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2020年11月28日発売クリストファー • イーシャウッド木村正則 訳「いかさま師ノリス」

著者 : クリストファー・イーシャウッド

装丁 : 緒方修一

装画 : 北住ユキ

発売元 : 白水社定価 : 3600 + 税

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【歌ってみた】 LOSER / 米津玄師 (covered by ひま食堂)

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Working on a commission for a client over on my twitter. Im relatively proud, as avian features have never really…been my thing, I guess. Bird feet have always been the bane of my existence, but I’m trying!
The wings are a VERY rough WIP, more of trying to get the feather layers/etc based out. I originally tried to get more of like…a “gliding” wing pose as if she’s just dropping down, but I couldn’t get it quite right-But!!!! The client said they like it the way it is  so I guess it’s going to stay pretty close to this basic sketch! I hope my lineart doesn’t ruin it   -~-;;

Oh-and hopefully during the rendering process, I can help the movement look a little better with some blur affects. That’s near the end, though! Hope it’ll come out right!!!

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hi !!! thank you for the love first of all !! :’OOO

and sorry for the late reply !!! im really tempted to take commissions rn but im experiencing both an art block and uni is crushing me with assignments lately, but id love to take any of your commissions as soon as i get in track with !! life !!! :(((

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So now that Thanksgiving is over, and the food has been made, eaten, and leftovers put away, I can finally get back to working. Or attempting to work. Finding clients isn’t easy. Everyone’s money is tight. However, if someone really needs me, I’m sure we’ll find each other. With the start of the life coach thing, people have been much more receptive. I like to help people, and I know that most people become lost with the every day, and holding themselves accountable. Or, sometimes like myself, can find it hard to know what direction to go when things have been stale for so long. 

In the very least, I plan on enjoying the short holiday calm between prepping for Thanksgiving and prepping for Christmas. Holidays have always been difficult for me because I have a sorry excuse for a family, but I always hope for a better year than the previous one. 

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