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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I would love for Ash to get a Clefairy or a Clefable, specially since he almost caught one in OS006 and that he has only one fairy type in all of his pokemon, which coincidentally is the one he caught but his mom took back in OS.

just look at them  i love them

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Oh goodness I haven’t updated in a bit uh


Shiny Nihilego, fairly fast!


Shiny Stakataka, FIRST ENCOUNTER!


Shiny Golduck that I gifted to a friend because ew


Shiny Kabuto from aDrive’s (on Twitch) Surprise Egg Saturday


Shiny Beldum in 386 eggs!


Shiny Alolan Vulpix in 184 eggs!


Shiny Relicanth from the lairs!


Shiny Clefairy also from the lairs!


And my newest shiny from this morning, shiny Xurkitree!

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@mattibee-portfolio made my dream of vibing with my pokémon a reality. Pictured below is me showing my Solrock, shiny vulpix, and clefairy something on my phone. I’m imagining its a tiktok video lool.

Yes I have a backstory for this scene too!

I imagine that clefairy who is named either Stella or Aria was my first pokémon. We met when she was a cleffa on one of my moody walks at night. She’s my partner pokémon.

The shiny vulpix is Vivie and an absolute doll. I imagine she is famous and beloved in the Pokémon Contest world.

Lastly is my Solrock who doesn’t have a name but I alternate between cute pet names like Jellybean, and honey pie. I imagine this pokémon is just so sophisticated and above me, like it only let me catch it if I did it with a luxury ball.

I can’t get enough of this 😍

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a lot of clefairies spawn near my house ,,, in the second picture there was actually another one off screen to the right. i saw like ten after an hour ,,, i caught one because theres not reason not to lol

this world is on amplified (not my main world) so finding any specific thing/pokemon is suuuuper hard

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