the player and love interest walk underneath the stars
“D-Don’t you worry Mc, I’ll protect you.”
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i-am-the-avatar-of-idiocy · 12 days ago
hello can i rq an obey me imagine where mc blankly just calls someone hot but its not directed specifically to any brother, so they all get jealous and argue who its meant for.
thank youu - 👺 anon
thanks 👺anon. I’ll give it a go
MC stands talking to Alex , and (brother of choice) walks past you and hears a snippet of your conversation. ‘…he is definitely the hottest brother of them not going to lie’ and they let out a loud shriek and ooooo as you both laugh
Of all his brothers it must be him correct, after all he is attractive
He takes pride in his appearance and spends lots of time grooming
he knows he is hot, from his scent to his body and the rest of him
hes pretty sure you’re talking about him and walks on
he is going to tease you later but ask you who you find the most attractive in secret
as he walks on he notices Alex subtly gesture in his direction, but he notices it
Now he is sure, smirking slightly to himself
Mammon gets worried
he is your number one so he must be your number one man on looks right??
he is a model though, he knows how he looks is hot
he struts off, trying to have a sexy aura but he looks kind of stupid, at least he’s trying
be prepared for him to say later that you can admit to his face you think he’s the hottest
when he does, your face lights up red
imagine his shock when you say it isn’t him lmao
He stands sad for a minute
clearly can’t be him 😔
He is probably last on that list
a yucky otaku like him cannot be hot :(
even with your affirmations that he is stunning
He walks on sad, until he hears Alex jeer, ‘is it his blue hair or magnificent orange eyes’
then you saying ‘but he is hot!’
his face lights up and he walks off, looking really sunburnt
he cant look you in the eye for a week at least
He thinks it could be him
in his eyes he is rather handsome
he fits the desc of your favourite romance protagonist
so it must be him
He walks to you both
’what are you talking about?’
and from your quick stuttered ‘nothing’ he makes the guess it’s him
Alex wiggles their eyebrows and notes their lip as he walks off
He hears Alex let out a strangled cry after a harsh slap
He knows it’s him
he will walk right up to you and ask why we’re talking about him
mans got no shame
Alex says to you ‘see, he knows it’
and you bury your face in your hands
he blows you a kiss and walks away
’If you wanna see how hot I can get come to my room later sweetie’
it’s for shirtless cuddles get your mind out of the gutter
He knows he is seen as attractive
after all with his muscles and all
the thirst posts about him call him hot
and he knows you call him pretty and stuff
so he assumes it could be him
the way you speak and look at him makes him feel fuzzy and you speak differently to his brothers
he hopes it is him and walks off with a goofy grin
He walked on because in his tiredness he didn’t hear
then it registers and he does a double take, pretending to drop something to keep listening
but he apparently makes it too obvious as Alex points him out and forces you to look at him while wiggling their eyebrows and shoulders
alex made that easier than he thought it would be, thanks Alex
he snickers and says
he walk off after that, a grin on his face
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onovnii · 3 months ago
hello! im hoping im doing this right but can i request mammon comforting fem reader who just got yelled at (probably by lucifer) and they don’t do well when people yell at them? it can be hcs or a drabble whatever you feel like writing atm :) i just need some lovey mammon comfort rn <3
Tumblr media
comforting you after getting yelled at. | mammon
Tumblr media
— after getting yelled at by the oldest brother, lucifer, you seek the comfort of the second born…
feat. mammon cw/tws. established relationship — comfort fluff , not beta read we die like men or whatever (when is it ever....) note. yes of course ^^! i personally cant handle being yelled at either so i understand that feeling. decided to go with a little bit of both, hope its good enough and you enjoy anon!!
Tumblr media
mammon hadn’t been doing anything of note when you came knocking at his door. he could already sense your presence behind his bedroom door and sprung himself off his bed; excited to see his favorite human.
but opening his door, he saw a sight he rarely sees. you were leaning against his door frame, eyes averting from his gaze. mammon could tell something was off about you.
mammon desperately wanted to ask what was wrong, dropping his prideful act and show how worried he was. but he decided against it, since he didn’t know the severity of the situation. after all, you could just be there to ask him something you were mildly embarrassed over.
playing it casual and safe was always his go to answer anyways.
“oi mc, what’s up with you?” mammon studied you for a bit. you stayed silent, still not looking at him. he had noticed you shifting your weight on either foot. so he was right, you were here to ask him a question; something you clearly were nervous about asking.
“…….can i come in for a bit? … i just want to be with you for a minute or two…”
▸ cuddling with you was nothing new to either of you, it was something that had become a habit shared between the two of you. you’d always come into his room after school and lay yourself on his bed, making grabby hands at him. (damn you! pulling at his heartstrings like that...)
▸ so mammon wasn't too surprised to see you shuffle your way over to his bed. you sat at the edge of it with your hands on your lap. cracking and popping your fingers occasionally, a nervous habit he noted. mammon waited a bit before following after you, closing his door to reassure everything you wish to say will stay between the two of you.
“did something happen?”
▸ mammon knew you well enough by now to tell something did happen, if nothing occurred you would’ve already dismissed it by now. he sits next to you on the bed, a hand gently placing itself onto your lap. he didn’t say anything but you understood what he wanted. mammon was silently asking if it was okay for him to touch you.
▸ for you, that was more than okay. the sole reason you came to see him. you moved closer to him, leaning into his touch. mammon was warm, he always was. it wasn’t an unbearable kind of warmth that made you feel stuffy and uncomfortable. it was comforting, and it made your tense shoulders relax. you felt at ease when mammon wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to his chest.
“does it hafta do anythin’ with lucifer?” mammon quietly asked, already knowing the answer. it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. certainly wont be the last either.
“…will you tell him if I say yes?” you mumbled into his shoulder, trying your best to ignore the tears clouding your vision.
“ ‘course not.”
▸ getting yelled at wasn’t something you could handle. it never was, and probably won’t be for a long while. mammon knew that; of course he did. he was your first man, he knows you better than anyone else. if not him, who else?
▸ so mammon already had an idea of what had happened. lucifer got ticked off about your performance at school and yelled about the mistakes you had made that week. it was a lot for you, not just the yelling but the constant berating for hours was a lot to handle.
▸ mammon wouldn’t make you talk about it unless you wanted to. either if you chose to vent or not, mammon held you in his arms. his way of comforting you had always been physical touch. he’d play with your hair if you allowed him to, pressing soft n’ gentle kisses on the top of your head. 
▸ if you choose to rant, he’ll listen to every word you say. for once mammon will stay silent, soaking up every word. his hand will not leave yours though. he’d ask about your day and the events leading up to the talk with lucifer. mammon knew what it was like to be yelled at by lucifer, it was something he experienced for centuries; so he knew how to handle him. but you were still new, still getting used to living here with seven demon lords. you weren’t used to that sort of thing. mammon knew lucifers words could hit you right in a weak spot. he knew it stung. as much as he loved his older brother, mammon hated seeing you so distressed about lucifer’s words. 
▸ if you begin to cry, mammon will wipe away the tears gently while you continue to talk. he’ll tell you its okay to cry, and that you’re safe to around him. he understands that feeling more than anyone else. he’ll kiss your forehead in the process, maybe your hands too.
▸ over all, if you want a distraction he’d be happy to take you out! see your favorite places, take you out to eat— you name it. but if you wish to stay in, that works fine too. he can pop in a movie or turn on the tv and you both can lounge around on his couch cuddling. but of course.. the tv will end up neglected as mammon will want your attention back. kissing your shoulder and pulling you closer, he won’t stop until he gets to see a smile on your face again.
▸ in the end, whenever he could, mammon would always try to take the blame for you. just so you didn’t have to experience another one of lucifers lectures...
Tumblr media
©ONOVNII - valene . reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
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jiminxoxo · 6 months ago
the boyz and their love languages <3
lee sangyeon - acts of service + quality time
this man is the epitome of someone who doesn’t care how extravagant the location may be. if he’s with you, nothing else really matters. he truly is a gentleman. his actions can range from incredibly touching to something so minuscule that it completely goes over your head. small things like plugging your phone in at night while you’re sleeping because you totally forgot to or covering the sun from your eyes while you’re trying to paint the sunset at the beach together. things you don’t expect him to know, he will, because what can he say? he loves everything about you. spending time with you is probably his favourite thing to do in the world. it’s like for a moment, there’s nothing wrong in the world because you’re beside him and he’s not shy in telling you these things either. there’s nothing wrong with expressing love he thinks, especially his love for you.
“wait,” he tugs at your intertwined hands and slowly stops walking which causess you to do the same. his eyes are looking at your shoes and his brows furrow a bit. “your shoelaces are untied, love” he says softly, lightly flicking your head with a smile but doesn’t hesitate to kneel down on the pavement. 
“what if you tripped, dummy” he says with no bite to his words, voice clearly laced with playful worry. as he finished tying your laces he remains kneeled for a bit, looking up at you expectantly for your reply. 
“if i tripped then i guess i can say i really did fall for you” you beam, satisfied with your response. he on the other hand took a slight cringe to your words, but the smile remains on his face as he gets up from the ground. “so cheesy” 
“where are we headed by the way?” you ask, watching as he reaches for your hand once again and starts leading the way. he hums and waits a beat, finding the right words to say. 
“i dont know, i didn’t really have a location in mind” he says honestly, turning his head to take a good look at your face and chuckles while swinging your hands playfully. “i just like spending time with you”
jacob bae - words of affirmation + quality time
literally the sweetest angel in the entire world but wbk!!! his presence as a whole is so comforting. i feel like he’s the type of guy to really love spending time together in the comfort of your own home. it holds a lot of warmth and makes you feel safe, almost a familiar feeling like when he’s around you. i think out of all of them, jacob would be the quickest one to read a room. as soon as your social battery is low after hanging out with him and the boys all day, he can sort of sense it like it’s second nature and that’s when you bid your goodbyes for the night. many sleepless nights of him singing for you and softly encouraging you to do the same for him. no matter how bad of a singer you might think you are compared to him, jacob begs to differ. easily your #1 supporter and is honoured to have heard such an angel sing for him!! such a sweet soul and has nothing but the best things to say about you to his members and especially to you. he wants you to know how special you are to him and in the world. jacob just cant help but voice his gratefulness for the ones around him, especially you <3
“it’s chilly” you say with a light chuckle, tilting your head up to look at the stars glittered across the night sky. “the stars are so bright tonight,”
he agrees with a nod of his head but his eyes are focused on you. he thinks you’re the brightest star there is. “would you like my jacket?” he asks, hand escaping yours to shrug off the piece of clothing.
you shake your head, hands quickly keeping his in place as a sign to keep it on. “it’s okay cob, we’re almost at my house” you say, pointing in the direction where you were headed with your home in a viewable distance. “thank you for offering though,”
he smiles knowingly. “i’d give you all my clothes if it meant you’d be warm” he says as he lifts his hand to smoothen your hair, his kind eyes never leaving yours.
after a bit, you reach your destination but there’s a bit of hesitation in both of your steps. “well, this is it” you say, eyes glued to your intertwined hands.
neither of you initiate any sort of movement, not wanting the night to end with each other just yet, but jacob is quick to pull you into an embrace after a minute. “want to walk another round?” he asks but he already knows the answer.
“we’ve already walked five rounds,” you laugh, propping your chin on his chest to take a good look at his face. “but hell yeah i do”
kim younghoon - quality time + physical touch
this big baby wants all of your time and he wants it NOW!!! can you imagine him having a super tiring day at work and all he wants to do is go home and see you???? 😭!!!! help my heart!!! he would rather take a longer trip to your house than go to the dorms that’s about five minutes away from the company. that man would be IN LOVE 😭❗️your dates would range in somethings spontaneous like going to the fucking mountainside and walking hand in hand while looking at the scenery or something as simple as going to that cafe down your street and gazing at each other lovingly across the table. but his favourite moments with you? probably when you guys are at home after a long day and it’s time to go to bed. it’s where you talk for hours on end and never seem to run out of things to say while you’re comfortably wrapped up in his embrace. he’ll never admit it though, because his members like to give him a hard time for simply being so in love with you but by the way he gazes at you so softly right before falling asleep, he’s not fooling anyone.
“younghoon!” you exclaim, holding your arms out for the one person you wanted to see the most.
he sees you from across the room and instantly smiles, running towards you with his arms ready to catch you in a twirl. “i missed you,” he says once both your hearts had time to settle down. “so much”
your cheeks turn a light shade of pink to which he notices and a sense of pride washes over him. how you look so adorable? he’ll never know.
“we were only separated for three days” you roll your eyes, playfully pushing him away but his hands catch yours just in time for him to be able to pull you in, trapping you between both his arms and legs, like he’s your own personal koala.
“that’s three days too long!” he exclaims, a look of disbelief washing over his face as he stares at you, not believing how you were able to function in those three days without him. “i guess i have to stay with you for six days, to make up for lost time of course.”
you look at him with a shocked expression, unwrapping his arms that were comfortably around you and he whines, already reaching out to grab you once again. “you only want to stay with me for six days? that’s too short, younghoon”
he’s dumbfounded for a second but then laughs at how easy it was for you to return the same energy back to him. it’s stupid really, because you don’t even have to say anything for him to be a giggling mess around you. is this what eric described what a simp is? pft. couldn’t be him.
“the boys invited us out to dinner but honestly i don’t really want to go,” he whispers, his chin resting comfortably on your shoulder while he traps you in another bear hug.
you roll your eyes and lean back, your boyfriends face is now dangerously close to yours. already knowing the answer but you had to ask why anyway.
“i’d rather stay home with you and cuddle,” he juts his bottom lip out, almost like he knew it would fully convince you to stay home just to do what you guys do most. “i want you all to myself.” he says, and leans in just a bit to ghost his lips over yours. okay, maybe he’s a little bit of a simp.
lee jaehyun - physical touch + quality time
dear god. don’t get me started on this man. someone please get the defibrillator for my heart cus it can’t handle this shit!!!! the way he would rather DIE than be apart from you 😭!!!! drama queen af 😭! i hope you dont mind sweaty hand holding for long periods of time because 1) you make him nervous so his hands start getting clammy and 2) he is NEVER letting your hand go when you’re with him. its a rule. another rule of his is to ditch whatever you’re supposed to do is spend time with him. okay, maybe thats a little bit dramatized but he really doesn’t care. of course he respects your independent life and in fact encourages it, but he has to be selfish sometimes!! spending time with you is probably his favourite thing to do in the world. can you imagine what it’s gonna be like when you guys actually move in together? god 😭 good luck with his needy ass
you both make eye contact from across the room and he instantly seems to understand what you want from the look in your eyes. he excuses himself from the person who he was speaking to and makes his way towards you, eyes holding yours the whole time. “hey, you” he says once he’s close enough. 
“hey” you say back, accepting him into your embrace. he’s tender in the way he wraps his arms around you and you can tell by his body language that he’s getting a bit tired. “want to go home now?” you ask, leaning away from him to inspect his face and for just a moment, it feels like you’re the only two in the room. 
“i want to stay like this with you for a couple more minutes” he says, brushing away hair away from your face to have a better look at you. “i would’ve much rather had us stay home and watch movies like you suggested” he whispers with a slight furrow in his brows, hoping no one around you was able to hear. 
you laugh a little breathlessly, thinking back to the time where he convinced you to come to this high school reunion much to your dismay (his pouty face is something you simply can’t argue with believe it or not). “we can do that once we get home,” you say, removing yourself from his embrace which resulted in a frown from your boyfriend. “lets say our goodbyes and then we can do just that” 
he grins with a nod and soon enough, you were both on your way back home. watching you babble on and on about how great it was to see his old friends is definitely the highlight of the night. he thinks it’s because of how he takes pride in how easy it is for you to feel so comfortable around him. “thank you for being you,” he mutters, not really realizing that he’s voicing his thoughts out loud.
you pause with wide eyes, having no clue where that could’ve possibly came from. nevertheless, you reach to grab his hand and he brings them to his lips, pressing a chaste kiss to yours and you’re stuck smiling like two dumb kids who are in love with no words needing to be exchanged.
lee juyeon - quality time + words of affirmation
can you imagine having a bad day and juyeon literally forgetting whatever he was doing at the moment to literally run to you the second you need him???!?!!? (jiminxoxo.exe has shut down) he’s definitely the type of guy to just sit there and listen and give you his undivided attention, only speaking if you ask for his opinion. he wants to sort through any of your life problems together and is so happy when you come to him for certain things…… more happy than he should be to be honest 😭!!! you need a shoulder to cry on???? his shoulders were made for u!!! he will tattoo your name on them to prove his point too!!! and this all ties together with him wanting to spend as much time with you as possible. i’m not kidding. he seems like the type of person to be beaming even if you’re just sitting there beside him because he just loves being around you. don’t ask him why either, he just can’t explain how your mere presence is enough to make him feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day. you’re his safe place.
“….juyeon?” he hums and tilts his head to get a better look at your sleepy face. not being able to help it, he presses a long kiss on your forehead with his lips lingering there for just a moment because god, why did you have to be so cute?
“juyeon can i go to the bathroom please?” you chuckle, attempting to remove his limbs from your side with no success. you don’t even know why you tried in the first place to be honest, it’s useless.
he has a playful gleam in his eyes and before you know it, you’re being pulled up and in a second his arms are wrapped around you once again except this time, he’s glued to your back. “okay” he mumbles beside your ear.
you can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous he’s being as he starts waddling the both of you to the bathroom. and he seems to know exactly what your thoughts are, because he looks down at you and presses his cheek to yours. “don’t laugh, i just like spending as much time with you as possible”
“you’re an idiot” anyone can tell you don’t truly mean those words, but since juyeon is in such a good mood, he just has to play along.
“an idiot for you” he says, finally letting you go so you can do the task that made you both leave your comfortable bed in the first place. “i’ll be standing out here and if you don’t return to my arms in one minute i’m busting through that door!”
kevin moon - words of affirmation + acts of service
HYPE MAN™️!!!!! this man will NOT let you go through a day without his endless words of encouragement for you. he knows that to say at the right time, it’s almost as if he knows exactly what you need to hear if you want to hear it. it’s something about the way he will literally drop everything to be with you no questions asked. but of course, he has no problem with holding your hand after a particular bad day and comfort you with his hugs with no words needed. after all, actions speak louder than words and he completely understands how hard life can be. wants to be a pillar of strength for you. he doesn’t think it’s much to be honest, but you are quick to reassure him that no one can make you feel better like he does. you describe it kinda like magic and he always chuckles, because you’re his magic too.
“i ran here as soon as i heard your voice over the phone” he’s at your door breathing heavily. he knows he should probably be embarrassed at how his mere five minute run over knocked the absolute wind out of him but as he instantly sees your teary eyes, all those thoughts fly out the window and he engulfs you into a bone crushing hug.
“do you want to talk about it?” he says so quietly that you wouldn’t be able hear if you weren’t listening like you were. you shake your head, allowing this moment of weakness to let your boyfriend just be there for you. “just a shitty day” you say, arms tightening around him as if it were to make him closer to you than he already is.
“i can tell,” you both let out a chuckle at his words and he pulls away for a moment to take a look at you. frowning as he wipes the tears that managed to escape from your eyes and are now trailing down your face. “are you okay?”
you nod, looking in your boyfriends eyes you see nothing but genuine concern and love. you’re convinced that there’s absolutely no feeling in the world that matches the amount of love you have for him and by the look in his eyes, he feels the same way too. kevin moon is the right person at the right time. “i’m better now that you’re here”
choi chanhee - quality time + acts of service
this sweetie!!! 😭😭😭!!!! the memories the two of you would make would be IMMACULATE!!!!! always laughing together and just genuinely enjoying each other’s company. he cant help but act so giggly around you and he wants to spend the rest of his life with that feeling. with you by his side, of course. i think chanhee is the type of person who really loves having his own downtime by himself,,,,,, but,,,,,, his views kinda change when you come into the picture. now, he will randomly facetime you throughout the day to just sit there and feel each other’s presence, no words needed. he’s never really felt that way with anyone before so for him to do that says a lot about how much he cares for you. will definitely sing for you after you wake up at night after having a bad dream. he won’t even complain if you wake him up. in fact, he wants you to, he’d much rather comfort you when you’re obviously in distress than sleep anyway. he’d go to the ends of the earth to make sure you’re okay.
“what’re you doing?” you ask, glancing over at your screen as you’re brushing your teeth, doing a double take because you seem to be talking to a wall rather than your boyfriend. “hello?” you could’ve sworn he was just there a second ago.
“here!” he says somewhere in the distance. you watch as his phone is being lifted up from its previous spot and that wall is now replaced with your boys face. a dumb smile instantly stretched across your lips as soon as you see him.
you notice him trying to say something but the audio lags a bit and you sigh after finishing up your tasks in the bathroom. “your wifi is acting up again chanhee” you say and he abruptly ends the call after a couple seconds. this isn’t something you’re not used to, and you can’t really blame him for having shitty wifi.
after about fifteen minutes, there’s a knock at your door and you rack your brain to think of who would possible come over at almost midnight. glued to your spot on the couch, you fish your phone out to text your boyfriend but a voice interrupts your actions. “it’s me,” you hear from the other side.
you could recognize that soft voice from anywhere and instantly stand up and jog to the door, being greeted by your boyfriend of course. “hi honey,” he says, inviting himself in. “i’d rather be here with you than facetime you anyway so this is a win-win situation if you ask me”
you beam, there’s nothing that beats surprise visits from your favourite person. “sleepover?” you ask, crossing your arms while watching him getting settled on your oh so inviting couch. he turns to look at you with his arm reaching out for yours. he just got here and he’s already missing your presence beside him. 
“of course” he says, looking at you expectantly to take his hand. “now c’mere! i haven’t seen you in one whole day and i need to show you the beaded necklace i made for you earlier”
ji changmin - physical touch + gift giving
this cutie. he’s gonna be a little rough when he handles you because you’re just so cute that he HAS to tackle you in the biggest hug ever!! you ever get the feeling of wanting to squish something so hard because of how adorable you think it is?? that basically sums up what changmin thinks when you’re around. you’re his personal teddy bear. speaking of teddy bears...... make sure you have a lot of bed space for all the plushies he’s gonna spoil you with. the second he sees something that reminds him of you, he’s already at the register paying for it, bless his heart 😭😭 and PLEASE act like its the most treasured thing in the entire planet when he gives it to you because he loves spoiling you so much 😭!!! this boy needs to stop spending so much money on you because he’s ready to blow it all if it makes you happy. 
“i have something for you,” he says excitedly, eyes wide with a smile so big that the sun is put to shame.
you raise an eyebrow, a bit confused as he didn’t arrive with any sort of present in his hands and his declaration was so out of the blue. but alas, his big dumb smile is so bright that you can’t help but pinch his cheeks with a grin. “oh? what is it?”
you don’t know what you’re expecting to be honest, given he has nothing in his hands and there’s a sort of mischievous glint in his eyes. “close your eyes” he says, putting his hand on top of your eyes, giving you no choice but to comply. you keep your eyes closed and take no peek in what he could possibly be doing.
he takes a second to stare at your face after removing his hand and leans in for a peck because he really can’t help it. “that wasn’t your present by the way” he says, taking his hand in yours, “you just look adorable”
you sigh with an almost impatient smile. “i swear changmin if this is a joke i’m gonna-“
“open!” he says excitedly and you chuckle before opening your eyes.
in front of you is your super endearingly dumb boyfriend grinning with a finger heart between your faces. this is the dumbest thing but why is it so cute? you’ll never know.
“i love you,” he says, moving his hand away from the front of your face to engulf you in a bear hug. “your gift is me, of course”
ju haknyeon - gift giving + acts of service
the most gentlest of gentlemen! ju haknyeon is the most giving person i have ever seen 😭 and this doesn’t mean materialistic things. he just has a lot of love to give to those around him. pls let him do extravagant things for you!!! 😭 it would fill his heart up the the brim with joy to watch your face as he does things for you or give you the gift no matter how small. for example, he will make you paper rings every time you’re out eating with him and will present it to you with the BIGGEST smile on his face. 😭😭😭 my heart cant handle this. ju haknyeon will undoubtedly show you what unconditional love is in its purest form. 
“what is this?” your eyes are wide and look at him with curiosity. haknyeon on the other hand is practically vibrating with excitement as he pushes the box further into your direction. “open it!” he exclaims, inching it closer and closer to you.
you grab it and notice the choice of cute cartoon puppies as the wrapping paper. if that doesn’t scream haknyeon then you’re not sure what does. tearing apart the paper, you’re met with a leather box. not small nor big, but it’s enough to leave you wondering what it could possibly be. “wait” his voice interrupts you, its a bit nervous you notice, and you halt your movements to peer at him.
he grabs your hand with one hand and his other is fishing for something deep within his pocket. the small furrow in his eyebrow is gone when it looks like he finds what he was looking for and he showcases you a.... straw in its paper wrapping? “one second” he says, taking the straw out and setting it aside completely. after about thirty seconds, he presents the paper ring he managed to fold together and hands it to you with a soft expression on his face. he’s no longer nervous, you observe, there’s a bit more confidence in his movement.
“i know i make you a lot of these,” he starts, a little bashfully at that. “i do this because i just love doing little things for you. but.. you should open your present now” 
your eyes are a little sweaty now because of the sheer amount of fondness you have for him. “okay” is all you’re able to croak out before opening the box and to say you’re speechless is an understatement. 
couple rings
“i hope you like them,” you didn’t even notice him gently grabbing the box from your grasp to slip the ring around your finger. “i figured it was time to stop making those stupid paper rings for you and give you a real one.”
“they’re not stupid” you frown at his choice of words and grab his hand, to which you notice is now decorated with his ring as well. “thank you haknyeon, i mean it” 
“thank you for being mine” he smiles, never wanting this moment to end. although you’re both seated around your rather small kitchen table, this is his favourite memory with you by far. the raw love you have for each other practically radiating off the both of you. what more can he ask for?
kim sunwoo - physical touch + words of affirmation
my god. he will never ever hesitate to make you feel like the most loved person in the entire planet. literally worships the ground you walk on. there’s something about you that’s so addicting to him. its probably how well you click with him that makes him want to spend so much time with you. like all he wants to do is spend time together, specifically you being in his arms because that’s what he wants to do (not that you’re complaining). although he may tease you sometimes (A LOT), don’t underestimate how quickly he will switch up and make you blush like crazy with his words. bless his heart 😭 sunwoo WANTS to make you feel special and loved and has a heck of a way of showing it to you too. 
“there’s absolutely no way you love me more than i love you, it’s impossible” he looks at you with his wide, almost doe-like eyes, exasperated because of your earlier statement.
“i didn’t know this was up for debate, sunwoo” you chuckle at his childish glare in your direction from across the room. but the smile is quick to fall from your face as he starts charging at you with a devilish grin. “besides, we all know i love you- hey!”
“i’m sorry, what was that?” he asks rather roughly after tackling you in a bear hug, fingers already attacking you with tickles. your giggles flood his ears and he can’t help but laugh along. 
“unfair!” you manage to squeak amidst your fit of laughter, “how does this prove your point?” he halts his movement, staring at you for a second with the fondest smile on his face.
“you’re right” he says, taking a second to think about what he should do next. he’s drawing a blank though, because all he can see is your lips and it has his mind in a haze. you roll your eyes at how easily distracted he could be and lean in to kiss him first, to which he happily obliges.
you’re both in your own little world until the sound of car sirens from outside pull you back to reality and he’s already leaning in for more until- “i guess we equally love each other,” you say, peeking up at him with a soft expression. sometimes he can’t believe how he was able to score someone like you but he couldn’t be more grateful.
his lips curl upwards and his eyes start tearing up a bit because of the amount of sheer happiness you provide him. “i guess we do,” he agrees and seals his words in with a quick peck to your lips. “but i love you a teeny bit more”
eric sohn - quality time + physical touch
this dude 😭!!!! pls shower him with all your love and affection because he literally LIVES for it!!! will stick to you like velcro if you’re separated for too long and is NOT ashamed about it 😭 eric is the type of person to literally do anything to make you happy, and he’s not afraid to look stupid in front of other people just to see your smile. call it cliché but its probably his favourite sight to see. i hope you don’t have weak knees because he will probably jump on you unexpectedly and cling on for dear life LMAOOOOO which leads to A LOT of unwanted piggy back rides. he’s always giggling though, because he knows no matter how much he manages to annoy you, you’re left a laughing mess with him, and that’s all that matters.
“cheater!” he yells, trying to block your vision from the tv screen which earns him a slap in the arm from you.
“says the one trying to cover my eyes!” you yell back. you both cross the finish line at the same time and wait a beat for the results. eric wins.
you gape at the screen as he lifts his arms up in triumph. the expression on his face is a mixture of pure happiness but also a look of smugness at how he got his way and you’re quick to put your controller down to face away from him with your arms crossed.
he snickers, knowing fully well that this is a tactic that you use when you’re upset at him but he’s not phased by it. after all, he has a couple tricks up his sleeve after dating you for so long.
you feel him shift closer to you and finally put his arms around your frame, his pouting face in your peripheral vision. “i’m sorry” he says, landing a quick peck on your cheek.
“for?” you grumble, totally stretching this out so he gives you more of his affection. the problem is that he knows you too well and can see right through you.
he pauses before turning you around to face him, a cheeky smile dancing on his lips. “i’m sorry that you suck at mario kart- ow!”
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chickenscript · 7 days ago
Sandman (ROTTMNT Raph x Reader)
Anon: here is a cute request for you, ROTTMNT Raph x reader. they have an horrible nightmare and cant fall back asleep. like there is a sleepover at the lair and they go see raph for comfort. he would help them fall back asleep. i hope it is ok. thanks you and have a wonderful day.
A/N: this just sounded too adorable to pass up! And like a good way to get me back into the swing of writing for the turts (╯✧▽✧)╯
I wasn't sure whether to make this a oneshot or headcanons, so I hope this format is okay!
PS, this is pre the events of the movie!
Tumblr media
It was a great night before this.
The turtles had invited you over for a rad sleepover chock full of pizza, cheesy horror flicks and well, more pizza. It was all good fun that lasted far into the AM of the humid summer night, and a fantastic way to kick off your break from school with your best friends.
Well, it was anyway. The moment you'd fallen into a deep, pizza driven itis, a night terror crept right up into your dreams. The kind that made you cold sweat even though the lair had a decent cooling system going.
After you caught your breath and shook off the icy grip grappling your shoulders, you debated on what to do about the tingle of fear lingering in your stomach. Eventually, you decided on going up to the one turtle you could think of that would be able to help you feel better,
You hated to pester him, especially seeing as he had to deal with so much in a day as the turtles' leader. It always sounded like exhausting work to you when he'd recant whatever they encountered or the bumps in the road they ran into during a mission.
You padded over to where he was situated and the big guy was all but dead to the world on a mound of pillows and mattresses that weren't big enough for him on their own. It's not surprising the last thing he was expecting was you prodding at his cheek.
He jolted awake- an immediate grumpy curl to his snout before he saw you standing there, his gaze making you feel like a little kid. His ready to chew out Leo for waking him up again face quickly switched into a warm smile as he asked you what was up.
Raph picked up right away that you were clearly very hesitant to say with the way you held the bend of your arm and weren't quite able to admit to him why you were here. Instead of pressing you further, he patted the spot next to him invitingly with a big hand.
While you did feel bad for waking him, you'd feel worse if you didn't accept the offer. So, you climbed onto the plush hill of bedding and got comfy next to him. Something that wasn't hard to do at all.
You heard him sigh deeply and he told you he remembered whenever he had a bad dream, his first instinct was to run to Master Splinter.
He'd tell Splinter all about the things that scared him from his nightmare and his dad would remind him every time that our dreams are just our worries in disguise, trying to hide the fact that they aren't as strong as the strength we have in ourselves.
And if something did come to pass, we are never alone to face it.
You thought the comforting words he imparted to you were very wise as you stared at Raph, whose features were thoughtfully creased. No doubt from reminiscing about those childhood moments that shone through all the rest.
The hulking turtle suddenly removed his gaze from the ceiling and looked at you, smiling again.
He told you that if there was ever a time you needed him like that, he'd be there. Especially a time like this.
Because even if the nightmares weren't real, it didn't make them any less scary to face all on your own.
The smile on your face from that made Raph's own widen and you reached forward to bear hug his arm that was easily almost as big as you.
You squeezed it, face smashed up against his massive bicep as you thanked him softly.
He blushed and looked away, scratching the side of his head as he launched into a stutter about how it was no problem.
You gently yawned, having not even realized how heavy your eyelids felt until now.
Apparently Raph hadn't noticed your fatigue either until he looked over at you again, caught up in some sentence that had to do with him knowing you'd do the same for him when it came to the nightmares, or anything else for that matter.
Instead of the rapt expression you had earlier after his story, you were out cold, koala strangling his arm like a body pillow.
It made Raph's face soften, still pink as yawned too, snaggle tooth and all. He took the initiative to settle down a second time for the night just like you had, resting his free arm across his plastron.
As he closed his eyes, he couldn't help but think this was a pretty nice way to fall back asleep.
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seita · a year ago
— better than (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing : iwaizumi/reader
wordcount : 3.087
genre : fluff, smut, pwp
cw : college!au, athletic trainer!iwaizumi
tags : implied age gap (hes 27 reader is in college- age nkt specified. he's older tho), size kink, dom!iwa, pussy job (a lil bit), multiple orgasms, sensitivity kink (if u squint), squirting, fingering, creampie, aftercare.
note : this was just an excuse to write about how iwaizumi is better than any other boy <3 thank u to @toshisins for beta'ing this for me <3
+ summary : you're so tired of dumb college boys who hump and dump, with no stroke game, and can never even try to get you off. that is, until you meet 27 year old iwaizumi hajime.
Tumblr media
When you first met Iwaizumi Hajime at the bar near your college campus, you noticed how good looking he was. Well, that was an understatement - he was tall, fit with tanned skin and a confident aura that made you weak in the knees.
You hadn't actually had the courage to approach him, however. Instead, you let some college boy buy you a cheap drink and take you home for some mediocre sex before kicking you out after not even 15 minutes of his reckless humping.
The second time you met him was at the same place. He was sitting at the bar, nursing a glass of whiskey that was almost empty. His back was to you and it gave you a wonderful view of his broad shoulders.
The mediocre lay from the last time you had been there attempted to chat you up again with false confidence, as if he had been the best fuck of your life. Naturally, you weren't having any of his bullshit - he tried to rub your clit like a scratch and sniff, forcing you to pry his hand away from it, there was no chance in hell you were giving him another second of your time. He definitely wasn't the type of guy who took rejection well, if not evident by the way he exploded and went off calling you a wide, colorful variety of names paired with numerous hurtful insults that had tears of humiliation filling your eyes.
“Hey now,” a smooth, deep voice had interrupted his very public spiel, “Don’t punish the girl for your own short comings, if she doesn't wanna fuck you again, don't you think that says more about your abilities as a man?”
The other man sputtered, muttering even more curses before storming out - probably not wanting to tussle with a guy who looked like he benched every second of his day.
There was something about Iwaizumi that just immediately had your heart skipping a beat over him. He was kind, a gentleman, and never seemed desperate or overbearing. He was confident and comfortable with himself and where he was in life.
You quickly learned that Iwaizumi was 27, almost 28 and worked as an athletic trainer so he traveled a lot.
For a while, your relationship seemed one sided with him. You'd text him and he’d reply but he rarely ever actually reached out to you. You tried flirting with him, asking him out for drinks, but it never seemed to pull him in.
It was frustrating. In basically no time at all, you had developed a stupid puppy dog crush on him. You felt like a middle school girl with a crush on a high school senior - like he was never going to give you the time of day. You were simply too young for him.
You eventually stopped trying with him, choosing to delete your message thread with him and continued on with your life.
You went through more college-boy hookups - all of them ending in disaster. Quite frankly, you were fed up with mediocre cock and being treated like shit when they were done with you. It wasn't a nice feeling, being kicked out after they didn't even bother trying to make you cum.
You couldn’t help but wonder what Iwaizumi would be like in bed. He was just so attractive, you knew he had gotten his dick wet more times than he could count. He definitely seemed the type who preferred relationships over hookups.
That's when it occurred to you.
You pulled out your phone and scoured your contacts. It had been a couple weeks since you spoke but you couldn't resist bugging him just one last time. You opened a new message thread with him and quickly typed the question that was now plaguing your mind.
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
It was the question that had changed the course of your relationship with him.
When you asked, it was like everything fell into place. Perhaps it finally relayed to him the interest you had. All that really mattered was the fact he suddenly began talking to you, starting conversations and even venturing into phone calls with you.
You lost all interest in those college boys you once hung out with and went home with to get laid. None of them made you feel the way Iwaizumi could with a simple text message. He was everything a girl could ask for and you were shocked he was single.
Which was why you were quick to ask him on a date, not caring if it made you look desperate -- you practically were. You would be damned if he went off the market while you were busy beating around the bush.
Going on a date with Iwaizumi was like a dream. You were so used to dates at sleazy bars for a couple of drinks just so they could hurry up and take you home for a quick fuck.
Iwaizumi took the time to take you on several dates -- dinner, movies, walks around town to obscure shops he thought you might like, before it finally led to the bedroom.
You had never been nervous with sex but with Iwaizumi it was different. The routine was dumb college boys who usually fawned over your tits for a few minutes before their hard ons became the center of their brain function.
You found yourself completely bare on his bed as he stood at the foot, fully clothed. The way his eyes raked across your body like a lion eyeing its next, delicious meal had you curling in on yourself shyly.
His lips quirked up as your arms came across your breasts, shielding them from his predatory gaze, “Oh now, you know better than that, don’t you? What kind of good girl hides herself, hm? Acted so eager for my cock all this time, now you wanna be shy?”
You gasp, cheeks flushing hot as you register his words -- he’d known you wanted him that badly all this time?
He clicks his tongue, “You didn’t think you were subtle did you? Bet you would have done anything to get your paws on my dick when I got off work early the other day, hm? Showed up at your apartment...you were starin’ real hard at me, I’m right aren’t I?”
You think that to that day, lashes fluttering against your cheeks at the memory. He was wearing loose gray sweats and a muscle tank top that showed his biceps flexing with every movement he made. Your eyes had immediately been drawn, however more down to his crotch instead. Where you could clearly see the outline of his cock through the material.
You had stuffed your little fingers in your cunt for hours that night, thinking about how big he looked -- even soft, couldn’t imagine if he was hard.
“Ah, there you go again,” he muses, snapping you out of your haze, “Maybe if you ask real pretty for me, I’ll give you just what you want.”
“Please,” you immediately gasp, “Want you so much Hajime, i-it hurts. Can’t stop thinkin’ about you…”
“It hurts?” he huffs, finally reaching up to pull his shirt off, leaving you to ogle his pecs and defined abs, which flex as he works on removing his jeans, “Needy little cunt hurts ‘cause you don’t have a nice, fat cock stuffing it full? Such a dramatic little baby. I just know your phone is full of some little college boys’ numbers...why don’t you give them a call?”
You shake your head, “Don’t want them! I just know they’re not as good as you, Hajime, please...please make me cum, I'll do anything?”
“Aw, those idiot little boys don’t know how to make a pretty girl like you cum, is that it?” he asks, climbing onto the bed, making the mattress dip beneath you as he slots himself between your thighs.
“No,” you pout, letting him spread your legs, hands under your knees to open you up to his greedy gaze.
“So compliant with me, you just need a real man to get you off, huh?” he smiles when you nod, “Don’t worry, I’ll take real good care of you.”
Oh, you knew. Just from the way he moved his hips against yours, parting your folds so the head of his cock glided from your clenching little hole, dragging your slick up to your clit -- you just knew that he knew what he was doing.
As you looked between your legs, you felt yourself gush at the sight. His cock was so big, long and fat, drooling precum over your slick little slit, making a mess. He wrapped his fist around his length, making you whimper as his fingers couldn’t even wrap around the girth of him. He slapped his cock against your cunt, groaning at the strings of your slick that clung to him.
“Such a messy cunt,” he sighs, making sure to spank your clit with the head of his cock, laughing breathlessly when your thighs jumped in response to the sudden stimulation, “So fucking eager for me, aren’t you?”
“Uhuh,” you sigh, arching your hips, “Want you to fuck, please, Hajime, need it so bad.”
Much to your dismay, he shakes his head, “Can’t just put it in, pretty baby,” the pet name makes you whimper, “It’ll hurt too much, want you to feel good, yeah?”
“I can handle it,” you breathlessly reassure, canting his hips upward once more to drag your clit against that ridge on the crown of his cock, “Jus’ put it in…”
He doesn’t respond this time but still makes no move to put his cock inside. You’re distracted, however, by the way he now focuses on playing with your clit. Using his cock, he drags the underside across the hard little bud, slaps it once with the tip and before you know it your body is seizing up and you cum.
You let out a string of curses, falling limp against the bed as he works you through the quick high.
“See, that was so easy,” he chuckles, “Those stupid little boys you’ve been letting screw you have no idea what they’re doing, do they? Little cunts so sensitive, I barely even had to do anything to make you cum.”
You’re still trembling when you come down, licking your lips as you give him a dopey little smile and a nod at his cooing. He can’t resist leaning down, and pressing his lips against yours almost desperately. You wrap your arms around his neck, holding him in a deep kiss while his hand finds its way between your legs, two fingers sliding easily into your slick little cunt.
You moan into his mouth, “Hajime ah! ...please, make me cum again.”
“Fuck, you’re so desperate for me,” he hisses through his teeth, “Clenching around my fingers so tight. If I crook my fingers...right here...I bet you’ll just…”
As if on cue, his fingertips hook on your g-spot and you squeal, legs kicking out as you gush around his fingers. He bites his lip and continues to fuck his fingers against that spot, watching your eyes roll back, mouth falling open in a silent cry as you cum for the second time in mere minutes.
“Y-You’re so good, Hajime…” you praise softly, “Fuck, please, give me your cock now!”
He laughs and sits up properly again, pulling his fingers from your cunt. He examines them for a second, slick with your cum and streaks of cream covering the digits before he pops them into his mouth with a moan, savoring the taste of you.
“Alright, baby,” he sighs after pulling out his fingers with a pop!. He grips you beneath the knees again and scoots closer until his tip prods at your entrance. You shudder at the feeling, “Relax for me, pretty girl, let me in…”
Iwaizumi begins pushing in, letting out a soft groan as the head finally buries itself in your cunt. You squeal at the feeling, pulling your knees closer to your chest. The sound of you moaning and whimpering just from his head has him throbbing almost painfully against your tender cunt.
“Almost there…” he huffs, grinning at the sight of your eyes rolling back, “Ah, does that feel good?”
“Yes!” you cry out, “Biggest cock I’ve ever had…’s full…”
“Yeah, baby? It feels so good to finally get your cunt filled with a nice, big cock huh?” he laughs when you nod eagerly, “It’s alright, baby. You won’t have to deal with any mediocre college boys anymore, yeah? This cock’s all yours now…you hear that? All yours.”
Your hand flies down between your legs, finding your clit. He watches with lidded eyes as you circle the little bud and squeal, keeping his hips still to let you cum around his cock nice and hard like you need.
“That’s it, pretty girl,” he hums, “Get yourself off, you know what you need...atta girl…”
You sigh happily at his praise, licking your lips and relax against the bed once more. He takes that as his hint that you were ready, pulling his hips back before roughly slamming back inside your sensitive cunt. It knocks the air from your lungs and you cry out, unable to hold back your noises as he fucks you senseless.
He uses his strength to keep you pinned, forcing your knees against your chest, leaving your cunt open and vulnerable to his pistoning cock. Iwaizumi is so big that the stretch burns every time he sinks back into you, the tip touching your cervix with every calculated thrust, making your entire body ache with the deep pain of it.
But it all feels so good, you’d never been fucked like that before. He knew exactly where to aim his cock, keeping his eyes fixed on your face to watch your reactions, gaze flicking down to where his cock stuffs your cunt full to watch you coat him in your cream whenever he grazes that sweet little spot deep inside you -- a spot no other man had ever tried to find before.
“Feel good?” he questions, though he knew the answer even before you cry it out.
“Ah, yes! Yes, yes, yes!” you sob, “I-It feels so good, Hajime! Fuck, you’re so good at fucking me! You make me feel like a virgin all over again!”
He grins, “Yeah, I know I am, baby.”
His cocky, confident response would have been a turn off with any other man, but with him -- it only made you moan. He had every right to be cocky, he knew just how to use his cock and it was exhilarating.
“You gotta cum again for me, pretty,” he pants, “Cum again, one more time, let go.”
Your throat burns from how much you scream for him, the messy noises coming from him fucking your sloppy cunt should be embarrassing -- you’ve never made such a mess before. You’ve never been so wet, creaming and gushing all the way down his balls.
He didn’t seem to mind, instead he seemed to only be turned on by it.
“I want you to squirt, can you do that for me? Make a pretty mess for me.”
You shake your head, “D-Don’t know how...Can’t.”
“Yes you can, baby,” he purrs, “I can make you, you know that I will.”
You didn’t but, you couldn’t help but nod -- immediately believing him and trusting him. He shifts his knees just slightly, changing his center of balance before his palm curls over your pubic bone, thumb effortlessly finding itself pressed against your clit.
The change in angle lets him hit your g-spot even more brutal than before. You’re immediately arching and crying out for him, eyes rolling back into your head as you feel your orgasm slam into you faster than you’d ever experienced.
Instead of slowing you down, he works you through it, keeping the same, animalistic pace and keeps his thumb pressed against your clit, the rough pad of his thumb has you ogling. If anything, the calloused hands of Iwaizumi proves to you how much of a real man he is, those college boys have nothing on him.
“Give it to me, c’mon,” he urges, clenching his teeth together from the effort it takes to keep going to this hard and fast pace.
“H-Haji…” you cut yourself off as you feel yourself get thrown over the edge again. This time, something feels different and you can’t help but sob, “Please! I-I’m gonna-!”
“That’s it, fuck!” he moans, pace stuttering when you squirt -- your cum splashing against his abs as you shudder and squeal, “Good fuckin’ girl, my good girl. Shit, where do you want me to cum?”
“I-Inside! Fuck, please! I need your cum!” you immediately sob, nails biting in his biceps where you reach out to grip him -- trembling and crying from overstimulation as he works towards his own high.
“You sure? Shit,” you nod, breathless pleas falling from your lips as he finally stills, spilling his load deep inside with a long, drawn-out groan.
Everything is still for a moment and then he’s pulling out with a hiss. You whine at the feeling of your cunt gaping, yearning for his cock again, as his cum leaks out.
He hums, “Sorry about that, let me get you cleaned up.”
You sigh, and close your eyes, trying to relax and let your body settle its trembling. He comes back and quietly works on cleaning the mess between your thighs.
“Alright, up you go,” he sighs, taking your arm and helping you to your feet. You whine and wobble for a second, making him laugh, “You good?”
“Y-Yeah…” you stumble a bit and lean against his dresser, looking for your discarded clothes.
He has his back to you as he strips his sheets. Suddenly, you feel shut out -- like you shouldn’t be there anymore.
He brushes past you to his closet, pulling out some fresh sheets. You feel silly, standing there naked while he gets ready for bed. You bend down and grab your panties, clumsily putting them on before moving to pick up your dress, where it’s crumpled on the floor.
“What’re you doing?” he laughs, “That won’t be comfortable to sleep in.”
“Huh?” you tilt your head to the side and he pauses fluffing his pillows.
“What...you didn’t think I was kicking you out, did you?” he asks and scoffs at the face you make.
“Well I...usually I…” you shift on your feet nervously and he frowns, walking up to you.
He cups your cheeks and makes you look at him, “Jesus, who have you been fucking?” he laughs and gently nudges you towards the bed, “Lay down before you fall over.”
Fighting back a smile, you do as you’re told and sit on the bed, watching as he puts on a fresh pair of sweats, waiting for him to join you. When he does, he immediately pulls you into his arms, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
“Take a nap, and then we’ll take a shower.”
“It’s 11 at night, it wouldn’t be a nap,” you counter with a giggle.
“Well,” he sighs, “Take a shower in the morning then, and then we can go get breakfast, yeah?”
You smile and relax against him, “Sounds good.”
Tumblr media
seita © 2020 | all content and its rights belong to me. do not modify or repost
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rockyscactus · 5 months ago
"i could so kill you right now"; steve rogers x reader
a/n - based on a fic i read awhile ago with the same concept but i literally cant find it anywhere anymore so credits to whoever that amazing writer was !!
"oh steven i could so kill you right now", you spoke through gritted teeth as you threw a punch to the hydra goon in front of you, "if i weren't a little preoccupied."
you heard tony's laughter ring through your comms as he soared above you all, "the government name, you're in the doghouse capsicle!"
"butt out, stark", steve spoke sternly as he fought a few feet away from you.
"i mean, clearly i'm flattered, but why the hell would that be going through your mind right now", you huffed out as you delivered a roundhouse kick to another one.
"it was the heat of the moment", he yelled back.
your and the rest of the teams' gasps fell upon steve's ears.
"NO! not like that! wrong words", you watched as steve's area was free of goons and he leaned over to let out a few breaths of air, "baby if you don't have a reply, let's just pretend i never mentioned anything." steve felt himself growing slightly insecure.
your area became clear as you stopped to look at your boyfriend who seemed to be avoiding your gaze at all costs. before you could say anything sam's voice interrupted your train of thought.
"not to rain on your mildly awkward parade, but we've got a machine gun in the air pointed right at you two", sam spoke as he, tony, and rhodey worked to shoot the plane down.
with your mine still stuck on steve, you hadn't even realized how still you were standing.
"y/n!" steve shouted before lunging his body in front of yours and holding the shield up, awaiting the impact.
you heard sighs flood through the speakers as you made eye contact with a still nervous steve.
"you guys are clear, the plane is out of the air", nat spoke.
steve carefully stood up, holding on to your shoulder to keep you down before determining the area clear on his own terms.
as he pulled you up, his eyes danced everywhere else but yours, worried.
"hey, you can look me in the eyes you dork", you pulled his face to look at yours.
he shot you his infamous lopsided smile, "four years together and you still kinda scare me."
"and i hope i always will", you looked up at him.
"wait, really? but you said--"
you let out a dry laugh, "steve, i'll admit i'm still a recovering primadonna--"
"you'll never fully recover from it, take it from me", tony interrupted.
"not your moment, metal man", bucky's voice rang through.
"says the tin man--"
"okay, they're all banned from speaking", steve took matters into his own hands by removing both his and your earpieces out, "you were saying."
"even though i was pretty blindsided that proposing to me after seeing me choke a guy out was the best you could come up with--"
his hands pinched at your waist, "you're the one always going on about spontaneous moments!"
"are you really using my own words against me right now", you pulled away slightly.
"so back to the 'yes' part", he veered you on.
you tilted your head to the side cockily, "who said anything about me saying yes?"
"oh come on! the look in your eyes when i covered you with the shield was screaming 'yes i'll marry you'", his brooklyn drawl seemed to creep out at the start of your banter.
you smacked his chest, "those were bedroom eyes!"
"so you'll gladly bone me, let me take you out, and force me to come with you to all of your appointments for company; but marriage is where you draw the line?"
" what happens when i want all of my eighty year old casino girlfriends to think i have a boytoy", you quipped as you ran your fingers through his hair.
he let out a laugh at that, "then i'll let you lie!"
"but seriously, dumbass, i'm gonna complain about this proposal for the rest of my life because i'm in a slightly moist tactical suit and you have some guy's blood on your neck!"
"y/n, will you just answer the man", nat interfered as she and the team walked up to meet you two.
you rolled your eyes, "you're right. steve, bucky, clint, and tony are only getting older."
"but yes, if i have to--", you began.
"stop teasing me, i'm doing m' best", steve laughed into your skin as you pulled him close.
"which is why i was always gonna marry you, dumbass."
a/n - i didn't proofread, um dont sue me
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jell-o101 · a year ago
I've been in a Movies-About-Sea-Creatures Mood lately so lemme put the ones I've seen in a tier of what I would recommend! This is from what I've seen so far and of personal choice so if there are other animated films with a whimsical or fantasy setting that ISN'T Disney's The Little Mermaid, let me know!
Tumblr media
This one is one of the more strange ones on the list. There aren't any magical creatures in it but it gives off a fantasy feel despite the plot being more existential. Two boys were raised in the sea by a dugong, therefore they sense what all sea creatures sense. The rest of the plot was hard to follow for me but I'm sure it was because maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea. That's not going to stop me from recommending it to some because the animation is gorgeous and so is the soundtrack.
Tumblr media
Lu Over the Wall is a sweet story about a small town fearing legendary merfolk because of their potential to either eat people or turning people into one of them. I can tell it's like they intended the merfolk to be vampires with their bodies burning in the sun, but changed it due to mermaids being cuter. A boy who's bored with his life befriends a mermaid child whose tail turns into legs when she hears music. This one is a little bit on the underrated side since most people thought it was a copy of Ponyo when this is clearly not the case.
Tumblr media
Speaking of Ponyo, to those who have never heard or seen Ponyo, go watch this one. What are you doing with you life? It has an adorable red headed fish who falls in love with a boy and uses magic to find him thus almost drowning the world to stay with said boy. Also God bless her father who wants her to stay away from humans because they pollute the sea. I love how this film doesn't deny that humans are selfish and disgusting with how they treat the ocean but it also romanticizes the best parts about being human like worrying about family or eating a nice meal or staying safe in times of need. Most films like The Little Mermaid ignore how cruel humans are and go straight to "No you're wrong! I love him and he loves me so humans can't be as bad as you say! They're perfect!" Pfft.
Tumblr media
The Chinese Spirited Away. Or rather, what the people behind the film wanted it to be. This is the story of a girl from a hidden world in the ocean who visited the human world in the form of a red dolphin and accidentally caused the death of a human boy. Throughout the film, she breaks the laws of the world nurse his soul (which is a small red fish) back to life. Pretty enjoyable although I do have my complaints on the main character herself and how selfish she may be at times.
Tumblr media
I HAD to put the newest Pixar film in this list because it fits the list and goddamn did I love this film. Its innocent and wholesome and it happens to be directed by Enrico Casarosa who also directed The Good Dinosaur and my favourite Pixar short La Luna. Two sea monsters run away from their life at sea to find a Vespa to ride away and explore the world. It's so sweet and colourful. To some folks there might be some Queer undertones but whether they were intentional or not, its a cute film!
Tumblr media
Now to my favourite on this list: Song of the Sea. Personally it's Cartoon Saloon's best film. Some could argue that Wolfwalkers (their newest film in 2020) is their best but I'm just biased for my love of the Sea. After the disappearance of his mother, a young boy named Ben resents his mute younger sister Saoirse for probably being the reason their mother is gone (she disappeared the day Saoirse was born). One night when their granny find Saoirse on the beach with a white coat, their father, after locking the coat in a chest and tossing the chest at sea, send them away to live far away from the sea. Eventually some Faerie Folk find the children and claim that Saoirse is half Selkie, a creature that can go from person to seal with the aid of a magical coat and they need her to sing a Faerie song to save them all. Without the the coat she cant sing and will not last in the next few hours.
I could go on and on about this film in particular but Imma stop right there before I rant about this film being so underrated. I hope some of you try to watch these films and maybe have them in one of your favourites!
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hellfire--club · 2 months ago
Steven Grant x Male!Reader
Tumblr media
Part 1/8
The end of one thing can be the beginning of another. And newly out of a reashonhsip Y/N Walker meets clumsy gif shop-ist Steven Grant on a Trip to London and Y/N might just start to belive in love again.
Warnings (kinda): Like 2 secs of Marc, the reader recently got out of a bad relationship,
Heartstopper Characters but you don't need to gave watched the series to understand :D
Few references tho
*Y/N's Pov*
"Do we have to go?"
Tao asks Elle, moving closer to her as if that were possible.
"Yes! Plus I heard there is a Egyption exhibit on"
She turned to look at me, I had one earbud in, I was listening to 'What's it gonna be?' by Shura, but my attention is quickly grabbed by the mention of my current obsession.
" Wait really! Do you think they have anything on Taweret! She's the goddess of-"
Tao groans, Elle shuts him up wriu a kiss, leaving him a blushing mess.
"Hey you can't tell us of for PDA and pull shit like that!"
Charlie buts in from behind me.
"Well i think it's only fair now if-"
Nick didn't finish before Charlie pulled him in for a kiss.
"Guys! Stop making me feel so alone! Paris was bad enough! Plus you know about Aaron!"
"That was years ago!"
Darcy takes out her ear bud from the headphones she's sharing with Tara.
"Paris not Aaron, thats pretty bad"
Darcy mumbles after Tara nudged her.
"Still! And Issacs isn't here to vent to!"
I move on from the Aaron comment
"You mean to say your problems while Isaac ignores you and read whatever book his engrossed in!"
Tara adds, laughing at the word 'engrossed'
Before i can think of a response Elle speaks up.
"Guys! Look"
I look to where Elle was poiting and my eyes lit up.
"Look! They have a poster up for the exhibit! Wait.."
I walk faster in front of the group, in my rush to inspect the poster i bump into a stranger.
"Oh sorry"
I turn back to see surprising handsome stranger.
"Dont worry about it"
His accent makes him evern more attractive then i thought. When he looks up to meet my eyes i get a bettet look at his face i see his messy curly brown hair, alough it looks like he had just rolled out of bed it still made him look almost impossibly handsome. His beautiful brown eyes seam to grow even bigger the more i look at him.
I here Tao shout, i look behind me to find the him standing at the doorway already, i thought i was ahead of them, how long have i been standing here?
"Oh sorry nice.. speaking to you"
I walked away, i slightly run up the stairs to meet Tao
"You mean staring, you barely did much talking"
Tao says mockenly as we walk through the doors.
"Shut up a grumble, my mood immediately picked up when i see the exhibit, i see the rest of the group looking at a sarcophagus, something inside me takes controll ad i walk over. Next thing i knew i was explaing eveythinh in so much detail, i wasnt even sure if everyone was listenig but i didnt care. I talked about how theu temoved evey oragn but the heart, as they belived they needed that to be judged in the underworld and that Taweret would guide them through and if you where worthy you would soend eternity in the peace in the Feild of Reed and if not your soul would be claimed buy the duat.
"Wow Y/N, you should really become a tour guide"
Elle says, i realise now she wad probably the obly one thats listening, Tao was clearly bored, but obviously wanyed to be close to Elle, holding her hand and playing with her hair. Tara looks like shes tring to look like shes listening but i can tell shes bored and Darcy is not hiding she would rather be anywhere but here, and Nick and Charlie were nowhere to be found.Alough they are me freinds and have been for so long i cant help but feel sad they wernt listening.
"Hey guys look!"
I turn around to see Nick and Charlie in the Gift, Nick shop, holding up a stuff Taweret.
"Oh my god!!"
I rush ovet and snatch ot from Nick and look at it with a goody smile on my face, the rest of the group follow behind.
"Guys! I have to buy this"
"Y/N its so over priced!"
Elle says, looking slightly concerned but is smirking at something, i try to brush it off untill i see everyone else doing the same.
"..why is overprice so funny?"
I ask, then the thoughts settle in, they where obviously laughing at me, my stuiped obsession with this. I shoudnt have gone on that rant i shoudnt have been to excited about a stuiped plush toy god im so s-
"Exuse me"
I turn round to see a blond women with a thick accent looking annoyed at me, i look at her name tag 'Donna' it reads.
"Are you gonna buy that because i have actual customer's and your in the way"
"Actually i am"
I leave the group and walk over to the countet and place the stuffed animal on from before... and holy shit. Its the handsome strangers from before
"Hello again"
He says, not looking at me but at the stuffed Taweret, scanning it and tapping the screen. I look at his name tag
"Hi Steven"
I say, he looks up from the screen and seams caught of guard. Oh my gosh iv messed up.
"Hi Y/N"
Now its my turn to look shoked.
"Your freind called it out before, can i ask you looked to be in a rush?"
"Oh yeah.. well its..just and im not trying to slag of marketing! But um.. there is only 6 gods on the poster for the Enned but-"
"Theres supposed to be 7"
Oh my god.
Gods making up for the disaster that was Aaron by sending me this perfect man. Well, lets i just hope he like boys, and is single, who am i kidding no matter his sexuality he cant not be taken, i mean who woudnt. Hes cute. He lives Egyptian Mythology, at least i think or im over romanticising this but i cant help it.
"Yeah...and i wanted to make sure i counted right before i complaind to my friends but.. i dont think theyd.. never mind"
Alough he is positively the the most beautiful person i bearly even known
"No..its fine um that will be £20"
Wow. Talk about being over priced. But im here now and im and NOT going to back down, even as a broke collage student.
"Wow.. okay um.."
I fumble around in my green day wallet, i must have £20 somewhere maybe it i-
"Wait.. its on me"
I look up
"No.. Steven you dont have to i have here id i just-"
"If you feel bad you could buy me dinner"
Did his accent just change? It sounded American?? Must just be nerves.
I blut out, maybe to fast, Steven probably looks more confused than me, but then it dawn on me im obly in town for a week, well 3 more days.
"But.. im visiting, i suppose we can ho out tonight and if it goes well we can keep in touch"
"Oh really?"
Steven looks disappointed, guilt eats me up even though its not my fault im dont live here,gosh im considering MOVING just to be with a man who i am yet to even go on a date with yet, but im heartbroken and hes hot.
"Um what hotel are you staying in? Ill pick you up i dont imagine you know your way around much"
I give him the name of my hotel amd my numbet, her writes it down in his hand.
"You do know sharpies are pernimaint right.. i will take ages to come off"
"Yeah.. well this is important"
This guy is little eveything i have ever wanted.
He slides the toy across the counter
"Good choice by the way, maybe tonigjt qe can...talk about Egyptian Mythology?"
"I would like that very much Steven"
The smile on my face reaching my eyes, Stevens doing the same
I turn around to be greated by Donna, or bitchface as i have named her now.
"Stevie stop giving love eyes to the customers and do your job!"
"Its Steven.. with a v"
He correct her, before i have time to pine over what he just said, i here my name being called
I turn around to see Charlie calling me over
"I heard i missed some stuff on Taweret, could you repeat it for me and Nick please"
My heart sweals with pride, maybe they do care.
"By Steven, ill text you"
"Laters Gaters"
I walk away, holding the plush to my chest and grinning like iv never before. I walk to meet Charlie and Nick, standing just outside the gift shop.
Nick begins
"Shut up!"
I nudge him, in turn pushing Charlie as they where holding hands. They both stare at me as if waiting for me to say something.. witch i did.
"...i got a date"
"Did i just here date!"
Tao appears behind me out of nowhere
"Jesus Tao!"
He is followed by Elle, and Darcy, all smiling wildly, apart from Tara who looks concerned.
"Are you sure this is a good idea Y/N.. where leaving in a week and.. you cant take another heartbreak"
"Oh come on.. Aaron wasnt that bad!"
Everyone is silent.
"Sorry i was on a high, Aaron was terrible but i am ready to get my heart broken again!.... That sounded bad but trust me okay.. i can tell he's different"
"Okay..but dont say i didnt warn you"
"Taraaaa let the man live! He NEEDS to get laid!"
"Darcys right"
Charlie adds, i laugh at me friends, grateful but also worried they might be right, about the heartbreak thing, they are 100% right about the needing to be laid part
"Now Y/N, mind enlighing us on Taweret"
Nicks speaks up, earing a groan from both Tara and Tao, there partnes shusing them.
I turn around to see Steven already looking on my direction, i smile and wave at him, he gives a small wave back untill someone goes to the countet with a child wanting some sort of gummi. I smile and begin ranting to Nick and Charlie.
This trip got a whole lot interesting.
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hoodiewithhorns · a year ago
━ using your safe word scenarios ★
characters : hajime iwaizumi, tetsuro kuroo, keiji akaashi.
there will be a part 2 & 3 coming soon!
edit : p.2 is out <3
m.sterlist + requests box
▲ cw : not proof read, angst, use of safeword, “red” used as the safeword, clit spanking, mean!doms, hurt/comfort, established relationship, forced orgasm, jealousy, oral m! receiving, facefucking, foreplay f! receiving, degradation, slight punishment if you squint, aftercare/reassurance , all characters are 18+, MDNI ▼
Tumblr media
- you weren’t necessarily in a good mood to be fucked roughly by him
- you just wanted some soft passionate sex with kuroo
- You assumed he’d figure out what you wanted due to him knowing you better than yourself.
- But you were wrong..very wrong.
-Not wanting to disappoint your boyfriend you played along.
- biggest mistake.
〜 ☆
you bobbed your head on his cock while he groaned at the slow pace. you were taking your time today since you weren’t in the best mood to be shoving him down your throat. you thought he take this as a sign of you wanting things slow soft and sweet, instead he took this as a sign of you being bratty, a brat who deserves punishment in his eyes.
“you little brat.” he forcefully shoved his cock down your throat. You gagged in response feeling your eyes become glossy, tears promising to spill at any given minute, looking up at him with pleading eyes hoping he’d show some form of mercy. but of course, he didn’t. tightening the grip on your hair he moved you back and forth on his cock causing you to gag and your breathing becoming heavy.
you heart ached in your chest as you tried to push him off, but to no avail. a dark chuckle leaving his throat as he watched you struggle, a sight he would commonly enjoy. “such a bad girl today huh? maybe i should go find another goodgirl. one that’ll actually listen.” you tried to shake your head as fat tears streamed down your face, the thought of him replacing you being one your biggest fears. did he mean that? just cause you weren’t in a good mood he was gonna replace you? you thought to yourself noticing the grip he had on you loosened a little. you could move away now and so you did. pulling away from his cock trying to catch your breath only causing him to get angrier. “why are you being so bad today? why cant you be a goodgirl and-“
“Red!” you choked out a sob as more tears fell from your face staining the bed sheets beneath you. sitting up, your palms resting on your thighs as you sobbed. the room went silent with the only sound present being your soft cries alongside with your occasional sniffles. confused he lifted your chin up, you pathetically looked up at him like a helpless little puppy. he finally understood what was wrong, mumbling a few curses as he got closer to you, sitting you on his lap as you cried into his chest.
“easy now baby. i’m so sorry...” he whispered thanking whatever was above that he hadn’t lost you, feeling horrible for not picking up the obvious signs you weren’t in the mood for any of this.
“d-do you really wanna l-leave me?” your voice was hoarse from one getting your throat fucked and two crying. hugging you tighter and feeling nothing but regret. each cry you let out tugged at his heartstrings. he never wanted this how could he have been so blind? you were his little baby he wanted to protect every chance he got. now you were here. sobbing into his chest all because he didn’t realize you weren’t in the right mood today. 
“never prettygirl. i’d be devastated without you in my life... I didn’t mean that I promise.” he pulled you away from his chest to face you. kissing the few tears you had left on you. even with tears pampered all over your face, to him you still managed to be pretty. even if it hurt him since he was the reason for all this, you could tell he was on the brink of tears too. he couldn’t imagine a life without you without his precious girlfriend in his life he’d be a train wreck.
“i-i...i just wanted us to go nice and gentle tonight..i didn’t have a good day today..but i didn’t want you to be mad since you like it when its rough so..”
he let out a chuckle at your last sentence causing you to look at him in confusion. “yeah being rough is nice and all but its only nice when you’re in the right mindset for it. you should’ve told me you weren’t feeling it tonight baby. If you wanna get fucked nice and gently by me you should’ve just said so my love.” he says planting a kiss on your forehead.
you smiled, reverting back to your previously cheery self making kuroo more than happy. he rested his head on top your shoulder “if you want, we can try again baby. this time i’ll give it to you nice and sweet..you’d like that wouldn’t you my pretty baby?” he whispers into your ear planting kisses down your neck as you let out a whimper feeling him smirk against your neck.
“mm-mhm please tetsu...”
he wastes no time wrapping his arms around your waist as your cunt feels him hardening again. “whatever my baby wants who am i to deny?”
- the thought of using your safeword never occurred to you when you were with akaashi
- in fact he suggested it just in case things took a turn you didn’t like
- tonight was different though you were his innocent girlfriend who just wanted to treat him the way he treats you so lovingly
- wearing nothing but his shirt accompanied by a cute pair of panties feeling confident about your plan to please your boyfriend.
- though it doesn’t go according to plan,
you saw him sitting on the bed reading a novel still in his formal clothing. You were feeling particularly needy tonight learning a few new things you read from the internet a week ago on how to please your boyfriend sexually. you did however feel a bundle of nerves fill you up, but you just assumed it was because this was something you’ve never done before to anyone.
akaashi was not only your first, but he was your first boyfriend your first everything when it came to romance. now, putting all your insecurities aside, you were going to try out what you learned tonight on your beloved boyfriend!
 walking towards him, you crawled on top of his lap, arms wrapped around his neck to pull him in for a sweet kiss. he smirked setting his book down on the nightstand while taking his glasses off as well.
“Can I help you pretty girl?” he questioned placing his hands on your hips. “oh nothing...i just want you tonight..is that okay?” you asked, your innocent voice making akaashi smile. you were just so cute and pure in his eyes. you jump in excitement ready to initiate your plan to please your boyfriend. you started kissing him slowly yet passionately, grinding your wet cunt against his slowly hardening cock through his pants.
he opened his eyes to clearly understand what you were doing. to his shock what he assumed was correct. His innocent girlfriend who had no knowledge on how to please her boyfriend grinding up against him. maybe you were just being extra needy? he told himself. not longer after he snapped back to reality as he felt you pull away from him only to kiss down his jaw leaving a trail of soft kisses.
His cheeks becoming red as your soft lips traced down to unbutton his shirt. “so handsome..” You said kissing his chest as you went down to his abdomen. he would be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying this, but.... Your not gonna do what he thinks you are right?? his own girlfriend who was too shy who cried at the first attempt to sucking him off?? no he must be getting ahead of himself.
looking down once more to check up on you, he finds you unbuckling his pants letting his cock spring free. his mouth agape seeing your head already lick his precum nice and clean, pumping him a few times to get all his precum out. he shudders as your wet tongue touches his cock, giving him kitten licks here and there. taking a deep breath, shoving him down your throat all in one go, a small gag escaping from you, squeezing your eyes tightly trying your best not to cry.
humming, you bobbing back and forth making him grunt at the waves of pleasure you were giving him. Still, he felt uneasy. who taught you this?? he was always the one guiding you, teaching you how to do things yet here you were sucking him down your pretty little throat. head thrown back his groans mixed with his thoughts, he kept overthinking the reasons as to how you picked up on this.
did Bokuto teach you?? you two always got along so well..sometimes leaving akaashi to third wheel, but why was he thinking about that now??
 “shit..” he grunted as he felt his high approaching. He tried to pull your head back so he wouldn’t end up cumming in your mouth, but you stayed on his cock till he came.
smiling at him, you licked your lips, swallowing his cum. leaving him surprised at everything you’ve just done. you’ve never did any of this nor tried to. It hurt the first time you tried to give him head now here you are taking him down your throat? He couldn’t believe it.
he wanted to get to the bottomed of this quickly.
“dirty girl.” he spits out flipping you to the other side of the bed, pushing your head down to the pillow putting your ass up with your cunt in full display for him. you winced at the sudden aggressive force.
“who taught you all those things you little slut?”hooking his finger onto your soaked panties to push them aside, he shoved two fingers deep inside of your dripping hole making you whimper at the painful stretch, not giving you enough time to adjust as he pumped into you.
“k-keiji w-wait!!” you whined screwing your eyes shut to fight back your tears, while he started pumping his fingers at an inhuman pace, he hovered over you, your back to his chest while his head rested on your shoulder.
“i asked you a question, so I expect an answer.” his voice was cold and stern without a sound of love or worry. the stretch of his fingers were painful especially with how he was practically scissoring you open. your eyes rolled at to the back of your head feeling your climax approaching, but it hurt so much you weren’t used to such a rough pace.
akaashi always took his time with you. Going slow and easy, praising you, calling you his angel or goodgirl for taking him in so well. but now he was none of these things.this felt like a completely different person to what you were use to.
“mm’ n-no one! keiji- p-please s-slow down it hurts!!” you sobbed only making him click his tongue at you, your heart sank feeling foggy and uneasy.“you probably like that it hurts huh? you’re dripping around my fingers you filthy slut.” he never used a tone as harsh as this before. never calling you names or degrading you in general. the pain in your chest overlapping the pleasure as more tears fall.
“n-no not a s-slut!! p-please stop! it hurts please keiji please-“ you begged feeling your stomach tighten as he kept fingering you till you screamed, squirting all over the bed sheets. “dirty slut.” He pulled out abruptly from you causing you to choke out another sob. your body trembling at this point as you pant out in desperation to form words scared of what he might do next. “N-no more please I’ll be good i p-promise just please..” you begged him once again, hoping he’d notice the pain you were in...he didn’t.
“no. sluts like you don’t get to make decisions like that.” He was about to pull your shirt off until you screamed and kicked  “red! red! r-red!!” he moved away only to watch you curl in on yourself, hugging your knees for comfort, refusing to look him in the eyes. “baby..?” he said softly trying to move you to face him to his horror you flinched shrinking in on yourself.
“keiji... why were you s-so...mean to me i only wanted to make you feel good..you always make me feel good so why did you..” immediately, he scooped you into his arms rocking you back and forth as if you were a toddler. you cuddled up against his chest as he felt your tears fall on his chest.he didn’t mind of course. “shh its okay..its okay..” the voice he commonly spoke to you coming back, soft, reassuring, just how you liked it.
“baby..im sorry i.. I didn’t mean to be so mean..i just got scared you were maybe..well someone might’ve been teaching you these things..” you froze pulling away to look at him.
“w-what? I didn’t learn that from anyone..id never let anyone teach me or touch me but you keiji! i just..read some stuff about it online...and I wanted to test it out..” you admitted through sniffles still rubbing your tears away. He sighed as he hugged you again running his fingers through your hair. 
all you wanted was to please your boyfriend from just that, his heart skipped a beat at how sweet you were being, but the feeling was overshadowed by  feeling so stupid for letting his insecurities take the best of him.
“I’m sorry baby.. I promise to never speak to you like that ever again..you’re my sweet girl and I love you so so much.. you were just trying to do something nice for me..thank you i appreciate it my love..it felt really nice you did good.” He cupped your face in his hands, peppering soft kisses around your face.
he smiled as you giggled at the ticklish feeling, sighing in relief.
“ i love you, my sweetgirl. ”
- he got home pissed off since he saw you chatting and giggling with mattsun. 
- he needed to blow off some steam
- he didn’t mean to be so mean he really didn’t
-he was usually a soft dom but today..he was everything but soft to you.
“ filthy fucking whore. what were you doing talking to mattsun huh?” his thrusts were sharp, painful, not being prepped well enough by him making the stretch of his cock burn through your gummy walls. feeling the air in your lungs start to leave you slowly as tears streamed down your face at iwaizumis cold , heartless, tone. there was not a single trace of him, not a sign of his love. you weren't trying to make him jealous, you just spend sometime to get to know mattsun just a little more since he was friends with your boyfriend never expecting him to react like this. 
snapping back to your current situation, you arched your back letting out a loud cry as he slapped your puffy clit. “didn’t i ask you a fucking question? or did your dumb slutty brain already get fucked out of you huh?” he wrapped his hands around your throat thrusting harder and deeper in you. 
his tip painfully hitting your cervix with each thrust making you cry at the pain. you tried pushing him off with the little strength you had in you, sobbing out an apology making him roll his eyes. 
“tch, what? you think a little apology is gonna change the fact you were all “buddy buddy” with mattsun? did you forget who fucking owns you little slut?” landing another harsh slap at your clit causing you cry in discomfort. everything around you made you feel light as if you were gonna pass out from the cruel words iwaizumi spoke to you. feeling helpless as there was no sign of your once loving boyfriend. 
“maybe i should’ve invited him over, let him have a turn at ruining your slutty little cunt.”
Finally, having enough you cried out “r-red..” it was soft, gentle, easily could’ve been unheard if it wasn’t for how closely iwaizumi payed attention to you. he halted his thrusts pulling out of you completely, eyes draining of all lust and jealousy converting to concern mixed with regret. he rushed to put back his boxers on, cuddling you against his chest. 
you didn’t push him away, no you could never. he was the man you loved and treasured more than anything. you were hurt obviously, but still wanted to seek his comfort.
“i-i dont like m-mattsun haji..i only like you..only you..” your voice sounding broken. he let out a deep sigh pulling you closer to kiss your head. 
“i know baby i know... i was just jealous..you get along so well with mattsun i..went too far on you..i’m sorry you didn’t deserve that baby” his voice sounding faint but full of comfort.
“i just wanted to get t-to know him...i didn’t mean to make you mad haji..”
“i know baby shhh its okay now..i’m not mad anymore.”he cooed kissing you softly. you nodded letting your last set of tears fall onto his chest. 
slowly shutting your eyes and falling asleep in the warmth of his chest.
him on the other hand was completely mortified at your sobbing accompanied with your sniffles it echoed through his ears replaying like a broken record each time the memory got to you saying your safeword. 
he never thought he’d reach that point for you to have to tell him that. he let out a few tears that night hating himself for hurting you. you forgave that very second he apologized but him on the other hand? he didn't..no he couldn’t.
let’s just say, he didn't get much sleep that weekend. 
akaashis is long asf (im sorry i just love him sm) and iwaiuzmis is short but i love these boys sm.  
i still am taking requests all links are above and down here. remember to drink water. oh and heres the m.sterlist  in case you missed it <3♡
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ihavenevermadeapipebomb · 21 days ago
oh boy, its the thing
will x male reader pt 2
a warning for internalized homophobia, cause it was the 80's
and my usual, im sorry for any spalling mistakes, and also if lucas or will are ooc, im trying my best
The sun feels warm. Its peeking through the blinds over my window. Its nice. I know ill have to get up soon. It’s a school day. Only Tuesday. I wish it wasn’t. do i? that Will kid is pretty cool. And I have to work on that project with Lucas. I open my eyes. Theres a certain ‘still’ that hangs over the morning like a fog. Im almost sure if I moved more then an inch that all that quiet, warm, ‘still’ would go fleeting away. Much like a bird flying away at the nearest sight of danger.
It takes me a moment to fully let the ‘still’ leave, opening way for another busy day. I sit up. I get ready, making myself a quick breakfast, and putting clothes on. I rush down stairs and to the bus just before it starts to leave. The bus ride is loud. But its to be expected. Eventually we stop at the school. 
Will is taking things out of his locker when I reach mine. A few books, some paper, a pencil, a binder, one of those spiral note books all schools make you get. I look up to wills eyes. I catch him staring at me. “so… uh.. what did you.. make for breakfast… today?” I fail to make conversation to fill the once not, but now awkward silence. Will shows a smile, “my mom made pancakes” he sheepishly leans his shoulder on his now closed locker. His books held tightly in his arms. 
“shiiittt, that sounds good” I close my locker, leaning on it too. Im face to face with him. Only a foot away. He looks down “yeah it was” he looks up again, and as if remembering he should add on more he asks me what I ate for breakfast. “made cereal.” He tells me that my cereal also sounds good. We walk to class, talking, I learn that he likes drawing. I also like drawing. So that occupies most of our conversation on the way there. We arrive just on time. His classroom is right next to mine, so one only branch off at the end.
The entire class I tune out the teacher. I mostly spend time thinking about what me and Lucas are going to do for that Robert frost poem project. I spend a little bit of the time doodling though. Eventually the background noise stops, and we go to our next class. The class I share with will. Me and will walk to class together again. He talks about some test he has. Apparently its pretty big. He's smart though, so I don’t worry much. 
The teacher reviews yesterdays homework, going over how one of the kids got a question wrong more then once. After homework though I stop listening. Im looking at will. Why am I looking at will? Why do I want to look at will? Maybe I think he’s pretty. He is kind of pretty.  i shouldn't be thinking that shit. I look down at my book. I should be paying attention to the teacher. I should be doing school. Not doodling in my book. Not…… staring at other people. That’s why im here. To learn.
The rest of class I pay attention. Well. As well as I can. Math has always been really hard though. Tap… tap tap tap tap… FUCK. Why? Why does this kid hate me? Why did he have to choose sitting next to ME? God. I hate him, and his stupid pencil. Now I really cant focus. Tap tap taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap tap tap. I scoot out my chair. Leaning back, balancing on the two back legs of the chair. “is something wrong y/n?” the teacher takes note. “no mr. white, I was just stretching.” I say, clearly annoyed. “is that attitude, young man?” “no, im just tired.” I cant help myself. “your should get more sleep then.”
That’s an astute observation. I would have never gotten there myself. I roll my eyes, and let out a heavy breath. “and sit in your chair properly, or you’ll fall.” Ive never fallen before. I put my feet on down to the floor, so all the chairs legs are on the ground. “is everything ok?” will whispers over to me once the teacher resumes the lesson. “yeah, yeah, I just cant stand the guy next to me.” Will looks over, and past me. Looking at the kid to my left. He looks back to me “the pencil tapping is pretty annoying, isnt it.” He says. “yeah. It is” we both chuckle.
Eventually the class is over. Me and will get to the cafeteria, and receive our food. I think its supposed to be pizza. It looks like pizza. It does not smell like pizza though. We spend the whole lunch break making jokes back and forth. I think he finds me funny. That would be nice. I like seeing him laugh. The way his brows furrow. The way….
Soon enough the bell rings, beckoning me to my next class. Me and will walk together, but it’s a bit more quiet this time. A comfortable, but unwanted silence. During english me and Lucas exchange a few words. He tells me that he can ride both of us to my house on his bike, instead of taking the bus. We agree that it’s the most efficient way. Me and will talk a bit after school, while were both putting books away. Not as much as I would like though. 
 “soooo, this is my bike.” Lucas walks with his bike next to him. “where am I gonna fit?” it definitely doesn’t have two seats. “I thought you would sit here with me” Lucas slaps the seat of the bike. “theres only one.” I point out. “yeah.” He looks down at it “I forgot about that.” He slaps the seat a few more times while looking back up. “we would have been better off taking the bus-” I walk over to the bike hes hopped on. “shut up” ‘we’ peddle off.
We make it to my house. And I let him in. “wow this is.” He looks around, almost spinning in circles. “not what I expected.” He could have phrased that better. He finishes his look around, landing on me. “yeah, I know, its pretty bare.” There is a couch. And a tv. And some dishes in the cabinet. The amount of which I can count on one hand. Me and my dad didn’t need much. And we moved a lot. So it just isn't practical to keep a bunch of furniture, I explain. “but this is… no furniture, y/n…” “someones getting more confident.” He backs off.
We go to my room and study. He's good at this. He says he's better at math, but, he's really good at this. We settle for making a poem about the seasons. Or well. Emotions. But veiled as seasons. You know, poem shit. Eventually neither of our brains our working anymore though. At least for the rest of the day. Were laying on the floor, staring up at the blank white ceiling when he asks me if I read comics. I turn over to him “of course I do.” “hoolllyyy shit, you do???” he seems just as excited as I do.
I show him my collection, and a few of my drawings. “brrooo that’s so sick” he responds to one of my drawings. I was scared at first. But that all leaves. I show him more art. He likes it. He seems so excited about it to. I don’t think anyone has ever been this excited about my art. It feels good. He asks if he can commission something. Im quick to say yes. We spend the next hour drawing what he wants. He tells me, and sometimes draws out what he wants. It’s his own character. One that’s supposed to be with the other (more official) characters. I draw my own character next to his. He loves the drawing. God it feels good.
The sun starts to set. He needs to get home. He takes the drawing with him. And im left alone. 
I like Lucas.
I think Lucas likes me.
I like will.
I like will a little to much.
oh teehee you made it to the end again, thats so kinda and nice of you :flushed: its so me when
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timeloop-liz · 2 months ago
Found out @spaceistheplacearts Director can be hurt if ya get the core so i uhhh went off the rocks sorry. Im an angst machine. I saw you said you made this au for something “sweet” and im sorry ill try for “sweet” next time… whatever that is
Narry getting upset at the Directir for something and starts wrecking another room. Because he knows it upsets him. Maybe he was pushed over the edge but once he enters the room to stop Narry again he gets hit with something. Like maybe he wasnt really paying attention to where he showed up and Narry wasnt aiming for him it was just by chance.
Theres a crash and a splat distinct sound. Narry freezes in place as he sees what hes just done. Panic fills him as he rushes to the Directors side. Apologies spilling out of him as he kneels down next to his more than usual blob forum. He doesnt know what to do. What can he do. The Director has a shard of glass sticking out of him for goodness sake. Maybe he knows where to start. But the Director is trying to pull back. Move away. Hes clesrly having trouble keeping his form in check. He limbs arent as solid as he would have so they cant even lift him up more like noodles than anything.
Slowly Narry approaches again. Softly whispering reassuring words to the Director. Hoping to calm him down. The more he moves the worse his core is getting. They need to get that glass out. Finally determined on what to do he gently holds the Directors form. He can feel it trembling in what he assumes fear and pain. Grasping the glass he shifted it slightly resulting in the Directors form tensing up and a small strangled sound escaping. Tears prick his eyes but he knows he has to do it. He counts to three then swiftly removes the fragment from the Director.
A bit of slime is sticking to the end of the shard and it probably cut the inside of Narrys hand but thats not what hes worried about. The Director is trembling horribly. In what Narry can only assume is the closes he can get to crying. He pulls him close, holding him as gently as he can whole tears fall down his face. He didnt want to hurt the Director. Well he did but not like this. Never like this.
All of a sudden theres a SLAM!! As a door opens up and in storms another being. It startles Narry so bad he drops the Director who lands with another sickening splat. She quickly moves to gently scoop the Director up. Narry goes to interject when hes forcefully pushed back. “Dont you DARE touch him! I knew he was being to soft on you. I warned him and looks whats happened!” Shocked from her words hes unable to form any of his own. She quickly turns and leaves Narry alone in the room he made a mess of. Just before she exits she turns “and dont your dare think of going anywhere!” Them shes gone.
What did she mean? She warned him? Its not like he wanted this. But she was right. He did hurt the Director. This was all his fault. He was being a stupid child and now the Director is hurt. The Director was always saying how everything he did was for Narry. All of this was to help him in the end. That he just wanted Narry to be happy. And look what he does. He goes out of his way to hurt the Director by smashing a room. A room made for him. To help him. God hes spiralling. This time theres no one to stop it. No Director to step in and comfort him. Because he hurt him. The thoughts wont stop. He just slumped down against the wall and cried.
Oooooo what fun aye. What good angst liz have brought. I warned yall i was gonna do angst here. Its your fault for not listening. Will i finish this!!! Probably not lmao.
Heres what was planned, like a little guide on what i was thinking:
But the Director is gonna be ok i swear!! His core just needs to recover. Hes gonna go back to work too soon and its gonna show. He text is clearly slower. Typing is harder with noodles. He probably wouldnt trust Narry to be in the same room as him when hes so injured. But maybe he does. And Narry can see how hard it is for the Director to move around. How hard it is for him to communicate. Narry feels horrible. He suggests that maybe he should leave. He doesn’t deserve to be here. Hes so sorry and what not. But the Director doesnt really want him to leave. He knows it wasnt on purpose after all. But hes still scared around him because he has seen what he CAN do. Basically their relationship takes a big boi hit but its gonna survive.
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ranspuppyboy · 6 months ago
Ermmmm hi, hello-- i just want to say tht ur fics made me smile and laugh in which it worries my sister ʷʰᵒ ⁱˢ ᵈᵉᶠⁱⁿᵃᵗᵉˡʸ ⁿᵒᵗ ˢⁱᵗᵗⁱⁿᵍ ⁱⁿᶠʳᵒⁿᵗ ᵒᶠ ᵐᵉ thinking that i am lowkey possesed- anyways i was wondering if you could do a kenma!gn reader headcanon with the tenjiku members..? fufufufu also im new to tumblr so-💀✌️
HELLO <3 thank youu 😭
this took a while bc there were a lot of characters (also i cant write for mochi, shion and mucho bc i usually have 0 inspiration)
if you can see the favoritism just ignore that, it's easier to write for some of them
tbh they don't really care that much
i mean... everyone in that gang is kinda weird so they just accept most things without much question
they mostly just accept it as normal and move on
still tease you to hell and back
they don't really care that you're quiet, they'll still annoy you to hell and back
†Izana Kurokawa
he actually enjoys it
finally gets a moment of silence away from everyone else
enjoys playing games with you
especially co-op games
he likes the feeling of being anle to rely on you
and having you rely on him
especially if you take the time to teach him how to play
likes to sit close to you when you're playing together
really likes when he's laying on the couch next to you and you're playing games
because he knows sooner or later you're gonna take a break and you'll play with his hair
it became an unconscious reaction
it helps you relax and it makes his whole day better
sometimes he'll bother you so you can become a bit more serious but other than that he mostly lets you be
likes seeing how you get angry with everyone else
it's like a secret side of you
he also likes when you're being sarcastic
basically he thinks you're amusing
wants to keep you close to him
you're important to him now
if anyone else makes you angry (Ran and Hanma) he'll make sure to have a "talk" with them so they'll leave you alone
he tries to help you
whenever everyone else is yelling and just being annoying he pulls you away somewhere quiet
he knows nothing about video games but if you enjoy talking about it he'll listen to you for hours if you want
if you want him to play with you he will
but you need to have a lot of patience
he's grateful you don't taunt him when he dies or does something wrong
however, he can see that after a while you'll get a bit frustrated so he'll usually tell you he's tired and you can play by yourself
instead he'll just watch you play
you keep teaching him despite being the one playing
he'll get the hang of it... eventually
will never tell you but he looked up how to play so you won't get frustrated anymore
prefers mind numbing games like stardew valley or animal crossing
he especially likes fishing for some reason
goes with you to buy games if you don't like going out alone
enjoys the comfortable silence between you two
he never feels the need to have meaningless talks to fill the silence between you two
†Ran Haitani
i love him but he's a pain in the ass
he won't stop teasing (unless he sees you're getting really frustrated)
he isn't really into games
what he enjoys however, is making you angry when he keeps spamming one button on fight games
sometimes he'll just plop down next to you to just watch you play
it's a 50/50 on whether he'll be nice and just talk to you and watch you play or if he'll be the little gremlin he is and just annoy you to no end
likes asking questions in the middle of fights just to see whether or not you'll answer him
if you don't he'll keep asking until you do
lives to get reactions out of you
he buys you a game you wanted? it's his first time seeing your eyes shine like that
he finally wins a round of mario kart? he can see the disbelief clearly on your face
he made it his new goal to see how many reactions he can get out of you
whenever he feels like annoying you he'll start narrating the game
makes you want to punch him everytime
tickles you to make you lose your concentration
or just steals the controller from you
1 out of 2 people who can make you actually angry
lowkey scared of angering you that much again
he honestly thought you were gonna kill him
†Rindou Haitani
also not very interested in games
but he's interested in you
you're not annoying like the rest of them
and you actually seem to have good strategies
he's easy to talk to since he's also mostly quiet
i think he would enjoy playing horror games
he first said that to see you get jumpscared
he is the one flinching every time
you pretend you don't see but he can see you holding in your laughter
neither of you mind it bc at least it's quiet for a while
wants to ask questions but also doesn't want to bother you
just talk to him or he might implode please
every once in a while he'll have his moods where he wants to be a menace to society and keeps trying to scare you or tickle you while you play
he stopped doing that after he got too close to your face and you bit his hand
†Hajime Kokonoi
another one who enjoys quiet time with you
whenever you mention a new game he buys it for you
the thing is : he wants you to play with him
especially if you're playing simulator games
not particularly a fan of the game itself
he just really likes seeing how you play
he wont ever admit but he wants you to teach him how to play
it feels almost intimate if you take the time to explain everything to him
†Haruchiyo Sanzu
i feel like he's also good at games
middle child things
you two spend a lot of time playing games together
it makes him feel at home
you never questioned his scars
you never pitied him or made him feel unwanted
he doesn't like getting on your nerves
but he thinks it's hilarious when you get pouty at him when he wins
overall he just enjoys your company
it brings him peace
we all know he needed that
†Tetta Kisaki
you're useful
he thinks you're very smart
and strong (whether it's physically, mentally or both idk but you are)
and that's already 90% of the reason he doesn't mind you being around
he thinks games are bit of a waste of time
but you seem to enjoy them a lot so he just deals with it
not interested though
sometimes he sits with you while you're playing but he's usually doing something else
surprisingly good at strategy games despite rarely playing
never tried to make you angry because he knows how annoying that is
is a little surprised when you willingly sit next to him to play
likes to discuss strategies while you play
gets more annoyed than you if it's a particularly difficult level
eventually he's just as interested in the game as you are
†Shuji Hanma
good luck
you're never gonna be able to play unless he decided you can
will steal the controller or the device and hold it above his head
uses his other hand to hold you away to prevent kicking
the more you fight back the longer it'll take for him to give it back
he just likes seeing you display emotions
even if said emotion is killer intent
when he's tired or stressed he likes to plop down on top of you to watch you play
especially if you're playing fps games
even better if you're online
will steal your headphones to talk shit to everyone else
the second person to have actually made you angry
he will keep making you angry though
not afraid of you in the slightest
even if you did already land a few hard punches when he was being especially annoying
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wizkiddx · 11 months ago
hiiiii !!! if you are accepting requests at the moment, can i ask something about reader and tom expecting a baby, one day while he’s drunk she sees him flirting with another women and when she confronts him he snaps at her and tells her he’s not ready for this “shit”. So they broke up and broke contact for months, until he shows in her apartment regretting his words and they talk but she suddenly at that moment gets into labor?!? I remember seeing a concept similar in a movie but I would love if you couldn’t bring it to life! Thank you so much in advance, appreciate your work a lot 🧸🤎
right so I loved this so much it has become a multiple parter and im not even going to apologise. so thanku so so much anon for getting me out a little rut!!!
summary: when toms caught out all hope looks lost - probs part 1 of 3 but it could get a bit longer too lol
warnings: serious angst, reference to abortion, cheating, a whole lot of swearing (im British sorry not sorry)
“Hi babe, just to let you know Yamna’s invited me out for dinner this evening so don’t worry if you get home early and im not back! I love you x”
It was a spur of the moment plan, which was a rarity recently. The past 5 months since you’d found out, you could name barely 5 occasions you’d been out past 8 oclock- trading your heels for fuzzy slippers and dresses for massively oversized tops and joggers. It wasn’t how you had expected to be spending the summer before your 25th birthday but it was now your life. The rooftop bars, the wild nights, the get aways had all sort of been cancelled for… for the rest of your life.
Because an 8 month pregnant belly isn’t something you can ignore.
Sure…. it wasn’t the plan. Not the plan to be pregnant with your boyfriend of only 6 months, who at the time you didn’t even live with. But you were making it work. And now, you were just excited. It was the start of a new story with Tom, and you’d got past the phase of being sad and mourning your youth. Because the little bubba inside of you, she was pretty awesome and you really couldn’t wait to meet her.
So yes, you had been home alone eating ice cream from a tub when Yamna knocked on the door. She’d been one of your best mates for as long as you could remember so when she’d turned up unannounced with mascara smeared under her eyes you’d cancelled your plans of a pathetic alone evening. Her boss had just given her the sack - which was no surprise. He was a backwards tory old git who couldn’t handle the fact Yamna was a woman doing the job better than he could ever dream of.
So yes, you’d suggested going out to the fancy new bar down the road - to celebrate the fact she no longer had to put up with the arsehole. Obviously you couldn’t drink and neither did Yamna, but you go to a bar for the atmosphere - and the selection of mocktails they had was insane.
Your boyfriend Tom was already out, he said he had a meeting and then dinner with some execs he needed to shmoosh. Of course you didn’t mind, but he had been working a lot recently, in order to be able to have the time off when your baby girl arrives.
So after sending a little text and giving Yamna another hug to try and turn the evening from disappointment to celebration you walked out the door with a smile on your face. Maybe you could pretend, just for an evening to not be pregnant and whale-like?
The bar was just a 10 minute walk so it wasn’t long before the two of you were soaking up the atmosphere. It was all decorated in a rustic fashion, with old exposed wood and dangling lightbulbs from the ceiling and the drinks were incredible. The type that have dry ice or flames or some other sort of fantastical display of edible decorations. Even Yamna had perked up, especially when a guy from the table across had bought you both a round of drinks.
“I’m just gonna pop to the loo.”
“Do you really need the toilet or do you just want to parade infornt of the fit rich man who keeps looking at you?”
“ Is both an option?” You laughed as Yamna slipped off her stool, winking rather dramatically as she did so. She was unbelievable - but at least this way she wasn’t thinking about her work, or lack thereof, anymore.
Happily you sat scrolling though your phone, seeing that tom had messaged you with an okay, before flicking through instagram.
And that was where the happiness ended.
For in a hurried manner, with a face looking a lot more ghosted than when she left, Yamna took her seat again.
“Are you okay?” Immediately your worry took over, the way she was biting her lip and not meeting your eyes not helping.
“I um yeh-yeh. Just I think I saw Tom.”
“Tom as in my Tom?” Her almost guilty looking nod had your scrunching your eyebrows, why was it such a big deal Tom was inside?
“He didn’t see me I don’t think but er… he just looked pretty close to a girl and I-“
To be honest you stopped listening at that point, heart dropping out the bottom of your chest. Because it made sense, he had been so distant recently and even if you’d been lying to yourself that it were work - this seemed much more likely. Whilst nodding along, pretending to listen to Yamna, instead your attention was solely focused on fiddling with the promise ring he’d got you after the two of you decided to keep the baby. He’d been so committed, so ready for this unexpected news. He’d said he was in for the long haul.
“sorry I um… it’s probably just a work colleague he needs to sweet talk. I’ll um-I’ll just go say hello.”
“I’m coming with you.” She spoke astutely, very much forcing herself into the situation.
“No no I’ll… I’ll come back if I need you, just wait here.”
Her face was so grim and destitute, as much as you were pretending it was okay - you knew it wasn’t. Before Yamna could protest further, you slipped off your seat ( clumsily thanks to the elephant belly) and walked with fake confidence back inside.
It took you barely 3 seconds to hone in on Tom, call it mothers intuition. He was on a booth in the corner with 5 others on his table but none of whom you recognised. It was 2 other guys and 3 girls - the six all paired off in mathcingly initimate conversations. Apart from that you payed almost zero attention to the others, attention solely focused on your boyfriend and the girl he had his arm round.
She was everything you weren’t. She was skinny - you, as previously mentioned, looked like you had a beachball stuffed under your top. She was blonde with sleek and perfectly styled waves at the tips of her long her - yours was thrown into a messy bun due to the last minute plans.
Most importantly - right now she was wrapped in Toms arms, whilst you stood alone watching.
God knows what came over you, but with confidence you never normally had you marched up to the table, just waiting at the end. One of the men you didn’t recognised, arrogantly asked you ‘can I help you’ - but you completely disregarded it, eyes solely fixed on Tom. He took a moment more to look away from the leggy girl, but as soon as he did his eyes grew massively wide.
“Y/n I-I-“
“Fancy bumping into you, I thought you were out with work executives?” Frantically casting his gaze across the table, you could see the cogs whirring to try and come up with an explanation.
“No I-I was but then Charlie here came over, we used to be mates at school and-“
“Oh fuck off Tom., I cant deal with this right now.”
You didn’t even have the energy to listen to his clearly fake excuses as to why he’d landed himself in that situation. You also certainly did not have it in you to maintain the strong face, you could feel everything shattering inside of you.
Because it was so blindingly obvious by how he had acted. You’d caught him out and you both knew it.
And it fucking hurt like hell.
So you exited the bar as fast as physically possible, hearing the shouts of both Yamna and Tom behind you. You didn’t know what you needed in that moment - except that neither of them were the answer. Tom though, presumably the faster of the two, managed to catch up - grabbing your arm to make you halt in the road.
There was this moment between the two of you that time almost seemed to freeze. The two of you, in an otherwise pretty empty residential street, at 9:30 at night, in a moment that you would never have again. From your point of view, you saw the slightly bloodshot and bleary eyes, widened with panic and fear. For Tom he saw the floods of tears down your cheeks, which you hadn’t even noticed were freely streaming.
But in that moment there was, at least, the slightest bit of peace. The slightest bit of hope - that he could explain, that he had some ludicrous but valid reason for the situation you had walked in on. Just a smidgen of hope that this were recoverable.
But then he had to open his bloody mouth.
“Y/n I swear nothing-“
“That didn’t look like fucking nothing!”
“It was I swear! We just-“
“Tom this is your one and only chance. I don’t care if your off your face, if you don’t give my a miracle of a reason as to what the fuck THAT was - then I’m gone.”
“Don’t say that Y/n, you don’t mean th-“ He tried to grab your hand which you snatched away, like you had just scalded it on a hot plate. Like he had hurt you.
“I swear to god I’ve never meant anything more. So cut the shit.”
“FIne-fine! Um so we were at the meeting and then on the way out I bumped into George and hes been a good mate of mine for years.” All you did was hum, arms crossed and making sure you had a metre of distance between the two of you.
“So he said god you look like you need a drink and I agreed because its been stressful as hell recently.”
“Oh its been stressful; for YOU has it? I’m so sorry Thomas, has it been hard for you while i’ve been throwing my lungs up with morning sickness? Has it been stressful that I’ve been running on zero hours sleep because she kicks me all bloody night? ” Your words were laced in a posioned sarcasm, to which Tom just stammered to.
“Please just let me.” Given he was supposed to be fighting for you, he sounded pretty darn defeated already.
“I said yes to the drink.” He skipped out the bit that had angered you, to which you rolled your eyes at. “And one turned into two and more and then I don’t know-“
“Your going to have to try a lot harder than that.” You deadpanned, taking a small step further back still.
“I mean it! The girls were all his friends and we were just talking.”
“Just talking? All pressed up and arms round her?”
“Yes!” As indignant as he retorted, it didn’t not make up for what you had seen with your own eyes.
“Your such a bullshitter Tom!”
“God why wont you just listen to me?” He cried, wobbly doing a little 360 on the spot, in what appeared to be exasperation.
“Because your just spouting fucking lies! And you try and blame it all on poor little tommo being stressed which is-“
“I HAVE BEEN! Running round after you! I’m just tired of this shit!!! So kill me, for having one night of freedom!”
Tom was too deep in his angry lecture to take any notice of you. Which is why, once finished, he waitied, breath heavy and nose flaring. He was waiting for you to scream back at him. To give it back. He was too drunk to notice the change in your demeanor.
“I’m tired of this shit.”
It was just reverberating round your head. Again and again and again. He was tired of your relationship and you hadn’t even become parents yet. He was at his wits-end and the baby was still unborn. What the fuck was going to happen when baby arrived? Clearly there was no hope. It was dead. Your relationship was dead with no chance of revival.
Because he’d said it. Your relationship was shit, and nobody can put up with something they hate for that long. Not 18 years. Not while bringing up a child.
So with a new sense of dread and fear and complete and total isolation you uttered three single words before hysterically running away.
“Don’t follow me.”
Not now, not ever.
?to be continued?
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